Finding the best toddler games can be a fun experience. You probably have memories of being a child and going to the toy store to pick out a new game to play with the family. Not only are they fun, but they can also go a long way in terms of developing the skills that children need as they grow up. Matching games can especially help sharpen their memory, while adventure games teach them to work with their peers. It is best to mix games that work on different skills so that all of your toddler’s abilities will improve.

We understand that finding a good game for toddler can be a lot of work especially if you are looking for a gift or you are trying to develop a certain skill. To help you out with you deceasing we have made a list of 1o best games for young kids in 2020.


How To Choose A Toddler Game – Buying Guide


The primary thing to keep in mind when looking for games for young kids is their age. Two-, three-, or four-year-old children may be close in age, but they do not possess the same skill set. A four-year-old, for instance, can finish a puzzle with smaller and more pieces than a two-year-old.

This is why the board and card game creators usually indicate on the box who can benefit from their game the most. If you insist on giving a specific toy that’s not appropriate for your child’s age, it may end up being in tatters before they can ever learn how it works.


Manufacturers tend to create card or board games based on who will be playing it. For example, Peaceable Kingdom’s Count Your Chickens have small images of chicks, so they recommend it to kids aged three years and up. The reason is that they are already aware that those pictures are to be placed on the board, not in their mouth. It is not ideal for 2-year-old toddlers because their curiosity may keep them from knowing what’s edible and what’s not. 

Most games for toddlers are made out of some type of paper, too. This material is safe for kids of all ages and does not have sharp edges. Some use hard plastic for moving characters, but those are suggested toys for older kids. 


All of the best board games share one goal: to help kids improve at least one skill by playing the game. You cannot ideally find a toy that has no educational purpose; even a puzzle with only four pieces is meant to enhance their hand-eye coordination and cognitive thinking skills. The only catch is that you need to choose a card or board game that works on your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

An easy example of an educational game is Jumping Jack. Every spin tells a child to pull out one, two, or no carrots at all. As they try to decide on which carrot to remove, they also need to count the right number of carrots.  


Remember that you cannot force kids to engage in board games that they do not find interesting. Regardless of the kind of game, though, the most excellent games for young children have the same characteristics. They are:

  • Colorful 
  • Thematic
  • Interactive

Some kids enjoy musical toys; others prefer games that they can play with friends or members of the family. You can figure out where your child’s interests lie before buying a toy for them.


Q: What games are good for 2 year olds? 

A: Two-year-olds can play games that encourage them to act out scenarios and improve their dexterity. We are talking about roleplaying or jumping games. In case your child is more of an indoor person, you can give them puzzles with large pieces or objects that they need to group.

Q: What are the best games for 3 year olds? 

A: The best games for 3-year-olds focus on tapping into their social and reasoning skills. They usually consist of the board or card games that can accommodate two or more players to promote interaction and strategic thinking.

Q: What are good 4 year old games?

A: The best games for 4-year-olds are obstacle courses, hidden games, and classic board games. The reason is that four-year-old kids have better problem-solving skills than younger ones. They can also handle instructions that are a little more complex than what you find in color-matching games.

My Babies Planet Overview

The best kid board games are the ones that not only let your children have fun but also speed up their development. This can be done by matching colors or characters or finding or counting hidden objects. Toddler games reviews agree that the best games should get your kids used to playing in a group, taking turns, and even working together. The games on our list range from little kids’ board games to advanced card games, but most of them are easy toddler games that will hold their attention while improving their skills and abilities.

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