Reaching 3 years milestone is a challenging and developmentally very important time for the little boy. As he is fine-tuning gross and fine motor skills, he needs all the help he can get. Picking the best toys for 3 years olds can help him enormously with his verbal skills, creativity, balance, even with temper tantrums.

Kids this age are like sponges, they absorb knowledge but at the same time are not able to be still and focus for a long time and the best gifts for 3 year old would be a toy that follows his needs and capabilities. The good option is to choose the toy that will in a subtle way educate and develop his skills, practice patience and teach him to play cooperatively with his friends.  

As the need for independence is growing so does the frustration with not being able to satisfy this need due to the lack of skills. The child has a handful of emotions swirling around, no wonder the temper tantrums are so often. To help the children through this challenging stage we carefully selected 20 best toys and gifts for 3 year olds.


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 3 Years Olds – Buying Guide



The 3 years old developed many necessary skills so far but since they are still prone to put many objects into their mouth, look for a toy that does not contain small detachable parts. Also, look out for the toys that are made from the safe materials, non-toxic, earth-friendly as much as possible.


For a child to engage in playing with a toy, there must be a sense of capability, challenging but not taken too far. The child needs to feel capable while playing and the toys need to catch the attention by vivid colors, sounds, and shapes.

Educational Value

In this stage of development, most of the children can draw a circle, build with blocks, name shapes, and colors, recite numbers up to 10 and much more. Toys need to be able to deepen those skills, improve then and subtly provide children with new knowledge.

Emotional Value

At this stage, having friends is becoming a big thing and kids have an increased interest in socializing. This is also the time they learn to play with others, share and take turns while playing. Toys built for multi-players, for example, can help kids improve social skills. Some toys can teach them to express their emotions, solve the problem, and empathy. 


The best design is the one that is safe to use and attracts kids’ attention. As the children respond well to visual stimuli, bright colorful toys with sounds and gadgets are the best choice. 



Q. Can These Toys Be Used for Boys And Girls?

A. Our answer is yes, absolutely. Toys should be chosen by the kid’s preferences, not the gender. There are girls who love to play with cars and boys that love dolls and that is fine. Kids change their preferences very quickly so keep track of what is the flavor of the month when buying the best toys for 3 years olds. 

Q. Can These Toys Be Used Above The Age of 3?

A. Yes, they can be used either as supplemental toys that accompany the new ones developed for the current age or entirely independent toy that can follow the child’s growth.

Q. How to Know If These Toys are Safe For 3 Year Olds?

A. Always read the package. Look out for the materials of which the products are made. Make sure they are non-toxic, skin-safe, suitable for 3 years old. 

My Babies Planet Overview

There is a great statement that says that the best toys are the ones that focus on what the child can do, rather than what the toy can do, and this is very true. Our advice to you is to adopt the toy to the child’s current developmental stage, a toy that will inspire, build self-esteem and much-needed skills. Choose the toys made from the safe materials and since we love our planet, pick an eco-friendly option any time you can.

My Babies Planet Toys and Gifts for 3 Year Olds Review

I couldn't stop myself and ordered 7 toys from this list. It was a regular Friday night and I just got excited about getting creative in the last few days of winter. Can't wait to receive them in the mail.
- Sabrina Holz

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