Your baby begins to be very active and seeks to explore the environment around them at 10 months old. Although your baby cannot walk on their own, they crawl or cruise by supporting themselves on furniture. So it is a good idea to get them hands-on toys that will keep them engaged and fulfill this curiosity.

The best toys for 10 month old babies should encourage different areas of your baby’s development. At this age, their cognition has significantly grown so interactive toys that encourage babbling and singing are great for growing their language skills. As they are learning to grab and walk, these toys should also foster fine and motor skill development. 10 month old baby toys can also nurture social and emotional skills through role play.

The 15 best toys for 10 month old babies in 2020 listed below offer a great way for you to help cultivate these milestones for your baby. What’s left for you is to choose the options that most appeal to you.



Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Rhymes Story Book

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Rhymes Story Book

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Nursery rhymes featured in the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Rhymes Story Book is all a growing baby needs. This fun and interactive storybook features 6 classic rhymes such as the “Hickory Dickory Dock”, “Row, row, row your boat”, “and “One, two buckle my shoe”. Even the book itself is designed with kid friendly aesthetics and a colorful exterior that will capture your baby's attention.

And on each page, your baby will also discover different letters, colors, and numbers. Three light up buttons are fitted on the side so your baby can hear more ABCs, 123s, shapes and number content. The carry handle fitted to the book, makes it easy for your baby to carry it anywhere.

  • Why We Love It
  • 6 classic nursery rhymes included
  • 3 big side light up buttons for more letter, number and shape learning
  • Easy to turn pages for more fine motor skills development
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Developmental outcomes: Fine motor skills and academics
Recommended age: 6-36 months

How To Choose A Toy For 10 Month Old Baby – Buying Guide



The best toys 10 month old babies can play with should be safe. 10 month old babies are going to toss their toys in their mouths. Additionally, they will also be grabbing on the toys a lot. So you want to choose toy materials that are free of chemicals. Look for features such as BPA free. 

Furthermore, because your baby is still growing physiologically, you also want to get toys that don’t pose any choking hazards. So toys with smaller parts are not the best choice. Always look at the toy’s packaging for the recommended age because this is also a great indicator of whether or not the toy is safe for your baby. 


Quality is also important. At 10 months old, your baby’s toys begin to have more intricate features and designs, so you have to ensure that the quality is also maintained. However, this is not always an easy thing especially for first time parents and online shoppers. 

The best way is to read through customer reviews for the toy you intend to purchase. A couple of reviews from different credible platforms will give you a better understanding of how the toy works as well as its quality.

Sense Stimulation

Sensory stimulation integrates any one or both emotional, cognitive and physical development. Thus, the best toys 10 month old babies will enjoy playing with, should incorporate one or more of these milestones. Toys for 10 month old babies should encourage your baby to explore through seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. Such toys are normally designed that these senses spark a connection with your baby’s cognition or emotions.

Creative Boast 

At 10 months old, your baby’s imagination is still growing and requires frequent stimulation. Fostering your child’s creativity is one way to do it. So you want toys that also encourage activities such as singing, imitation, peek-a-boo, stacking and other similar activities.


As your baby is still discovering the world around them, there are more likely to be attracted by different elements. So if the toy they are playing with is not stimulating and entertaining enough, it is easy for them to lose interest and seek after a more engaging activity. 

So get them toys that will keep them entertained and engaged. Some of the best toys for 10 month old babies that encourage this include the Infantino 3-In-1 Activity Gym And Ball Pit because they feature multiple activities to do. Other good examples are toys that feature musical, sing-along or conversational elements.


A 10 month old baby is not yet enrolled in pre-school, however, their brain and cognition are developed enough for them to learn simple words and concepts to develop their language, numeracy, communication, and thinking skills.

So many of the best toys 10 month old babies will enjoy, feature activities that teach easy concepts such as the ABCs, 123s, shapes, animals and simple words. Many toys normally have visual representations so they are introducing your child to the concept they can also associate the concepts to the objects.



Q: How Do I Keep My 10 Month Old Entertained?

A: To keep you 10 month old baby entertained get them toys that don’t include passive entertainment. Ensure that the toy will encourage them to move, grasp, talk and stimulate other parts of the body. Doing so should keep them entertained. A good example of such toys is the Infantino 3-In-1 Activity Gym And Ball Pit.

Q: What 10 Month Old Babies Should Be Doing?

A: At 10 months old, your baby should be crawling and sitting, thus, they will be very inquisitive. They should be able to pull smaller things from a sitting to standing position, squat whilst holding on or even cruise around whilst holding on to support such as furniture.

Q: Can A 10 Month Old Draw?

A: No. A 10 month old baby cannot draw. If you give them a pencil or other drawing tools, they will only be able to scribble jumbled shapes with no order across a paper. This is because, at this age, your baby is still learning to grasp, thus, drawing is not a task they can execute.

My Babies Planet Overview

Even though they haven’t begun walking, the toys for 10 month old reviews prove that your 10 month old baby becomes a hand full. Their curiosity keeps evolving and so do their physical, emotional and cognitive development. Whilst still working on their fine motor skills to grab at things, their cognition is grown enough for them to learn simple concepts.  

As they spend time with mommy and daddy, they can also pretend play and mimic their actions.  So the best toys 10 month old babies can play with should be designed to engage this combination. The list of the best toys for 10 month old above shares a wide range of options you can choose from to keep your baby fully entertained and learning this year.

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