When your little one reaches 7 months of age, you can start seeing the little person that they are starting to become. Their personality and quirks start to come through and anything you can do to help them flourish in beneficial. A big part of helping this development is providing them with the best toys to foster this growth.

However finding the best toys for your 7 month old can be tough, not to mention very confusing at times, which can make it even more difficult. To help, we did some shopping for you and compiled a list of the best for a 7-month-old baby available today so you can know which ones are the best baby toys for your 7-month-old.

If you’re ready, let’s start playing.


How To Choose The Best Toys For 7 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide

Your 7-month-old is quickly becoming their own little person and their personality is developing every day. Just about anything is attractive to them and can hold their interest. This especially true when it comes to which of their favorite toys they choose to play with. When it came time to create our list of the 18 Best Toys For 7-Month-Old Baby in 2020 we wanted to make sure that our reviews of baby toys for your 7-month-old met some very specific criteria so that you could be sure that we only recommended the very best to you and your child.

Our criteria included:


At 7 months, your child wants to touch, grab and hold anything that they can get their little hands on. Many manufacturers know this and have created many different options for you to choose from. Making sure to choose a toy that allows them to interact with it whether it be pulling switches, turning dials or pressing buttons can keep them entertained while also help develop their motor skills.


Toys that feature items such as marbles, coins, small balls or dice can get stuck in your child’s throat. You want to make sure that your little one’s toys are at least 1 ¼ inches in diameter and 2 ¼ inches in length which can keep the toy from going down their throat. By using an old toilet paper roll, you can simulate a choke tube that companies use to determine if a toy is too small for a child.


Objects that make noise can be very attractive to your little one. Finding a toy for your child that not only produces sounds that are attractive to your child can help keep them entertained and happy every time they play with it.


At 7 months, your child’s eyesight is getting better by the day and they are able to discern many different colors than they were before. To help expand their world, even more, introducing toys that come in many different colors can not only help develop their eyesight but also engage their creativity and help broaden their newly expanding horizons.

Benefits of Toys For A 7-Month-Old Child


Toys can be beneficial for kids at any age. But the right toys can have many benefits not only for them now, but as they get older as well. What we wanted to do was highlight some of these specific benefits that can come from buying toys for your little one.

Cause and Effect

Your child is naturally curious and will continuously engage in exploration and playtime. Toys that use cause-and-effect as a basis for their toys can both delight and surprise them every time. Though their hands aren’t the only part of their bodies at work when they learn about cause and effect. Whole-body movement, such as moving across the room to get a toy can be another way of making things happen.

Soothes Pain

At seven months, your child may be starting to go through the beginning stages of teething, which can be their first real source of feeling pain. Choosing the right toy that can also be used as a teether can be beneficial in two ways. It can help your child develop and learn to love playing and can also soothe any pain that they may be going through.

Cognitive Development

Many children around seven months of age are starting to name vowel sounds such as oh and ah to help them communicate with you and the world around them. Toys that not only make noise but also sing songs such as nursery rhymes can help develop the speech centers of their brains and help with their cognitive development and may actually help them to start saying words sooner.

My Babies Planet Overview

Your 7-month-old is at a point where everything they do and hold can help them improve their physical and cognitive development. The best toys are not only fun for them to play with but also provide them with numerous benefits that they may not even realize it is happening. It’s only normal that even if you have some idea of what to look for, you are more than likely to have questions when you start shopping. With our list of the 18 Best Toys For 7-Month-Old Baby in 2020, we wanted to give you the information we felt that you might need when it came to what to look for and what benefits choosing the right toy for your child before you left the house can have.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

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