How To Clean A Stroller: Easy Stroller Cleaning Guide


Walking to the store in the rain, going on trips, or even your little one drinking and eating – all of these can get your baby stroller dirty. Sometimes, cleaning up a stroller can be too much of a chore. This is why we tend to ignore doing it. In this article, we will show you how to clean a stroller in a few simple steps. 

How to Clean a Stroller

When it comes to stroller cleaning, there are a few areas you should focus on. It is usually the best to start from fabrics then continue to frame and wheels. Also, cleaning fabrics is usually the hardest, so you should spend the most time on that part. 

Fabric Areas

Mildew and mold are the biggest problems for travel strollers when the weather is damp, or when you simply don’t use your stroller that much. 


Before you start with the cleaning, take your stroller outside and put on a face mask. Protecting yourself from spores is very important, especially if you‘re allergic. 

Step 2

Use a stiff bristle brush to get rid of the mold. Usually, you won’t be able to remove everything, so you can try sprinkling the area with salt and lemon juice to remove it easier. 

Grab the user manual of your stroller and check whether the fabric is suitable for cleaning with bleach and water. If so, make a mixture of 2 tbsp of bleach and ¼ tbsp of water and clean the surface. 

Step 3 

Once you’re done, rinse the cloth you were using in warm water. It is even better if you can grab a new one. Gently wipe over the fabric areas to remove any excess soap, bleach, or other products. 

Step 4

Disinfectant baby wipes can come in handy too. Use them to go over the fabric to leave it smelling fresh and germ-free. 

Q: How do you deep clean a stroller?

A: Use a damp cloth to clean the entire fabric seating area and canopy. Make sure you use water and mild soap mixture. If there are any soiled areas, use a soft fabric brush to get rid of those. Wipe away excess soap and water with a dry towel. Once you’re done, let the stroller air-dry on the sun. 

Q: How do you get mold out of the fabric stroller?

A: Getting rid of the mold is especially important if you’re wondering how to clean a stroller. Luckily, doing so is very easy and all you need is some salt and lemon juice. Just sprinkle the salt and wet the area with lemon juice, wait for a couple of minutes, and remove any excess mold. 

Step 5

Leave your umbrella stroller to dry thoroughly on the sun. The air will be more than enough to dry the fabrics, so there’s no need for dryers. If you notice that the fabrics are not clean after drying, repeat the above steps. 

Cleaning the Frame

Make sure to remove any cup holders, bumper bars, food trays, or any other accessories before cleaning the frame. When these are off the stroller, you can clean them separately easier and faster. Doing this will also make cleaning the frameless stressful. 

Step 1

Grab a bowl and mix some warm water with a small amount of dishwashing soap in it. Just make sure it is not too sudsy. When you’re ready, dip your sponge in before squeezing out any excess water. 

Step 2

Remove any marks and dirt by wiping over the frame. Make sure you get into all crannies and nooks when cleaning. When you come to the handles, pay special attention as there will be the most germs. 

Some jogging strollers have some very hard-to-reach places. Use a scrubbing brush or toothbrush to remove debris from those places. 

Step 4 

Wipe away any soapy residue with a new cloth. You can do it with the one you used for cleaning too, but make sure to rinse it in clean water first. 

Step 5 

Kill off any lurking germs on the frame with a disinfectant wipe. The frame will dry much faster than the fabric part, so it will be ready for use very soon. Just place it alongside the fabrics out on the sun and let it air dry. 

Q: How do you disinfect a stroller?


A: Disinfecting a stroller is straightforward and quite simple. Just make sure you don’t use any hard disinfectants since your baby will get in touch with it. Grab some baby wipes and gently rub all the surfaces after you’re done with the cleaning. This should be more than enough to kill off any lurking germs and bacteria. 

Q: How do you make an old stroller look new?

A: Sometimes, strollers that are not used regularly will tend to look very old and dirty. This is especially the case with those lightweight strollers. However, what these usually need is just a thorough wash and disinfection. Grab a few cloth wipes, water, and some soap, and you will be ready to transform that old looking stroller in a beautiful one!

Cleaning the Wheels

The wheels will get dirty no matter what. You should inspect them regularly, but they don’t necessarily need cleaning after every use. 

Step 1

Check whether you can remove the wheels before cleaning. If so, remove them from the chassis as that will make it much easier to clean them. 

Step 2

Remove any dirt or sand from the rims and tires with a small brush. When you’re done with that, remove the dirt by scrubbing the wheels with soapy, warm water. If you notice any stubborn marks, keep scrubbing with hotter water until you get rid of them. 

Step 3

Use a hose to rinse off any excess soap. After that, wipe the wheels with a disinfectant that is baby-friendly. Let them dry on the sun and start preparing the rest of the stroller for assembling. Check the wheels for wear and tear before you put them back on and you will be ready to go. 

Q: Can you hose down a stroller?

A: When it comes to stroller cleaning, you should use a cloth wipe most of the time. But, for some parts, such as the frame and wheels, you can use a hose to wash away the dirt and mold. Usually, you can’t damage these parts with a hose but check for any small parts that might come off under the pressure. 

Q: Can you power wash a stroller?

A: Yes, you can use a high-pressure hose or a pressure washer to rinse the stroller down. If you don’t have any of those at home, pack the stroller in your car and drive to the nearest car wash. You can power wash your stroller there, just let it dry out a bit before you put it back in the car. 

Baby Planet Overview

Hopefully, this article will help you better understand how to clean a stroller. Just get all the simple things you need to prepare for the cleaning, and start rubbing, scrubbing, and rinsing! Once done, let the parts air-dry while you’re enjoying with your little one!

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