18 Best Toys For 5 Month Old Baby in 2018


What Are The Best Toys For 5 Month Old Baby? – Let’s Review!

Turning 5 months old can be an important step for your little one’s growth. Things that were possibly hard for them to do a month ago may come easy now and their vision is improving. Choosing toys for your 5-month-old that encourages that growth can be the key to your little one’s continuing development.

However finding the best toys for your 5 month old can be tough and confusing at times, which can make it even more difficult. To help, we did some shopping for you and compiled a list of the best for a 5-month-old baby available today so you can know which ones are the best toys for your 5-month-old.

If you’re ready, let’s start playing.


Toys For 5 Month Old Baby

1. Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy by Manhattan Toy


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Developmental toys for your 5 month old can run the gamut for exciting to downright boring. With the Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy from Manhattan Toy has a maze of safe, soft, teethable plastic that is BPA free. In the middle of the toy, a rattle can play a pleasing sound each time they shake it. With its small size and big loops, it can be easy for their little hands to grasp and clutch which can help encourage their gross motor skills to develop. For an extra bit of relief, you can refrigerate the teether.

Why we love it – Made from BPA free materials, the Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy from Manhattan Toy can provide your child with hours of fun and teething relief.

2. Musical Rhymes Book by VTech


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Storybooks can be a great thing to give a child when they are young. It can spark their imagination and a love of books. With the Musical Rhymes Book from VTech, the big, easy-to-turn pages come with 6 classic nursery rhymes. With interactive items that allow your little one to slide and twist the play pieces, they can build their fine motor skills and use those skills to play the piano with 5 colorful buttons that can introduce them to colors and instruments.

Why we love it – Visually stimulating for your child with its bright pages, the Musical Rhymes Book by VTech can introduce your child to the amazing world of books while providing them with a high-quality toy to play with.

3. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball by Hamacher

Sassy-Developmental-Bumpy-Ball-by-Hamacher Check Price Now

Toys that have multiple textures, like the Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball from Hamacher, can help develop your little one’s tactile sensitivity and also teach them what variety is. The chunky-sized bumps help encourage your little one to reach, grasp, and transfer the toy from one had to another. The gentle sounds from the built-in rattle can help to create neural connections in their little brains from birth through three years of age.

Why we love it – With its bright colors and bold patterns, the Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball from Hamacher can be a very beneficial toy to help develop your little one’s vision. Because of this, we feel confident in naming this our top-rated toy for your 5-month-old.

4. 4 Piece Baby Band by Hohner

4-Piece-Baby-Band-by-Hohner Check Price Now

Music can do a lot to help your child’s development when they are young. With the 4-Piece Baby Band from Hohner, your child can rock out with one of four dun shapes. Designed to help develop their gross motor skills, the Band comes with a rainbow shaker, Baby maraca, Baby rattle, and cage bell. The sounds can also help your little one learn cause and effect. Perfect for on the go the Baby Band comes with a convenient vinyl bag to make transporting easy. Made from BPA free materials, the toy for Hohner is perfectly safe for your little one to spend hours making music

Why we love it – Perfect for a child 3 months and older, the 4 Piece Baby Band by Hohner, winner of multiple toys of the year awards can be a perfect addition to your child’s toy box. With its interactivity and ability to help develop their motor skills, we can’t recommend this toy enough for your little one.

5. Baby Toy Musical Activity Cube by WolVol

Baby-Toy-Musical-Activity-Cube-by-WolVol Check Price Now

Toys that can give your child more than one thing to do when they are playing are toys that many parents look for and recommend the Baby Toy Musical Activity Cube from WolVol. Made to be a durable and sturdy toy for your child, the cube is tested for safety and never contains any lead. Each object on the cube offers your child a different function from driving, to a cell phone, singing, sleeping, and using tools. With its eye-catching colors and multiple functions, your child will love playing with the cube for a long time.

Why we love it – With its small stature and multiple activities that can not only keep your child entertained but also help develop important skills, Baby Toy Musical Activity Cube by WolVol the is something that almost every parent looks for in baby toys for a five-month-old.

