Hitting the first double-digit age is a big deal for kids but being in a transition stage between childhood and adolescence makes ten year olds hard to please consumers. They need more advanced toys but are not yet ready for most gifts meant for teenagers. We’ve got you covered as you search for the perfect gift for the 10-year-old in your life.

Our list of the best toys for 10 year olds has the top items you will find on a 10 year olds birthday or Christmas wish list. These are the kids of gifts that spark their imagination and curiosity, entertain and challenge their bodies and minds and appeal to their energetic, active, social and fun loving nature.


How To Choose A Toys And Gifts For 10 Year Old – Buying Guide


Educational Value

The best learning for kids, even at this age, happens though hands-on play. It is important to choose toys and gifts with educational value. STEAM/STEM toys for 10 year olds include science experiment kits, robotic kits, coding robots, slime making kits, and logic puzzles. These gifts will help them develop the skills they will need in middle school, high school and beyond. Help them learn with educational gifts that align with their talents and interests. 

Emotional Development

10 year olds have come a long way emotionally and can handle difficult emotions and conflicts in a more mature way. However, this is a challenging phase emotionally as they are under the influence of hormones, handling more difficult school work and also striving to fit in with desired peer groups. Gifts such as art and craft kits and books can help improve their emotional wellbeing.  

Physical Development

With their boundless energy and developed muscle control and balance, the best outdoor toys for 10 year olds include soccer balls, wave boards, skateboards, bikes and scooters. These gifts will help them expend their energy and also promote healthy physical development. Their small muscle control also allows them to enjoy kits for drawing, painting and building robots and electronics.

Social Skills Development

Kids this age are highly social. Friendships matter a lot to both boys and girls this age and fitting in with a certain group in a big deal to them. They enjoy group activities and team sports and toys and gifts such as soccer balls and board games that get kids interacting with siblings, friends and other family members will foster their social development.

Design And Entertainment

To capture the interest of older kids and hold their attention, toys and gifts need to spark their imagination, engage their minds and challenge them. As they are transitioning from childhood to adolescence, toys for younger kids won’t interest them and more complex teenage level gifts might frustrate them. They also need sturdy toys that can hold up to enthusiastic handling. 


Pay attention to the age recommendation, labeling and toys for 10 year olds reviews by parents to ensure that any 10 year old gifts you’re considering meets toy safety standards. It shouldn’t contain toxins such as Borax and lead or ingredients the child you’re gifting is allergic to. Some age-appropriate toy for ten year olds also require adult supervision so be sure to read the instructions before handing them a gift or toy.



Q: What Do 10 Year Olds Want For Their Birthday?

A: Video game consoles, nerf guns, art and craft kits, soccer balls, bike and scooters, musical instruments, advanced LEGOs, robotic kits, racing tracks and cars, games, and books are some of the items you will find on many 10 year old birthday wish lists. A ten year old boy or girl will want gifts that foster his or her interests and talents.           

Q: What Kind Of Toys Do 10 Year Olds Like?

A: Ten year olds like more advanced toys that pique their curiosity and spark their imagination and challenge their bodies, brains and minds while entertaining them. They also like the kind of toys that involve active play, offer pure fun and that involve playing with others. All the options in our top 20 list above are popular toys for 10 year old.   

Q: What Are Good 10 Year Old Games?

A: Video games, classic card games, puzzles, logic games, and board games such as Labyrinth and Monopoly are examples of great 10 year old games. They engage kids brains and challenge their minds and provide social bonding time. Good active games for ten year olds include table tennis, cornhole and tag. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Ten year olds are ready for more mature toys and gifts. However, they are not yet ready for most teenage-level items. The best toys for 10 year olds recognize their budding maturity without letting the child in them fade. Whether you’re looking for gifts for girls or boys, the top rated gifts for 10 year old in our reviews above are sure to be a hit. Be sure to make a choice while keeping the child’s personality and interests in mind.

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