Babies are known to bring joy to any household, but your fun interactions with each other typically start once they reach the third month of infancy. Your little one can even laugh out loud and express various emotions at this point, so they will be able to enjoy the best toys for 3-month-old baby that money can buy.

The thing is, parents, godparents, and other gift senders should be mindful of the type of playthings that young infants should have. The best toys for a 3-month-old child are neither too heavy nor too complicated. It should also promote cognitive development and offer a bonding experience between you and your child.

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How To Choose The Best Toys For 3 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide

Grow With The Baby

No one can stop you from buying something that is specifically for 3-month-old babies, but it is ideal to buy a toy that can be useful even when they turn 1. This way, you won’t end up harboring a lot of useless playthings. 

Encourage Learning

While the ideal baby toys are meant to provide hours of fun, they should also be able to stimulate their minds and improve their motor skills. Being so young, infants can pick up on new information quickly, so you should take advantage of this time and invest in sensory toys baby needs to think critically.

Get Them Moving

It is smart to buy toys for babies that encourage them to move physically. Once they can do more than sitting on the floor and even learn how to crawl or walk, it increases the possibility of your little one becoming more active than their peers in the future. 

Feel Soft and Cuddly

At three months old, your baby may start to form an attachment to a doll or plush animal. The softer and cuddlier the toy is, the better it is in this regard. But you need to avoid buying any huggable object with wires in the ears or tail at all costs because they may poke through the fabric and hurt your child.

Boost Interactivity

Three-month-old babies love some blocks, shape sorters, and baby-safe puzzles. They may also be into large, softballs that they can roll around or pat. As long as the toy makes noise or produces colorful lights, you cannot go wrong with it.


Q: What Do 3 Month Old Babies Play With?

A: Babies play with maracas, plush toys, musical toys, teething toys, and other interactive playthings.

Q: How Do I Stimulate My 3 Month Old Baby?

A: At 3 months, your infant will start to learn how to move different body parts consciously. Thus, you should give them toys that allow them to do all that and more.

Q: When Should You Start Giving Babies Toys?

A: The truth is that your baby can have a toy as soon as they enter the world. However, make sure that they are age-appropriate.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Giving Toys To Babies?

A: The best toys encourage social and emotional development, build up creativity, and foster an eagerness to learn.

Q: What Are The Toy Hazards To Avoid?

A: These are one of the most common hazards from baby toys

  • Cords, loops, and ribbons
  • Sharp plastic or metal edges
  • Arrows, darts, missiles, and other projectiles
  • Heating elements
  • Small parts

My Babies Planet Overview

Finding the best toys for your 3 month old baby is undoubtedly trickier than getting a toy for an older child who can speak their mind. You need to guess what they possibly like and think of how the plaything can be beneficial for their growth and development. 

That said, we hope that you have used every single piece of information in this article to snag the best toy for your little one based on your preferences. 

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