10 Best Umbrella Strollers in 2018

The Best Umbrella Strollers

What Are The Best Umbrella Strollers? – Let’s Review!

The first stroller you own when you have a child is very likely a big, bulky contraption that can be a hassle to transport and store when not using. As your child gets older however, you may want to transition to a lighter stroller for short trips. These types of strollers are known as umbrella strollers. They are named this way because of how easy it is to collapse and store them when not in use.

While an umbrella stroller can be a great, lighter option for you and your little one,  how can you tell which umbrella strollers are the best fit for your needs?

With that in mind, we decided to do some shopping for you and compile a list of our 10 Best Umbrella Strollers in 2018 to give you some ideas of the options out there for you and your little one.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can spend your time focusing on your new baby.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Baby Umbrella Strollers Reviews

1. 3Dlite Convenience Stroller by Summer Infant

3Dlite-Convenience-Stroller-by-Summer-Infant Check Price Now

With it’s aluminum frame and easy foldability, the 3Dlite Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant makes it easy to take your little one out for the day and keep them safe and comfortable for the entire trip.

Weighing just under 12 pounds, the 3Dlite is one of the lightest umbrella strollers available on the market. Utilizing a strong aluminum frame, collapsing the stroller is an easy 3-step process. This easy foldability along with its auto-lock and carry strap make transporting and storing very easy.

An adjustable canopy, with a flip out sun visor along with a reclining seat help keep your little one in complete comfort on every trip they take while the 5-point harness and anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels help keep them safe.

Why we love it – The 3Dlite Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant offers parents an affordable option with more features that your standard umbrella stroller. With an included rear storage pocket and extra large storage basket, this is easily one of the top rated umbrella strollers on our list.

2. LiteRider Click Connect Stroller by Graco


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Graco, one of the biggest names in baby products that range from cribs to travel systems, has manufactured a quality umbrella stroller with their LiteRider Click Connect Stroller that easily takes advantage of featured Graco capabilities.

Designed to accept all infant car seats that are part of their Click Connect line, securing the seat is an easy one step attachment process.Even without using its Click Connect feature, the LiteRider is an effectively safe option for your child with a convertible 3- or 5- point safety harness that grows with your child.

Weighing less than 20 pounds and featuring an simple one handed fold makes the LiteRider not only easy to store when done or put into your vehicle when you’re heading to the grandparents or the park for the day, but it won’t be too heavy or bulky to be cumbersome.

Why we love it –  With Graco’s Click Connect system, the LiteRider not only offers parents a great and easy option to use with their child, but it can also help them save money by having products that work together for the comfort and safety of their child.

3. Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller by Kolcraft


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For most parents, their first stroller is a bulky, heavy contraption that can be very hard to store or transport. For those looking to send those out to pasture, Kolcraft offers a very suitable option with their Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller.

Weighing less than 12 pounds, transporting and storing the Cloud Plus is relatively easy when compared to other umbrella strollers on the market. With an easy one-handed fold that stands on its own after folding, struggling to collapse the stroller while holding your child is no longer an issue.

Built with an attached canopy and peek-a-boo window, your little one can ride in comfort with you knowing that they won’t be blinded by the sun on those bright days in the park. When you don’t need it, the canopy easily tucks away and the seat reclines to help your child feel more comfortable.

Why we love it – For those parents who are tired of carrying around a big stroller everywhere they go, the Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller from Kolcraft gives parents a scaled down option that for the price is a good quality stroller with a lot of the features found on larger strollers.

4. G-LITE Stroller by UPPAbaby


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Looking to redefine what the standard umbrella stroller is, the G-Lite Stroller from UPPAbaby offers parents a higher end option that offers options that wouldn’t normally be found on a standard umbrella stroller.

Comfort and breathability are at the forefront of the features that are touted with the G-Lite. A mesh sling seat doesn’t add any additional weight but provides a high level of comfort and breathability each time your child sits in the stroller. The G-Lite does this without adding any extra weight.

To help protect your child on those hot and sunny days, an extendable sunshade keeps them covered, protecting them from harmful UV rays. Using a hand-level trigger, UPPAbaby makes collapsing the stroller easier than it should be. Once folded, the G-Lite stands on its own,

Why we love it – With it’s strong aluminum frame, the G-Lite Stroller from UPPAbaby weighs an amazing 11 pounds. While it can be a bit on the pricey side, if your budget can accommodate for a higher quality and higher priced umbrella stroller, you cannot go wrong with this choice.

5. Breaze Click Connect Stroller by Graco


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Parents looking for a quality product that may provide their child with many enjoyable and comfortable trips cannot go wrong choosing the Breaze Click Connect Stroller from Graco, one of the biggest names in the baby equipment market.

The Breaze offers your child a comfortable ride every time with a multi-position reclining seat as well as a 3- or 5-point harness that grows with your little one to keep them safe. Along with an extra large UV canopy that can help keep them in the shade on those really sunny days.

Being part of Graco’s Click Connect line, any Click Connect infant car seats will attach to the Breaze with a secure one-step attachment process. Being able to use these infant car seats in not only convenient but can save parents a lot of money as well.

