10 Best Toddler Beds in 2018


What Are The Best Toddler Beds? – Let’s Review!

Kids grow up faster than we would like. It can be hard for parents to transition their kids out of cribs and into toddler beds. Oftentimes, they are ready to make the move much before we are. The independence your child gets from being able to get in and out of bed on their own can be intimidating. It is easy to view a crib as being one of the safest places for your child to be when they are not in your arms. Luckily, the best toddler beds come equipped with solid side rails and head boards that help give your children all the safety they would get from a crib without the constraints of a crib.

To help make this tricky transition as seamless as possible we have compiled a list of the best kid beds on the market. All of the beds that made our list have top safety features and help make it fun and easy for your child to advance to this next stage in life.

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Toddler Beds Reviews

1. Cherry Classic Toddler Bed by Dream On Me


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This is one of the top rated toddler beds on today’s market. This Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed comes in seven different colors to perfectly accent your child’s room. From a rich cherry stain to a soft pink color there is a color to suite everyone.

This toddler bed incorporates all the safety found in cribs and brings them to a much larger toddler sized bed. With a low center of gravity this bed features two side rails that will protect your squirmy little one throughout the night. Sitting low to the floor allows your child to have independence when getting in and out of bed

This bed is a dream to assemble coming with all the necessary tools to have your little one enjoying it in no time. Weighing in at just over 16 pounds this bed features a lightweight solid wood design. Despite not being heavy this bed is stable. Being able to support your little one through their growth until they reach 50 pounds.

Why we love it – Allowing your little one to transition from a crib to a bed with ease this toddler bed has all the safety you as a parent could want. Exceeding all safety standards this bed is structurally sound and stable enough to thoroughly support your little one’s growth up to 50 lbs. This lightweight bed is made free from any harmful materials such as latex, lead, BPA and phthalates. The two sided safety rails combine with the low center of gravity to leave your child more confident to sleep in their grown up bed.

2. Grey Toddler Bed by Orbelle Trading


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This grey modern toddler bed is available in seven different styles making it even more accessible to everyone. Choose your favorite color and allow it to perfectly accent your child’s nursery. Coming with a stylish contemporary design, this bed features a high quality solid wood design for an affordable price.

Safety is Orbelle Trading’s number one priority with this quality toddler bed. A perfect option for when your child graduates from sleeping in a crib. This bed has two side safety rails that prevent them from falling out of bed no matter how squirmy they are. With head and foot boards they will feel confident knowing they are secure while still having freedom. The design of this bed sits low to the floor allowing your child to get in and out of the bed independently. The low center of gravity also makes it safer for your child.

Setting up this solid wood bed frame is a breeze. Coming with all the necessary tools you will need, your child will be able to enjoy this lightweight bed in no time. Assembling this bed is easier than ever which will make it easier to enjoy.

Why we love it – Available in many different colors to perfectly accent your child’s room, this solid wood contemporary style bed is the perfect transition frame for you little one. With a clear focus on safety the duo side rails are designed to keep even the squirmiest toddler securely in bed. With a low center of gravity this bed allows your child to independently get in and out of bed while keeping them safe.

3. Disney Minnie Mouse Plastic Toddler Bed by Delta Children

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Every Disney fan will love this bed. This Minnie Mouse inspired bed is fit for a princess. The full pink color allows your little girl to feel confident and happy as they transition away from their crib. Coming in 14 different themes including Paw Patrol and Angry Birds there are many different themes for your child to choose from. Delta Children have made this bed for children aged 15 months and older and up to 50 lbs.

You will appreciate how easy it is to assemble and its lightweight design. With secure side rails and a low to the ground design this bed will give you the confidence to transition your little one into this toddler bed. This bed has passed all of the safety requirements of the CPSC and ASTM. With a sturdy steel frame and a high quality plastic construction you can rest assured that your kid will be safe and comfortable in this bed.

Why we love it – This Disney princess toddler bed is a great option to encourage your children to sleep through the night. It is low to the ground so your kids can have the independence to get in and out of bed on their own. The side rails will keep them safe without making them feel confined to the bed. With the bright colors and the engaging graphics this bed helps turn bedtime into a fun and enjoyable time.

