Every child develops at her or his own rhythm and as it is common for one set of skills to be advanced, while others are little behind. Keep in mind that this is the normal developmental process. What can be done to improve the skills that are not fully developed is to provide the child with the best toys for 8 year olds so he or she can learn while playing. 

The milestones are divided into 5 categories; physical, cognitive, language, emotional and social, and motor and sensory. Depending on the child’s needs and preferences, educational toys for 8 year olds can target specific categories and help the child improve and develop. As the kids are passing through what is known as the mid-childhood, they are becoming more independent and agreeable, and their capacity to learn is increased. This is the period where the kids should adopt a healthy lifestyle with lots of physical activities and the best gifts for 8 year olds are the ones that will keep them active.


How To Choose A Toy And Gift For 8 Year Old – Buying Guide


Educational Value

Children are starting to develop their vocabulary and express more complex language skills. Their focus improves, as well as the attention, so they can enjoy playing with demanding science toys for 8 year olds. Play-based learning is essential for children’s healthy growth. Through play, they are developing creativity, empathy, and problem-solving skills. According to research, there are 5 types of play-based learning; symbolic, physical, with the object, with rules and pretense. Each type of play stimulates different learning and there are toys for 8 year olds designed to support specific skill development.

Emotional Development

In the previous year or two, boys tended to play with boys and girls with girls. At this stage, the opposite sex is starting to mix together during play and the friend’s acceptance is starting to take an important role in kid’s lives. The little ones are also becoming aware of the ways they can avoid being caught when they are breaking rules so lying and cheating is expected to appear. They are eager to push the limit and see how far they can go with their behavior. An honest and healthy relationship with friends and family can help them develop healthy values, self-confidence, and self-identity.  The top rated gifts for 8 year old can educate kids about different emotions and how to express them, deal with them and overcome them. 

Cognitive Skills Development

As cognitive development is greatly developed at this stage, thinking and being able to focus is highly dependent on the emotional state. If the little ones are worried and emotionally troubled, their concentration declines. Here we see how emotional development, and learning how to deal with all sorts of emotions is essential for all other milestones the child is going through. Kids usually have a black and white perspective, they are going to extremes so things are either right or wrong, excellent or terrible, with no middle. They tend to ask lots of questions until they are able to draw a conclusion about the subject they are interested in. As with other key milestones, we can help kids strengthen cognitive skills by engaging them in constructive play with the best toys for 8 year olds.  

Physical Milestones

While the previous years were marked into rapid physical skill development, the current milestone is represented by the refinement of already developed skills. Some kids will show more talent for sports and are more athletic than the others. This stage is marked by the kid’s increased interest in the specific activity so many children this age are choosing certain sports and joining sports clubs. If the child is not interested in sports, he or she should be encouraged to be physically active in other, non-sport related activities like swimming, biking, etc. many outdoor toys for 8 year olds are designed to encourage kids to be physically active. 

Psychological Milestones

The need to belong is very important for most of the 8 year olds. How they think they are perceived by others, is usually how they see themselves. They are establishing a sense of security by being part of the group and the time spent with friends is starting to gain greater significance. Their emotions are swirling and changing rapidly as kids this age may seem a bit impatient. It is important to understand that all the phases the 8 year olds are going through are natural and important for their further development. What they need at this stage of their life is lots of support and understanding but also rules that they can follow. Toys for 8 year olds reviews can provide valuable information when choosing the toy that will support psychological development. 

Design And Entertainment

Apart from educational and developmental value, the best gifts for 8 year old are designed to attract and obtain a child’s attention. Usually, with bright colors, distinctive shapes, and highly entertaining, the toy’s goal is to engage children into playing and subtly pass on important knowledge. When you are buying the toy for the 8 year old, you should choose according to the child’s interests. For the toy to be entertaining, it has to collide with what the child likes, otherwise, no matter how well designed and how many gadgets the toy has, it will end up on the shelf, collecting dust. 


The safety of the toys is the same for all ages. The difference between 2 years old’s toys and 8 years old’s toys is that now the child can play with the small parts without fear that he or she will swallow it. What you need to make sure when buying a birthday gift for 8 year old, is that it is made from child-safe material. This means that the material needs to be non-toxic, if plastic than BPA free, and if possible, eco friendly. 



Q. What is the most popular toy for an 8 year old boy?

A. Many would agree that computer and video games are among the best toys for 8 year olds, both boys and girls but apart from that, there are many others that the child could enjoy and benefit from. As the kids at this age have a need to gain a sense of competence and mastery, 8 year old boy would enjoy science kits, board games, model kits or sports equipment. There are always ride-on toys like a bike, scooter or roller blades as well as construction toys like building bricks. 

Q. What is a good gift for an 8 year old?

A. To find the best gift for 8 year old, our advice is to consider what the little one likes. If the child is athletic, the best gift would be something that keeps him or her active. For the little artists, choose the gift that can burst creativity. For the little nature lovers, any gift that brings them closer to nature would be a perfect choice. The little scientists would enjoy complex science projects. For book lovers, the perfect gift would be nicely illustrated and well-written children’s books and so on. 

Q. What do 8 year olds like to play?

A. Children this age have increased need for social interaction so most 8 year olds like to play games that include others. Kids love playing with friends and as they are gaining better physical and cognitive skills, many kids enjoy playing sports games, strategy games, as well as arts and crafts. Ride on toys for 8 year olds like a bike, roller skates or scooter are also very popular at this age.

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