10 Best Teething Necklaces in 2018


What Are The Best Teething Necklaces? – Let’s Review!

When your child starts to teeth, it can be a wonderful developmental step for them. However, while it’s exciting for you to see them grow up, teething can cause a lot of pain for your little one. During these moments of pain, many moms will either wear or have their child wear a teething necklace for them to chew on and get some relief for the pain that they are going through, but how do you know which is best baby teething necklace available?

To be completely honest, there can easily be way too many options for you to choose from and it can get confusing very quickly as to which you should buy to help your child. To help you, we went shopping and built a list of the best teething necklaces on the market to provide you with our reviews of the best baby teething necklaces for moms to wear.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.


Baby Teething Necklaces

1. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Gift Set by Powell’s Owls


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Made from the highest quality amber, the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Gift Set from Powell’s Owls can provide your child with a safe and organic relief from their teething pain. Designed to provide a durable and safe teething necklace for your child, the screw clasp can prevent your child from taking the necklace off while each bead is secured with two knots to help prevent them from being a choking hazard. A safe alternative to chemically made teething tablets, which can be toxic, the amber necklace natural succinic acid can help their immune system and reduce gum swelling.

Why we love it – By providing teething pain relief in as little as 15 minutes, the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Gift Set from Powell’s Owls can help reduce the drooling and fussiness that your child may be experiencing.

2. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace by The Art of Cure


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Providing your child with anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting from succinic acid, the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from The Art of Cure uses only 100% real baltic amber and can provide your little one with teething relief which can help reduce their fussiness and drooling that can come with teething. With each bead tied in place, keeping your child safe when wearing the necklace is paramount for the manufacturer.

Why we love it – Designed to be worn by your child and not chewed on, the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from The Art of Cure can provide your child with a natural way to ease the pain from teething.

3. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Babies by Baltic Wonder

Baltic-Amber-Teething-Necklace-For-Babies-by-Baltic-Wonder Check Price Now

Handcrafted and safely knotted, the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Babies from Baltic Wonder can offer your child a necklace that helps reduce common signs of teething such as drooling and fussiness. With its Anti-inflammatory as well as Succinic Acid Immune Boosting properties, the teething necklace can provide your child with the relief that they need. With a screw clasp, your little one won’t be able to accidentally pull apart and take the necklace off which could create a choking hazard. Even with the safety clasp, you will want to make sure that you keep an eye on your child while they wear the necklace, even if you leave the room for a minute.

Why we love it – The benefits of necklaces made from Baltic amber have been touted for quite some time. When we started our amber teething necklace reviews, we wanted the benefits to shine brightly and with the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace For Babies from Baltic Wonder, they certainly do.

4. Cosmopolitan’ Hard + Soft + Cushy Beads All-in-1 Teething Necklace by Bebe by Me

Cosmopolitan'-Hard-+-Soft-+-Cushy-Beads-All-in-1-Teething-Necklace-by-Bebe-by-Me Check Price Now

Touted as the only teething necklace to use a combination of hard, soft, and chewy silicone teething beads that are FDA approved, the ‘Cosmopolitan’ Hard + Soft + Cushy Beads All-in-1 Teething Necklace from Bebe by Me helps to give your child more than just one type of chewing surface to help soothe their irritated gums. Machine washable, and freezer friendly, the All-in-1 can help cure their teething pain and drooling while massaging and soothing their sensitive gums.

Why we love it – While created to offer your child multiple choices to use as a teether, the fashion aspect is something that moms will love. With its contemporary look, you can easily wear it as a fashion necklace with any outfit.

5. Blue Dolphin Silicone Necklace for Teething Babies and Kids by Mommy’s Touch

Blue-Dolphin-Silicone-Necklace-for-Teething-Babies-and-Kids-by-Mommy’s-Touch Check Price Now

With its fun design, the Blue Dolphin Silicone Necklace for Teething Babies and Kids from Mommy’s Touch is made with 100% food grade silicone that passes the FDA’s testing requirements. Made with fun designs, the silicone necklace is durable enough to be a recommended choice for use with children that may have sensory needs such as oral fixations, thumb sucking, or ADHD and safe enough to encourage aggressive chewers to use their molars on the teething necklace.

