10 Best Toddler Blankets in 2018


What Are The Best Toddler Blankets? – Let’s Review!

Many people still have blankets from when they are baby. That is because lots of times blankets are seen as comforts that stay with the child through the many transitions of childhood. The best baby blankets are soft and comforting to children and are used in everything from at home to in the stroller when you are on the go.

From thick winter blankets, breathable summertime blankets to wearable blankets there are many different options for your little one. You will likely find it useful to have multiple blankets in the house that your child can rotate through. Having a wearable blanket for nighttime use as well as some regular blankets will help to ensure that your baby will always be cozy, warm and safe.

With all the other new purchases that come with having a baby, it can be hard to find the best toddler blankets for your little one. There are many features that you should consider before purchasing your baby a new blanket. We have broken down these concepts and created this list of our favorite baby blankets to help you select the perfect one for your new baby.

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Toddler Blankets Reviews

1. Everything Blanket by Roxie’s House Of Joy


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This soft dinosaur blanket is made of 100% cotton. This soft double layered blanket is great for swaddling your newborn. The unisex design makes it a great baby shower gift to expecting parents. With a matching cloth bag design this blanket is effortlessly traveled with and will become a quick favorite in your household.

The extra-large design makes this blanket incredibly versatile being perfect for swaddling your newborn. The breathable material adds to this preventing your infant from overheating and helping to ensure they are comfortable and safe. Being completely machine washable makes this blanket even more baby and family friendly.

Having a double layered design means that this blanket is absorbent enough to be used for a burping towel and is a great addition to your diaper bag. The soft plush material is gentle enough to allow this blanket to be used every single day.

Why we love it – Roxie’s House Of Joy makes a high quality baby blanket with this one. This must have blanket will be one that is likely to stay with your little one for years to come. The soft material makes this a great blanket for cribs and swaddling being gentle against your baby’s skin. The engaging patterns help to stimulate your little one’s senses with high contrast design and colors.

2. Double Layer Blanket by Hudson Bay


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You may have seen this double layered fleece blanket in adult size as they have quickly become a very popular option in recent years. This large baby blanket comes in at an excellent price tag making it one of our favorite baby winter blankets. The double layered fleece blanket is incredibly warm and cozy sitting comfortably against your newborns skin. The thicker plush style makes it great for colder environments ensuring that your little one stays warm and safe.

Wrapped in ribbon this blanket is the perfect gift for new and expecting parents. With a number of different colors and styles available ranging from airplanes to pink elephants, this blanket is a great gift for baby showers. The large size allows for even more usage being a great addition to strollers on chilly winter days.

Why we love it – The fun design of this Hudson Baby blanket will provide both style and comfort. With unisex designs and some geared towards little boys or girls, you are able to personalize the gift to the child’s style. The double layer plush polyester design is soft enough for everyday use. Sitting gently against your baby’s delicate skin, this blanket is the perfect edition to your household.

3. Baby Blanket & Rattle Gift Set by BubbyBabies

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This blanket rattle set is absolutely perfect for baby showers. The soft 100% polyester blanket has a unisex design with multiple different colors being features. The larger size will allow it to be suitable for newborns and toddlers alike. With a matching soft rattle this two in one gift is great for any youngster. This is likely to become a new parent’s favorite go-to toy.

The blanket is made from a soft fleece material that is warm and cozy for your infant. The lightweight and relatively thin design makes this blanket ideal for virtually any season. Being fully machine washable and guaranteed not to pull, shred or fade this blanket is bound to last for many years to come. The light pastel colors will entice your child without overwhelming. The soft colors are a perfect edition to any color palette.

The rattle features a soft design that is easy for young children to play with. An easy grip handle makes this suitable for babies and the soft design is safe for teething. This is a great way to keep your baby entertained. This combo pack is especially great for car rides or trips in the stroller. The soft design will sit comfortably against your baby while the colorful design and the rattle will keep them thoroughly entertained. With a musical bell in the rattles head and a crinkly material in the ears this rattle is sure to capture your child’s attention.

Why we love it – BubbyBabies believes in the quality of their blankets so much they provide a risk free promise. They are so sure your baby will be comfortable wrapped up in it that they added a money back guarantee. Possibly the softest baby blanket on our list, this plush gift set is something every newborn baby will enjoy. This blanket doubles as a fantastic play mat for your little one to use during tummy time.

