How To Fold A Graco Stroller: 5 Easy Steps


You’ve just purchased your first stroller for outside adventures with your little one and you are getting ready to have some great time together. But, how to fold a Graco stroller so you can put it in your vehicle? There are different models, so the folding mechanism will sometimes vary. Still, newer models can be folded reasonably easily. 

Once you know what you are looking for, even older models shouldn’t be too hard to fold. They will just require slightly longer procedures, so take your time. Keep reading to find out how to fold a stroller in just a few simple steps!

How to Fold a Graco Stroller Newer Generation – 5 Easy Steps 

One-hand folding

Among the models that Graco recommends for new parents are always those that have the “FastAction” feature. Strollers with this feature can be folded with just one hand in just a minute. You can check your stroller’s model number to see whether it comes with this feature. If you, for some reason, can’t seem to find the number, take a minute or two to check how to fold a Graco stroller you have. 

Removing the Car Seat

You will have to remove the car seat if your stroller doesn’t have a built-in seat. These models don’t have seats of their own, they come with stroller frames that are specifically made for use with car seats. You will have to remove the car seat and unstrap it from the frame before you can attempt to fold the stroller frame. Skip this step if you just need to know how to fold a stroller with a built-in seat.

Collapsing the Canopy 

If your stroller has a canopy you will have to collapse it back against the upper handles. During the process, when tugging the front end backward, just slightly push the canopy against the handles so it doesn’t come back up.

Tugging a Strap

The surfaces of the seat need to end up on the outside when you fold your stroller. This is why you have to tug a strap at the hinge of the seat. This strap is usually located beneath your child’s seat. Search for it and tug it to fold the lightweight stroller properly. However, keep in mind that some strollers don’t have it, especially those that fold outward. You will have to remove the tray for these first to avoid it getting dirty and scratched when it falls to the ground.

Slightly More Force

It may take more force to fold if your stroller has become dirty or rusty. This is why you will have to use slightly more force when attempting to tug it. Still, don’t brace yourself against another surface, and don’t exert yourself too much. If you still have problems folding your travel stroller, check the instructions on how to fold a stroller of the older generation and follow those steps. 

Q: How do you fold up a baby stroller?

A: First, check whether your model has the one-hand-folding feature. Then, remove the car seat if your stroller doesn’t have a built-in one. Follow by collapsing the canopy back against the upper handles and tugging a strap at the hinge of the seat. You will have to use slightly more force when tugging, but make sure you don’t exert yourself. 

How to Fold Older Generation Graco Stroller – Simple Steps to Follow 

Set the Brakes

Rear wheels usually have a lever near them. Push this lever down with your foot to set the brakes. The wheels should stay in a position as long as the lever is in its lowest position. Keep in mind that pushing down the brakes is crucial if you’re wondering how to fold a Graco stroller. This prevents all kinds of injuries and accidents. 

Locking the Front Wheels

Search for a locking mechanism on the front wheels. Some models have them to prevent them from swiveling. If your umbrella stroller has this mechanism, put the wheels in the forward position by pushing the stroller forward a few paces. After that, go to the front wheels and use a small lever located between them. Just push it up or down and lock the wheels to keep the stroller in a safe position. 

Collapse the Canopy

You will have to pull the canopy back into a folded position if opened. Just tug it gently under the handles and tuck it in so it doesn’t come back. This step can be skipped, depending on the model and whether you have a canopy. 

Recline the Seat

To recline the seat as far as it can go, just push the seat backward. Check for the latches on the side and whether you need to undo them before you can recline the seat. Afterward, just push the seat gently back. There’s no need to use force as seats are usually designed to be reclined easily. 

Low Handle

Look near the seat base or wheels for a small handle, either on the left or right side. If you have it, your stroller can be folded simply by tugging this handle in a particular direction. Still, some models with this handle have a button in the center of it that you have to push and hold down as you’re folding the stroller. So, make sure to check for this handle if you’re wondering how to fold a stroller easily. 

Fold the Stroller

Finally, push the back and seat together and you should be able to fold the stroller together. If there’s need to, grip the low handle. To start the folding, tug the lower frame near the wheels. Be careful with your hands in that area as you can easily pinch your fingers in the folding frame. Just push from the seat base and the top handle and there you go, you learn how to fold a Graco stroller!

Q: How do you fold up an old Graco stroller?


A: Look for the lever near the rear wheels and push it down to set the brakes. Fold the canopy to the upper handles and tuck it in so it doesn’t come back. Then, look for a lever on the side and recline the seat. Use the lever if you need to and fold the stroller from the top handle and the seat base. 

Q: How do you fold down a 3 wheel stroller?

A: Fold back the canopy and detach it completely from the stroller. If the cover can be detached too, make sure you do it. These strollers usually have safety levers on both sides, so look for them. Push them down and fold the stroller. When you’re done with it, but the levers back on and you are done. 

Stroller Folding Tips for New Parents

There are a few key things you need to pay attention to when you’re trying to learn how to fold a Graco stroller: 

  • Safety – Don’t fold the stroller when your child is near. Kids are curious and put their little fingers everywhere, so they can get easily pinched in the frame. Also, be careful with your fingers too. 
  • Dry it – To avoid mildew and mold, make sure that your stroller is not damp or wet when you’re folding and storing it. Use a baby wipe or a towel and make sure to dry it on the sun. 
  • Warped frame – Watch out for kinks or bent metal frames as these could stop the stroller from folding. The good news is that you can usually straighten out these metal catches with a pair of pliers while the stroller is unfolded. 
  • Obstructions – You might not be able to collapse the stroller if straps or fabric are sticking out. Make sure to clear the shopping basket too as this can also stop the stroller from folding. Remove all of these and you should be able to do it. 
  • Lubrication – If you store your stroller outside in a porch or garage, catches and joints can start to seize. So, to get them moving again, just use some lubricant. You can usually find a recommended product in the user manual or online. 
  • No need to force – Sometimes, your stroller just won’t be able to fold properly, even if you do everything right. If this happens, just get it back to the store, don’t force it. You could potentially damage the stroller and lose warranty, so it is always better to take it back and let the manufacturer deal with the problem. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Good job, now you know how to fold a stroller! In just a few simple steps you are ready to pack everything up and head to the park with your little one. Make sure that you do everything safely to avoid injuring yourself or your baby. Refer to the user’s manual if you’re still unsure how to deal with the particular model you have. Keep the stroller dry to avoid mildew and mold, and the outside fun with your baby can start!

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