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What Are The Best Toddler Games? – Let’s Review!

Finding the best toddler games can be a fun experience. You probably have memories of being a child and going to the toy store to pick out a new game to play with the family. The best part is that these games are not only fun but can go a long way in developing the skills your children will need as they grow. Matching games can help their memory while adventure games teach them to work together. It is best to mix in games that work on different skills so that your toddler develops all of their abilities.

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Baby Toddler Games Reviews

1. Spot it Alphabet by Asmodee


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This game by Asmodee is designed to help your children develop in many ways. It gets them to recognize symbols and use their brain to eye associations. It does this by using letters of the alphabet which will speed up their learning of language as well. This game does this by matching two letters. For example, a card with the letter “C” on it will be out and they will have to match it with the other C in the deck.

The game is recommended for toddlers aged 3 and up. It can be played with as few as two or as many as eight players. Games will last around 15 minutes meaning this can be perfect for quick games or an entire games night. There is also many versions available for any age. If you find your kid is too good at the alphabet there are also other matching card games. It even comes in a “On The Road” version which includes transportation related images they have to match.

Why we love it – This is a game the whole family can enjoy. The many versions ensure that no matter what age your children are they will be able to play them. The game comes in a compact tin that can easily be stored.

2. Press Here Game by Herve Tullet


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This is one of the rare games that have a 5 star rating. It is a game that has drawings involving different colors. The goal is to match the right colored stickers to the drawings on the page. This may seem simple enough but can be enjoyed by the entire family. It will not only advance children’s knowledge and dexterity but also get your family talking and having fun.

It is recommended for toddlers aged 3 and up and the game can be played by 2 to 6 players. This game has won many awards including Parents Magazine Best Toys of 2014 and Dr. Toy’s Best Toys of 2014. There are 25 game boards to choose from which means that your child will be able to play this on repeat without remembering where the stickers go.

Why we love it – The award winning game has been developed with your children in mind. It may seem simple to match colors but it also involves lining up the edges which improves their dexterity as well.

3. Busytown, Eye Found It! by Wonder Forge

Busytown,-Eye-Found-It!-by-Wonder-Forge Check Price Now

This game has been made for children aged 3 and up and can be played with 2 to 4 players. It involves moving pieces around the board while finding where pieces go and hidden objects. It encourages teamwork and advances their attention to detail. The game board is over six feet tall giving you lots of time to play. You will have to work together to find the hidden things like traffic lights, ladders and buckets. When you find the objects you yell “I Found It!”. To win you have to get all the participants to the ferry before the pig eats all of the food.

This company, Wonder Forge, has won over 120 awards for their games. They promote teamwork and a competitive spirit all while learning and developing skills that will help them throughout life.

Why we love it – This is a top rated toddler game. It promotes healthy relationships and develops healthy competition while emphasizing teamwork. Wonder Forge is a top rated company that develops even better games.

4. Roll and Play Board Game by Thinkfun

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This game comes with 48 cards and a plush cube to store them in. The Roll and Play Board Game can be your toddler’s first game. It has been designed for children from 18 months old. It gets your children thinking creatively. The game asks your toddler to match the color of the card to the color of the cube and perform an action. For example a yellow card can have a smiling face on it. So your child will have to point to the yellow square of the cube and make a smiling face. This encourages them to think about the colors and associate an action with the card. It also teaches them about animals as some cards have animals on them.

Why we love it – This is one of the best games for young children. It is simple enough for them to understand at a young age while developing skills that will help them through life. It will get you interacting and laughing with your baby at an early age.

5. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game by Educational Insights

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The goal of this game is to match the acorns with hungry squirrels. To win you must get 5 acorns to the squirrel. The board game has been made using bright and colorful drawings that will keep your children engaged.

It has been designed with preschool age children in mind. The game gets children to match colors, think abstractly, work in a team, take turns and develop fine motor skills. All of these are critical skills that will help them not only through school but also later in life.

Why we love it – This is a fun game that has been designed to advance many skills. It gets children thinking and playing in a group all while encouraging them to think creatively.

