20 Best Toys For 4 Month Old Baby in 2018


What Are The Best Toys For 4 Month Old Baby? – Let’s Review!

When your child gets to be 4 months old, a lot of things can change for them. They are starting to grow into their own little person and providing them with toys that can not only be fun for them but also help their development in a lot of areas can be very beneficial.

However finding the best toys for your growing 4 month old can be time-consuming and to be honest, downright confusing at times, making it even more difficult. To help, we did some shopping for you and compiled a list of the best ones for a 4-month-old baby available today so you can know which ones are the best toys for your 4-month-old.

If you’re ready, let’s start playing.


Toys For 4 Month Old Baby

1. Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy by Manhattan Toy


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The design that many developmental toy makers utilize to help your child grow tend to focus on high contrast black and white as well as color graphics that can help stimulate their visual and multi-sensory development. With the Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy from Manhattan Toy, they have created a travel toy that easily attaches to most strollers, carriers, and car seats using a sturdy plastic clamp. The three reversible cards display black and white images on one side and color on the other that can be flipped once your baby is used to them.

Why we love it – Recommended for ages zero to five months of age, the Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy from Manhattan Toy offers a great developmental toy for your 4-month-old baby to help their vision and multi-sensory development flourish.

2. Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas by Fisher-Price


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As one of the biggest manufacturers of all things baby, the products that Fisher-Price makes exude quality and enjoyment for your little one. With their Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas, both you and your child will love it. On one end, the rattles have a soft pom-pom that your little one can easily fit into their hands and put in their mouth in order to feel the textured surface without worry that they might choke. On the opposite side, a colorful maraca containing three beads that can make exciting sounds for your child. Helping to stimulate their senses, grabbing and shaking the maracas can help to develop their motor skills each time they play with them.

Why we love it – Made to be safe and fun, the Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas from Fisher-Price provide a top rated toy for your four months old that is not only fun and safe but can help their development as well.

3. Silicone Teethe-eez Teether by Nuby

Silicone-Teethe-eez-Teether-by-Nuby Check Price Now

Teething can be a rough experience for your 4-month-old child to go through. The Silicone Teethe-eez Teether from Nuby looks to help soothe their pain with their super soft, fish-shaped teether made from 100% silicone. The multiple teething surfaces can help aid your child with their new teeth erupting from their irritated gums. Designed to be the perfect size for your baby’s little hands, the teether is BPA-free and can help to soothe, stimulate, and can also clean your little one’s gums. A perfect teether on the go, the one from Nuby includes a hygienic carrying case that can help keep the teether clean when it isn’t helping your child.

Why we love it – Helping your child get some relief from the pain that can come with teething can keep your child from having a very bad day. With the Silicone Teethe-eez Teether from Nuby, the fun design that makes it easy for your child to carry, relieving their pain is much easier.

4. Infant Baby Development Soft Giraffe by CoLPo

Infant-Baby-Development-Soft-Giraffe-by-CoLPo Check Price Now

Bright colors and activities can help keep your child interested and engaged every time they play. The colors and shapes found in the Infant Baby Development Soft Giraffe from CoLPo can certainly keep them happy. Made from 100% cotton, the Giraffe has chewable surfaces on its tail and the top of the head giving your little one the opportunity to teeth on a soft surface if their gums are bothering them. With rings around each of the legs and neck, your child can spend time playing and spinning the rings on a long car ride to the grandparents’ house.

Why we love it – Designed to delight and stimulate your child’s natural curiosity, the Infant Baby Development Soft Giraffe from CoLPo can provide your child with hours of fun and entertainment whether they are in their crib, playpen or in their car seat on a long day out.

5. Animal Puzzle Cloth Book by LandFox

Animal-Puzzle-Cloth-Book-by-LandFox Check Price Now

Reading with your child can have long-lasting benefits in their development. Starting them early can be a gateway to their imagination and creativity. The Animal Puzzle Cloth Book from LandFox can start that journey with its polyester material, making sure that it is soft for them hold and won’t be ripped apart easily as they are likely to put the book into their mouths. A great gift for your child, this well-made book can keep your child entertained with the amount of detail and contrast that keeps their interest and keep them turning the pages the entire time.

