Seven year olds have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and are pros at asking questions about everything. They also have unbridled creativity and sense of adventure. While looking, talking and acting like big kids, playing still plays a vital role in their learning and development and they are not too old for toys. The best toys for 7 year olds spark creative open-ended play and let their imagination run wild.

At age seven, children are also ready for sophisticated toys and activities that require more creativity and concentration and help nurture their innate talents. If you’re looking for great gift ideas for 7 year old girl or boy, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best toys and gifts that suit the developmental milestones of a 7 year old and are popular with kids this age. From art and craft kits, STEM toys, to LEGO sets, here’re the toys and gifts 7 year olds love.


How To Choose The Best Toys and Gifts For 7 Year Old – Buying Guide


Educational Value

Seven year olds have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Each and every play experience is an opportunity to learn and the toys they play with should help them learn through reading, creating, experimenting, observing and inquiring. 

Children this age are natural explorers, scientists, analysts and artists and the toys they play with should nurture their innate abilities. Examples of good educational toys for 7 year olds include art and craft kits, STEM/STEAM toys, microscopes, binoculars, books and building toys. For girls themed dolls are some of the best birthday gift ideas for 7 year old girl, as they offer learning opportunities and act as positive role models.

At second grade, they can read with more fluency – speed, accuracy, and expressiveness and even have discussions about what they read. They can write in a more complex, coherent, and interesting way and solve more complicated math problems. Toys that help them speak and write better, grow their reading, writing and math skills, draw detailed pictures, build and create, understand time, and directions and introduce new concepts and skills are also on point. 

Emotional Development

As they are more self-aware, children aged 7 can understand and express the causes and consequences of their emotions and even start using self-calming strategies like deep breathes and repeating phrases to stay calm when frustrated or distressed.

Although they have left behind the toddler tantrums, they can still have volatile emotions and moods. They also start to experience guilt and shame and develop empathy. Toys that help them relax and calm down and improve their ability to understand, express and regulate their emotions are ideal.  

Cognitive Skills Development

By the times children are seven years old, their critical thinking and problem solving skills have expanded remarkably. They are creative problem solvers capable of using complex and creative strategies to solve problems.

Seven-year-olds need plenty of stimulating toys to help with the cognitive development by using logical thinking and deduction skills. Challenge their cognitive skills with more complex and creative toys such as building sets, deductive thinking games and art and craft sets. 

Physical Milestones

Physically, this age is a refinement stage. As they continue to gain more inches and gain more pounds, their movements become more precise, their balance and coordination improves, and their fine motor skills are sharpened. Staying active helps them develop better physical skills.

Good toys for physical development are those that encourage more combinations with their motor skills. This is a very active age and most seven year olds are interested in team sports such as soccer and activities that require the use of gross motor skills such as dancing and swimming. Great outdoor toys for 7 year olds include two-wheeled bikes and soccer balls.

Psychological Milestones

This is a critical stage for developing self-confidence. The self-esteem of seven year olds is very fragile. They strive towards perfection, feel insecure about themselves and can be their own worst critics. Toys that help them enjoy the creating or learning process and appreciate what they learn rather than just obsess on the outcome are ideal.

They need collaborative toys for playing with friends but they also need and enjoy toys that foster alone-time playing by themselves or reading, drawing, painting or coloring. Solo play helps them become more self-aware, develop a sense of self and understand what makes them different from others.   

Design And Entertainment

The best toys for 7 year olds have three features: fun, learning, and no boundaries. While the best should match development milestones and promote their learning and development, they should still be fun and entertaining to keep them engaged. 

Seven year olds have fun with and learn best simple toys that encourage open-ended play. Toys that let their imagination run wild. The design should also be easy for kids to handle and tough enough to withstand rough play.


By seven years, most children have stopped putting small items in their mouth so choking hazards shouldn’t be a big concern. Safety is still an important consideration when choosing toys and presents for 7 yr old girls and boys.

It is important to ensure that the toys you get them are safe to play with. Make sure they are made using non-toxic materials and don’t contain food allergens. Some age appropriate toys for 7 year olds will also require adult supervision. 



Q: What games do 7 year olds play?

A: Seven-year-olds are very active and most are interested in dancing, swimming, or team sports. Indoors, they also enjoy video games, card games and board games. They are also very creative and love engaging in pretend play games such as dressing up and fantasy games where they get to play mermaids, fairies, pop-stars, actors, spies, scientists or superheroes.

Q: What do you give a 7 year old?

A: Fail-safe gifts for a 7 year old include building toys, art and craft supplies, sports equipment and pretend play toys such as dolls. The interests and personality of the seven year old you’re shopping for will guide you towards the best gift for them.

Seven year olds have very strong opinions about many things including the toys and gifts they want. Knowing what gift to give can be as simple as asking them what they would like. Most times, their creativity will drive their choice.

They also don’t like to feel left out and like to own what most of their friends have. You can’t go wrong with the popular toys for 7 year olds such the top 20 toys and gifts in our toys for 7 year olds reviews.

Q: What are good gifts for 7 year old boys?

A: Good gifts for 7 year olds are those that foster open-ended play, unleash their imagination and allow them to explore and develop their creativity and sense of adventure. Gifts that satisfy their inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge are also great.

Examples of good gifts for seven year olds boys include sports equipment such as soccer balls and two-wheeled bicycles, buildings sets such as LEGOs, art and craft kits, interactive pet toys, puppets, dolls, costumes and science toys such as microscopes and binoculars. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Seven year olds are energetic and full of excitement. They enjoy gifts and toys that foster imaginative play and work out their creativity, satisfy their hunger for knowledge, and encourage active play. Building sets, sports equipment, art and craft kits, and pretend play toys are some of the best gifts for 7 year old. 

When choosing a Christmas or birthday present for 7 year old girl or boy, keep in mind their physical, cognitive, and emotional development milestones and get them something that suits their innate talents, interests, learning style and personality. Getting them one of the top rated gifts for 7 year old and making a thoughtful choice will help you get them a gift that will have their eyes lit up when they open it.

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