Why we love it – Besides offering a quality product that could save parents a lot of money by using Graco’s Click Connect system, the one-handed fold that the Breaze Click Connect Stroller from Graco offers is a feature that will draw many people to the product and rightly so.

6. Rocket Lightweight Stroller by Baby Trend

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Touting its light weight when compared to other umbrella strollers on the market, the Rocket Lightweight Stroller from Baby Trend offers a lighter stroller but without sacrificing quality that some other strollers might.

With its large canopy and storage basket, keeping your little one protected from the elements and carrying their essentials is made much easier with the Rocket. Included on the stroller is a dual foot activated parking brake and 5-point safety harness with will help keep them protected each time they are going from a ride with you.

While offering safety and comfort to your little one is very important, the Rocket gives parents a comfort grip handle with organizer tray so that you can keep your things within reach when out on a stroll. An easy method of compacting and folding makes traveling and storing the Rocket very easy.

Why we love it – For an affordable price, the Rocket Lightweight Stroller from Baby Trend offers parents a high quality umbrella stroller while making it lighter than a lot of other options on the market.

7. J is for Jeep Brand North Star Stroller by Jeep


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Designed for the family on the go, the J is for Jeep Brand North Star Stroller from Jeep offers parents a stroller that offers something for everyone using the stroller each time you may take them out in it.

The North Star features a removable carry-all parent organizer that you can use to keep everything in one place whether you’re using the stroller or not. Along with easy grip, extra-long foam handles plus a parent cup holder and storage basket, keeping yours and your little one’s things organized is made much easier and much more comfortable.

Built with calf and foot rests included, your child can relax comfortably on the North Star’s lightweight, but durable frame. The extendable European-style canopy with included sun visor can help keep them protected from the elements while 3-point safety harness will keep them safe while traveling.

Why we love it – While designed for families on the go the J is for Jeep Brand North Star Stroller from Jeep stands out because of the features it offers parents that wouldn’t come from other strollers. This is easily a high rated umbrella stroller on our list.

8. GOlite Convenience Stroller by Summer Infant

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With its wide seat base and multi-position recline, the GOlite Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant is built with your little one’s comfort in mind. With all that comfort however, Summer Infant still provides a quality stroller that is safe for your little one each time they use it.

With its durable frame, weighing no more than 12 pounds, the GOlite offers parents easy maneuverability with its front swivel wheels and lockable rear wheels, which will keep the stroller from rolling astray while you are holding your child in your arms. With an adjustable and removable canopy, you can easily protect your little one from the elements or let them enjoy a nice sunny day in the park.

Storage with the GOlite is much easier than with other umbrella strollers on the market. With a large storage basket underneath and a rear storage pocket, finding places to put your child’s essentials is easier than ever.

What we love it – The GOlite Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant offers parents a durable, comfortable ride for your child each and every time they take a ride. With its available storage options, taking a trip with all of their things is no longer the hassle it may have been with other umbrella strollers.

9. New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller by Joovy


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Built for children from newborn to 55 pounds, the New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller from Joovy offers your child the comfort of a near-flat recline while keeping making sure that they ride safely and securely each and every time.

While being able to lay down in a near-flat recline will help your little one nap, the UPF 50 canopy will help keep them protected from the sun’s rays. A peek-a-boo window will help you keep an eye on them while they drift through dream land.

Weighing in at a miniscule 14 pounds, the Groove sports a lightweight, but durable aluminum frame that while it features 2 cup holders and a zippered storage pocket for your items, collapsing the stroller is easy with its auto-fold lock keeping the stroller in a easy to manage compact size for transport or storage.

Why we love it – The New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller from Joovy makes its easy for your little one to take a nap while out on the town with you due to its reclining seat. Parents will love it because of its easy collapsing system and simple transport option using the included carry strap.

10. Blue Single Umbrella Stroller by BeBeLove USA


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Intended for those parents looking for a straightforward umbrella stroller without a lot of frills or features, the Single Umbrella Stroller from BeBeLove USA is perfect for those parents not looking for more than that.

While a lot of the features that may appear on other strollers are not included with the Single, it does include a large canopy that can keep your little one covered from the sun’s rays or a light drizzle. Along with a mesh pocket for simple storage, the Single is a good option for short outings or strolls close to home.

One positive feature is its compact storage. Using a scissor folding method, storing or transporting the Single is made much easier that some of the other options on the market today.

Why we love it  – The Single Umbrella Stroller from BeBeLove USA is the perfect option for those parents looking for a simple choice of an umbrella stroller. Without many of the options that may come with some pricier options, this stroller may be a perfect option as a back up stroller for many parents.

How We Chose the Top Umbrella Strollers in Our List

When we chose to highlight the 10 Best Umbrella Strollers of 2018, we knew that you would want ones that met our specific set of criteria. With that in mind, we set out to make sure that the umbrella strollers we recommended met that specific set. Those criteria include:


Umbrella strollers aren’t built to be very heavy. When it came to the ones we selected, we wanted to make sure that these wouldn’t be strollers you would end up struggling to carry from place to place or load into your car.