Why we love it – With its pages that crinkle and interesting texture on the cover, the Animal Puzzle Cloth Book from LandFox can help start your child’s book-loving journey. Every time they play with the book, they are sure to learn something new.

6. IcyBite Soother Ring Teether by Nuby

IcyBite-Soother-Ring-Teether-by-Nuby Check Price Now

Sometimes the best teether for your child is a cold teether. The cold textured surfaces of teethers like the IcyBite Soother Ring Teether from Nuby can help soothe, stimulate and also clean your child’s gums. Designed with surfaces that are raised and offset, they can help assist your little one’s mouth with the eruption of their new teeth by gently massaging their gums. Filled with purICE instead of water helps the teether stay colder longer so they soothing doesn’t have to stop as the ice melts like with some other water-filled teethers. Made from BPA-free materials, you can rest easy knowing your child is safe using this teether.

Why we love it – With its purICE technology, the IcyBite Soother Ring Teether from Nuby can provide your child the needed relief that they need when their gums start to become irritated and painful.

7. Silver Lining Cloud Rattle by Skip Hop

Silver-Lining-Cloud-Rattle-by-Skip-Hop Check Price Now

Long car rides can either be an amazing experience for your little one or the worst thing ever. If your little one is one of those in the latter, giving them a toy that can keep their focus and entertain them is rare. However, the Silver Lining Cloud Rattle from Skip Hop can stimulate their auditory and visual senses with the neon beads included in the rattle. The plush, moon-shaped toy can give them hours of fun while a textured, cloud-shaped teether can help those little ones that may be going through some teething pain during a road trip.

What we love it – Road trips and stroller rides can be some of the best bonding experiences that you can have with your child. With the Silver Lining Cloud Rattle from Skip Hop can give your child a toy that they can interact with on the way to grandma’s or through the park.

8. Teething Mitten by Yummy Mitt

Teething-Mitten-by-Yummy-Mitt Check Price Now

When children are going through teething, anything that can help soothe their pain will end up in their mouths. This could lead to some possibly dangerous situations. One of their favorites is their hands and with the Teething Mitten from Yummy Mitt, they can have a teething mitt made from 100% cotton and food grade silicone that can help aid your child’s sore gums while their new teeth are erupting. Placing and removing the mitts is made easy with its velcro closure. An absorbent material inside the mitt helps prevent moisture from reaching their little hands.

What we love it – Designed to look a lot like their little hand, the Teething Mitten from Yummy Mitt can help relieve the pain that your child may be going through with teething. In fact, it’s designed can actually deter your child from sucking on their thumb or finger as they get older.

9. Baby Developmental Crib Toy by Shiloh

Baby-Developmental-Crib-Toy-by-Shiloh Check Price Now

Crib mobiles can be a very beneficial item for your child to have over them while they are drifting off to sleep. The Baby Developmental Crib Toy from Shiloh can provide your child with an activity toy that will inspire your little one’s senses. Made from non-toxic and durable ABS materials that ensure safety for your child if they bite one of the removable plush doll toys. A built-in BB speaker, jingle bell or music player is inside of the handhold portion of each toy that will play a wonderful sound when pressed by your child. The battery-operated musical mobile will play music for 60 minutes and slowly rotate while your child drifts off to sleep.

Why we love it – Design to be a toy and mobile suitable for your 4-month-old baby, the Baby Developmental Crib Toy from Shiloh can as easily soothe them to sleep and provide them with a toy that can keep them entertained for hours on end.

10. Baby Teething Toy Set by Madholly

Baby-Teething-Toy-Set-by-Madholly Check Price Now

Not every teether works for your child. It can be very likely that they will choose a teether one day and then want nothing to do with it the next. With the Baby Teething Toy Set from Madholly, your child can use a different teether each day. Made from food-grade silicone, the teethers are very safe for your child, containing no BPA, Phthalates, Latex, Lead, or PVC. Each teether can help reduce the pain that your child might experience during teething and also give their gums a massage to make them strong. With various sizes, each teether has a ring making it very easy for your little one to hold.