4. Disney/Pixar Cars Wood Toddler Bed by Delta Children

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Delta Children expertly designed this Disney inspired toddler car bed for boys. Your child is sure to get a thrill from sleeping inside the beloved Lightning McQueen race bed. With high edges being featured all the way down the sides of your bed your child will sit safely without feeling like they have rails on. While still allowing them independence your child will easily be able to get in and out of bed from the foot of the bed.

Designed with a strong and sturdy wooden frame your child will enjoy this bed just as much during the daytime as they do at night. Featuring a race car design with lots of printed photos from the cars movie your child will enjoy bedtime as it is now a time filled with fun.

Meeting all safety requirements you can rest assured that this fun race car bed will keep your little one safe and happy. Designed for children 15 months and older this is the perfect transition bed until your child is ready to graduate to a full sized bed.

Why we love it – Safety is the top priority for this family owned company which can be easily seen with this toddler transition bed. With a Disney inspired Cars theme that your child will love, you can rest assured that they will be safe and secure. Meeting all safety requirements this bed is made using high quality solid wood that is sturdy and reliable. This bed expertly transitions bedtime into fun time.

5. Race Car Toddler Bed by KidKraft

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The Race Car Toddler Bed will quickly become a favorite in your household. This bed is perfectly designed to look just like a racecar fulfilling your child’s fantasies. The creative design does not compromise safety but instead incorporates the safety measures into a fun design. This helps your child to feel more confident focusing on the cars designs rather than the impressive safety measures.

There are rails in the shape of car windows that create a boundary keeping your child securely on the bed. There is even a bench at the foot of the bed so your child will have a place to sit and get dressed in the morning. This is also a great way for your child to crawl into bed with ease. With bright sheets keeping with the nascar theme your little one is sure to feel ready to zoom to sleep. With many additional race car accessories available it is easier than ever to fully decorate your child’s room.

Why we love it – If you have kids that love cars this is the bed for them. The colorful artwork and shape will put a smile on their face and the safety features will put one on yours. You will likely not have to pay for a separate mattress as this race car bed fits most crib mattresses. This will save you money while allowing your child to graduate successfully to his transition bed.

6. White Contemporary Design Toddler & Kids Bed by BigOshi


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If you are searching for a stylish bed you will fall in love with this simple contemporary bed. BigOshi has beautifully designed this toddler bed to be both stylish and safe. This bed mirrors the mold of full sized grown up beds allowing for an easier transition for your little one to eventually graduate to.

This bed makes transitioning from a crib a safe experience as it features large side rails that extend a good distance down the bed which helps squirmy sleepers. Near the bottom of the bed there is an open space that allows your child to have a sense of freedom and independence. The low design allows your child to easily and safely climb in and out of bed. The bed has also been made to accommodate children up to 60 lbs. allowing them to use this bed longer as they grown.

Why we love it – If you are looking for a stylish yet safe bed for your toddler the Contemporary Design bed by BigOshi is the one for you. Made of quality solid pine wood this bed is sturdy in construction and tough enough to support your growing toddler. It comes in 4 colors that will fit your baby’s room.

7. Espresso Toddler Day Bed by Dream On Me


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Dream On Me’s Espresso Toddler Day Bed is all about quality. You will be impressed by every aspect of this bed from the solid wood construction to the ample safety rails. The simple design makes this look and feel like a sturdy designed bed. The storage drawer under the mattress is a perfect spot for extra bedding and pillows.

This bed comes in 4 great colors including black, cherry, espresso and natural wood. Each color exudes quality and makes the bed stand out. Your child will fit this bed until they are 5 years old or 50 lbs. There is some assembly required but comes with everything needed to piece it together.

Why we love it – Dream On Me is a great company when it comes to quality products. Their Toddler Day Bed is a great example of this. It has been constructed out of solid wood that is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. In fact, this could be the perfect bed if you are planning on having more than one kid. It is so durable that it will stand up to not one but two toddlers.

