Many people still have blankets from when they are baby. That is because lots of times blankets are seen as comforts that stay with the child through the many transitions of childhood. The best baby blankets are soft and comforting to children and are used in everything from at home to in the stroller when you are on the go.

From thick winter blankets, breathable summertime blankets to wearable blankets there are many different options for your little one. You will likely find it useful to have multiple blankets in the house that your child can rotate through. Having a wearable blanket for nighttime use as well as some regular blankets will help to ensure that your baby will always be cozy, warm and safe.

With all the other new purchases that come with having a baby, it can be hard to find the best toddler blankets for your little one. There are many features that you should consider before purchasing your baby a new blanket. We have broken down these concepts and created this list of our favorite baby blankets to help you select the perfect one for your new baby.

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How To Choose The Best Toddler Blanket – Buying Guide


There are many types of fabric you can choose from when deciding on your toddler’s blanket. The fabric type you choose can affect your baby’s skin.

Cotton is one of the most used and popular types of material. It is soft and won’t irritate your baby’s skin while being durable and easy to clean. This material is an organic material that will not have any irritants or toxic aspects. It is good for children with allergies as it is soft and not man made.

Fleece is another fabric that is great for toddlers. It is a material that has great insulation meaning it will keep your children warm on those chilly winter days. It is also great for washing. Fleece is naturally tough against stains and is easy to wash. It also dries in no time at all. And on top of all that, it is incredibly soft so your children will love it.

Microfiber is another top rated material for babies. This is a human created material that involves single fibers being strung together to create the fabric. The great thing about this material is it’s easy to take care of. Simply toss these into the wash and they will be clean in no time, you don’t even need to use detergent.


There are many different shapes and sizes of toddler blankets on the market. Knowing how you will use the blanket will help you pick the size you need. For example, if you are going to use it as a multi-purpose blanket you should look for a larger size, say a 45+ by 45+ inch option. This will make it easy to cover a car seat, crib bed, or even line a jumper. A larger sized blanket will also make the ground that much more comfy for your baby. Simply fold the sheet in half or thirds for added comfort under their body for tummy time.

If you don’t need to use the blanket for more than one thing you can get a smaller one. A 36 by 30 inch blanket can be perfect for swaddling and covering your baby when breastfeeding. Just keep in mind it will offer less cushion when used as a play mat.

It is not recommended to consider blankets that are smaller than 24 by 24 inches. This size doesn’t really have a purpose when it comes to toddlers. Sure it can be a nice piece of material to put under your baby but it won’t offer any padding and isn’t even large enough to swaddle with.

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There are many aspects of a baby blanket you should consider before buying one. Things like the material and size will affect how you use your new baby blanket and how much your toddler actually likes it. It is important to get a blanket that is soft enough for everyday use. If you live in colder environments, getting thicker blankets is more important as babies are known to get cold much faster than adults.

Picking the best baby blanket may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. All of the options on our list are top of the line and each have positives. Many have a cashmere border that will add style and comfort to your baby. They will love all of the soft material around them especially when they go down for a nap.

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