Why we love it – With 8 different shaped teether, each one colorful, the Baby Teething Toy Set from Madholly can provide your child with a teether that can keep your baby’s attention and ensure their long-lasting use.

11. Infant Rattle Toy by Roter Kafer


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The right toy can help your child in many ways. One of those ways is to help their developing senses as best as possible. With the Infant Rattle Toy from Roter Kafer, made from natural organic materials are confirmed safe by EU certification. With a teether, rustling wings and other activities that squeak and jingle, your baby will be delighted and excited every time they play with the rattle. With a universal clamping ring, you can easily hang the rattle toy on their stroller, crib, car seat or even to your baby’s play mat. With natural, saliva-absorbing materials, the rattle toy can stand up to hours and hours of your baby putting it in their mouth.

Why we love it – With activities to help develop your little one’s vision, touch and hearing senses as well as help with teething, the Infant Rattle Toy from Roter Kafer is an excellent baby toy for your four-month-old and can keep them happy and engaged.

12. Musical Caterpillar Baby Toy by Lightdesire


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Interactivity is an important thing for your child’s toys to have. Toys that just sit there can quickly lose their appeal and can end up being passed over by your child. With the Musical Caterpillar Baby Toy from Lightdesire, your child can be delighted by the songs that the caterpillar plays when its head is squeezed. With multiple colors and patterns, the toy uses contrast to help their eyes strengthen and better develop their vision. One of the great family moments is being able to measure your little one’s growth and the caterpillar comes with a meter and foot scale so you can track their growth as they get older.

Why we love it – Toys that your child can interact with on a daily basis can be very beneficial for them. A great four-month-old baby toy, the Musical Caterpillar Baby Toy from Lightdesire gives your child a musical toy that not only gives them a fun way to play and a great way for you to bond with your child.

13. Premium Baby Rattle Plush Cow Teether by LittleFoot Nation

Premium-Baby-Rattle-Plush-Cow-Teether-by-LittleFoot-Nation Check Price Now

For some babies, regular teethers can be a bit too harsh on their sensitive gums, that’s why the Premium Baby Rattle Plush Cow Teether from LittleFoot Nation can be an excellent choice for your child. Made from 100% velboa fabric, which is BPA-free and very safe and durable, the built-in rattle can help develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. By grasping the rattle and shaking it back and forth, they can build their muscles and develop their hand-eye coordination

Why we love it – A great baby shower gift, the Premium Baby Rattle Plush Cow Teether from LittleFoot Nation is perfect for a boy or a girl with its soft fabric and easy to use rattle that they will use for quite some time.

14. Baby Rattle by Shiloh

Baby-Rattle-by-Shiloh Check Price Now

Too many rattles on the market come off as plain and don’t really keep your child’s interest for longer than a few minutes. The Baby Rattle from Shiloh is designed with a cute bunny designed with 100% velvet fabric that your child will love the soft feeling against their skin. Perfectly sized to fit in your little one’s hand, the rattle is grasped easily and makes a fantastic sound when shaken or pinched. This can help to promote your little one’s growth and development.

Why we love it – Rattles can come in all shapes and sizes. With many different designs and soft velvet fabric, the Baby Rattle from Shiloh is sure to be one of their favorites for a very long time.

15. Baby Key Rattle by PlanToys

Baby-Key-Rattle-by-PlanToys Check Price Now

Your baby’s hand at this stage of their lives are quite small. Finding toys that they can not only grasp but have a good time playing with it as well. The Baby Key Rattle from PlanToys is easy for your baby to hold and can also help to develop their fine motor skills. Made from sustainable rubber wood and coated with a non-toxic finish, the colors are made from vegetable dye and can provide your child with a good toy to build their sense of touch. Developing your child’s senses is and should be an important thing to look for.

Why we love it – A bright and colorful toy, the Baby Key Rattle from PlanToys provide your child with a high-quality, safe toy that you can feel comfortable letting them play with every time.

