Kids grow in the blink of an eye. Once sleeping in the crib next to you, they soon transfer to their own toddler bed in the comfort of their own room.

Frequently, they are ready to make such a move much sooner than we are, because they like the independence that comes with their own bed and the ability to get in and out whenever they feel like.

As a new parent, you might find this transition a little intimidating. What if she falls? Is she comfortable? Just to clarify, 

the best toddler beds come equipped with solid side safety rails and headboards that keep your children secure in the first place. Of course, the market offers several options for you.

To help make this tricky transition as seamless as possible, we have compiled a list of the 10 best toddler beds on the market. All these best toddler beds that made our list have top safety features. 

Hopefully, one of the options we’ve recommended makes it fun and easy for your child to advance to the next stage in his life.


How To Choose A Toddler Bed – Buying Guide

Deciding on a bed for your toddler is not an easy task. Not only you have to consider safety standards of the product but also find features that will make it appealing for your toddler. After all, this is a new stage for him.

To make this decision easier for you, we’ve selected the must-have criteria that the best toddler beds have. Here they are:


There is no height standard when it comes to toddler beds, on the other hand, it would be beneficial to find a bed that has a lower position. Let your toddler sit on the bed and make sure their soles touch the floor. A low positioned bed will make it easier for your toddler to get in or out of bed, and it will take away the fear of falling out of bed at night. 

Guard Rails

The best toddler beds have railings on the side with a headboard and footboard. The railings help ensure that your toddler doesn’t roll off the bed. The headboard and footboard have the same functionality, as well. A bed with guard rails will provide some peace of mind with regards to your child’s safety while sleeping.


The legs of the bed need to be sturdy to hold the weight of a toddler. The guard rails and headboards provide more pressure to the bed that might need support with extra legs to ensure a sturdy frame. 

Ease of Assembly

A bed should be easy to assemble. Some manufactures will include a user manual and all the tools that you need to assemble the bed quickly. In order to make sure the bed is assembled correctly, check the manual first and ensure that all the joints and main connection points are connected securely.


Toddler beds are made from durable plastic or wood. A plastic frame is light weighted and easy to clean. A wooden frame, on the other hand, is ordinarily durable and heavy-weighted with an ability to hold more weight than a plastic frame. The product should be free of BPA, phthalate, or lead to ensure a non-toxic environment for your kid.

Mattress Included 

Beds for toddlers that come with mattresses will ensure that the mattress is the perfect fit for that bed. If you need to buy an additional mattress, make sure that you have the precise size of the bed so that you get a snug-fitting mattress. 


Toddler beds come in different designs, types, and materials. Still, the most important thing to consider is the comfort level it offers. A comfortable mattress and design will ensure that your child gets a full eight hours of peaceful sleep.

Different Types of Toddler Beds

There is a variety of different toddler beds on the market to suit every individual style.

Convertible Cribs: A convertible crib is a bed that can be transformed into a full-size bed as your child grows up. At first look, this might seem like an expensive option, but in the long run, it will save you from buying a completely new bed.

Futon Toddler Beds: usually used by the Japanese, a Futon bed is a toddler bed that has no support frames and can be folded away to save space. 

Loft Bed: A bunk bed or loft bed is a great way to save space by having a bed at the top and a play area or perhaps a desk under the bed. Some of these loft beds are designed with a slide, too. 

Platform Beds: Close to a full-size bed in design, it comes with drawers and boxes that connect to the bottom of the bed for storage for some toys or clothing.

Storage Beds: With built-in drawers in the frame, a storage bed is a favorite of many parents. Known for their additional safety, you can store a lot of your little one’s toys in the handy drawers. 

Twin-sized Beds: Children love twin-sized beds as they look just like mommy and daddy’s bed. They are ideal if you have enough space in your kid’s room. 

Traveling Beds: These beds are easy to assemble and feature a blow-up mattress typically. You can use them for camping or a visit to grandmothers’. 


Q: What ages are toddler beds for?

A: There is no specific age for a toddler bed.

The transition generally happens between one and a half years to three and a half years of age. It also 

depends on you and your toddler’s readiness.

Q: Are toddler beds worth it?

A: It definitely is! 

A transition between a crib and a big bed, a toddler bed will not take up a lot of room in your kid’s room. It will be low enough for your toddler to quickly get in and out encouraging a sense of independence for him. He will soon discover that his bed is a special place to play, as well.

Q: Should I get my toddler a twin or full bed?

A: This decision is entirely up to you.

Depending on the size of your kid’s room, you can prefer a full bed, which will take some play area out of the room. On the other hand, it will last longer and will be more budget friendly in the long run.

Q: Do you need a bed rail for a toddler bed?

A: Yes, definitely! 

A bed rail or half rails will assist in keeping your little one from rolling off the bed during the night. It is an additional safety feature and will provide you with extra peace of mind.

Q: At what age should I convert crib to a toddler bed?

A: There is no fixed age at which you should change your crib. 

Parents usually base it on the age and the weight limit linked to the bed. When your child nears the weight limit you have to consider upgrading.

My Babies Planet Overview

Frequently kids graduate from their crib and become ready for a transition bed far earlier than parents are. Commonly children do not respond well to the confinement of a crib, and as soon as they learn to climb out, it becomes unsafe for them. 

Toddler beds are designed to sit low to the floor while featuring side rails that are designed to hold your child safely in bed, even if they are squirmy sleepers. Unlike cribs, they feature an area without rails that your child can freely climb in and out of bed, as well.

A toddler bed can seem scary at a first glance, but if you make your research well, then you can find the best and safest bed on the market for your specific needs. Reading toddler bed reviews also helps!

From beds that are designed to replicate the look of a full-sized grown-up bed to convertible ones, there are many different options. Whether you choose a bed that has a simple contemporary design or one that is designed to look like a real-life race car, it is essential to check the safety features and the weight restriction before purchasing one.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you out with our list and one of our recommendations is “the” toddler bed you are looking for.

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