The little ones are no longer that little and at this age, you will notice that due to emotional development, the tantrums are disappearing. As it is a relief for the parents, it is also for the little ones who are learning to express and understand their emotions. 

At this age, when curiosity sparks, vocabulary growing, and abilities are much higher, choosing the best toys for 4 year olds will help with learning and developing even further.

4 year old kids usually enjoy music, have a longer attention span, they are physically active and more capable to follow the rules. The best gifts for 4 year old are the toys that will challenge them and are in alliance with their grown abilities. Having in mind the age and demands of 4 year olds we have come up with the list that will help you make the right choice.


How To Choose The Best Toys and Gifts For 4-Year Olds – Buying Guide


Emotional Value

The good way to stimulate social and emotional skills is to engage children to share-play. Finding a toy that invites children to play together is the best way to do that. 


As the little ones are eager to learn about the world around them, a good educational toy should be able to expand their knowledge through play and fun. Look for a toy that will attract the attention by sounds, visual effects, colors, and shape. 

Cognitive Skills Development

At this stage, kids can sort things by size, shape, they can draw, play board games, etc. With the major development in cognitive skills, toys need to follow and become more demanding and complex, helping kids to develop further. 

Physical Development 

Kids are becoming physically more active and competent. They can hop, jump, run, slide, catch, throw and ride. Engaging them into an active physical play will not only burn all the energy that the little ones have but take their abilities one step further. A good toy should support its current state and help further development.

Creativity Boost 

As creativity development boost emotional intelligence, having kids engaged in making, drawing, music, any artsy activity will help them grow. They will be able to express their inner worlds and deal with their emotions better.   



Q. How To Know What Is A Good Toy For 4 Years Old?

A. A good 4 year old toys should be able to follow the child’s current abilities and help enhance the skills and knowledge. Read about the toy you are planning to buy and what does it offer in terms of educational value and skills development.

Q. Are Toys Safe?

A. Not all the toys are safe so keep in mind that you should inspect the materials toys are made from, made sure that there are no sharp edges and small parts that can be swallowed. 

Q. How Often Should I Wash And Clean 4 Year Old Toys?

A. it is recommended for the toys to be cleaned approximately once a month. 

My Babies Planet Overview 

Now that you know how different toys can help your child develop various skills and abilities, expand the knowledge and boost creativity, you are ready to make a choice.

Keep in mind to look for the toys made from safe, non-toxic materials, preferably eco-friendly as we all responsible to keep our planet safe and healthy for our children. 

My Babies Planet Toys And Gifts For 4 Year Olds Review

This is ideal guide for all of us quarantined with 4 year old twins. Thank you for this magnificent guide.
- Karlene Gage

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