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Experiencing colic is exhausting for both parents and a newborn. Although it is not specifically determined what causes the condition, many people believe that gas is the main cause. Parents use different methods to try to help their babies with colic, but it seems that only a few works (sometimes).

Many parents can’t decide whether to use gripe water or gas drops for treating gas. Mylicon for colic is a simethicone based gas drop product that is proven to help kids relieve some colic symptoms. But, does Mylicon help with reflux too?

What is Colic?

As you may already know, colic is a really strange, unexplainable condition. It causes newborns to cry without any particular reason. Crying sessions may seem never-ending since babies usually keep crying for hours at a time. About 20% of all babies develop colic symptoms, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Colicky babies start crying at the same time every day. If your baby has colic symptoms you will notice that the crying happens usually in the evening or late afternoon. The crying is usually high-pitched and has a very distinct sound – it is different than normal crying.

Healthy and normal babies experience colic for no reason. Usually, colicky symptoms will start showing up when your baby is about 3-4 weeks of age. These symptoms can last up until your baby is 4 months old. Be prepared for a lot of restless nights if your child experiences colic, even though you may think that 3 months of colic is not too much.

Healthcare professionals are still unsure of what exactly causes colic. An upset stomach or gas is usually what people think causes the symptoms, but there is still no formal proof. The reason why doctors believe that gas causes colic cry is the fact that babies tend to swallow more air and tense their stomach muscles. This makes them look like they have stomach pain or gas. Relieving gas is the main goal with most treatments, and that’s why parents use Mylicon for colic.

Gas Drops

As already mentioned, gas drops are a type of medical treatment – usually for babies. Simethicone is the main active ingredient in them and it helps by breaking up bubbles of gas in the baby’s stomach. Gas is easier to pass afterward and the symptoms are reduced. You can use Mylicon for colic in different forms – whether you mix it in a formula, breast milk, or water, the gas drops will do their job.

Gas drops are usually totally safe and you can give them to your baby in any case unless your child is having a thyroid hormone treatment. Gas drops can adversely interact with thyroid medications.


As already mentioned, the active ingredient in the Mylicon drops is simethicone. A study on the efficiency of the ingredient was done on 51 normal, healthy infants between 2-12 weeks old. A one-week study period served as the open-label trial.

The healthcare professionals were reporting the response of the newborns to treatment after 1 day and 1 week. The overall life quality of both newborn and family were supposed to be reported to get the proper results. Colic symptoms were improved in 78% (38) of infants after only a single day of taking medical treatment that had simethicone as an active ingredient. After seven days, the number of infants who had resolved or improved colic symptoms was 44 (86%).

Quality family life was also reported by the healthcare professionals on both the first and the last day of the test. A small dose of Mylicon gas drops is proven to cause either complete resolution or improvement of the infant colic symptoms. The study concluded that the better life quality for the whole family was also achieved after giving Mylicon drops to infants with colic symptoms. However, there needs to be further research done to determine does Mylicon help with reflux.

Colic Treatment


There are few other methods you can try to reduce colic symptoms in your baby, in addition to gas drops.

Food sensitivities are usually very uncommon among infants. However, some mothers report that the reduction of particular foods while breastfeeding is very helpful to reduce colic symptoms. These include caffeine, beans, onions, cabbage, and milk. Consult with your baby’s pediatrician before you decide to eliminate any important food from your diet.

Make sure that not there’s just the right amount of milk entering your baby’s mouth at once. There are bottles for gas available on the market and you can try switching to those if you have some problems. Also, baby bottles that are can minimize air are also a great way to deal with stomach discomfort.

A pacifier will always be there to soothe your baby, so make sure you have one.

Be careful with your child and consider taking multiple steps to soothe your child. Try swinging, rocking, or swaddling.

Holding your infant upright while feeding it will certainly help to minimize gas. The position your child is in is very important, even after the feeding is done.

Keep your baby’s tummy from filling up too much by choosing more frequent, but smaller feedings at the time.

Just remember that colic symptoms are temporary. You do what you have to do to reduce the exhausting symptoms, but be sure that it will take a few weeks.

Baby Planet Overview

Colic is one of the most annoying conditions your baby may experience. It will be exhausting for both of you during those few weeks, and you might seem helpless. There is no formal evidence pointing at the exact cause of colic, but we can suggest that the gas is causing it.

That’s why using gas drops, such as Mylicon, can be very helpful. However, there still needs to be done some more research to find out does Mylicon help with reflux. Meanwhile, you can use it to treat colic alongside with other home remedies. Pay attention to the symptoms and consult with your baby’s doctor if you notice anything strange.

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