Kids grow up faster than we would like. It can be hard for parents to transition their kids out of cribs and into toddler beds. Oftentimes, they are ready to make the move much before we are. The independence your child gets from being able to get in and out of bed on their own can be intimidating. It is easy to view a crib as being one of the safest places for your child to be when they are not in your arms. Luckily, the best toddler beds come equipped with solid side rails and head boards that help give your children all the safety they would get from a crib without the constraints of a crib.

To help make this tricky transition as seamless as possible we have compiled a list of the best kid beds on the market. All of the beds that made our list have top safety features and help make it fun and easy for your child to advance to this next stage in life.

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Oftentimes kids graduate from their crib and become ready for a transition bed far earlier than parents are. Commonly children do not respond well to the confinement of a crib and as soon as they learn to climb out it becomes unsafe for them to be in it. Graduating to a toddler bed can be scary, that is why it is important to do your research and read the toddler bed reviews in order to find the best and safest bed on the market.

When a child is able to climb over the rails of a crib they are left at an unsafe height and risk damage when falling out the other side. Toddler beds are designed to sit low to the floor. Like cribs, they feature side rails that are designed to hold your child safely in bed, even if they are squirmy sleepers. Unlike cribs, these transition beds feature an area without rails that your child can freely climb in and out of bed and are therefore less likely to get hurt.

From beds that are designed to replicate the look of full-sized grown-up beds to some that play on your child’s interests there are many different options. Whether you choose a bed that has a simple contemporary design or one that is designed to look like a real-life race car, it is important to check the safety features and the weight restrictions.

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I love your website. I found all the info I needed and it helped me a lot while equipping my daughter's room. The last piece was the best and I choose your n.3. Thank you!
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