Having a child 8 month old can be a significant and challenging moment in your life. The memories and experiences that you will share with your child will last a lifetime. One of these moments may be time spent together, playing with them and their favorite toy(s). A toy can help your 8 month old improve both their gross and fine motor skills, as well as help to develop skills that they will use for years to come. But it needs to be picked. 

One problem when shopping for that special toy is the many options for you to choose from when you’re buying your 8 month old a toy. To help you with this decision, we did some shopping and compiled a list of the best toys for an 8 month old baby. That is available online. 


How To Choose The Best Toys For 8 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide

When buying the Best Toys For 8 Month Old Baby, the following criteria should be considered: 


Choose a toy that doesn’t come with any sharp edges that can poke them in the eye or cut them in any way. Toys for 8 month old that have pieces that are easily detachable or small can be swallowed quickly. Steer clear of toys that could break easily, they are just a safety hazard for your little one.


Your little one will use their newfound senses to discover the world around them. There are toys specifically designed to assist in developing your baby’s interactive senses. Things like grabbing toys in their hands, looking at toys, touching toys, and hearing different sounds are all interactions that your baby can practice with interactive toys. Another great advantage of 8 month old baby toys is the fact that through interactivity, they can assist with gross motor development, it can teach your child cause and effect, and you can teach color recognition.



Q: How do I keep my 8 months old entertained?

A: Toys that 8 month old babies will find entertaining usually make use of their different senses. Toys that make sounds have different textures and use movement. 8 month old babies are interested to learn new things, and anything stimulating will keep them entertained.

Q: What should I buy my 8 month old?

A: The above list of the 20 best toys for 8 month babies should give you a useful review of the products that your 8 month old baby will enjoy playing with. The main focus is toys that will assist in developing your little one.

Q: What do 8 month old babies like to do?

A: 8 month old babies want to explore, crawl around, and make sounds. They are in the process of discovering new abilities and the new world around them. Giving them toys that will stimulate their interests will keep them entertained.

Q: What are the benefits of Toys for an 8 month old Baby?

A: The benefits of baby toys for 8 month old babies : 

Cognitive skills development

The dolls can stimulate your child’s creativity, imagination, and help them discover their natural senses while still being a safe toy for them to play with. 

Sensory skills development

Your child’s developing senses can help them interact with the world around them, and these 8 month old toys can improve these skills develop even further. With their spatial awareness developing at this age, they can determine in combination with their sense of touch the difference between a flat object and 3D objects.

Your child can benefit from toys that come with parts that can be grabbed and held, such as a handle or can also be twisted or spun. This allows them not only to use their sense of touch when holding the toy but also to help their other senses develop further, especially if the toy makes a noise or plays music when your child interacts with it.

Fine Motor Skills development

At this age, your child will likely want to grab just about anything that they can get their little hands on. Having toys on hand that can help develop motor skills such as moving objects from one hand to the other, banging two objects together, and putting the item into containers and taking them out again can help develop these skills much faster.

The best toys to look out for are those that allow your child to use motor skills in different ways such as stacking blocks, turning pages, or grabbing can help develop these skills.

My Babies Planet Overview

Finding the best toy for an 8 month old child isn’t going to be as easy as buying the first one you see when you go online. You are more than likely to have a lot of different things to consider first. With our list of the 18 Best Toys for 8 Month Old Baby in 2020, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for and the benefits of choosing the right toy for your child before you left the house.

Our hope is that you may pick one of the recommendations that we put onto our list. Still, we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

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