As any parent, new or old will tell you, babies grow quick. Before you know it, they’ll be off to college. While they are still young though, providing them with toys that can help their cognitive and physical abilities flourish is something every parent wants.

However, there can easily be way too many toys for you to choose from and it can get very confusing quickly as to which you should buy for your little one. To help, we did some shopping for you and compiled a list of the best toys for a 3-month-old baby available today to provide you with a guide to the best toys for your 3-month-old child.

If you’re ready, let’s start playing.


How To Choose The Best Toys For 3 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide

Choosing the best toy for your 3-year-old child can become very confusing when you first start shopping. To try and make it easier, when it came time for us to create a list of the 20 Best Toys For 3-Month-Old Baby in 2020, we wanted to ensure that when we started our reviews of baby toys for your 3-month-old, that the criteria we used to pick our list were as comprehensive as possible so that you could know that we only recommended the very best. Our criteria included:

Grows with them

If you’ve had a child before, you know first hand the experience of buying a toy for your child and it is the center of their playing world for two days and then it’s never touched again, taking up permanent residence in the bottom of the toy box. To help avoid their new toy going to the land of misfit toys, finding toys that still have appeal at the different developmental stages that they will go through can definitely help. For example, a small plastic farm animal can be fun for a young toddler who might play farmer with them, but an older toddler may use that same toy to act out a story that they came up with using their imagination.

Encourages Learning

While toys are meant to provide hours of fun for your child, choosing a toy that also stimulates their mind is important too. Being so young, they can pick up on things and learn new things very quickly. It is smart to take advantage of this time and invest in toys that allow your child to solve problems or force them to think critically while they play or build things with their toys.

Gets Them Moving

When your child gets to be a teenager, you can expect them to lounge around the house playing video games. However, while they are still young, giving them toys that encourage them to be physically involved is important. Having toys that require them to do more than sit on the floor and help develop their sense of cause and effect and can even help teach them to crawl or walk sooner if the toy requires them to do so to get a reaction. Not every toy is like this though and just because every toy doesn’t require your child to do something other than sitting there doesn’t mean that it’s not a good toy or that your little one won’t love it.

Soft and Cuddly

At 3 months, your little one may start to form an attachment to a doll or a plush animal. The softer and more cuddly the better in this regard. The last thing that you want to provide your child with is an animal with wires in the ears or tail. These can easily poke through the fabric and hurt your child quite badly.


At this stage, your little one should be or be close to picking things up and moving or even tossing them around. With this new ability, they will absolutely love toys such as blocks, shape-sorters, and baby-safe puzzles. Other popular choices include large, soft balls that they can roll around or pat. If it makes noise or music when they play with it, they will love it. They may also be fascinated by toys that have levers or plastic hinges that open and close.

Benefits of Toys For A 3-Month-Old Child

The benefits of having toys for your 3-month-old to play with can have long-lasting effects that while they may not be apparent now, can put them on the fast track at an early age. These are the kinds of toys that we look out for so that we can present them to you as wonderful options to help benefit your child. These benefits include:

Eagerness to Learn

Curious about the world around them, children, as many parents know, will get into just about anything they can. This is because it is all new to them and they want to learn all that they can. The right toys can help foster this curiosity and start and eagerness for learning, which can be more than beneficial as they get older and start reading or going to school.

Builds their Imagination

While at 3 months, your child may not be able to use their imagination as well a3-year-old, but that doesn’t mean that their blossoming imagination can’t be sparked in other ways. Anything can get your child’s imagination to work. Transforming a block of wood into a car or boat teaches them that with their imagination and creativity, they can do anything or be anything. That kind of playing is very important to help them grow and encourage as they grow older.

Development of Social Skills

When your child is still young, many parents will set up what is known as play dates to help their children meets others and teach them to interact and socialize to help them develop these skills which can benefit them as they get older. The more they do this, they can learn to negotiate, cooperate and even share. If they are getting agitated about who gets to play with which toy, even though it doesn’t seem it, they are developing social skills that they will use later in life.

Emotional Development

When your child is young, it can be hard or almost impossible for them to let you know how they are feeling. The normal reaction to anything that upsets them is to cry and scream. Now that could mean one of about 100 different things that may have caused them to cry. With their toys, they may not understand why their favorite toy doesn’t work anymore when the batteries die or if another kid at daycare pushes them for a toy he was playing with, they might not understand. If they try pushing you while playing, they might be trying to make sense of what happened the day before.

Toy Hazards to Avoid

When you have a child, you have to be aware of the possible injuries and deaths that can occur from the misuse of toys in your home. Accidents such as these can be tragic and, in many cases, preventable. The CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision) has outlined what to look out for when choosing toys for your children and help you keep them safe.

Cords and Strings

These can be a serious strangulation hazard for your little one. Make sure to watch out for toys with long strings, cords, loops, or ribbons and definitely keep these kinds of toys away from their crib or playpen. If your child can pull up on their hands and knees, then you should remove the mobile and/or gym from their crib.

Sharp Edges

Toys for your children should be free of sharp glass or any metal edges. These can easily cut your child’s skin. Also, watch out for older toys that might break and expose them to a sharp edge that they might be hurt by.

Small Parts

A toy with small parts can present a serious choking hazard and are banned on toys for children under 3 years old. This ban includes removable small eyes and noses on stuffed animals and dolls, as well as small removable squeakers on squeeze toys. Make sure to pay attention to toy labels that warn you that it is a choking hazard if your little one is under 3.

In particular, balloons are responsible for more suffocations and chokings in little ones than any other toy. Always keep inflated or broken balloons away from children. The plastic firm that can cover some toys can present a choking hazard for your little one. This covering is meant to be taken off before use.

Propelled Objects

Things such as arrows, darts, missiles, as well as other projectiles for children should not have any sharp points to them. Hobbies or sporting equipment that is intended for adults can easily be turned into weapons that can damage eyes or cut someone.

For children, projectiles should come with rubber suction cups, soft cork tips, or other protective tips that won’t cause your child to be injured while playing with it.

Electric Toys

In order to be sold in stores, electric toys need to meet the mandatory requirements for maximum surface temperatures and electrical construction. They must also have warning labels that are featured prominently on the product and the packaging. Toys that have a heating element in them are recommended for children 8 years of age and older. When they start using electric toys, be sure to teach your child the proper way to use electric toys and only under adult supervision.

My Babies Planet Overview

Finding the best toys for your three-month-old child isn’t always going to be as easy as you might think it will be. It is really more than likely that you will have a lot of different things to consider first. With our list of the 20 Best Toys For 3-Month-Old Baby in 2020, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for and the benefits of choosing the right toy for your child before you left the house.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

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