As your child grows, there are so many changes that come with this process. For your 1 year old kid, this is the time where they begin to develop in different areas cognitively, physically and even, emotionally. Thus, as a parent, you play a great role in nurturing their growth in a positive light. And what better way to go through this process with your young ones than through a myriad of fun gifts and toys. 

The best gifts for 1 year olds are designed to offer as much fun whilst engaging your child in skill building and interactive activities. Their most prized feature is perhaps their multitude of different designs. When you decide to go for toy shopping for your 1 year old, prepare to be amazed at the myriad of choices out there.  

Listed below for you are the 20 best gifts and toys for 1 year olds in 2020. Each unit offers a unique design and functionality but all to bring fun and growth for your child. The choice is all yours and your child’s.


How To Choose The Best Toys And Gifts For 1 Year Olds – Buying Guide



When you are choosing the best toys for 1 year old, you also want to focus on stimulation and not just the fun part. Stimulation can be achieved in several ways depending on the design and function of the toy. 

Sensory stimulation, for example, helps to prompt your kids to begin moving and doing things independently. For example, when they are at the crawling stage, toys that motivate them to crawl makes them more active. Other toys even encourage them to practice standing up with support to build their confidence and balance. 


The best toys for 1 year old will also boast the right design. You want the toy to be highly engaging and interactive to draw the child’s attention. This type of design on your toys also helps to draw their full attention to help build their skills such as motor, sensory and other related skills whilst also developing independence. 

You don’t want a child to be playing with a toy whilst also crying for mom or dad.  Yet, other toys may also feature design to build skills but also encourage fun through other regular activities such as bath time. A good example of such toys is the First Years Disney Gift And Toy For 1 Year Olds.


It is during this time that toddlers begin to develop their creative thoughts and imagination. Thus, the best toys for 1 year olds should nurture as much creativity and imagination. Even a toy as simple as the Melissa & Doug Bay Doll toy nurture imagination. The result stems from a wide range of skill development ranging from improved creativity to empathy and independence.


You should remember that 1 year olds are still very young thus, they do not yet hold ample rationalization. Thus, you must avoid toys that are too small or built with small components that are easy to detach.  This is because your toddler is most likely to toss those parts into their ears, noses or mouths. 

Additionally, when choosing the best gifts for 1 year olds, you must also examine other features such as whether or not it will be easy for your child to handle the toy.  Furthermore, the material used is also important. Yet again, no matter the size of the oy, your child will still lick it or bite into it at some point. Thus, you must go for allergy-free and toxic-free materials.


The best toys for 1 year olds must also offer educational value. During this time, your child cannot yet read or fully count however, it is a good way to get them visually acquainted with different concepts such as colors, shapes and even the ABCs. During this time, your child is also slowly learning on what to do with such information.

This feature comes in several different ways. The V-Tech Sit-To-Stand Gift and Toy For 1 Year Olds, for example, teach your child to learn music creativity through different sounds. Other toys teach other concepts such as shapes, letters, and animals through music. But, this feature is not only limited to music. They are so many other ways that your child’s toy can deliver educational value. 

Emotional Development

The best gifts for 1 year old should also be able to nurture emotional development and no just cognitive and physical development. During this time, a 1 year old starts to develop basic social and emotional milestones. 

It is also during this time where they begin to become impressionable. Thus, it is a great idea to get them toys and gifts with designs and features that your child can imitate. Typically, your child will imitate actions, words, follow commands and even learn from role play. There are different ways that toys designed for 1 year olds can offer this. A good example of such toys include Manhattan Toy Tree Top.



Q: What Do You Get A 1 Year Old For Their Birthday?

A: There are many birthday gift ideas for 1 year olds that you can choose from. It is a good idea to buy them a gift that is both fun and one that will help develop their skills. Any of the toys listed above are excellent birthday gift choices for a 1 year old.

Q: What Are The Best Gifts For a 1 Year Old Boy?

A: There are many gift ideas for a 1 year old boy. In fact, the majority of the toys listed above make great gifts for a one year old boy. Over the years, parents have begun to go for toys that their kids like rather than gender-biased toys.  The key is a toy that offers both fun and skill development.

Q: What Are The Best Gifts For A 1 Year Old Girl?

A: Similar to the best gifts for 1 year old boys, the same rule applies to gifts for 1 year old girls. Typically, for kids of this age, you also want to focus your choice on vivid and bright colors to capture their attention.

My Babies Planet Overview

This list of gifts for 1 year old reviews offer a wide option of gifts and toys for your toddlers and young kids. Each option provides an interesting choice – be it the bright color mixture that is bound to capture your child’s attention or the toy’s versatility.  Their impressive skill building design also adds value to the overall investment. The buying guide on the other end provides a clear guideline on how to choose the best gift for your 1 year old. It’s time to stock up on these cool and fun toys for your child.

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