Getting your first bike is a big step in life, but learning how to ride can be dangerous. This is why you need to make sure as a parent that your child has the best baby helmet before they can start riding their bicycle. 

Helmets should have straps and dials so that they can be adjusted to fit around your toddler’s head correctly. They should also be enforced with the kind of technology that reduces the impact of falls or crashes. Manufacturers of high-quality helmets usually reveal their qualifications as well to ensure that their products can honestly protect your little one’s head while biking. 

In case you need help finding the best bike helmets for toddlers, allow the reviews below to guide you in the right direction.


How To Choose A Toddler Helmet – Buying Guide


The best bike helmets for toddlers are constructed with durable materials inside and out. The usual inner shell that manufacturers use is expanded polystyrene foam, which is both rigid and lightweight. The outer shell can be made out of PVC, a hard plastic that does not melt under the sun. 


Another thing that parents need to look into is the helmet’s size. Every brand emphasizes who can wear their products by giving a suggested age range. Some of them can be used from 3-8 years, for instance, while others can only be worn from 3-5 years. 

In case you are unsure about your toddler’s head size, get a measuring tape, and wrap it around their head, above the eyebrows and ears. 


A helmet is supposed to cover the upper half of the head. Its front should rest above the eyebrow, not the hairline. Sometimes you may see one whose back extends to the lower half, and that’s acceptable, too. What is not okay is a protective gear that only sits on your kid’s head.


Parents also need to ensure that there is a cushion underneath the helmet. The reason is that a stiff core sitting on top of your child’s head can make them feel uncomfortable. If it is padded, though, the gear will not only bring them comfort but also avoid sliding around.


Considering kids are prone to sweating too much due to their constant moving, they need a helmet that provides plenty of ventilation. If you find one with a single hole in its shell, then move along because it won’t keep your child from overheating. An ideal helmet for toddlers has at least four air vents so that hot air can escape more quickly.


Trustworthy helmet manufacturers produce gears with the realistic thought that toddlers’ heads do not remain in one size as they grow up. Because of that, you need to seek a protective helmet for children that has adjustable base support. Aside from fitting well, the chin strap should be padded and easy to lock in place, too.

Flat Back

Bike helmets with a flat back are ideal for younger kids who still need training wheels or cannot stay on a bike without someone holding them. It is more lightweight than other gears, so it won’t put a lot of pressure on their neck. They can also see everything around them, thus increasing their self-confidence.


Q: What size helmet does a 2-year-old need?

A: A 2-year-old kid typically needs an extra small helmet. However, it is still necessary to measure their head’s circumference to make sure that you are not about to buy a helmet that’s too small or too big.

Q: Do toddlers need bike helmets for tricycles?

A: Yes, toddlers need bike helmets for tricycles. That is especially true for new riders who have not learned how to balance themselves yet. 

Q: What size helmet do I need for a 22-inch head?

A: A 22-inch head will fit in a small helmet. In case you do not see the letter S in the size selection, pick the one for toddlers.  

Q: How do you know if a helmet fits?

A: The first indication that a helmet fits is that you do not feel pressure on your skull. This pressure is experienced because the helmet is tight against your head. You will not feel it, though, if you have the right helmet size.

My Babies Planet Overview

Making sure that you are buying the right helmet for your child is as vital as knowing the ideal bicycle for them. Their head needs protection at all times, regardless if they are riding a bike or scooter. Not only should the helmet be able to absorb shock during falls but also fit snugly and sit in the proper area. However, it also needs to be stylish so that your child will always want to wear it. 

In case you have no idea which product to get, don’t fret because all of the toddler helmet reviews on our list are the best ones you can find in the market. No matter what you choose, your kid will undoubtedly love and feel safe in their new gear.

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