Once your precious baby arrives, you will want nothing but to hold her in your arms. Over time though, she will thrive and carrying her in your arms will be comfortable neither for you nor for her. Most importantly, it won’t be safe. Travel strollers make transporting your little one not only convenient but also secure. 

Of course, this would lead to the obvious question of how can you tell which travel stroller is the best for your needs? With that in mind, we have compiled a list of our 10 Best Travel Strollers in 2020 to give you some ideas of the options out there for you and your little one to use when traveling during the day.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make your shopping process a bit easier.

The Best Travel Strollers

How To Choose A Travel Stroller – Buying Guide

When we chose to highlight the 10 Best Strollers For Traveling of 2020, there were certain criteria that we set up before sharing our recommendations with you.


Safety is a big feature to consider in travel strollers. You should consider the growth rate of your baby and your choice should ultimately depend on the stage your baby is at, and the stages he/she is about to go through. 

When looking for the best travel stroller, make sure to check the stability to ensure that it will comfortably hold your child’s weight. Checking the stroller’s brakes and harness is highly recommended as well. They shouldn’t be just easy to use, but when you use them, it should be an easy process that you can get comfortable with.

Safety concerns to look out for are safety brakes on the travel system. The brakes should be effective and easy to work. They should also be easily accessible by the parents but impossible for the kids to get their hands on or unlock. The brakes are an important part of the stroller and should be given some thought before purchase. A useful tip is that a wider base in the brake makes maneuvering much more stable. 

Safety harnesses should also be looked out for because they include seat belts, which are very important for your child’s safety. The best small strollers for traveling would have a restraint system that would keep the baby in place and lower the chances of your baby slipping in place. The safety harnesses should be able to keep your kids secure to the seat. It is inevitable for a baby not to move all over the place, but the seat belts should play a part in keeping the child at bay. 

Storage Space

Having an ample amount of storage basket on the travel stroller you pick is an essential feature. Even if you and your baby are only going out for a little bit, you are going to need a place to keep your baby’s essentials handy. The size of the basket that the stroller comes with can be both positive and negative. While a bigger basket can allow you to store more items, having all of those items can also make the stroller much heavier.

Car Seat Compatibility

Having a travel stroller, you’re obviously going to want a stroller that can be easily compatible with your baby’s car seat. Being able to let your child sit in the same seat on their stroller as well as in the car will certainly make them more comfortable. Be sure to check your car seat’s compatibility with the stroller of your choosing.

Ease of Use

Having a stroller that can easily fold with one hand and unfold is on every parent’s wish list. Having one can save you both time and space when placing it in your car or on an airplane when taking a trip. Quick folding strollers can make the process much easier still and can make the compact stroller more useful when traveling.

Size & Weight 

The size of travel strollers you choose is one of the most crucial factors. The biggest reason is the maneuverability. The bigger the stroller, the harder it could be to move around. The weight of the stroller is also something to take into consideration. A lighter stroller can definitely help parents as it would be much easier to lift if you have to go upstairs or lift it to store it into your vehicle.

Recline Feature

Strollers are great because they provide comfort in the form of certain features such as a reclining seat. A recline feature that can be used alongside an infant car seat is just great. It will make it easier for you to move the baby from the stroller to the car, especially when he/she is asleep. A reclining seat provides extra comfort for your kids and allows them to nap whenever and wherever. 


With all of the other features to consider when buying a travel stroller, one of the most important is your child’s comfort. Lack of comfort can lead to them being in pain, which can affect their growth and development. Purchasing a stroller that can let your baby lay down flat and take naps comfortably will help make each ride more enjoyable. Larger wheels can absorb more bumps, ensuring a smoother ride and more comfort for your child. Another feature to consider is the leg rest. If your child is older, this is an important feature as a single leg rest provides comfort and makes sure the child’s feet don’t get trapped within the footrests. Therefore, an adjustable leg feature is a huge plus.


Q: What are the benefits of a travel stroller?

A: Travel strollers have many benefits that may not be apparent at first glance. 

