From a little baby to toddler and straight to a grade-schooler, it seems that time flew. Suddenly in front of you is a little person, with a strong personality and a bit overwhelming need for independence. Kids this age need a lot of physical activity and the best toys for 6 year olds should encourage them to be active and work on other developmental needs.

As the desire to do everything themselves grows, they should be encouraged to develop their independence as it is the key to a healthy and strong personality. The best gifts for 6 year old are the toys that will challenge the children to solve the problems on their own but they should not be demanding above their abilities as it will diminish their self-worth. 

The attention span increases rapidly, and the kids can solve more complicated projects while their thinking becomes complex as well. The unknown of the world starts to catch their attention and they are in the need of some answers. Finding educational toys for 6 years olds that is fun to play with but also provides much-needed knowledge is essential.


How To Choose A Toys and Gifts For 6 Years Old – Buying Guide



Being at the beginning of an educational journey, little academics are now eager to learn and usually have a great desire to do well at school. They are naturally wonderous about everything and this is the best time to create some learning habits that will last a lifetime. The educational importance of toys is something we hear often these days and for a good reason. As they are relaxed while playing and do not feel the pressure to complete the schoolwork, with the best educational toys for 6 year olds children can obtain lots of knowledge. 

Emotional Development

This is an important and fragile time for kids. On one hand, they are still our little babies and on the other very independent. Being “somewhere in between,” 6 year olds are very sensitive. They are not taking criticism well as their self-confidence is a bit shaken during this phase and what they need is lots of praises and support. When choosing the best gifts for 6 year old, try to find toys that will teach kids about different emotions and how to deal with them. Another important element that the toy should have in terms of emotional development is the ability to help the child boost self-confidence. This can be done through tasks the toy sets that are appropriate for the current age.   

Social Skills Development

This is the challenging times for the 6 year old social life. Having all the emotions swirling around and the new school environment daily present in their life, quarrels are very common and unfortunately hurtful. The fights between friends and siblings start easily. The tendency to always be right, therefore others need to be wrong is usually causing problems among children this age. Having toys for six year olds that will teach kids to play together, respect each other’s emotions and needs will help them pass this phase much easier and much quicker. 

Cognitive Skills Milestones

Besides having a challenging social period and complex thoughts, 6 year olds are starting to enjoy reading, writing and drawing, preferably independently as they want to show how capable they are. They are showing greater interest in playing real games instead of pretend-play. Therefore, good gifts for 6 year olds are either in the area of reading, learning, and drawing or the toys that are having a sense of “real” activities. 


As it comes to the best toys for 6 year olds, there are 2 things to pay attention to. First, make sure that the toys are made from safe, non-toxic materials. This includes non-toxic plastic and non-toxic paint. The second thing is to choose the toys that are safe to use and in accordance with the child’s current abilities. If the toys are designed for physical activities, for example, pedal bike, it is advisable to protect the child with a helmet and padding for knees and elbows. 


It is confirmed by many researchers that toys should have an educational benefit for the child but in order to pass the knowledge, the 6 year olds toys need to be entertaining and fun to play with. How exciting playing with the specific toy would be, depends on the child’s preferences and interests. To ensure that you are getting the right toy that will entertain and educate, it is best to choose according to your child’s likings.  

Physical Development

The stage that 6 years old is currently in is called middle childhood. Exhibiting various physical skills, many kids are showing athletic potential and have lots of energy that needs to be vented. Physical activity that helps the body develop and stay healthy is also beneficial for cognitive development. The best way to improve locomotor skills and fine motor coordination is with the outdoor toys for 6 year olds, designed to engage children into being physically active. 

Psychological Development

The important change in the child’s development apart from the growing need for emotional and intellectual independence is a shift towards learning through language and logic. The children are learning the meaning of making the choice and its consequences. Ideally, among the toys the child uses to play with should be those helping him to better understand the impact of the choices and his new way of learning.   



Q. What Toys Do 6 Year Olds Play With?

A. Usually very active, 6 year olds love playing with the toys that promote large-muscle activities; ball games, riding the bike, scooter, rollers, jumping, running, etc. they are also interested in fine motor activities usually expressed through art and creations. Many kids this age love exploring science and nature. The great gifts for 6 year olds would be any toy that satisfies the current interests. 

Q. How Do I Know I Have Picked The Right Toy For A 6 Year Old?

A. The top toys for 6 year olds are the ones that will work on improving physical abilities and strengthening current skills. If the toys are helping a child build physical features, obtain new knowledge and improve social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills than it is the right toy. Keep in mind to pay attention to the materials and look for the non-toxic, child-safe toys, preferably, eco-friendly. 

Q. Can These Toys Be Used Above The Age Of 6?

A. Yes, most of the toys can be used above the age of 6 but do keep in mind the individual purpose of each toy. Some are designed to suit the child for several years, while others are targeting the specific milestone in terms of skills development. The child will have to work on different developmental tasks with each milestone so it is best to have the toys that can help with the current stage.

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