6. Candy Land The World of Sweets Game by Hasbro

Candy-Land-The-World-of-Sweets-Game-by-Hasbro Check Price Now

Hasbro is one of the largest game manufacturers in the world. This game is for 2 to 4 players aged 3 to 6. The game features an adventure where your children have to get to the castle to win. This involves moving pieces and matching cards. It will get your children interacting with others and developing their matching skills all while having fun.

Why we love it – This is an excellent game from one of the best board game companies. It features a classic board game with a new spin. The board and cards are colorful and will keep your kids entertained for hours.

7. Curious George Matching Game by Wonder Forge

Curious-George-Matching-Game-by-Wonder-Forge Check Price Now

Any fan of Curious George has to have this board game. When your children see the memorable monkey on the box they will want to play this game. It has been made to enhance your children’s memory. They have to match cards (there are 72 picture tiles) that have pictures of animals, like cats, and people wearing costumes, like a chef. These characters have been taken from the movie and cartoon of Curious George. It will get your children excited to play the game as the characters are familiar.

The cards are arranged on the table and you have to flip over two tiles. The goal is to find the two matching cards. It is great because you can set the game up so that it is easy or hard depending on your child’s abilities. For example, if you have a young toddler you can make a board with only 3 sets of characters. This means they have a higher chance of matching the characters. As they get older you can introduce more cards to make it more challenging.

Why we love it – This game seems simple but can be tailored for your kids abilities. The characters are taken straight from the tv show and movie to encourage your children to play. They will get excited to see their favorite monkey from the tv.

8. Count Your Chickens by Peaceable Kingdom

Count-Your-Chickens-by-Peaceable-Kingdom Check Price Now

This game has won awards, including game of the year, for being a cooperative educational game for toddlers. The goal is to work in a team to count the chickens and bring them back to their mom. If this happens everyone wins. This is a great, and fun, way of developing your children’s social and cooperative skills. There is no reading that is required meaning younger players can play as well.

The goal of this game is to get the chickens back to the coop. This is done by using a spinner and matching it with the game board. Players move their characters down the board until everyone is done.

Why we love it – This company thinks of everything. Peaceable Kingdom has created an amazing game that everyone can play. Not only that, they have done it by using soy based inks and paper that is good for the environment and your children.

9. Brybelly Giant 3-in- 1 Checkers and Mega Tic Tac Toe by Midway Monsters

Brybelly-Giant-3-in--1-Checkers-and-Mega-Tic-Tac-Toe-by-Midway-Monsters Check Price Now

This may be one of the coolest games on our list. It takes the traditional checkers set up and simplifies it onto a piece of cloth. This means that you can take it literally anywhere. Simply fold the board and put the pieces into a ziplock bag and you are ready to go. Bring it camping, to a picnic, or even the carpet in your living room.

The board has been designed for all ages of children. Checkers can be a complex game for youngsters so they added tic tac toe – an easier game. This way it is great for all ages. The pieces are giant, nearly 3 inches in diameter. This makes them easy to see and move while not being a choking hazard making it a good game for kids.

Why we love it – This is a great game for any aged players. The board is large but is made of material that lets you fold and roll for easy transport and storage.

10. Let’s Go Fishin’ by Pressman Toys

Let’s-Go-Fishin’-by-Pressman-Toys Check Price Now

This is one of the most popular games available. It has been around for decades and is still fun for all ages. The goal of the game is to use fishing rods to hook the fish which move around and open and close their mouth. There are 21 fish with different colors and 4 fishing poles. Since there are small pieces this game is recommended for children aged 4 and older. This is a game that can be played with only one player as well, perfect for only children. It will teach them dexterity and matching.

Why we love it – This is a great setup of a classic game. The fish move and open and close their mouth. Not having magnets can make this version more of a challenge but will still be fun nonetheless.

Choosing what’s best for you

The best kid board games will be ones that not only let your children have fun but also speed up their development. This can be done by matching colors, or characters, to playing more complex games like checkers. Toddler games reviews agree that the best games should get your children used to playing in a group by taking turns and even working together. The games on our list range from little kids board games to advanced games like checkers. Most are easy toddler games that will keep their attention while building their skills and abilities.

Do you have a Toddler Games on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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