4. Early Walker SleepSack Wearable Blanket by Halo

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Coming in three different color patterns this wearable blanket is sure to keep your little one warm and comfy all day. Made from 100% polyester material this soft blanket will feel great against your little ones skin allowing for everyday use.

This blanket was designed with babies in mind which can be easily seen by the large zipper that makes it a fuss free easy experience. The inverted zipper makes changing your little one’s diaper a breeze. A zipper protector ensures that your baby’s delicate skin will not be pinched in the blanket.

The sleeveless design of this blanket allows your little one free movement of their arms. This is sure to make your child more comfortable while allowing them to explore their free movements. The sleeveless design also allows for added ventilation thus reducing the risk of rebreathing into sleeves. This is a high risk factor for SIDS and is a great safety feature.

The best part of this blanket is the many safety features. Carrying a seal from both US and Canadian leading SIDS organizations and named with a consumer safety award this blanket will ensure your little one is safe. Wearing this blanket helps to ensure that your baby stays warm without fear of the blanket moving to cover their face during the night. The soft fabric is comfortable enough for your little one to sleep soundly without getting cold.

Why we love it – We love this wearable sleepsack by Halo. This is not like other warm baby blankets whereas this one can be worn by your little one like a cover all that is sure to keep them warm and cozy. It is made from high quality material that is ultra-soft. Your baby won’t be able to get enough of this blanket and start to love nap time. As an added bonus this blanket has been recognized by North American SIDS associations for their attention to detail.

5. Large Personalized Baby Blanket by Custom Catch

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Custom Catch isn’t a household name when it comes to baby products. But this blanket is a great start to their success. This baby blanket can even be customized with any saying. Custom Catch will print their name and birthdate (if you want) on the blanket for no extra charge. This is an added feature that your son or daughter will cherish for the rest of their lives.

The blanket itself is made from a soft 200 GSM fleece material that your baby or toddler will love. It is soft enough that your toddler’s skin will love it while also stimulating it which creates a strong sense of touch. On top of the soft fabric this blanket features a satin border along each edge. Your baby deserves only the best and that is this blanket.

Why we love it – Not only does this blanket have an amazing construction it is also customizable from the manufacturer. This blanket measures 36 by 36 inches which has been shown to be an ideal size. Toddler blanket reviews agree that this is one of the best top rated toddler blankets.

6. Luxe Stroller Baby Blanket by Little Giraffe


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Your toddler is going to spend a lot of time in strollers. It makes sense that they should have a blanket dedicated for that area. The Luxe Stroller Baby Blanket from Little Giraffe is a perfect addition to your toddler’s stroller. Not only is this the ideal size (29 by 35 inches) for most strollers it also fits cribs and car seats. This means this baby blanket can literally go anywhere your toddler goes.

As you know your toddler isn’t exactly neat. That means their blanket needs to be durable and easy to clean. Little giraffe did an excellent job at making a blanket that can stand up to the rigors of everyday life including being machine washable. Even the satin edges have been made to not fade or lose durability.

Why we love it – The Luxe Stroller Baby Blanket is not only great for strollers, cribs and car seats but also tummy time. It is made of 100% poly microfiber plush fabric that has been designed with sensitive skin in mind. On top of this, it is easy to clean and maintain. Your toddler is going to love this blanket as it is soft and ultra-comfortable.

7. Plush Toddler Blanket by Little Starter


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Babies deserve the best of the best. Not only do they need blankets that can swaddle them but also dry them after a bath. This Plush Toddler Blanket made by Little Starter is great for both of these applications. It is made from a 100% polyester material that is machine washable.

This blanket has a bright striped design that will add style to your baby’s bag of goodies. It is a great size at 30 by 40 inches which makes it easy to swaddle or dry your baby after their bath.

Why we love it – This is a lightweight baby blanket that can do double duty. Not only can it dry your baby after a bath but it can also swaddle them and make their play area softer. This is an excellent choice for your next baby blanket no matter if it is your first or fifth.

8. Ultra Plush Satin Border Blanket by Elegant Baby


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If you are looking for a blanket to impress your friends and family the Ultra Plush Satin Border Blanket from Elegant Baby is the one you should get. It made with a 100% polyester material that is machine washable. This doesn’t mean that it will deteriorate in the wash like some other “machine washable” blankets.