16. Giraffe Teether Toy by Leegoal

Giraffe-Teether-Toy-by-Leegoal Check Price Now

 Made from food grade silicone, the Giraffe Teether Toy from Leegoal can provide your child with a teether that is designed for safety and optimum comfort. Able to fit in your child’s mouth snugly, but not so small that it becomes a choking hazard. The giraffe can help to strengthen the bond and relationship between you and your little one. It can also help build their self-esteem and can make a great cognitive training assistant for your baby.

Why we love it – Made from food grade silicone, the Giraffe Teether Toy from Leegoal can help your child develop and maintain good oral hygiene and also help to prevent tooth decay. With its design and bright color, it can easily become a favorite toy for your child.

17. Baby Fruit Teether Toys by KongNai

Baby-Fruit-Teether-Toys-by-KongNai Check Price Now

A unique design, the Baby Fruit Teether Toys from KongNai resembles a fruit teether tree are made from a food grade soft and chewable silicone that it made for the comfort and safety of your little one. The size and handle of the teether is easy for them to grip and also perfect for them to chew. The bright colors and fruit shapes will keep your little one busy and entertained while at the same time providing them relief from the pain that can come from teething.

Why we love it – A perfect gift for moms to be, the Baby Fruit Teether Toys from KongNai provides your child with a soft silicone surface with grooves and bumps to gently rub their gums without harming the rest of their mouth and providing a pain-free experience.

18. Bird Rattle by Plan Toys

Bird-Rattle-by-Plan-Toys Check Price Now

A rattle is a great way for your child to develop their hand-eye coordination. With the Bird Rattle from Plan Toys, your child can easily grasp and shake the rattle and work on developing their fine motor skills. The colorful and tactile rattle is made from a sustainable rubber wood and is coated with a non-toxic finish, making it safe not only for your little one to hold, but also safe to put in their mouths, which children tend to do.

What we love it – Made from BPA-free materials, the Bird Rattle from Plan Toys can be a great rattle for your child. With its colorful design and safe materials, it can be a great developmental toy for your child as well.

19. Bell Rattle by Plan Toys

Bell-Rattle-by-Plan-Toys Check Price Now

With an easy to grasp handle, the Bell Rattle from Plan Toys provides a colorful toy that can help your child develop their fine motor skills and strengthen their sense of touch with the feeling of the sustainable rubber wood that is coated with a non-toxic finish and painted with colors made from vegetable dye that make it a great toy for your child to play with and safe for them to chew on if they decide to chew on any part of the toy.

Why we love it – With its quality construction, the Bell Rattle from Plan Toys can give your child a great toy that both they and you can spend quality time playing together. With its safe construction, you can rest easy as your child plays and works on their developing skills.

20. Elefuntastic Plush Activity Toy by Nuby

Elefuntastic-Plush-Activity-Toy-by-Nuby Check Price Now

Stuffed animals can be your child’s best friend at this age. With the Elefuntastic Plush Activity Toy from Nuby, the plush elephant will jingle each time they shake or move with the elephant and your little one will enjoy the sound of its ears crinkling with they are touched. Featuring a rattle and a stretch element that will squeak when it is squeezed, the bright colors and sounds can engage your child’s senses and develop their hand-eye coordination. Made from BPA-free materials, the Elefuntastic toy can provide your child with hours of fun.

Why we love it  – From crinkling legs and ears to different textures to promote the development of their hand-eye coordination, the Elefuntastic Plush Activity Toy from Nuby is an excellent toy for your child and can help give them a head start on their development.

How We Chose the Top Toys For 4 Month Old Baby in Our List

By the time your little one reaches their 4 month birthday, there are milestones that they should have reached or are starting to reach as they move from 3 months to four. To give you a better idea of how your child is progressing, we wanted to highlight a few milestones they might or may have reached already. As always, if you have any questions about your little one’s development, please consult their pediatrician.


At four months, your little one will start to discover that they are unique and people around them are responding to what they do. If they cry, you’ll come over. If they drop something, which at this age, they may delight in dropping the same object over and over, just so Mommy or Daddy have to pick it up over and over again.

Children at this stage are also starting to be better communicators. Using coos, vowel sounds like oohs and aahs, as well as giggles, laughter, and squeals to express themselves. Your little one will also start to use their face as a window to their emotions. From a happy child who can’t stop smiling to their angry face or a surprised look, it can be much easier to tell how they are feeling. They are also starting to pick up on how your voice and facial expressions give them a sense of your emotions.

