Learning to ride a bike is one of the proudest milestones your kids may ever experience. A genuine display of skill and independence, riding a bicycle is something that your child will love. Still, getting three-wheeled bicycles is the very first step that you should not ski before they can even use a bike. This is why parents need to find the best tricycles that will grow with your little one, allowing them to get the most out of their new toy for a long time. 

It may be intimidating to find the best tricycle for toddlers, but we have made a list of the top models in the market. Some trikes have even been designed with a push bar so that you can control their direction. They can eventually transform into independent tricycles once your toddler gets used to it. No matter which version you end up with, we are confident that it will allow your child to enjoy riding for many years.

If you are ready, let’s get started.


How To Choose A Tricycle For Toddler – Buying Guide

Since choosing the right tricycle for kids can be taxing for parents, we have come up with a set of criteria that can tell you the proper features to look for in a trike. 

Design And Color

Know from the beginning that there are no two tricycles alike, even if they come from the same brand. Every part of it is unique, from the wireframe to the color.

Before buying a trike, therefore, you should find out what your kid’s favorite colors are. If they are too young to communicate with you verbally, you may show them the options. There is no need even to ask them to pick one–the child will walk or run towards the tricycle of their liking almost immediately. This is how you know which model to get for them.


Parents also need to consider the kind of wireframe that the trike should have based on the age of the child. Extremely young riders, for instance, are compatible with three-wheeled vehicles whose pedals and seats are of the same height. The reason is that such wireframes are low to the ground and do not require the children to have a fantastic balance. They can try steering the trike without worrying about falling off it. 

Kids aged three years old and above, on the other hand, may feel more comfortable using a tricycle with a taller wireframe. It resembles a regular bicycle more, in the sense that the seat is higher than the pedals. However, it still comes with a parent push handle and training wheels.


As much as moms and dads want the toddlers to learn how to ride a trike, their safety can never be sacrificed. It should be able to move smoothly across various kinds of surfaces, as well as remain stable even when the toddler gets wiggly. This is why a lot of parents want to see the tricycle in person before paying for it. 

In case the model that you are eyeing is only available online, though, there are still a few ways for you to figure out if it is a safe tricycle:

  • Check consumer reviews.
  • Make sure that it has a wide seat.
  • Look for harness straps or push handles.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Tricycles that can be used indoors or outdoors have distinct features that you may not find in one another.

As for indoor tricycles, the primary material used is plastic. The kids will most likely be on carpets, tiles, or wooden floors, so they don’t have to come with heavy-duty tires. Such a trike is also lightweight, so the rider may not be harmed if it falls on them.

Meanwhile, outdoor trikes have rubber tires and metallic wireframes to ensure that they are durable enough to be driven through gravel or asphalt. They are heftier than other trikes, though, so parents cannot leave the children out of their sight while riding.

Age And Size

Another crucial fact that parents need to realize is that a tricycle is not suitable for all ages. Every model is recommended for a specific age range because it may or may not have features that kids outside of that range can use. Thus, you should not be surprised if some trikes are for 1-year-olds only, while others are for kids beyond the age of 3.

In case your child is bigger than their peers, it does not mean that they can use a tricycle that’s meant for older toddlers. After all, despite their size, they may lack certain skills that practically come with age. E.g., hand-eye coordination and a sense of balance. 


There are two types of tricycles that toddlers can use:

  • Push Tricycle – This trike comes with a push handle that parents can use if the child is too young to reach the pedals. 
  • Big Wheel Tricycle – This is a low-riding vehicle with an oversized front wheel. It is ideal for older toddlers who are almost ready to take off their training wheels. 


Q: What age is appropriate for a tricycle?

A: A tricycle is ideal for a one-year-old child. The determining factor here is their ability to balance themselves. In case the toddler can stand or sit without falling, they can start using a trike. Otherwise, parents should wait until their sense of balance improves.

Q: Can a 2 year old ride a tricycle?

A: Yes, a two-year-old can ride a tricycle. Kids around this age already have a better hand-eye and foot-eye coordination skills, so they may be able to stay on the trike without tipping over. But if your child still has balance issues, it is best to wait a little longer.

Q: Should toddler wear helmet on tricycle?

A: Yes, a toddler should wear a helmet while riding a tricycle. The primary reason is that the training wheels do not guarantee that the child will be safe from accidents. Even if the actual vehicle may not tip over, it remains possible for the young rider to want to get off or pedal by themselves. If they try either without adult supervision, they might get in an accident and fall face-first; that’s why toddlers need a helmet at all times. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Riding tricycles is the first step that children need to take before they can use a bicycle. Because of that, it is crucial to choose one that will give them the confidence and skills to graduate to the larger bike. You should look for trikes that have a stable wheelbase, so they do not tip over easily. For young children, you should look for a push tricycle for toddlers. This is a trike that has handles that will allow you to start your kids by just sitting on the trike while you push. They can then start using the pedals to move forward. All of the tricycles mentioned above are great, though, so the decision merely comes down to your preference as a parent.

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