Baby Proof Your Furniture And Living Room: Step By Step Guide


New challenges and changes are a part of every new parent’s life. One of the changes is baby proofing your whole house for your newborn. It is very important to the baby proof the living room since this is where most families spend most of their time when they are home. Your baby will also be spending the majority of its time here, so make sure you baby proof furniture and other objects in the living room.

Cleaning Floors and Low Surfaces

There is a huge chance that your baby will choke on something that it can fit in its mouth. This happens frequently, which is why you have to make sure to remove all small objects out of your baby’s reach and off the floor.

Your living room needs to be regularly vacuumed. The main reason to do this is to get rid of some germs and other bacteria. Also, you will be removing all the small things that you probably can’t notice visually. A vacuum cleaner will also successfully remove forgotten paperclips or deflated latex balloons, both of which could lead to choking if your baby finds them.

Your baby’s toys will also have to be inspected every once in a while. Babies are not very gentle with their toys, so small pieces sometimes fall off and these pieces can be dangerous for your child. Discard the broken pieces immediately when you notice them. Check the toy if any other parts could fall off son, then decide what to do with it.

Don’t just vacuum around your furniture. Move the furniture so you can vacuum behind it and to check if there are any small objects. Babies are small and they often try to reach for things under the furniture – finding a small piece of plastic there will probably make your baby curious and it will try to eat it. Things like lost paper, buttons, and old batteries are usually found under or behind the furniture.

Secure Electrical Cords

Use cord straps, Velcro, and zip ties to tie up all long cords in your household to put them out of your child’s reach. Babies are very unpredictable and you need to baby proof living room in every way possible. Your child might become entangled in the cords that remain on the floor.

Use whatever you have to wrap excess cord length. Use a zip tie to secure it even further. Use a command hook to hook the cord to the wall. Make sure your child is not able to reach the cord to pull it down by ensuring it is high enough.

You have to baby proof furniture in your living room too. So, to make everything more secure make sure the furniture is in front of the outlets and cords. This will stop your baby from pulling on any electrical cords.

Cover All Electrical Outlets

There are many different options when it comes to covering your outlets. One of the options is to cover them with furniture, as mentioned above. However, you won’t always be able to cover all the outlets in your house with furniture.

You can try to get some plastic outlet covers; you can find them almost in any store. Just check your local department or grocery store and you should be able to get a pack. They are made of plastic and your baby probably won’t be able to pull them out since they plug right into the outlet and lie flat against it.

Another solution is to get some electrical outlet plates that are baby-safe. To prevent your child from touching the outlets you have to make sure that the plates are in their place. These are designed to clip perfectly over your original cover. Of course, you will have to use the outlets again, so to do that place the prongs properly and you should be able to slide the plate to the side. You should then be able to plug the cord in. Plastic covers are usually not that appealing, but these plates might be for you. Also, since this is the fact you should probably be less likely to lose them or forget them to back in their spot.

Make the Floor Softer

Your child is going to need a soft place to play and sit if you have hard floors and no carpets. Try using anything from area rugs to baby play mats to soften the floor for your little one. Of course, new carpeting is always the best option if you want to go for a permanent solution.

Playmats are good for children of all ages and developmental stages. You can find them in a lot of different sizes and styles, even designs that can fit the rest of your house. Playmats can be considered baby proof furniture since they offer a soft place to lie down and play. Also, playmats usually have some built-in entertainment like lights, music, and toys that will keep your child happy and interested.

Choose a darker shade of carpeting or area rug if you decide to go with it. As you probably already know, young children can make a big mess in a short amount of time. So, be sure that there will be a lot of spills and accidents. This is why a darker colored carpet will be a better solution since the leftover messes and stubborn stains will be harder to notice.

Sharp Edges of the Furniture

The one thing you want to buy for the baby proof living room is corner covers or bumpers. You can get them in your local big-box store in the baby care aisle. These also come in different colors and styles. It is very easy to apply and remove them once your kid is old enough.

