At the age of nine, boys and girls are leaving the childhood years behind and stepping into puberty. They are active, creative, adventurous, independent, and social. Having developed smooth muscle control and a longer attention span, they can do a lot of things and have a wide range of interests.

This is why figuring out the best toys for 9 year olds that will engage and entertain them while developing their skills can be a challenge. To make choosing the perfect gifts for nine year old boys and girls easier, we’ve reviewed the top 20 best toys and gifts children this age love and ask for on their birthday or for Christmas and that also encourage their physical, psychological, emotional and social development.


How To Choose The Best Toys and Gifts for 9 Year Olds – Buying Guide


Educational Value

Every play experience with a gift or toy is an opportunity to learn. The best toys for 9 year olds should provide both entertainment and education. You can encourage learning with STEM and STEAM toys, science experiment kits and coding robots. Encourage reading with popular book series for children and young adults. Reading will stimulate their imagination, grow their vocabulary and improve their communication and writing skills.

Kids this age are also discovering and developing their interests. They will be interested in all kind of things and will pursue their passions with diligence. They are capable of spending hours upon hours engrossed in activities they like. Gifts like art and hobby crafts, building kits, musical instruments, and sports equipment will expose them to new exciting things and push them to develop their interests in music, art, science or sports.

Emotional Development

Nine year olds are in a transitional phase between childhood and puberty and their emotions reflect this. They are more emotionally stable and exhibit self-control and can control their anger, handle frustrations and resolve conflicts on their own. They are still developing emotionally and will still have moments when they are unreasonable or rude and even have meltdowns.

As the approach adolescence, they also experience some mood swings. They need toys and gifts that encourage healthy emotional development by teaching them how to control their impulses and regulate their emotions. Studies show that engaging in art and craft activities enable children to relieve stress and develop a positive outlook.

Cognitive Skills Development

Nine year olds can think independently and logically, have enhanced analytical ability and they begin to exhibit organization and planning skills. Their growing critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills will benefit from board and logic games and puzzles. Playing with art and crafts kits and advanced building sets that expands their imagination and encourage them to be more creative and think outside the box and also help them manage stress better so they can reason logically.

Physical Milestones

Nine year olds are big kids sitting on the cusp of adolescence. They have undergone major changes in their physical development. With their smooth muscle control and refined fine motor skills and coordination, they are now capable of a lot of activities and need physical exercise for healthy development.

Their developed muscle control, coordination and balance make them better at running, swimming, jumping, dribbling, kicking, throwing, catching and riding bikes. They can now engage in all kids of sports including soccer, tennis, baseball, or basketball. Great gift ideas for 9 year old boy or girl’s physical and motor development include bicycles, sports equipment and art and craft kits.

Psychological Milestones

As they approach puberty, nine year olds undergo massive psychological transformation. They become more independent and also more social. Play activities that give them more responsibility and expose them to new activities and interests will help them discover what they are good at, improve their weaknesses. Accomplishing things will also help them develop self-confidence.

At this age, friendships become a big deal and they are drawn to activities that involve socializing such as board games, team sports, and sleepovers. Toys and gifts that encourage group play are on point. As tweens become more conscious about their looks, they can develop body image problems. Books, cartoon role models and toys that encourage a positive body image make great gifts.

Design And Entertainment

The most important quality toys and gifts should have is the ability to entertain kids. The best toys for 9 year olds are simple toys that foster hands-on play and capture their imagination and creativity while challenging their abilities and skills. At nine, children have outgrown some toys for little kids but they aren’t yet ready for more advanced toys and gifts meant for teenagers.

Something that’s too easy will bore them and they will lose interest fast while something that’s too complex will frustrate them and they will also lose interest. The toys should be well-constructed and sturdy enough to withstand rough handling and also suitable for their hands and brains.


Safety is always an important consideration when choosing toys and gifts for children and this also applies to this age-group. Whether you’re getting them a toy, an activity set or a device, it is important to evaluate the design and composition of the product to ensure that it is safe for a nine year old child to play with.

Check the age recommendation and ensure that it doesn’t contain toxic substances such as lead or ingredients they are allergic to. Before you give the child something to play with on his or her own, go through the instructions first so you can find out whether kids can play with it on their own or adult supervision is needed.



Q: What Is The Best Gift For A 9 Year Girl?

A: Art and craft kits, L.O.L Surprise dolls, makeup kits, slime making kits, books, games, and music instruments are examples of the best gifts for 9 year old girls. The key to figuring out the best gift for a nine year girl is to take into consideration her personality and interests.

Q: What Is A Good Gift For 9 Year Old Boy?

A: Games, Nerf guns, electronic devices, remote-control vehicles, building toys, science kits, puzzles and games are all great 9 yr old boy gift ideas. Most boys this age love to run, ride bikes, skate, and play sports and will enjoy gifts such as bikes, soccer equipment, skateboards and Frisbees. A good gift for a boy aged nine is one that suits his personality and interests.

Q: What Should A 9 Year Old Be Able To Do?

A: A nine year old should be able to handle personal grooming tasks such as brushing teeth and getting dressed on their own. Physically, they can run, swim, jump, skate and play sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and tennis.

Their fine motor skills are now developed to such a level that they can write in a straight line even on plain paper, draw, paint, make jewelry, build models, and even handle small tools like a hammer. In fourth grade, they can read longer books and complete more complex projects such as book reports and essays.

However, all children are different and each child develops at his or her own rate. Some 9 year olds reach some milestones earlier than others.

My Babies Planet Overview

Nine year olds are in a transitional stage between childhood and puberty. It is very important to select the right toys and gifts they’ll enjoy and that will benefit their development. While they have many interests, their personality also begins to show and they tend to spend hours upon hours engrossed in activities that they like. This makes figuring out the best gifts for 9 year old easier. Tweens this age also want the most popular things that their friends are talking about. It is hard to go wrong by choosing from the top 20 items in our best toys for 9 year olds reviews.

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