6. Bendy Ball by Baby Einstein

Bendy-Ball-by-Baby-Einstein Check Price Now

Made from a soft, flexible plastic that is BPA-free, the Bendy Ball from Baby Einstein can easily be your child’s favorite ball to play with. Designed to be very easy for your little one to bend or squeeze the ball, shaking the ball will create a rattle sound that your child will enjoy hearing every time. Featuring bright primary colors with a recognizable caterpillar face around the center band helps provide your little one with visual stimulation and the two of you can spend hours of quality time discovering all of the colors on the ball.

Why we love it – Playing ball with your child can create bonding moments. With the Bendy Ball from Baby Einstein, you and your child can enjoy playing with the flexible ball that is not only safe for your child but a lot of fun to play with each and every time.

7. Dancing Hip Hop Goose by TOYK

Dancing-Hip-Hop-Goose-by-TOYK Check Price Now

Your little one can easily be attracted to toys that are not only fun for them to play with, but entertaining as well. The Dancing Hip Hop Goose from TOYK provides your child with an interactive toy that can enlighten them and also learn new things while they see, hear, touch, observe and explore the interaction provided by the Goose. By imitating and chasing the goose around, your little one can exercise their limbs and develop their gross motor skills while 3 kinds of hip-hop style music allow your baby to hear different kinds of music.

What we love it – Designed with teaching function, the Dancing Hip Hop Goose from TOYK will struggle to play if your little one tries to carry it by its neck. This can teach your child to treat animals and others with respect and kindness.

8. Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads by VTech Baby

Lil'-Critters-Moosical-Beads-by-VTech-Baby Check Price Now

Different fabrics and textures can help develop your little one’s tactile development like the Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads from VTech Baby, the variety that the stuffed animal offers make it perfect for your little one to cuddle up with. The music toy has and easy-to-grasp bead ring that comes with light up buttons as well as spinning square to help with their fine motor skills development. The talking and singing toy is packed with more than 30 playful sounds, melodies, songs, and phrases to entertain your child.

What we love it – A great crib toy, the Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads from VTech Baby is sized perfectly to lay in bed or to fit into a diaper bag for those long road trips to the grandparents’ house. The variety in the materials used and the interactivity that the toy offers your child makes this a toy they will love for a long time.

9. 26 Letters Cloth Card by LALABABY

26-Letters-Cloth-Card-by-LALABABY Check Price Now

Learning the alphabet is the foundation for your child’s vocabulary and starting early can be very beneficial. With the 26 Letters Cloth Card from LALABABY the colorful patterns will help to stimulate your baby to have more fun and play more and the feeling of language that they will eventually be able to grasp. Filled with a sponge in the middle of the card, the cards are soft and playable while the front has the English letter and word beginning with that letter, while the opposite side has a related image and the word in Chinese, helping expose them to other languages early.

Why we love it – Helping your little one learn to read or speak can help expand their world to amazing new heights. By playing with the 26 Letters Cloth Card from LALABABY, you can help put them in the best place to start their language skills.

10. Happy Lights Bear Play by VTech Baby

Happy-Lights-Bear-Play-by-VTech-Baby Check Price Now

Every child has a favorite teddy bear. But unlike a traditional teddy bear, the Happy Lights Bear Play from VTech Baby can help your little one grow developmentally as well. Electronic soothing sounds that are produced by the bear provide more than 30 sing-along songs, sound effects, melodies and phrases that can excite them and stimulate their hearing. With large, light up buttons that flash along with the music that it plays, the bear can also introduce 123’s and early emotions to your child.

Why we love it – The Happy Lights Bear Play from VTech Baby can give your child a great diaper bag toy that can easily be attached to their crib or stroller with the convenient velcro strap.

11. Grab and Stack Block Toy by Bright Starts

Grab-and-Stack-Block-Toy-by-Bright-Starts Check Price Now

Blocks have been a standard when it comes to children’s toys for as long as we can remember. With the Grab and Stack Block Toy from Bright Starts, the 4 soft blocks have 3D features that crinkle, rattle, jingle, and knotties along with satin tags. Each block features a number, letter, a cute character and colorful pattern to entertain and entice your child. Each block has a sewn-in loop that makes attaching the block to a stroller easy as well as transporting the block,

Why we love it – Playing with blocks is a staple of playtime for your child. With the Grab and Stack Block Toy from Bright Starts, they can play with a block that they can interact with much more than your standard toy block and can be very beneficial to their development.