You can even find some of these covers in fun shapes, like cartoon or animal characters. You might consider this type of cover if you want to make them more fun for your child. Of course, it depends on how much you want to give up on your style.

The main thing you have to consider is how many of these covers you need. Take a look around your house for all sharp edges and corners, especially in the living room. This includes chairs, benches, shelving units, TV stands, end tables, and coffee tables. Covers and bumpers will effectively transform all of these into baby proof furniture easily.

Tall Furniture


Babies often pull or climb on furniture, which increases the risk of an injury if that furniture falls over them. This is why you have to secure your bookcases or any tall furniture you might have to the wall. You will notice secure kits if you buy new furniture. These kits are usually used for securing the piece to the wall. If you, however, buy used furniture you can try looking at your local hardware store for this kit.

Another thing you can try is to buy furniture straps. This will help you with securing your bookcases and end tables to the wall. These straps are reliable and durable and are also very easy to apply and use. Also, it is very easy to release or remove them if you ever want to rearrange or redecorate your furniture.

Secure Your Drawers

Make sure your drawers in the living room are always secured and closed if you want to have baby proof furniture. Also, use locks or straps to make sure your kid won’t be pulling the drawers out when you are not looking.

Just think about the items we usually keep in our drawers: small items, remotes, candles, fragile items, and even lighters or sharp objects. You will never have a completely baby proof living room if you don’t make sure your child can’t access these items.

Another reason why you should keep your drawers locked is the possibility of your child opening the drawer and using it as a ladder to climb higher. This usually results in serious injuries. Keeping your drawers secure and closed will prevent this from happening.

Magnetic locks are very useful when it comes to securing drawers in your living room. You can find these kits easily and they usually come with a single key and multiple locks. Whenever you want to use the drawer you can disable the locks easily. Also, your child won’t be able to open the drawer at all thanks to the strong mechanism of the lock.

Securing Windows

Your child will probably be able to reach the latch of the window as it grows, regardless of how low to the ground your windows are. Draperies and blinds on your windows also have to be secure, same as the window itself.

The method of baby proofing your windows will differ depending on the type of windows you have. For example, you probably want to use a bar in your window track to prevent it from opening if you have sliding windows. Another case would be if you have hung windows – you will have to make sure that they are locked properly and that the locks are secured.

Secure all the cords and wrap them up so they don’t hang from things like draperies and blinds. As already mentioned above, your child could become entangled in them which is why are they dangerous for your child. Use command hooks and zip ties to hang them out of reach and wind up excess cords lengths. If you can, go with the cordless window coverings.

A baby proof living room is not completely safe if you don’t have a shatterproof glass. Just replace your regular windows with shatterproof linings or shatterproof glass. These films and tempered glass are designed to protect your child from the small pieces of glass when it shutters.

To further protect your child from falling out of the window, just use window guards. These guards are just bars that you put on your windows to prevent your child from falling out of it even when the window is opened.

Door Handles and Locks

You need to make sure that your little one is not able to open the door in the living room since this is where the front door is usually located. Your child could get out of the house if the locks and handles are not secured properly, or even get its fingers caught in the door.

Securing doors in your home is probably the easiest thing when it comes to baby proof furniture changes. The obvious one is to use keys and lock the doors you want to restrict access too. However, this is not very convenient and you should probably look for a better solution.

For example, you could use a gadget that makes a gap in the door to allow the air to move between rooms properly. This gadget will also keep the doors opened only to a certain point that will restrict your child from getting out.

You can try searching for a deadbolts cover in your local store in the baby care aisle. These will keep your baby from unlocking the doors through the house. The idea behind these covers is to prevent your child from turning the doorknob.

Baby Planet Overview

Securing your living room for your child is very important since this is where your child will be spending most of the time. However, baby proofing your living room is straightforward and you shouldn’t be having a hard time doing so. Follow these simple rules of thumb and your living room will be safe enough for your kid.

If you think that securing your living room is not something you can do on your own, you can always ask someone who has experience in it to help you with everything.

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