Why we love it – With its safety and durability tested and proven, the Blue Dolphin Silicone Necklace for Teething Babies and Kids from Mommy’s Touch is a high-quality teething necklace for your baby that can help foster the growth of their new teeth.

6. Rainbow Silicone Teething Nursing Necklace by Ska Direct

Rainbow-Silicone-Teething-Nursing-Necklace-by-Ska-Direct Check Price Now

Made with the highest quality food grade silicone, the Rainbow Silicone Teething Nursing Necklace from Ska Direct offers your child a brightly colored, contrasting pattern that can help provide visual stimulation and support brain development while soothing their sore and irritated gums. With a breakaway clasp for added safety, the nursing necklace can also be a great sensory tool to help your baby focus during feedings. Fully compliant with the FDA and the CPSIA, the necklace is BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Cadmium, Nitrosamine, Lead, and Latex-free so you can feel confident when your child uses it on their emerging teeth.

Why we love it – With its bright colors and ability to provide visual stimulation and brain development, the Rainbow Silicone Teething Nursing Necklace from Ska Direct is one of the top-rated teething necklaces on our list.

7. 100% Natural Amber Teething Necklace by Mommy’s Touch

100%-Natural-Amber-Teething-Necklace-by-Mommy’s-Touch Check Price Now

Offering your child a natural remedy to the pain that they can experience during teething, the 100% Natural Amber Teething Necklace from Mommy’s Touch is packaged with a certificate stating that each organic and all natural piece of jewelry is 100% certified from the Baltic region in Lithuania. Providing your child with anti-inflammatory and succinic acid immune system boosting properties naturally found in amber can help reduce swelling and pain in children who are teething which can also reduce drooling and fussiness that are common with teething.

Why we love it – With any amber teething necklace, safety is a major concern. With the 100% Natural Amber Teething Necklace from Mommy’s Touch, the knotted polished beads without any sharp edges or cracks. A screw-in clasp that will break away as an additional safety measure.

8. Marotaro ‘Kyoto’ Designer Teething Necklace by Bebe by Me

Marotaro-'Kyoto'-Designer-Teething-Necklace-by-Bebe-by-Me Check Price Now

Many parents are looking for more than just a teething necklace that can help ease the pain that their child is going through. With the Marotaro ‘Kyoto’ Designer Teething Necklace from Bebe by Me, not only does it provide your child with the world’s first and only teething necklace with multiple chewing surfaces, but it can also provide parents with a stylish necklace that can be worn anytime.

Made from only top organic food-grade silicone, the Marotaro can provide your child with instant relief from teething pain while reducing the amount of drooling and also aid in their sensory development. To keep your child safe, each necklace has a breakaway clasp, making it easy for them to pull it off and not risk wrapping their arm around it.

Why we love it – The Marotaro ‘Kyoto’ Designer Teething Necklace by Bebe by Me provides your child with a safe, toxin and BPA free teething necklace that help relieve their pain easily. When they are done, it can easily become a fashionable necklace for mom to wear.

9. Playdate’ Silicone Teething Necklace by Chew-Choos

Playdate'-Silicone-Teething-Necklace-by-Chew-Choos Check Price Now

For many parents, a silicone teething necklace, like the ‘Playdate’ Silicone Teething Necklace from Chew-Choos is the best thing for their child’s irritated and sore gums. With the silicone in this teething necklace, only food-grade silicone is used which means that it is safe from BPA’s, phthalates, cadmium, lead, and latex. A great alternative to other teethers that will eventually get dropped on the floor by your little one and end up dirty, the Playdate is hygienic, hypoallergenic, and resistant to bacteria.

Why we love it – A great baby shower gift, the ‘Playdate’ Silicone Teething Necklace from Chew-Choos can provide your little one with a safe, silicone teething necklace that can last a long time.