8. Disney Princess Canopy Toddler Bed by Delta Children


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If you have a daughter who loves Disney Princesses or the movie Frozen you should strongly consider this bed. The base includes 6 legs for added support and features large guardrails that keep your loved one from rolling off the bed. The base has been made for kids up to 15 months and 50 lbs.

What makes this bed stand out is the large organza canopy that has lace streaming down the posts. This bed comes in three color schemes: pink, blue or a combination of both. Each feature Disney characters on the footboard, headboard and even the canopy.

Why we love it – This bed from Delta Children will make even the fussiest kid want to climb into bed. The canopy will make your daughter feel like a real-life princess. The ruffles, bows, and canopy give this bed a magical feel. And the best part is all it takes to put this bed together is a simple screwdriver.

9. Fire Department Twin Loft Bed With Slide Bed by Dorel


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Kids who love everything to do with firetrucks and firemen need to have this bed. Not only does it have a bright red fire truck on it but it is also shaped like a fire hall. No fire hall would be complete without a way to get to the truck quickly – this bed even has a built-in bright red slide.

The Fire Department Twin Loft Bed by Dorel has a top bunk with a play area underneath making this a great option for people with a smaller space. You can even put a desk under the bed so your kids have a fun place to do homework. This will encourage them to start liking school and learning. You will also love how easy this bed is to put together. The lightweight design features a sturdy metal frame that is sure to safely support your child.

Despite the double layered design this bunk inspired toddler bed sits lower to the floor than typical bunk beds. Featuring side rails to keep your little fireman safely in bed this bed is as safe as it is fun. Featuring more surrounding rails than most other beds on our list there are only two small gaps for your child to independently get in and out of bed. With their choice of a ladder or a slide, this fun bed is sure to be a favorite in your household.

Why we love it – Any kid will love this Fire Department Twin Loft Bed With Slide. It features a raised bed with a ladder they use to climb into bed. Featuring large fully surrounding safety rails your child will stay securely in bed throughout the whole night. Building confidence this bed still features a relatively low design that allows them additional safety. The bright red slide and the additional play space under your child’s bed is sure to be a cherished place full of imagination.

10. Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler Tent Bed by Delta Children


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If you have kids that love Disney this Mickey Mouse Tent Bed will be perfect for them. It has pictures of their favorite character on the footboard and headboard and a tent that will make them feel safe. The bed even has windows and a roll up entry door. To make it safe this toddler bed has two guardrails that keep your kid from rolling out of bed. It is so safe that is has a stamp of approval from the JPMA.

It has been designed to hold up to 50 lbs. and kids 15 months and older. The frame is made from a durable steel material with high-quality plastic parts to keep it lightweight and easy to move around. This bed will fit a standard sized crib mattress that will give you kids a comfortable sleep through the whole night. If your kid isn’t liking the tent you can easily remove it without struggle.

Why we love it – Disney fans will love this bed. The sides and tent are bright and cheery which will make your toddlers want to crawl into bed. No longer will you have to coax your kids to get into bed. It is also safe and durable as it features a high-quality construction and rails to keep them secure while they sleep. As an added bonus the bed sits high enough from the floor that you can fit small storage bins under it while being low enough that your kid will be able to enter and exit this bed with ease.

Choosing what’s best for you

Oftentimes kids graduate from their crib and become ready for a transition bed far earlier than parents are. Commonly children do not respond well to the confinement of a crib and as soon as they learn to climb out it becomes unsafe for them to be in it. Graduating to a toddler bed can be scary, that is why it is important to do your research and read the toddler bed reviews in order to find the best and safest bed on the market.

When a child is able to climb over the rails of a crib they are left at an unsafe height and risk damage when falling out the other side. Toddler beds are designed to sit low to the floor. Like cribs, they feature side rails that are designed to hold your child safely in bed, even if they are squirmy sleepers. Unlike cribs, these transition beds feature an area without rails that your child can freely climb in and out of bed and are therefore less likely to get hurt.

From beds that are designed to replicate the look of full-sized grown-up beds to some that play on your child’s interests there are many different options. Whether you choose a bed that has a simple contemporary design or one that is designed to look like a real-life race car, it is important to check the safety features and the weight restrictions.

Do you have a Toddler Beds on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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