When Can Baby Sit In Stroller Without A Car Seat


As your little one grows, it will eventually migrate from her car seat to the stroller. But, this is when some of the most popular questions new parents have pop up – When can baby sit in stroller? When to put the baby in a stroller without a car seat? 

We will be answering these and many other questions in this article. Keep reading to find out more about strollers and when can you put your baby safely in one!

When Can Baby Sit in Stroller?

Using the stroller properly means that your baby has developed enough to fit in it in a way that all safety measures can be taken. In other words, the suitable age will vary from child to child. However, there’s one constant. 

Before you even consider putting the baby stroller into a sitting position, your little one needs to be able to support her head as well as to hold up without any help. Some specially designed strollers can be used right after birth, and they usually recline to a fully laid-back position so your baby can stay comfortable. 

Consider strollers that don’t fully recline not suitable if your baby is younger than 3 months. It is around this age when babies start supporting their heads with any help. Just keep in mind that some babies develop faster, some slower. Make your judgment and be guided by it. If you still have doubts, contact a health care advisor to get advice on when can baby sit in a stroller. 

What to Consider When Buying a Stroller?

As soon as your baby can sit in a stroller, you will probably keep using it daily until it reaches toddlerhood. This is why you have to choose a stroller that will fulfill your requirements, but also adapt to your growing baby. 

Consider your budget and lifestyle and everything in between. Strollers are made of different fabrics, shapes, and they come in different sizes. There are lightweight strollers, double strollers, and many other specific options. 

Your Baby’s Age

If you’re wondering when to put a baby in a stroller without a car seat, the answer can be pretty simple. Strollers that can’t fully recline are not suitable for babies younger than 3 months. Buying a convertible stroller is probably the best choice as you will be able to use it for most of your baby’s childhood. You can even consider going for a car seat-stroller combination as these are usually of great quality. 

Double strollers are great if you have twins. Just keep in mind that reclining options if you’re buying it for newborns. 

Weight and Size of a Stroller

Think about the storage and the usage of a stroller you think about buying. Check dimensions and whether you have enough space at home for it. Aim for foldable ones if your living space is not that big. Also, it is important that a stroller can fit in the trunk of your car and through your door at home. 

Besides, lugging a heavy stroller on and off the subway and up the stairs to your condo can be hard. Factor in your baby’s weight too. Travel strollers are especially useful in these situations. 

Handle’s Height 

Since you are the one who will be navigating the stroller, handle height is extremely important. It needs to suit your and your partner’s height, so always go together when shopping for a stroller. 

If you keep reaching up to push or hunching over a stroller you will soon have a lot of shoulder and back issues. So, make sure you position your body correctly and always go for those strollers with an adjustable handle. 


Ask anyone who can determine when can baby sit in a stroller, and they will certainly tell you that stability is one of the most important factors for baby’s safety. Some larger strollers have wheel sin a fixed position, making them more durable and suitable for different terrains. 

However, these can be a bit oversized for navigating shops and malls. For these situations, think about strollers with wheels that are independent and that can be locked in position when you need them to. They will allow you to maneuver the stroller much easier. 

Different Stroller Types


With many different options available, you might be confused about which one is the best option for you. A common question is, for example, “When can baby sit in a stroller designed for travel?” but you might not find just the right answer. Let’s take a look at all the options and their features. 

There are a couple of main features you need to look for in strollers. First, your stroller needs to be a wide enough base that will prevent tipping over or leaning from side to side. Seatbelts are also very important as they ensure your baby stays strapped in. Locking is the third core feature to look for as the folding mechanism needs to be locked when it is not in use. Also, wheels need to be blocked when they aren’t rolling. Let’s take a look at all the options and their features.

Lightweight and Umbrella Models – 3 to 5 Months of Age

These are great for babies older than 3 months. So, if you’re wondering when to put the baby in a stroller without a car seat, you can do it when your little one can support her head in one of these strollers. They are appropriate for traveling and most of them can fit in the trunk of your car. 

Umbrella strollers are named after the specific design of the handle. Some people think that these come with an umbrella, but that is not the case. They usually have semi-reclining seats and light aluminum frames. Other features worth mentioning are their swivel wheels that you can lock whenever you need to and easy folding. 

Travel Systems – Safe for All Ages

Parents who travel a lot are usually the ones asking when to put a baby in a stroller without a car seat. Travel systems usually come up with a car seat and stroller. They are specially designed so you can attach the car seat until your baby is big enough for a stroller. Luckily, these are usually compact for storage and easy to fold. 

Some of the features these systems have are storage basket, reclining seat, foot pedal brakes, swivel wheels, and play tray. Besides, infant car seats can also include canopy, handle, and head cushion. 

Full-Size Strollers – 12 to 24 Months of Age

This type of stroller is usually packed up with a lot of added extras. And it is not uncommon that parents think of these strollers when they ask when can babysit in stroller safely. They can be used for backward or forward-facing and are generally convertible. Don’t worry about your baby’s back and head support as these are usually multi-position padded and can recline fully. 

Features like weather boot, storage basket, front tray, footrest, dual-wheel brakes, and canopy are usually a standard. These strollers tend to be on the heavier side. However, you can find some models made of aluminum if you’d like something lighter. Aim for models that can fully recline so you can use them from birth to toddlerhood. 

Compact and Portable Strollers – 6 to 12 Months of Age

These are designed to be compact when folded and they belong to the mid-size range. Because of this, they usually have easy-fold special mechanisms. Most of these models include a canopy and storage basket with the stroller. If you’re wondering when to put the baby in a stroller without a car seat, you can probably do it when she can fit in one of these.

Some more expensive models have all-terrain larger wheels, extendable handles, and they might fully recline. The weight of these strollers is usually around 15 pounds and their frame is usually made of aluminum to keep it as light as possible. Same as with other models, if you can fully recline this type of stroller you can use it from birth to toddler age with no problems. 

Jogger Strollers – 8 to 12 Months of Age

Most of these strollers have a really good suspension, all-terrain wheels, and three-wheel design. With that in mind,  consider that your little one will surely bounce a lot if you find yourself on rougher trails. Some of the features that need to be mentioned are hand brakes, wrist straps, adjustable handles, weatherproof fabrics, and storage pouches. 

Keep in mind that young babies shouldn’t use these strollers. Always make sure to consult with your pediatrician if your baby is ready for this type of stroller. Manufacturers usually say that these are for 6-month-olds, but it isn’t always like that. Some babies need to wait a bit more to be ready for a jogger stroller

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If you were wondering when can baby sits in the stroller safely, this article was hopefully helpful. There are a couple of features you should look for when buying a stroller for your baby. Usually, babies shouldn’t sit in a stroller if they’re not at least 5-6 months of age. But, those strollers that can fully recline can be used even for newborns!

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