Stroller On Airplane: 20 Rules For Flying With Stroller


Flying with toddlers and babies can be taxing for parents, especially when strollers are involved. The entire process from packing such a gigantic piece of gear to gate-checking it can be daunting, but after doing a couple flights with one in tow, you certainly get used to it. 

Depending on the airline, there are a few rules you need to observe when bringing a stroller on airplane. And because rules can change at any time, it is important you do your homework and have any doubt cleared before travel to make sure you are on the safe side. Here, we break down the latest rules of flying with stroller and answer the most frequently asked questions on the same. Ready?

Can You Take A Stroller On A Plane?

Yes, you can take a stroller on a plane, but this will depend on the type of your stroller, the size, and the policies put in place by the airline you are traveling. While a travel stroller makes it easy for you to move your little one around, remember that it is just another piece of luggage and therefore, you need to decide whether to bring it with you on the plane or gate-check it and collect it at your destination. 

Most airlines will only allow lightweight strollers on board. Large and heavy collapsible strollers and those that do not fold will only be accepted as checked luggage. Always double check with your airline if you are not sure. 

Rules For Bringing A Stroller On Airplane For The 20 Most Traveled Airlines

Different airlines have different policies when it comes to flying with stroller. Some will allow you to have your carriage aboard while others won’t. We have picked the 20 most traveled airlines and their rules on baby strollers to get you ready for your next travel. Read on!

1. American Airlines 

When it comes to strollers and infants car seats, each ticketed customer is allowed one each, to be checked free of cost. However, only strollers that are collapsible and don’t exceed 9 kg can be checked at the gate. 

Strollers that are heavier than this are too large and must be checked at the main ticket counter. If you are planning on bringing the stroller and the car seat, note that only one will be checked at the gate. 

2. United Airlines

If you are wondering, “Do airlines charge for baby strollers?” know this; most airlines will allow you to check your stroller for free. United Airlines, for instance, will allow you to bring a stroller and a car seat for each of your children. 

Parents with infants and children under two years traveling internationally on an adult’s lap will pay 10% of adult fare for their little ones. United Airlines accepts requests for checking baby strollers and car seats at the departure gate, and it is not liable for any stroller damages. 

3. Air France

Parents traveling Air France can bring a foldable stroller or a car seat for free. You can transport the carriage in the hold or check whether it will be accepted in the cabin. 

Some parents may want to know, “Do you need a bag for stroller on plane?” Yes, with Air France, you will need a bag for your stroller.  It is required that all strollers be packed in a case, fully covered. Note that some airports may deny you access to strollers or car seats inside the boarding area, so make sure all your baby food, liquids, and other essentials are stored in a carry-on.

4. Air Canada

If your stroller is fully collapsible, you can bring it at the aircraft door and it will be put in the hold and given back to you on arrival. While this service is provided free of charge for smaller strollers, large and heavy strollers must be checked at the luggage counter. 

Parents traveling economy class with infants who can’t sit up without support may request a bassinet. However, due to safety concerns, you will only be offered a bassinet if your infant weighs less than 12 kg. 

Children under the age of 11 may check in a car seat for free. If your child will be travelling in his own seat, they will be entitled to the same baggage allowance as you. 

5. Air Serbia

With Air Serbia, you can bring one baby basket or one stroller on airplane. Children below 2 years old, traveling on an adult’s lap are not allowed to bring any hand luggage. Those who occupy a seat will enjoy the same baggage allowance as you or any other adult and can have two registered bags.  

In the economy class, kids 2 years and above will have same hand luggage allowance as adults. If you are traveling business class with an infant under the age of 2 years, you can check in one collapsible baby stroller and one bag of up to 23 kg. 

6. British Airways

Infants below 2 years old can travel on an adult’s lap or a child restraint set up on an adjacent seat. In some cases or routes, the airline provides parents with special bassinets but these should be booked well in advance. Kids under 3 years of age can travel in a car seat. 

Parents with infants 2 years and below are allowed to bring an extra bag with baby essentials like baby toys, nappies, or food. Basically, the airline will allow you to check in one foldable stroller, one free bag, and one car seat. Children occupying their own seats will be allowed the same hand luggage as adults. 

7. Emirates

Emirates If your child will not be occupying their own seat, you can check in extra hand luggage of up to 10 kg and depending on the route, you can even check in up to 23 kg. You are also allowed one foldable stroller, a bassinet, and a bag for baby essentials not exceeding 5 kg for free. 

There are complimentary baby strollers at the Dubai International Airport that parents can use to transport children smoothly within the airport. There are even double strollers for those with twins of children close in age. The airline provides infants 0-2 years of age with bassinets, blankets, and pillows. The bassinets are usually 75 cm long and can support kids weighing up to 11 kg. 

8. Finnair 

A child below 2 years of age can be transported on an adult’s lap or in a restraint device installed on an adjacent seat. “Do strollers count as baggage in Finnair,” you may ask? No, strollers do not count as baggage. Irrespective of the class you are traveling in, you will be allowed to check yours in for free in addition to a car seat and hand baggage not exceeding 23 kg. 

If your child is occupying a seat, they will enjoy the same hand luggage allowance as adults. Parents with infants below the age of 6 months can have bassinets reserved and as with most airlines, bassinet booking should be done in advance. 

