As your child begins to grow and develop independence, their toys begin to change. As they become able to control their hand movements more, they graduate from a bottle to a cup in order to begin practicing the motions of drinking. With this can come a lot of spills, but there doesn’t have to be. The best toddler cups will have spill-proof designs that allow you peace of mind.

The best cups for toddlers may be hard to find. This is because it is difficult to find cups with the perfect combination of features. We have found the best on the market to help your child enjoy their freedom.

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How To Choose A Toddler Cup – Buying Guide

There are many options for sippy cups for your baby. Sippy cups for toddlers reviews agree that the best ones have a combination of style, durability and added features.


The base of these cups should be wide and sturdy. They should be able to be placed on a table without worry of toppling over. This will reduce the mess and save you from having to clean up tables and countertops.


If you’re looking at a toddler cup that has a lid it should be leak-proof. Having a sippy cup that can’t take being knocked over is not worth your time. Most, if not all, toddler cups have lids that screw on with seals that make them watertight. Even some with straws include a one-way valve which ensures no liquid will exit when you don’t want it to.


Toddler cups should be a bright color. Many come in sets of two or more and having a unique color for each one will allow you to easily identify your baby’s cup. This is excellent for parties where there are many kids running around. You can even use the cup to teach your kids about the different colors. This will get their mind working from a young age.


Babies and toddlers don’t have the best dexterity or grip. Cups should take this into account and be made of a grippy material. Added texture is also another way that companies can easily add grip to their cups.

My Babies Planet Overview

Finding the best toddler cup will make your baby excited to drink. It is important to look for cups that will not leak and makes it easy for your toddler to easily get liquid. This is a balance that can be hard for some to master. The cups on our list do exactly this. No matter how hard your baby is on these cups they will stand up to the wear and tear of daily life.

Sippy cups provide your child with independence to master the art of drinking on their own. This is incredibly important for their development and can be easier than you may think. With the right sippy cup, this can be a mess proof and fun experience.

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