At the age of 5 months, your baby will be able to do things that he couldn’t do a day or a week ago. In stimulating your little one with toys and activities, you can encourage their growth and continual development.

The question is how you know what the best toy or activity would be for your 5-month-old if there are so many options on the market. This could quickly become a tough choice. We have put together the below list of the 20 best 5 month old babies toys in 2020.


How To Choose The Best Toys For 5 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide

When buying the Best Developmental Toys For 5 Month Old Baby, the following criteria should be considered:

Bright Colors

With the growth of your child’s vision, giving them a toy with lots of bright colors can help your baby develop their sense even further. Although they are now able to notice different shades of the same color, buying toys that feature colors such as red, blue, and yellow can be especially beneficial to their eyesight and help them more and more in the coming months.

Easy to Grasp

At this age, your little one is fascinated by his hands and is likely reaching for things with both hands, grasping them, and holding them using all his fingers. Toys that encourage grasping and holding can be ones to look out for. This can not only give them a different way to play with a toy but at the same time, help to develop their fine motor skills.

Relieves Pain

One event your little one may start going through this month is teething. It may be in its infant stage, but your child will notice the feeling of pain coming from their little gums. Choosing a teething toy that they not only find exciting and fun to play with but can also help soothe the pain that they are going through can be something to look for. Bonus points can come from a teether that can be put into the freezer to chill their gums as well.


Toys shouldn’t just lie on the floor, waiting for your child to play with them. Many toys that are available today do more than only one thing to offer your child a fun and exciting experience. Toys with lights, music, and animal sounds can be especially attractive to your child, giving them more than one activity to interact with.


Q: What are the benefits of Toys For A 5 Month Old Child

A: The benefits of toys for a 5 month old child is:

Develop Their Imagination

Playing with toys will spark creativity, developing their imagination through playful fun.

Motor Skills Growth

Choosing toys that require your little one to press, pull, or even shake to make their toy react and put a smile on their face, can help them learn cause and effect can teach them that if they do something, it will have a specific reaction. It will also teach them fine and gross motor skills. 

Learns object permanence

Object permanence is the idea that objects continue to exist even after you cannot see them. For your little one, this is something that, with your help, that they learn through games such as peek a boo, helping them learn that you’re still there, even if you go away for a second or even their toys. 

Q: What toys should my 5 month old play with?

A: A 5 month old baby should play with a toy that is firstly safe to use, and that has no small parts that can be swallowed. The toy should be easy to grasp with their little hands, and it should be interactive.

Q: How do you entertain a 5 month old?

A: There is a variety of ways that you can entertain your 5 month old baby. A brightly colored, the exciting toy will be able to hold their attention. Playing music to them will spark their interest. You can also do tummy time, roll them from their tummy to their backs, play peek-a-boo, and do some cuddling. It will always spark a smile.

Q: What should I buy for my 5 month old baby?

A: Buying a toy for your 5 month old baby might be tricky. Make sure that the toy is bright-colored, easy to grab hold of, and interactive. A bonus would be something that they can chew on for the teething pains.

My Babies Planet Overview

Finding the best toy for your 5 month old child can be downright impossible sometimes. Finding that they’ll enjoy and can help their development is tough. Even if you know what you’re looking for, you are more than likely to have a lot of questions. With our list of the 20 Best Toys For a 5 Month Old Baby in 2020, we wanted to give you the information we felt that you might need when it came to what to look for and what benefits choosing the right toy for your child before you left the house can have.

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