By now, your nine month old baby continues to show significant growth and development. At nine months, they have begun to sit up and even crawl. Additionally, your nine month old baby is also developing their sensory functions and can independently pick up on simple concepts of the environment around them. Thus, it is a good idea to get them toys that are appropriate for their age and to retire the smaller less complicated newborn baby toys. 

The best toys 9 month old babies can play with should further encourage the development of their fine and large motor skills. The toys should stimulate your baby to crawl, sit up and move their body parts. These toys should also teach them simple concepts such as ABCs and 123s.  

However, their attention span is still limited. Therefore, you want toys that are designed with colorful exteriors or bear musical features to capture their attention and give them a hands-on and interactive experience. Listed below for you are the 20 best toys for 9 month old babies so you can find the right choice for your baby boy or baby girl.


How To Choose A Toy For 9 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide

How_to_Choose_Toys_For_9_Month_Old_Baby  Safety 

When choosing the best toys 9 months old babies can play with, safety is an important factor. You must remember that their cognitive functions are still yet to be fully developed. As they are still discovering the world around them, they are most likely to shove anything in their mouth or even nose. So avoid toys with small parts that can cause suffocation or other dire effects on their bodies. Also, go for safe toys such as those made with washable, BPA free and non-toxic material to ensure they are safe.


As your baby begins to develop their motor skills and senses, the best toys 9 month old babies would enjoy should also encourage movement. Get them toys that will make them crawl, sit up and foster other bodily movements.

Tummy Time

As infants, tummy time is extremely important for your baby as it helps to strengthen muscles in the upper extremities. Thus, get them a few toys that would encourage them to lay on their tummy. They don’t have to be very active, you can even hand them a toy such as the Teytoy Owl Rattle Toy to distract them for at least 20 to 30 minutes as they rest on their tummies.

Skills Development 

At nine months, your baby will experience a cross section of developmental outcomes, including physical, cognitive and emotional. The ideal toys for this age should, therefore, foster their level of development. For example, for physical development, you should encourage sitting with no support and crawling. For emotional milestones, this is a time to build trust and emotional connection with their caretakers through play.  

Eye To Hand Coordination

For your child to master eye to hand coordination, they should also bear enough strength to control their arms. So, the best toys 9 months old babies can play with should also encourage tummy time and motor skills development.  Good examples include the VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube and Playskool Explore N’ Grow Busy Gears.


The education milestone for your baby is also important, even at just nine months. As their cognition is still developing, this is the time to introduce them to their environment and things they will experience every day.  The best toys 9 months old babies can learn from include those that teach the ABCs, numbers, shapes and simple words. Furthermore, ensure toys the toys also bear interactive features such as musical ones so your baby is not easily bored. 



Q: How Do I Keep My 9 Month Old Entertained?

A: They are many ways you can keep your 9 month old entertained. Enrich them with toys that will encourage their discovery and exploration such as those with buttons that activate activities or toys with musical and sound features. Toys that feature the cause and effect concept are also great at keeping your child entertained.

Q: What My 9 Month Old Should De Doing?

A: At 9 months, your baby should be sitting, either with or without support.  They should also be able to clap their hands, grasp small toys with both hands, crawl or cruise. As their muscles get stronger, they will also begin to pull up to stand. During feeding time, they will want to feed themselves by picking up food with their index finger and thumb.

Q: How Do I Play With My 9 Month Old?

A: The are many ways you can attract their attention and play with your 9 month old. the play activities should also be aimed at fostering their development skills. Try activities that encourage them to clap hands and sing, play with squeaky toys and hide them behind your back to encourage discovery and movement, picture book reading, and other similar activities.

My Babies Planet Overview

As the infant stage, you will be amazed by your child’s growing and developing rate daily. You will go through magical milestones each month as your baby displays significant growth. Thus, you want to get them as many tools to ensure enough enrichment and fostering through these stages. The toys for 9 month old reviews share an adequate list of the best toys 9 months old babies can be entertained with as they also spur their development.  

The buying guide also helps to guide you through choosing the ideal toy to promote each development milestone for a 9 month old baby. So what’s left is to go through the list of the 20 best toys for 9 month old babies to find the perfect toys for your little one.

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