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A stroller is one of the most important items for all moms. The ability to move around without tiring yourself or your baby is essential after giving birth. But, you should know that there are potential dangers for your newborn while it is seated in a baby stroller. This is why it is very important to know about stroller safety even before your little one comes to the world. 

However, there’s no reason to worry or to be overwhelmed. This article will help you come up with a safety stroller and allow for more quality time for both of you! 

Stroller Safety Tips 


Never park your stroller without its brakes on. You wouldn’t do that with your car, so don’t do it with your “baby vehicle”. Whenever you’re idle or you stop, just engage the brakes and continue with your doings. 

Try aiming for those travel strollers that have locking mechanisms within the wheels. Those that use pressure can be unreliable in certain situations. Make sure you try out the brakes when buying – they need to be very easy to operate. Brakes that lock two wheels are always a better option as they provide extra security. 

Harnesses and Seat Belts 

Stroller safety, harnesses, and seat belts just don’t go without each other. They are essential and there’s no reason not to use them. Newborns are very active, they move and wiggle, and you need to keep your baby in place. Babies sometimes slip out if they’re not restrained correctly, so make sure to avoid this from happening. 

A five-point harness is probably the best type of seat belt you can use. They lock the most important parts of your baby’s body – legs, waist, and shoulders. Roll up a small baby blanket if your infant requires extra support and use it as a bumper. 

Storage Basket

If your umbrella stroller has an onboard storage basket – great news for you! You can use this space to store gear, a diaper bag, or even when you’re going shopping. But, these can sometimes be a problem for a safety stroller due to their location on it. If you’re still looking for strollers to buy, avoid those that have a storage basket over the rear wheels. 

Rather aim for those strollers with a basket that’s in front of the rear wheels and less toward the back. Tipping the stroller is a common problem for strollers with loaded baskets over the rear wheels. This leads to injuries for both parents and babies. 

Twin Footrest 

Avoid double strollers with individual footrests. There are reported cases where the baby’s feet got caught in the gap between them and that leads to injury. To avoid this from happening, just pick a stroller with a single footrest that covers the full width and you shouldn’t have any worries. 


Some buggies require constant correcting, it all depends on the design and the particular model you have. When you’re looking for a stroller, focus on those that have a swivel-or-lock function for easier steering. 

Use the lock function when you need more stability. The other one will allow you to turn your stroller with ease, even if you’re using just one hand. 

When testing the stroller, use one hand to push it in a straight line. The stroller shouldn’t be swerving to a side if it is designed properly. However, if it does, make sure to look for another model so you don’t have to deal with these problems later. 


Always check for stability when you’re looking for a stroller. Inspect the seats and whether they’re sitting low in the frame. The wheel-base should be broad. If you’re having doubts about the quality of the stroller, put some weight on the handles and see how it holds. You can be sure that the wheels and frame are stable if the strollers resist tipping backward. 

Leg Openings

You have to make sure that your infant can’t slip through the leg opening. Unfortunately, this has happened in the past and it sometimes leads to strangulation. The baby’s head can’t pass through the opening, but the rest of her body can. You can avoid this from happening by simply closing these openings entirely or just verify that the openings are snug. 

Keep in mind that using the seat belt will keep your baby stay safe and in place at all times. As long as you keep using the stroller, make sure that your baby is properly seated and secured. 

Wide Base

Having a sturdy stroller is always imperative. Modern buggies usually have slim bases, thus having compromised stability. These are maybe trendy, but there’s no reason to compromise quality for looks. If you decide to go for a stroller with a broad base you will make sure there’s very little chance of tipping the stroller and you will have the optimal balance. 



Q: Are strollers safe for newborns?

A: Strollers can be safe for newborns, but only if you make sure that all the safety features are working properly. Snug the leg openings, provide enough shade, and use seat belts and harnesses. Your newborn will enjoy spending time in a safety stroller outside in the fresh air. Also, make sure the brakes are working properly too.

Q: When can I put my baby in a stroller without the car seat?

A: This depends on the type of stroller you’re using. Some of them can’t recline enough so they’re not recommended for babies under 6 months, some for 3, and some manufacturers say their product is suitable for newborns. However, your baby should probably be safe enough for most strollers when it turns for 5 months. 

My Babies Planet Overview

When it comes to stroller safety, you have to pay special attention to brakes, seat belts, and harnesses. Besides, close large openings on your stroller so your baby can’t slip, and make sure that the stroller is going in a straight line, without swerving. Once you and your little one are ready, pack your stuff and head for some fresh air together!

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