  • Convenience: Car seats that your travel system comes with clips into the car seat base and then onto the stroller base so you don’t need to spend the time taking your baby out of one car seat and putting them into another. This can be extremely convenient if your little one happens to be napping and the last thing you want to do is disturb or wake your baby up.
  • Portability: With the convenience of not having to take your baby out of the seat to put her in your vehicle, you can easily store the stroller and take it with you. Being able to have their stroller on the go without a lot of hassle is a very important benefit.
  • Long-Lasting: A lot of travel strollers on the market will offer pieces that can be convertible and grow with your child. For example, a rear-facing seat can be switched to a forward-facing seat using the same base, while many travel strollers will let you attach an infant car seat for your little one and still offer a regular storage seat for a toddler.

Q: Is a travel stroller right for you?

A: Moving around will become much easier for you, and also for the baby if you buy travel stroller. Stroller also will help you to go out without tiring yourself, nor the baby. 

If you are a parent that travels a lot, you will have to look for a stroller that can hold your baby’s car seat. Certain attachments are sold to be used with car seats, while other strollers sell them with the product. Once the baby is strapped to his car seat, the stroller will allow you to easily maneuver the baby between the car and the stroller. 

The range of strollers on the market is immense, so you’ll have to make a wise decision. One that is beneficial and suits the needs of your family, and you will also have to consider some factors and features before investing. A stroller is good for you, but you have to buy the right one.

The features of a good stroller should offer convenience, and also safety. Features differ from one stroller type to another, so it is important to know what you want, or what would be the best option for your child. That’s the reason we have compiled a buying guide in detail.

Considering these pointers, if you feel like they would help you in your everyday life with your child, then a travel stroller is a good investment for you.

 Q: What are the safety concerns for travel strollers?

A: If you have a newborn in the family and plan to use the stroller, you need to make sure that there is a reclined seating feature since newborns do not have the ability to sit up or hold up their heads unassisted. Most strollers come with the feature, although most umbrella strollers do not support an adequate headrest for the baby.

Major safety checks include features such as a good braking system. Brakes should be easy to operate for adults, and complicated and far enough to not be figured out or reached by your little one. They should also have locks behind the back two wheels as a special safety feature. You should also look for a stroller with a wide base, as they have a lesser chance to tip over.

Q: What are bad stroller habits?

A: The first of those bad habits that a parent subconsciously makes is increasing the use of the infant car seat. Although a great convenience to a parent and a great help to a baby for its support and safety continued infant cat seat use may delay important motor, cognitive and sensory developments in a child’s brain which would usually happen when the baby is upright. When upright, a baby may be able to move its head to view and interact with his surroundings.

The second bad habit is making it a routine for the baby to fall asleep on the stroller. Although it is normal for your child to fall asleep in the stroller, it should not be something that happens regularly. According to studies, a baby should sleep on a firm and flat surface. The levels of oxygen levels of babies who spend more time in cars are lower than those who spend more time on flat surfaces. Reduced oxygen levels have a negative effect on the brain development of a child.

Other bad habits include the overuse of the stroller. The use of the stroller starts becoming so common that parents start using it all the time. This may affect the baby’s development as it may become dependent on the stroller. It is suggested parents should only let their child use the stroller two hours a day. 

Parents should also notice their habit of assuming that once the kid is strapped with the harness, he is fine. Make sure to always double-check and make sure through the peek-a-boo covers. Other very common mistakes parents make are allowing a child to maneuver the stroller. Remember, a child could easily bump things in the way, which could affect the safety of your baby. Also, do not give in to the “Go faster!” demands, as it is reckless and dangerous to others around you.

Once you buy a stroller, the entire process of moving your baby around might seem seamless and convenient, but having a stroller comes with certain bad habits, It’s not as simple as just strapping your baby and moving along, there are certain habits that even experienced parents make, which are to be avoided.

Q: How do you develop good travel stroller safety habits?

A: As we discussed the bad safety habits, if those habits are corrected, they could turn into good habits. Always double check your child’s harness, try not to let him sleep in the car or the car seat. Do not let another kid move the stroller, and make the use of the stroller lesser as your toddler gets older. Those are good safety habits to practice. Also, regularly check the harness and braking system of the stroller.

My Babies Planet Overview

When the time comes for you to choose the best travel stroller for your little one, there will be many factors to consider. With that in mind, we have given you an extended buying guide, answers to most common questions, and great recommendations. 

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Compact Travel Strollers in 2020, our recommendations have given you an idea of what to look for when choosing a stroller.

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