When your child turns 4 months old, a lot of things can change for them. They can roll on their belly without assistance; they see people and objects more clearly now. They are starting to grow into their own little person.

However, parents usually feel stump when it comes to deciding on what the best toys for your growing 4 month old can be. You may spend hours researching popular toys in the market and then visiting nearby stores. Instead of easing the process, it may even make the situation downright confusing because there are more options before your eyes. 

What may help you is the extensive list of the best toys for your 4-month-old baby in the market right now.


How To Choose The Best Toys For 4 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide


At four months, your baby will start to discover that they are unique and that the people around them respond to their actions. If they cry, you will come over. If they drop something, and they see Mommy or Daddy picking it up, it may delight the baby, to the extent that they will repeat the action. 

A baby at this stage also manages to communicate more effectively using coos and vowel sounds like oohs and aahs, as well as giggles and squeals. Furthermore, they should be able to use their face as a window to their emotions. From a happy child who can’t stop smiling to a screaming baby with tear-steaked face, you won’t have to guess how they are feeling. Most babies already know what your voice or facial expressions indicate at four months as well.

Motor Skills

At four months, your baby will have better dexterity and do more with their hands. This skill allows them to grab just about anything they can reach and put it in their mouth, which is another tactile exploration method for them. The only thing you can do is make sure that they cannot get ahold of dangerous objects.

Similarly, your baby’s neck should be able to support their head without any wobbling. They may also hold their head and chest upright while enjoying tummy time and push and kick with their feet effortlessly.


Once your baby becomes 4 months old, their vision sharpens, and they can notice subtle contrasts. Even better, your child will see you across the room, although they will still like seeing you up close.


With all of the growth that your baby is experiencing, giving them toys that do not promote positive development or keep them entertained defeats the purpose of investing in interactive playthings. To ensure that you are picking the best toys for a 4-month-old baby, therefore, we would like to share a specific set of criteria in which we have based the product reviews above. 


The type of materials used in your baby toys is among the first factors that parents consider before deciding on it. While many toys for babies in the market today are made of plastic, finding the BPA- and phthalate-free ones is important because such chemicals can damage their developing organs.


The most durable toys for a baby tend to be made from quality materials such as wood or solid plastic. Silicone is another material that does not quickly wear and tear. You can save money in the long run by obtaining such playthings because you won’t have to replace them often.


Part of what makes baby toys the best for your little one is their high level of interactivity. Simply put, you are on the right track if the toy allows your child to use different senses while they are playing. The stuffed animals that just sit there may help their growing imagination. Still, the playthings with clickable buttons, twisty knobs, and easy-to-pull levers can hold their attention longer and turn into one of their all-time favorite toys.


Q: How do I keep my 4 month old entertained?

A: The most inexpensive way of entertaining your child is by talking to them or making silly faces. In case you do not always have enough time for that, you are welcome to give them toys that promote interactivity and improve their senses.

Q: What can a 4 month old baby do?

A: A 4-month-old baby can typically respond better when you speak to them and understand the basic emotions they see on your face. They have possibly mastered the art of rolling on their belly and holding their head up as well.

Sleeping through the night should be a common thing for your child at four months as well. Babies can normally sleep between seven and eight hours uninterrupted at this age. With two naps during their day, they should typically be sleeping between 14 and 16 hours every day.

Q: What are the benefits of buying toys for 4 month old baby?


  • Toys can expand your child’s world and improve their motor and sensory skills. Playing with toys that require them to grasp, pull, or kick to get a reaction from a toy can help develop and strengthen those muscles that they might have never used before and helped their motor skills grow. This kind of early development and support from you as their parent may help them reach other goals, such as walking, much sooner than when an average child might start.
  • Many toys for your child at this age will make noise whether it is music or other animal sounds. These sounds can be exciting to your child and hold their attention during playtime. Other toys can engage their senses with flashing lights and crinkly wings and other features.
  • Playing with toys that can help your little one’s mind work in different ways or require them to use a skill that they may not be used to in order to get a reaction can teach them cause and effect and expand their world that much further. This can increase their curiosity and interest in learning more about what else they can do and the rest of the world at their fingertips.

My Babies Planet Overview

Giving toys to your little one can help their body and mind to develop significantly, but finding the best ones is not a cakewalk. Even if you know what you’re looking for, you may continue to question yourself because of the variety of choices laid in front of you. Thus, we hope that our list of the best toys for 4-month-old baby has helped you narrow down your options.

You can also consult the buying guide anytime to make sure that you are about to purchase a plaything for your bundle of joy.

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