Folded Size

While normally not very heavy, umbrella strollers are also known for the limited amount of sized that they take up when folded to store in a closet or transporting in the trunk of your vehicle. We wanted to ensure that the ones we featured wouldn’t take more room than necessary which in turn helps you every time you need to store it.

Ease of Use

Umbrella strollers can come with a variety of options and then there are some that may come without any at all. For the former, we wanted to ensure that when you need to use a sun shade or when you latch your child into their seat, that the process doesn’t feel forced. That its just as easy to latch them into their seat as it is putting them in it for a ride around town.


Maneuverability can be a major benefit of an umbrella stroller. The types of wheels and pushing ease on a multitude of surfaces from concrete to hardwood floors to wooded trails can make an umbrella stroller much easier to move. With its smaller size, we wanted to show those that despite their size, their maneuverability made them stand out.


If there is one feature that we look for each and every time we looked at the umbrella strollers on the market, it was the quality of the stroller itself. While not the most expensive strollers, for the price paid, parents want to be sure that they are getting a quality product that can last and last for multiple years and/or children.

Benefits of an umbrella stroller

If you meet someone who has owned an umbrella stroller, they can easily tell you the benefits that come from owning one. For those who may not really know that type of person, here are some of the benefits to owning an umbrella stroller.


When you have children, what you spend your money on for them is something that you will go over and over time and time again before spending a dime. This is why owning an umbrella stroller and their price point can be such a benefit. Designed to not break the bank, a basic umbrella stroller can only cost $20, which is a great benefit if you are on a really tight budget.


Full size strollers can be bulky, heavy items that can be a hassle to get up and down stairs, packed away in your vehicle or even put away for storage. This is where an umbrella stroller’s strength lies. Its lightweight design and sturdy construction can be a major benefit when compared to a larger, bulkier and heavier traditional stroller.


The reason why umbrella strollers are called as such, being able to fold into a small size makes it easier to transport the stroller to the grandparents house or to the park for a nice day out. And when the day is over, its smaller size when folded makes storage much less of an issue.


One of the most amazing benefits of a double stroller is how durable that they are. With many parents, you may see them using the same stroller for a second child or even giving it to a family member or friend.

This is due to the quality construction that goes into a double stroller, Most strollers are compliant with the most stringent safety standards. Being made from a strong and durable material, they can be considered a long-lasting product with a frame that can keep your child safe from external influences.

Side impact protection systems are featured on many strollers on the market. These offer your little one protection on every side of the stroller. They can also protect them from other environmental conditions.

Disadvantages of an Umbrella Stroller

While owning a umbrella stroller can have many benefits, there can also be disadvantages to using one. We wanted to be sure that while we touted the benefits that come with an umbrella stroller, we wanted to share some of the disadvantages as well.


Because of its smaller size, storage options with umbrella strollers can be very limited. Unlike their larger counterparts, which can have a large storage basket under the seat for your little one’s belongings, an umbrella stroller in most cases, won’t come with a storage basket, which can make it more difficult to carry your childs things with you.

Age limits

Many umbrella strollers are designed with a certain age group in mind. While there are options on the market for newborns, the majority are directed towards toddlers. Be sure to check the recommended age on the umbrella stroller before you decide to buy it.


Full size strollers are designed to let your child sit in complete comfort and support with soft padding surrounding them as well as having a seat that lets the back recline up and down to accommodate you child as they sleep. With an umbrella stroller, this isn’t the case.Umbrella strollers can have very little to no padding, don’t offer very much support and very many do not recline.


While the price point that comes with an umbrella stroller can be a big benefit, like many things, the cheaper the price, the less durable the stroller may be. In cases like these, if the fabric were to rip, because of the relatively affordable price, getting a new one wouldn’t be as much a hassle as it would be with a much more expensive regular stroller.

Safety concerns

With umbrella strollers, like any piece of baby equipment, there can be concerns regarding the safety of your baby while they are using it. Every year, there are news reports of little ones dying because of misuse of the product.

From covering the opening to protect a child from the hot sun to laying a little one in the stroller the wrong way can lead to terrible consequences for the child.

With our list, we are recommending baby strollers to you but wanted to explain the importance of using a stroller as the manufacturer intended or making sure that if you happen to leave you child unattended, even for a moment that they are safe and secure.

Choosing what’s best for you

An umbrella stroller can be the perfect option for any parent looking to break away from the big, bulky travel systems that they may have used while their little one was an infant taking their first journey into the world.

However, after time, many parents just want to put them away and use something that’s a little lighter and a little easier to manage, especially when it comes to transporting and storage of the stroller.

Choosing the right double stroller is not only an important decision for you, but for your children as well. Choosing the right one for your family’s needs can help make going for a trip with your children much easier.

Of course, with any product that you buy for your children, what you choose will always come down to your personal preference.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Umbrella Strollers in 2018, our recommendations might have given you an idea of what is out there on the market and what to look for when choosing a stroller.

Do you have a Umbrella Strollers on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 15th of May 2017

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