This blanket comes in on the smaller side at 36 by 45 inches. Even though it is not the biggest blanket you can still make your child comfortable and warm. All this means is that you have to be more careful about the surface they play on. You can rest assured that Elegant Baby wants the best for your children. This is why they make their blankets with latex, phthalate, lead and BPA free material. These blankets are top quality that your children will love.

Why we love it – This is one of the best looking blankets on the market today. The material used is a super soft plush microfiber that is soft to the touch. You can rest assured that this is a toxic and chemical free construction.

9. Organic Muslin Everything Blanket by Addison Belle


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This Organic Muslin Everything Blanket made by Addison Belle is great for those who are environmentally conscious. It is made from 100% organic materials that are non-toxic. This blanket has 4 layers which are made from a muslin cotton material.

At 47 by 47 inches this blanket is extra-large. This means you can easily wrap your baby or enjoy some cuddle time with your little one under the blanket. It has been designed to be lightweight while maintaining its breathability. In addition to these it also regulates the baby’s temperature keeping them in a comfortable range.

Why we love it – Bring this blanky with you wherever you go. Even though it is an oversize blanket it is ultra lightweight and super portable. This means you can bring it with you no matter where you go while being comfy enough to give your toddler the freedom to play on any surface.

10. Grey Arrow Minky Baby Blanket by Kids N’ Such


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This isn’t your standard toddler throw blanket. It is a multipurpose blanket that can be used for everything from swaddling your baby to using as a throw blanket on a couch or floor. The Grey Arrow Minky Baby Blanket from Kids N’ Such is completely machine washable which makes cleanup a breeze.

This blanket is 30 inches by 40 inches in size which allows you to fold this blanket in half to make it even more comfortable for your baby. It is made from a soft mink material that feels plush on their skin.

Why we love it – Kids N’ Such make top quality products with your child at the forefront of their mind. This blanket features a super soft material with a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing. It is also large enough to make it thicker when your toddler is playing on a hard surface.

How We Chose the Top Toddler Blankets in Our List


There are many types of fabric you can choose from when deciding on your toddler’s blanket. The fabric type you choose can affect your baby’s skin.

Cotton is one of the most used and popular types of material. It is soft and won’t irritate your baby’s skin while being durable and easy to clean. This material is an organic material that will not have any irritants or toxic aspects. It is good for children with allergies as it is soft and not man made.

Fleece is another fabric that is great for toddlers. It is a material that has great insulation meaning it will keep your children warm on those chilly winter days. It is also great for washing. Fleece is naturally tough against stains and is easy to wash. It also dries in no time at all. And on top of all that, it is incredibly soft so your children will love it.

Microfiber is another top rated material for babies. This is a human created material that involves single fibers being strung together to create the fabric. The great thing about this material is it’s easy to take care of. Simply toss these into the wash and they will be clean in no time, you don’t even need to use detergent.


There are many different shapes and sizes of toddler blankets on the market. Knowing how you will use the blanket will help you pick the size you need. For example, if you are going to use it as a multi-purpose blanket you should look for a larger size, say a 45+ by 45+ inch option. This will make it easy to cover a car seat, crib bed, or even line a jumper. A larger sized blanket will also make the ground that much more comfy for your baby. Simply fold the sheet in half or thirds for added comfort under their body for tummy time.

If you don’t need to use the blanket for more than one thing you can get a smaller one. A 36 by 30 inch blanket can be perfect for swaddling and covering your baby when breastfeeding. Just keep in mind it will offer less cushion when used as a play mat.

It is not recommended to consider blankets that are smaller than 24 by 24 inches. This size doesn’t really have a purpose when it comes to toddlers. Sure it can be a nice piece of material to put under your baby but it won’t offer any padding and isn’t even large enough to swaddle with.

Choosing what’s best for you

There are many aspects of a baby blanket you should consider before buying one. Things like the material and size will affect how you use your new baby blanket and how much your toddler actually likes it. It is important to get a blanket that is soft enough for everyday use. If you live in colder environments, getting thicker blankets is more important as babies are known to get cold much faster than adults.

Picking the best baby blanket may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. All of the options on our list are top of the line and each have positives. Many have a cashmere border that will add style and comfort to your baby. They will love all of the soft material around them especially when they go down for a nap.

Do you have a Toddler Blankets on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 28th of November 2017

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