10 Best Toddler Harnesses & Leashes in 2018


What Are The Best Toddler Harnesses & Leashes? – Let’s Review!

Most parents understand the stress that comes with grocery shopping with a toddler. Oftentimes kids skip over the walking stage and it seems they go from crawling straight to running. Keeping up with your child can be hard work, especially when you are away from home. Whether you are heading to a crowded place or juggling multiple children, having the best child harness can give you the peace of mind.

That priceless peace of mind can be easy to achieve. We have created a list of the best toddler harnesses to help make your next outing focused on the fun, not the stress.

Ready to get started? Let’s go.


Toddler Harnesses & Leashes

1. Unisex Zoo Safety Harness by Skip Hop


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This Otis the Owl backpack is one your child is sure to love. Great as a backpack but one where a leash can easily secure this pack is all you need for outings and fun times. Your child will be able to hold all of their favorite toys. The adjustable straps and chest strap hold this securely on your little one.

Why we love it – This is a top rated toddler backpack leash set because it is as fun for your child to wear as it is safe to use. With the leash attaching to the bottom of the backpack this combo has a lower center of gravity that is much more desirable for children.

2. By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack by Brica


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With many roomy compartments, your child will be able to bring all their favorite toys along with them. The swivel clip makes it so that the tether does not tangle when in crowded areas. The tether on this backpack is removable and located discreetly which allows you to enjoy years of backpack use.

Why we love it – Harnesses for toddler’s reviews are raving about the quality of this shock absorbing tether that works to reduce tension and rigidity. This allows your little one to feel independent while staying safe.

3. Animal 2 In 1 Harness by Goldbug

Animal-2-In-1-Harness-by-Goldbug Check Price Now

This is one of the top rated toddler harnesses and leashes. It does a great job at transforming something like a leash into a fun item your kid will want to wear. The bag is shaped as a monkey with a full head while the leash acts as its tail.

Why we love it – The entire family will love this harness. A happy monkey transforms a regular looking bag into a fun accessory your toddler will love wearing.

4. 3D Cartoon Kids Backpack by YISIBO

3D-Cartoon-Kids-Backpack-by-YISIBO Check Price Now

If your children are fans of Toy Story or everything space this option from YISIBO is for them. It looks nearly identical to a space suit. There are stars and loads of room for all of their toys and snacks. The best part is that there are 24 different versions of this bag ranging from dinosaurs to fish to farm animals.

Why we love it – You will also love the detachable leash. It is themed from the same material that the backpack is made of so it seems like an extension rather than a leash that stands out.

5. Upgraded Kids Insulated Toddler Backpack With Safety Harness by Yodo

Upgraded-Kids-Insulated-Toddler-Backpack-With-Safety-Harness-by-Yodo Check Price Now

This is more than just a toddler harness leash. It is also a colorful backpack sports a dinosaur theme. It has spines running down the middle of the back and is brightly colored with dots that give it a certain personality. This will make your kid feel like they’re just wearing a backpack while giving you the control you need.

Why we love it – Yodo has a great toddler harness. It has been designed to look like a dinosaur, something that every young kid would want to wear.

6. Kid Keeper by Mommy’s Helper

Kid-Keeper-by-Mommy’s-Helper Check Price Now

The Kid Keeper perfectly combines comfort with safety. The padded shoulder straps sit comfortably on your little one’s upper torso protecting your little one’s sensitive lower stomach area. Securing effortlessly to grocery carts and high chairs increase this harnesses functionality.

Why we love it – This swivel leash for toddlers stretches to 42 inches while moving freely to avoid tangles. This machine washable system is a parents dream keeping your child safe and your cleaning easy.

7. Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link by Blisstime

Anti-Lost-Safety-Wrist-Link-by-Blisstime Check Price Now

Recommended for children 4 and over this wristband helps to link you and your child together by the wrist. Stretching up to 1.5 meters this wrist strap can rotate 360 degrees for maximum freedom. Made of stainless steel with a plastic cover you do not have to worry about this rope getting broken or cut. The comfortable sponge-like wrist strap is soft featuring a double later hook and loop that makes it difficult for your child to take off by themselves.

Why we love it – This convenient safety wrist link system is the perfect accessory for busy holiday shopping and crowded supermarkets.  This wrist link system provides the perfect amount of freedom and safety.

8. Toddler Safety Butterfly Belt Harness With Leash by EPLAZA

Toddler-Safety-Butterfly-Belt-Harness-With-Leash-by-EPLAZA Check Price Now

This pretty in pink butterfly safety harness for toddlers is sure to be a hit with your little girl. The secure design sits close to your child’s body allowing this to be a great guiding tool when your baby is still learning to walk. The bright wings will make your little one feel like they are flying while you get to enjoy the peace of mind of keeping them close by.

Why we love it – Made with safety and comfort in mind this harness features comfortable shoulder straps that work against chafing. A front strap clips together to help keep the harness securely attached to your little one.

9. Darby Dog Zoo Safety Harness Backpack by Skip Hop

Darby-Dog-Zoo-Safety-Harness-Backpack-by-Skip-Hop Check Price Now

This backpack has comfortable adjustable straps featuring a large zippered pouch that will hold toys and snacks. Designed to fit children starting as young as 12 months this backpack harness will provide incredible peace of mind. The leash connects to the bottom of this backpack to provide better stability as well as better camouflage when used as a backpack.

Why we love it – The removable leash helps this backpack to transition perfectly. The fun design will have your kid using it for both school and play.

10. Kids Dinosaur Backpack With Leash by ZHUANNIAN

Kids-Dinosaur-Backpack-With-Leash-by-ZHUANNIAN Check Price Now

The fun dinosaur design of this backpack will make your kids fall in love with it. Bright 3D thorns make this backpack fun. Incredibly functional this backpack can second as a diaper bag, carry snacks and even fit a tablet. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable. With a front buckle, this backpack will stay securely on your child while the honeycomb back provides breathability.

Why we love it – This 50 inch leash keeps your children a comfortable distance when in crowded areas. With a stainless steel clip, you can rest assured that this backpack will last long and stay strong. The leash is removable to increase functionality.

Choosing what’s best for you

There is no bigger fear for a parent than losing their child. In a world with busy department stores and crowded airports, having a safety walking harness for toddlers has become a necessity. This can provide an incredible peace of mind for every parent.

Do you have a Toddler Harnesses & Leashes on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 30th of January 2018

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