When choosing a toy for your 11 month old baby you can easily find yourself struggling because of the wide variety of choices available out there. It’s important that you make sure to get something that will stimulate their development as well as entertain them. 

In our selection of the best toys for 11 month old babies, you will only find toys that are suitable for your baby’s age and that will help them improve the critical skills. After the list, there is a buying guide that is designed to help you understand what’s appropriate for your baby’s age to have a completely trouble-free shopping experience.


How To Choose A Toy For 11 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide



Your baby will enjoy interacting with you even if they won’t be able to clearly speak yet but talking to them will improve their vocabulary understanding and even help them say their first words sooner. In our list of toys for 11 month old babies you will find the perfect toys that do exactly that – stimulate them and help them learn while they are having fun.


The entertainment for an 11 month old baby mostly consists of novelty. Keep their curiosity in mind – they will want to explore everything they see. They will have fun in tasting, smelling, touching or hearing new stimuli. Having them explore the household objects can be exciting for them, but dangerous as well, so to avoid worrying, it’s always better to have them play with items that are meant for their age, that will help them develop their motoric skills as much as keep them entertained.


With 11 month old babies in your home, safety is one of the most important concerns one should think about. As they are slowly starting to move more independently, they will be exploring all corners of your house, so it’s of extreme importance to keep your house babyproof. In the list of best toys for 11 month old babies we offer here, you will only find items that are made with materials appropriate for your baby’s age and that will keep them safe from any accidents.


To help your baby learn while they are playing, you can speak to them while you’re leafing through a book with pictures or playing games, point at things and say their names. The good news is that most of the toys we offer here will teach them words.

Sense stimulation

Your baby will experience the world around them through their senses and will decide how interesting it is based on the texture, color, complexity or rhythm the objects they get in contact with offer. Having their curiosity on mind, you will be able to entertain them easily with any of the toys we offer, as they are all designed especially for babies their age and will spike their interest very quickly. 

Social Engagement

Your baby at the age of 11 months will probably be mostly in contact with your family. Eleven-month olds are adorable as they will start trying to imitate you and communicate with you. It’s important that you sustain this development by responding and talking to them when you play together.



Q: What activities are interesting for 11 month old baby?

A: Your baby will be generally very curious about everything and they will try to explore. They won’t be able to understand complicated games with rules or engage in complex activities but will be entertained with toys that are designed for their age, which will allow you to both have fun and develop their skills.

Q: How to entertain my 11 month old?

A: Your baby will easily be entertained with toys and games that will be new for them. They’ll enjoy it if you speak to them while you play with any of the best toys for 11 month old babies that we offer, as they are specially designed to be entertaining for babies their age.

Q: What should my 11 month old be doing?

A: Your baby should be able to understand simple instructions and respond either verbally or with gestures, so to further develop these skills you should stimulate them to try and communicate with you while playing.

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Now that you know what you need to pay attention to when choosing a toy for your 11 month old baby to play with, we are confident you will be able to make the best choice. Remember that safety is always a priority when buying gadgets for your baby, and items of better quality will prove to be safer. We hope that our extensive list of toys will contain something for everyone’s tastes and needs and that you have found what you were looking for.

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