Motor Skills

By the time your little one is 4 months old, they should start having better dexterity and doing more with their hands. This dexterity will allow them to start grabbing just about anything, and they will if they can reach it and put it in their mouth, which is another way they explore their expanding world. Making sure items that might be dangerous for them are out of reach can avoid a bad situation.

By this time, their neck should be able to support their head without any wobbling. They may also be able to hold the head and chest upright while enjoying tummy time and can also push and kick with their feet.


Sleeping through the night should be a common thing for you and your child at 4 months. Babies can normally sleep between seven and eight hours uninterrupted at this age. With two naps during their day, they should typically be sleeping between 14 and 16 hours every day.


For their first three months, color contrasts can be difficult for your little one to make out, which is why you likely bought a lot of black and white or very colorful toys for them. At four months, their vision sharpens and they can notice subtle contrasts and see you across the room, though they will still like seeing you up close better.


With all of the growth that your little 4 month old is doing, the right toys to help their development and also keeping them entertained can be very confusing and a struggle to find. In order to make it easier, when we knew that the time was right for us to create a list of the 20 Best Toys for a 4 month old baby in 2018, we wanted to be sure that when we did our reviews of baby toys, that the items we chose met a very specific set of criteria that were as comprehensive as can be so you would know that we only recommend the very best to you and your 4 month old child..

Our criteria included:

Helps Their Development

Your child’s development is something that should definitely be considered when you go shopping for their toys. Choosing a toy that helps them grow and get better at the important skills can affect them profoundly today and for the rest of their lives.


The types of materials used in your child’s toys, can be something that many parents consider the most important thing to consider when buying their children toys. While many of the toys available today are made of plastic, finding ones that are BPA and phthalate free is important. As more and more manufacturers stop making toys from these materials, the chances that your child can be affected by these chemicals can be much less than in the past. Hopefully, in time all of the toys for children will be free of these chemicals.


As your child grows so does their strength and their ability to break and destroy just about anything they put their hands on. That’s why buying your child toys which can stand up to a good amount of being pulled and slammed on the floor during the day is a good idea. The most durable toys tend to be made from quality materials such as wood, or solid plastic and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. This can also save you money by replacing broken toys all the time can get quite expensive.


Part of what makes a toy a good toy for your four-month-old is the interactivity that they can experience while playing with the toy. Toys that just sit there may help their growing imagination, but toys that they can interact with by pushing buttons, twisting knobs and pulling levers can keep their attention longer and become one of their favorite toys.

Benefits of Toys For A 4-Month-Old Child

The type of toys that your little one may play with can have many benefits. However, a lot of the benefits that can come from toys for your 4-month-old can come from how it can help them grow and develop into their own little person. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight the developmental benefits that their toys can provide them with.

Expand Their World

Playing with toys that can help your little one’s mind work in different ways or require them to use a skill that they may not be used to in order to get a reaction can teach them cause and effect and expand their world that much further. Expanding their world can get them to be more curious and interested in things around them and learning more about what else they can do and the rest of the world at their fingertips.

Motor Skills Growth

A lot of toys that you will buy for your child will require them to use skills that they may not have previously developed. Playing with toys that require them to grasp, pull or kick to get a reaction from a toy can help develop and strengthen those muscles that they might have never used before and helped their motor skills grow. This kind of early development and support from you as their parent may help them reach other goals, such as walking, much sooner than when an average child might start.

Engages Their Senses

Many toys for your child at this age will make noise whether it is music or other animal sounds. These sounds can be exciting to your child and keep their attention during playtime. Other toys can engage their senses with flashing lights and crinkly wings and other features

Choosing what’s best for you

Toys for your four month old can help their development move forward greatly but finding the ones out there that can help them the best can be difficult. Even if you know what you’re looking for, you are likely to still have questions. With our list of the 20 Best Toys For 4-Month-Old Baby in 2018, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for and the benefits of choosing the right toy for your child before you left the house.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

Do you have a Toy For 4 Month Old Baby on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 4th of February 2018

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