9. Brussels Airlines

Children between 2 and 11 years of age are allowed the same baggage weight limit as their parents. If your baby is under 2 years and doesn’t have a reserved seat, you can check in a basket carrier. 

Travelers with kids 2 years and below are also permitted a stroller and one checked bag, not heavier than 23 kg. 

10. Lufthansa 

Children aged 2 years and below, traveling on adults’ laps are allowed hand luggage not exceeding 23 kg, irrespective of the class they are traveling in or destination. Older kids flying in their own seats have the same free hand luggage allowance as their parents. 

Flying with stroller is allowed as long as it is foldable. Parents are also permitted to bring a baby basket, car seat, and a carry-on free of cost. For additional safety, Lufthansa allows kids not older than 2 to travel in their car seats. However, the car seat must meet all the mandatory safety guidelines for car seats and should be in perfect working condition. 

11. Qatar Airways

Parents traveling with children below the age of 11 years are allowed to check in one foldable stroller at no cost. If your infant is traveling on your lap, you will be permitted to bring one bag not exceeding 10 kg in weight. 

The weight limit of hand luggage may vary based on the destination and the class you are traveling. If you are traveling with a child to the US, Canada, Brazil, or Argentina in economy, your baggage limit will be 23 kg. In business class, your hand luggage can be up to 32 kg. Infants are allowed one piece of luggage not exceeding 10 kg irrespective of their destination or booking class. 

12. TAP Air

If your child is 5 years old or below, they will be allowed to travel in a car seat provided it meets the safety standards for use in an airplane. You are also allowed to check in a foldable stroller free of cost.

Infants below 2 years can travel on your lap or in a bassinet provided on board. TAP bassinets are 70 cm long and can carry a weight of up to 10 kg. Supply is limited, so it is advisable that you book one well in advance. 

13. Norwegian Air

Infants below 2 years old and traveling on parent’s lap are not allowed any hand luggage. However, parents are allowed to check in baby essentials not exceeding 5 kg to be added to the hand luggage. You can carry these items in your own bag or bring a separate carry-on for your little one. 

Older children occupying their own seats enjoy the same luggage allowance as adults. You can check in a stroller or car seat for kids below 11 years without a fee. You may be wondering, “Can I bring a stroller on a plane without a baby?” Yes, you can. However, as with most airlines, Norwegian Air won’t allow you to check it in for free as it would if you were traveling with a child. 

14. Singapore Airlines 

Children between the age of 6 months and 3 years occupying a reserved seat are permitted to travel in their own car seats for extra safety. Parents can also check in a stroller for free. 

If you need a bassinet for your baby, the airline will provide one for you. However, bassinets should be reserved in advance as they are in limited supply and hence offered on a first come, first served basis. 

15. Swiss International Airlines

Swiss allows kids below 2 years and not traveling on adult laps to use car seats. Children aged 11 years or below are also allowed to use a car seat on board for increased safety. 

Parents with infants under the age of 8 months, weighing 11 kg and below can reserve a bassinet. These are provided for business class travels within Europe and on all long-haul flights. 

16. Ukraine International

Babies younger than 2 years can travel on an adult’s lap. Those above 6 months of age can use a car seat on board but only if their parents purchase an additional seat. Bassinets are accepted but only on long-haul flights. 

The airline will allow you to check small, collapsible strollers without a fee. Larger strollers must be checked at the gate, which may get some parents wondering, “Where do gate checked strollers go?” Gate checked strollers are transported in the hold and collected at the baggage claim on arrival. 

17. Delta Airlines 

Infants traveling free on their parents’ laps are not allowed any baggage free of cost. However, those without a car seat but paying 10% of the adult ticket are permitted to check in one bag of up to 10 kg in weight. 

Parents flying with stroller can check one in without cost. Older kids paying half the adult fare enjoy the same hand luggage allowance as adults. 

18. Etihad Airways 

Children aged between 2 and 3 years are required to travel in car seats. Those below 2 years can sit on their parents’ laps or car seat. You can check in a collapsible stroller free of charge.

If you are traveling with a child without a reserved seat, you are permitted 10 kg of checked baggage. For flights to and from Brazil, Canada, and USA, however, your baggage allowance will be 23 kg. Your hand baggage (in-flight necessities) should not exceed 5 kg irrespective of your booking class or destination. 

19. Turkish Airlines 

Parents are allowed to bring a car seat for infants aged 2 years and below. However, this option will only be available if they purchase an additional seat. 

You can also check in a foldable stroller free of charge – bring this right at the airplane’s door and the staff will store it for you in the hold. 0 to 2-year-olds traveling on an adult’s lap are allowed a checked baggage of not more than 10 kg. 

20. Jet2 Airlines

Babies aged 2 years and below are allowed a full luggage only if they have a reserved seat. Collapsible strollers or car seats weighing 10 kg and below and any other baby luggage will be checked free of charge. 

If there is enough space in the airplane’s compartment, then your luggage will transported on the aircraft you are in. Otherwise, it will be forwarded to the next available plane. 

My Babies Planet Overview 

Bringing a stroller on airplane can be hectic especially if you haven’t done it before.  Not forgetting that the rules and policies put in place by different airlines on baby travel change from time to time, which makes the situation even more difficult. If you will be flying with baby and intend to bring a stroller, contact your carrier beforehand just to be sure you are well-versed with the policies in place.

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