When your child is born, you want to do nothing but hold them every second of every day. Over time though, that becomes less and less practical. Travel strollers can make transporting your little one not only convenient, but also save you money in the process. Of course, this would lead to the obvious question of how can you tell which travel stroller is the best for your needs?

With that in mind, we decided to do some shopping for you and compile a list of our 10 Best Travel Strollers in 2020 to give you some ideas of the options out there for you and your little one to use when traveling during the day.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can spend your time focusing on your new baby instead of what they will ride in.

Ready? Let’s get started.

The Best Travel Strollers

How To Choose A Travel Stroller – Buying Guide

When we chose to highlight the 10 Best Travel Strollers of 2020, there were certain criteria that we wanted to focus on when selecting which ones appears on our 10 Best list. The criteria we used have been


Ensuring the safety of your little one each and every time they travel in the stroller is the most important thing, regardless of which brand you choose. When looking for the best travel stroller, make sure to check the stability of the stroller to ensure that it will comfortably hold your child’s weight.

Checking the stroller’s brakes and harness is highly recommended as well. They shouldn’t be just easy to use, but when you use them, it should be an easy process that you can get comfortable with.

Storage Space

Having an ample amount of storage space on the travel stroller you pick is an essential feature. Even if you and your baby are only going out for a little bit, you are going to need a place to keep their baby essentials handy.

The size of the basket that the stroller comes with can be both a positive and negative. While a bigger basket can allow you to store more items, having all of those items can also make the stroller much heavier.

Car Seat Compatibility

Having a travel stroller, you’re obviously going to want a stroller that can be easily compatible with your baby’s car seat. Being able to let your child sit in the same seat on their stroller as well as in the car can make them more comfortable. Be sure to check your car seat’s compatibility with the stroller

Ease of Use

Having a stroller that can easily fold and unfold is on every parent’s wish list. Having one can save you both time and space when placing it in your car or on an airplane when taking a trip. Quick folding strollers can make the process much easier still and can make the stroller more useful when traveling.

Size & Weight

The size of the stroller you choose is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to which one to purchase. The biggest reason is the maneuverability of the stroller. The bigger the stroller, the harder it could be to move around. The weight of the stroller is also something to take into consideration. A lighter stroller can definitely help parents as it would be much easier to lift if you have to go upstairs or lift the stroller to store it into your vehicle.


With all of the other features to consider when buying a travel stroller, one of the most important is your child’s comfort. Lack of comfort can lead to them being in pain, which can affect their growth and development

Purchasing a stroller that can let your baby lay down flat and take naps comfortably will help make each ride they take much better. Larger wheels can absorb more bumps, ensuring a smoother ride and more comfort for your child.

Benefits of a travel stroller

A travel stroller can have many benefits that may not be apparent at first glance. Its because of this, that many parents might opt out of purchasing one when it could fit their needs perfectly. These benefits include:

Money Saving

When you buy a travel system, it will come with the stroller, a carseat and also the infant car seat insert and base for your vehicle. This can help new parents save a lot of money, especially when, right after a baby is born, extra money can come at a premium.


The car seat that your travel system comes with clips into the car seat base very easily and then onto the stroller base so you don’t need to spend the time taking your baby out of one car seat and putting them into another. This can be extremely convenient if your little one happens to be napping and the last thing you want to do is disturb them or wake them up.


Having a travel system can be a very portable option. With the convenience of not having to take the baby out of their seat to put them in your vehicle, you can easily store their stroller and take it with you. Being able to have their stroller on the go without a lot of hassle is a very important benefit,


A lot of travel systems on the market will offer pieces that can be convertible and grow with your child. For example, a rear-facing seat can be switched to a forward-facing seat using the same base, while many strollers will let you attach an infant car seat for you little one and still offer a regular storage seat for a toddler.


While the price range for travel stroller systems can very from affordable to high end, there can be quality options to choose from at any price point. Finding a travel stroller that offers the features you want while be at the price point you’re comfortable is easier than many may believe.

Is a travel stroller right for you?

While many babies won’t be ready to use a traditional stroller until they can sit up unassisted, which is around six months old for some children, some parents opt to choose a travel stroller system to allow their children to travel with in a stroller earlier in their lives.

While purchasing a car-seat compatible stroller separately is certainly ok, many parents opt to purchase a travel system to avoid the hassle of trying to find a stroller that works with the car seat they they may have purchased.

Safety concerns

With travel strollers, like any other piece of baby furniture, the safety of your child while they are using the stroller is the most important factor of owning a travel stroller system.

From covering the opening to protect a child from the hot sun to laying a little one in the stroller the wrong way can lead to terrible consequences for the child.

With our list, we are recommending baby strollers to you but wanted to explain the importance of using a stroller as the manufacturer intended or making sure that if you happen to leave you child unattended, even for a moment that they are safe and secure.

Bad Stroller Habits

While a travel stroller can be convenient in terms of saving money and not having to switch back and forth from stroller to car seat, this way of thinking can lead to developing some bad habits that can have an effect on your little one’s development.

Letting your baby sleep in their car seat, even when it’s not being used in the car can increase the risk of SIDS in babies. The American Association of Pediatrics SIDS prevention guidelines make the recommendation that babies be moved from a car seat to a flat, firm sleeping surface as soon as possible.

Another bad habit can be not noticing that your little one may be in the wrong posture position and not correcting it. By not having your little one in the proper positioning while they use it can lead to many different issues or hazardous including SIDS or torticollis.

Developing Good Stroller Habits

Despite the bad habits that parents can develop, you can start to develop some good habits that will not only help your baby rest in comfort but can also aid in their development.

Limiting the amount of time that they spend in their stroller can be a great way to start. Many parents will use a car seat as a napper for their little one, but on average, they shouldn’t spend more than 2 hours a day in their car seat.

Additionally, spending no more than 15 minutes at a time without adjusting how they are seated or checking whether or not they would be more content being on the floor, worn in a carrier or just held.

New parents can be terrified of placing their child on their stomachs to sleep because of SIDS. Which is a very valid concern, but at the same time, very few are aware that placing your child in a car seat to sleep can also carry the same risk,

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends removing your sleeping little one from their car seat as soon as your are able to do so and place them on a flat, firm mattress that doesn’t have any bedding, stuffed toys, crib bumpers or more.

Communication is also a very good stroller habit to develop. Chances are that you’re not going to be the only people looking after your little bundle of joy. Making sure that your expectations regarding how and where they sleep as well as the posture that they sleep in will help others care for your child in the same manner you would.

My Babies Planet Overview

When the time comes for you to choose the best travel stroller for your child, there will always be many things to consider and go over before you decide on which one you will use to carry your baby around in.

As with any product that you buy for your children, it will all come down to your personal preference.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Compact Travel Strollers in 2020, our recommendations have given you an idea of what to look for when choosing a stroller.

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