Kids have to eat on a regular basis to keep them going through the day. Whether you send your kid to a day care or go out on a road trip as a family, a lunch box is an absolute necessity to keep their food fresh and nutritional.

Best kid lunch boxes do not only keep your food at the desired temperature but they also store the correct amount of food. We are not even mentioning all the funky designs that attract kids the market offers.

To help narrow down your search, we have listed 10 Best Kids Lunch Boxes in 2020 to make your decision an easier one.


How To Choose The Best Kids Lunch Boxes – Buying Guide

Considering the fact that your kid will be using their lunch box almost every day, you need a quality one that you can count on and made to last. The best kids lunch boxes have important criteria taken into consideration during manufacture and you should look for exactly the same.

Size & Capacity

The best lunch boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can hold different amounts of food. When selecting a lunch box for your child, it is important to consider both the size and the capacity. 

This means it should be big enough to hold the appropriate amount of food that your little one requires during the day. The lunch box should, however, be small enough to fit into their school bag. A structured frame will ensure that the food will not get squashed while in their school bag.


Lunch boxes and bottles that are not leakproof will leak out into your child’s schoolbag, making a huge mess. 

Easy To Open And Close

Kids do not want to struggle through their whole break to open or close their lunch boxes; therefore they should be easy to open and close afterward. When closing the lunch box, your child should be able to seal it properly to ensure that nothing will leak into their schoolbag.


Lunch boxes are made from different materials; it will depend on your preference if you will be making use of a plastic or plastic-free container. The suggestion is that the lunch box that you choose should be reusable to help save the environment. Look for products that do not contain any harmful materials like BPA, lead, or phthalate.


It is easier if lunch boxes contain different parts. This will help you to separate your little one’s food. This is especially great for picky eaters, or if you would like to divide the food into different snack sizes. 

Dishwasher Safe

Lunch boxes need to be washed every day, buy a product that is easy to clean. Some products can just be cleaned by using a wet cloth. Make sure that you lookout for a product that can be washed in a dishwasher. 


Lunch boxes are generally bought for a year, and kids use them every day. Look for a product and name brand that is known for its durability. Kids tend to be a bit rough on their items.


Keeping food at the correct temperature is essential to make your child’s lunch taste excellent. Some toddler lunch boxes have built-in ice packs or have insulated containers that will ensure that your little one’s food stays hot or cold.


Q: How do I choose a lunch box?

A: Choosing the best lunch box could be difficult, but how-to guide we provided should be able to assist you in making this choice. 

The best lunch boxes should be big enough to keep your kids’ lunch in but small enough to fit in their bags. The bag should be leakproof and easy to open. It should also be durable and have insulation. 

The materials used during manufacture should not contain any harmful chemicals. Different sections make it easier to pack various food options. 

A dishwasher friendly lunch box is also a great choice.

Q: What foods should be avoided in children’s lunchboxes?

A: The below list of foods should be avoided in children’s lunch boxes:

Fruit Snacks: Fruit snacks have almost no nutritional value; it does, however, include a lot of trans fats and a lot of sugar. Fresh fruit is the best option for your kids.

Pre-packed Lunches: Pre-package lunches are usually overly processed and do not contain a lot of nutritional value. These provide a lot of sodium, saturated fats, and preservatives. The best option would be to cook the food yourself.

Deli-meat Sandwiches: Processed meats contain a lot of chemicals that have no nutritional value or your kid. You can use other products when making a sandwich for your little one, like whole-grain bread with avocado.

Chips: Packages of chips might be delicious, but they are not healthy with the massive amount of sodium and processed fats. You get chips that are made from other vegetables, or a suitable alternative will be popcorn.

Juice Boxes: These boxes contain a lot of sugar and not healthy for your child. Water is the healthiest drink for them. 

Q: How do you keep food warm for school lunches?

A: Keeping food warm for school lunches could be tricky; by using an insulated bag, it will make it a lot easier for you. Start by warming the food in a microwave, then wrap the food in aluminum foil; this will keep the food warm for longer. Place the food into your child’s insulated bag, and it will be perfect for lunchtime. 

Q: Is Tupperware lunch box safe?

A: There is no harm in using Tupperware lunch boxes for your kids if it doesn’t contain any BPA, lead, or phthalates in the materials. Tupperware focuses on making lunch boxes that will not deteriorate over time. 

Q: Is a plastic lunch box safe?

A: Plastic lunch boxes can be safe for your toddler if you make sure that they do not contain any BPA, lead, or phthalates. Containers that contain any of those chemicals can cause harm to your child. Reusable lunch boxes and a water bottle are, however, the best for the environment rather than making use of single-use containers.

My Babies Planet Overview

The best lunch boxes for kids go far beyond a simple way for your child to transport food. Being better for the environment and more fun than a paper bag, lunch boxes can be as unique as your child. 

Some are even designed with insulation to keep your kids’ lunch at the desired temperature. Getting a design your child will love is bound to make nutrition even more exciting.

Hopefully, the above list of 10 Best kids lunch boxes in 2020 will help guide you on your quest for the right lunch box for your kids.

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