12. Bite & Brush Teether by MAM

Bite-&-Brush-Teether-by-MAM Check Price Now

Teething can cause a lot of pain for your child. With the Bite & Brush Teether by MAM, the silicone material is designed to massage and soothe their tender gums as well as gently clean their brand new teeth using the soft bristles on the teether. With different textures all over, the teether can give your child relief options when one texture won’t do. The ring handle offers a lightweight and easy to grab and hold handle for your child and can help them develop their sense of touch and strengthen their oral muscles.

Why we love it – Made from BPA-free materials, the Bite & Brush Teether by MAM can provide relief for your child while going through teething and also caring for their teeth with it soft bristles can make this teether your child’s go-to option.

13. Talk and Go Farm Rattle by VTech Baby

Talk-and-Go-Farm-Rattle-by-VTech-Baby Check Price Now

Interactivity can keep a toy for ending up in the bottom of your little one’s toy box. The more than can do, as they can with the Talk and Go Farm Rattle from VTech Baby, the more likely it will be their favorite toy. An included motion sensor activates sound effects and melodies while the rattle helps them learn about colors and animals while playing a fun game of peek-a-boo. 3 farm animal buttons play over 40 sing-along songs, fun phrases, and melodies that can entertain your child for hours on end.

Why we love it – With an easy to grab handle, the Talk and Go Farm Rattle from VTech Baby is a perfect car seat toy for take-along fun. The three dangling pieces on the rattle can help keep their attention and help develop their skills by introducing them to colors and animals.

14. Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail by Fisher-Price

Go-Baby-Go!-1-2-3-Crawl-Along-Snail-by-Fisher-Price Check Price Now

Fisher-Price is known for making toys suitable for five-month-old children and keep doing so with their Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail. The perfect choice for all periods of your child’s growth, the wheels on the snail lock so your child can have fun playing with the large mirror and rocking motion of the snail. At those time when your child is sitting, they can bat the toy to activate the music, lights, and other sounds that will make them smile. Once they’re done, unlock the wheels and watch the crawl along fun happen.

Why we love it – The Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail from Fisher-Price is a high-quality toy that can keep your child entertained and happy each time they play with it. With its large mirror, your child can develop stronger vision skills seeing themselves in the mirror.

15. Kids Ball Pit Playpen by Dreampark

Kids-Ball-Pit-Playpen-by-Dreampark Check Price Now

Ball pits can be a lot of fun for your child. With the Kids Ball Pit Playpen from Dreampark, the colorful polka dot design can be fun for your child to look at and help them recognize colors and also improve their physical coordination. Its quick and easy setup and take down makes it easy to take it with you and be a great toy for inside on a rainy day or outside in the sun. Made from waterproof polyester fabric and high-strength memory steel holder provides your child a durable and easy to clean way to have a great time crawling through the pit or putting the ball in the included basketball hoop.

Why we love it – With an included compact, zippered storage bag for lightweight, convenient carrying, the Kids Ball Pit Playpen from Dreampark can go up easy and give your child a great way to develop their motor skills and strengthen their muscles.

16. Tambourine and Maracas Gift Set by Fisher-Price

Tambourine-and-Maracas-Gift-Set-by-Fisher-Price Check Price Now

Music can have a profound effect on your child, especially when they are young. When they hear music they enjoy, like the Tambourine and Maracas Gift Set by Fisher-Price, they may start dancing. With two interactive musical instruments that are just the right size for their little hands, the tambourine comes with a mirror and wobble action that entices your child to shake it for clacker sounds while the maracas have soft pom poms at one end and a rattle at the other. With its unique design, the set helps to strengthen your little one’s sensory and gross motor skills.

Why we love it – Playing music can be a great way for your child to develop their gross motor skills and also get some exercise from all the dancing that they will do playing with the Tambourine and Maracas Gift Set from Fisher-Price, a high-quality toy your child is sure to love.

17. Shake it Up Duo Set of 2 Rattles by Hape

Shake-it-Up-Duo-Set-of-2-Rattles-by-Hape Check Price Now

Rattles for your children can keep them entertained and help many important skills grow. With the Shake it Up Duo Set of 2 Rattles from Hape, your little one’s budding music, and rhythm skills can get a workout from the uniquely shaped, easy to hold maracas. Each time they pick these up and create a new musical masterpiece, you can feel happy knowing that not only are they expressing themselves, but the rattle is also helping to develop their fine and gross motor skills and also foster their imagination.

