Babies need extensive care in their formative years and a baby blanket is an absolute necessity for giving such care. While sleeping in the home or is out in the stroller, you need a baby blanket for swaddling, keeping warm and secure your little one from wind and sun. Just like any other baby product, you need to ensure that your choice for the best blanket is not only the coziest but softest, cutest, and safest as well.

From thick winter blankets to breathable summertime blankets, there are many options out there. While each of them brings comfort to your baby, different types have different functions. Thus it is a smart move to have multiple baby blankets and rotate them to your baby’s need. 

With so many options to compare you also need to consider blanket many features before you purchase the best blanket for your baby. To help you in selecting the perfect product, we checked for the required features, compared them and identified 10 Best Toddler Blankets in 2020 for your little one.


How To Choose The Best Toddler Blanket – Buying Guide


Baby blankets are manufactured with different fabric materials. While you are deciding on the best blanket for your toddler, the fabric is the first thing to be finalized as it can affect your baby’s skin. 

The most popular material is cotton and most of the baby blankets are manufactured from cotton fabrics. Cotton blankets are durable, easy to clean and don’t irritate your baby’s skin as they are soft and organic. Being a natural product, even children with allergies can use it without any problem.

Fleece is another fabric that is great for toddlers. The material has great insulation properties, which means it will keep your children warm on those chilly winter days. As, fleece is naturally tough against stains it is easy to wash and dries in no time at all. And on top of all that, it is incredibly soft so your children will love it.

Microfiber is another top-rated material for babies. This is a man-made material that involves single fibers being strung together to create the fabric. The great thing about this material is it’s easy to take care of. Simply toss these into the wash and they will be clean in no time, even without using detergent.


There are many different shapes and sizes of blankets on the market. To decide on the perfect size of the baby blanket you need to think about your purpose of buying one. For example, if you are going to use it as a multi-purpose blanket you should look for a larger size, such as 45+ by 45+ inch option. This will make it easy to cover a car seat, cribbed, or even line a jumper. A larger sized blanket will also make the ground that much more comfy for your baby. Simply fold the sheet in half or thirds for added comfort under their body for tummy time.

If you don’t need to use the blanket for more than one thing you can get a smaller one. A 36 by 30-inch blanket can be perfect for swaddling and covering your baby when breastfeeding but will offer less cushion when used as a play mat.

Blankets with the size of 24 by 24 inches or low are not recommended as they really do not serve a particular purpose when it comes to toddlers. Although one can use them as a nice piece of material to put underbody, such a blanket would not offer any padding and fall short of being used for swaddling.


According to experts, as long as you follow some strict rules, it is safe to use a lightweight blanket from birth. 

  • Place your baby on her back with their feet at the bottom of the crib
  • Tuck the blanket in securely and make sure that it doesn’t come above your baby’s shoulders
  • Use as little as bedcovers as you can
  • Check the temperature of your baby regularly by simply touching her on her chest and back softly 
  • Your baby’s mattress should be flat, firm, and well-fitting 

Different Types of Baby Blankets

Baby blankets can be categorized into three types:

  • Baby blankets/ stroller blankets: They usually come in a rectangular shape and made from various fabrics, weights, and styles. We recommend them for older babies and toddlers to sleep beneath.
  • Security blankets: Much shorter in length and smaller in size compared to stroller ones, many have plush animals or toys attached to them. Babies see them as a sleeping companion and a teething material. 
  • Swaddling blankets: As the name hints, made from cooler and thinner materials, these are used to swaddle babies to help them fall asleep easily or to calm down.  

Care and Maintenance

Most blankets are machine washable. We recommend you wash your baby’s blanket separately and only in cool temperatures to keep its soft texture. 

Manual instructions say that they are suitable for machine dry. However, they preserve their texture and size more if they are air-dried. 

It is good to have two blankets that are the same if your kid is too attached to it and gets fussy in the absence of it.  


Q: What type of blanket is best for toddler?

A: The best baby blanket is the one, which serves your purpose and suits your baby the most. Baby blankets are available in all shapes and sizes so it is difficult to analyze that which one is the most suitable one. To choose the best one, first, you need to select the fabric material; i.e. cotton, fleece or microfiber.  Then you need to analyze the specific need of buying a baby blanket, for example, receiving blanket, security blanket and swaddling blanket.

Lastly, the size of the blanket also needs some consideration; so make sure you select a blanket with suitable material in the right size to serve the required purpose.

Q: Can a 2 year old use a blanket?

A:  Yes, but you need to be careful about the choice of blanket for a 2 year old baby.

A baby of 2 years is sharp enough to push back things away from his/her face. It can be a bit risky to leave a toddler with a blanket because babies roll and hide face in a blanket so it can be the reason for suffocation. You should make sure that the blanket is thin and small so that your child can climb over it.

Q: What size should a toddler blanket be?

A: The typical size of a toddler blanket should be 40-by-60 inches designed to accommodate the average size and weight of a toddler. But you need to be cautious as a parent; take care that blanket is breathable and toddler shouldn’t feel suffocated because babies can’t keep the blanket on all the time.

Q: What is the best fabric for baby blankets? 

A: Cotton, wool or cashmere are the perfect choices for baby blanket fabric.

Wool fabrics are natural and don’t contain synthetic fibers also it will keep your baby warm and snuggled by absorbing all the moisture.

Q: When should I give my toddler a blanket? 

A: Once your toddler reaches 18 months it is safe for her to sleep with a thin blanket. But make sure that blanket is small enough and not something that can wrap around the body because babies roll around a lot in their cribs.

Q: Would a weighted blanket help my toddler sleep? 

A: It depends. Weighted blankets are good for people who are suffering from anxieties or ADHD. Generally, a toddler doesn’t experience health problems like this apart from kids who are suffering autism spectrum; attention diagnosis and sensory processing disorder weighted blanket can be good for them. So if your child isn’t suffering from any abnormal disorder, you better try something else to make her sleep.

Q: How to swaddle a baby with blanket?

A: Here are the steps of swaddling:

  • Start by spreading out the blanket
  • Fold over one corner of it
  • Put your baby’s head on the folded corner in the facing up position
  • Wrap the left corner over your baby and tuck it under
  • Bring up the bottom over her feet
  • Wrap the right side around the baby

It is important not to cover your baby’s face. It is also important not to wrap him very tightly. If your baby cries or starts to struggle, it means that he is not that into swaddling, which is fine. Each baby responds differently to swaddling. Some love it as it reminds them of the coziness of their mothers’ womb while others hate it, as they want to move their legs and arms all the time.

Q: How long should baby be swaddled?

A: There isn’t a specific time limit for swaddling.

As long as she enjoys being swaddled, your baby can remain swaddled. Especially between 3 to 6 months, babies love to be swaddled the most, but this can change from infant to infant, too. 

My Babies Planet Overview

There are many aspects of a blanket you should consider before buying one for your baby, such as material, size, and most importantly safety. How much your toddler actually will like her blanket is also an important factor. Some babies do not get attached to their blankets at all while some cannot get enough of it carrying it with them wherever they go.

Picking the best baby blanket may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. All of the options on our 10 Best Toddler Blankets In 2020 list are top of the line and we hope they will help you out with your decision.

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