Why we love it – The Shake it Up Duo Set of 2 Rattles from Hape can provide your child with a rattle with a non-toxic finish and high-quality materials to help you ensure that your child is safe every time they play.

18. Take Along Carrier Toy Bar by Bright Starts

Take-Along-Carrier-Toy-Bar-by-Bright-Starts Check Price Now

When your child is in their carrier, there isn’t’ normal much that they can do other than sitting there. With the Take Along Carrier Toy Bar from Bright Starts, your little one is entertained by the multiple activities for them to play with. With baby activated lights, a mirror, three melodies and colorful texture beads, your child can play for hours. A rotating paddle encourages your child to reach and a spinning rattle ball can help them develop their hand-eye coordination.

What we love it – Designed to easily strap to your little one’s carrier, the Take Along Carrier Toy Bar from Bright Starts can provide fun and learning experiences to your child on every trip.

How We Chose the Top Toys For 5 Month Old Baby in Our List

Your little one has a lot of things that they are working on in their fifth month, getting prepared to start moving around and getting things done. That means that when it comes to play time, giving them toys that can help get them ready for the big things ahead and keep them growing, which can be tough to find. When it came time to create our list of the 18 Best Toys For 5 Month Old Baby in 2018 we wanted to make sure that our reviews of baby toys for your 5-month-old met some very specific criteria so that you could be sure that we only recommended the very best to you and your child.

Our criteria included:

Bright Colors

With the growth of your child’s vision, giving them a toy with lots of bright colors can help their vision develop even further. Although they are now able to notice different shades of the same color, buying toys that feature colors such as red, blue, and yellow can be especially beneficial to their eyesight and help them more and more in the coming months.

Easy to Grasp

At this age, your little one is fascinated by his hands and is likely reaching for things with both hands, grasping them and holding them using all his fingers. Toys that encourage grasping and holding can be ones to look out for. This can not only give them a different way to play with a toy but at the same time, help to develop their fine motor skills.

Relieves Pain

One event your little one may start going through this month is teething. It may be in its infant stage, but your child will definitely notice the feeling of pain coming from their tiny gums. Choosing a teething toy that they not only find interesting and fun to play with but can also help soothe the pain that they are going through can be something to look for. Bonus points can come from a teether that can be put into the freezer to chill their gums as well.


Toys shouldn’t just lie on the floor waiting for your child to play with them. Many toys that are available today do more than just one thing to offer your child a fun and exciting experience. Toys with lights, music and animal sounds can be especially attractive to your child, giving them more than one activity to interact with

Benefits of Toys For A 5-Month-Old Child

While all toys can be beneficial for your child, when you choose to buy your 5-month-old toys for them to play with, the right toys can have specific benefits that can help them grow. What we wanted to do was highlight some of these specific benefits that can come from buying your little one toys

Develop Their Imagination

While they may be a good year away from actually mimicking the things that they see you or other people do on a daily basis, having playtime with their stuffed animals or other toys can foster the growth of their imagination. So while they may not be running around the house as the favorite superhero anytime soon, the building blocks of their imagination can start here.

Motor Skills Growth

Choosing toys that require your little one to press, pull or even shake to make their toy react and put a smile on their face, can help them learn two important skills. Cause and effect can teach them that if they do something, it will have a specific reaction. Grasping, shaking, pulling, and pushing can help them develop both their fine and gross motor skills. While not every child learns these at the same time, starting them early can be very beneficial.

Learns object permanence

Object permanence is the idea that objects continue to exist even after you cannot see them. For your little one, this is something that, with your help, that they learn through games such as peek a boo, helping them learn that you’re still there, even if you go away for a second or even their toys, Try hiding one of their toys while playing and then reveal it. This can help them learn object permanence and know that just because things go away, it doesn’t mean it goes away forever.

Choosing what’s best for you

Finding the best toy for your 5 month old child can be downright impossible sometimes. Finding on that they’ll enjoy and can help their development is tough. Even if you know what you’re looking for, you are more than likely to have a lot of questions. With our list of the 18 Best Toys For 5-Month-Old Baby in 2018, we wanted to give you the information we felt that you might need when it came to what to look for and what benefits choosing the right toy for your child before you left the house can have.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

Do you have a Toy For 5 Month Old Baby on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 1st of February 2018

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