10. Teething Necklace Wood for Baby by Barvinok

Teething-Necklace-Wood-for-Baby-by-Barvinok Check Price Now

To some parents, using a teething necklace means that their child should get the best option available and for many that mean an organic teething necklace, such as the Teething Necklace Wood for Baby from Barvinok. The natural materials, making them completely safe for mom to wear and for kids to play with. With beads made from 100% cotton yarn, they can easily provide relief to your little one’s sore gums.

Why we love it – A handmade product, the Teething Necklace Wood for Baby from Barvinok are carefully designed to satisfy the strict quality standards that both mom and baby have.

How We Chose the Top Teething Necklaces in Our List

When your little one reaches a point where they may need a teething necklace, choosing the best one for them can be harder than it might appear to be. When we started building our list of the 10 Best Teething Necklaces in 2018, we wanted to be sure that the reviews that we presented you with met the specific criteria that we used to pick our list and make sure that it is as comprehensive as possible so that you would know that we make sure to recommend only the very best to you and your child. Our Criteria included:


When you start looking around at all of the different options when it comes to teething necklaces for babies, certain materials become prevalent. Many parents recommend using necklaces made from amber, citing that the naturally occurring succinic acid can help relieve their pain. Other necklaces out there can be made from wood or food-grade silicone to help ease their pain. While there are some materials you will want to avoid such as plastic or PVC, which are made from materials that could break off and be a possible choking hazard.


While the texture is likely not one of the first things you would think of when it comes to what to look for in a teething necklace, but the texture on the necklace could be the difference between helping ease your child’s pain and soothe their irritated gums and another screaming session. The texture is important to pay attention to when you buy a teething necklace. The better the texture, the more your child will feel relief from the pain of teeth breaking through their already-irritated gums.


A teething necklace can come in many different lengths and the parts that they can chew on to help relieve their pain can as well. Trying to choose one that doesn’t have many small pieces that can possibly break off is important. The old rule is, if they can hold it, they can swallow it and with many of the small pieces found on many teething necklaces, they could easily become a choking hazard


Chewing on a teething necklace can be the only way for your child to get any relief from the pain that they are experiencing. A good quality necklace can hold up to all the chewing and gnawing that they will want to do without falling apart. Many food grade silicone teething necklaces can easily handle all the wear and tear that your little one can put it through.


Most teething necklaces can be relatively inexpensive. There may be some, however, that in an attempt to cash in on the latest fad in teething necklaces, command a higher price. Be sure to remember that higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. Be sure to do your homework and choose the one that fits your budget and your child’s needs.

Benefits of Teething Necklaces

The benefits that can be attributed to your child using a teething necklace can be very apparent and also not so well known. What we wanted to do is shed some light on some of the bigger benefits of your child using a teething necklace to relieve their pain.


Many manufacturers realize that designing a teething necklace for mom to wear that can also be stylish is important because not only are moms more likely to be wearing the necklace but by making the necklace more fashionable, chances are that it will look more likely to match whatever they happen to be wearing. A teething necklace can be a nice accessory for your outfit and can provide your child with some much-needed relief when their gums start to get irritated.

Self Soothing

Teething is painful. Period. When your child is teething, it can be very painful for them and you may not be able to do anything to comfort them and keep them from screaming. When they are going through a really painful moment, they can chew on the surfaces provided by the teething necklace and ease the pain they are feeling and bring some relief to those irritated gums.


More often than not, when your child’s teething pain flares up, you’re not going to be home where you can offer them a lot of different ways to help relieve their pain. A teething necklace puts that relief on the go. A teething necklace can go anywhere you can go and it just sits around your neck. You can let them chew on it while you hold them or unclasp the necklace and let them chew on it on their own.


While the cost of a teething necklace is something to look for when buying one to help alleviate your child’s pain, it is also a great benefit. Being able to help soothe your little one’s pain shouldn’t cost you a ton of money and they should be able to benefit from quality materials that allow them a break from the pain of their new teeth breaking through their gums. Because of the affordability, it’s not surprising to see many parents have more than one necklace.

Pain Relief

Overall the main benefit of a teething necklace for your child. From start to finish, when your child is teething, it can be very painful and they’ll go through it multiple times while their baby teeth come in. It’s not going to get any less painful for them. Having something such as a teething necklace to help ease and soothe their pain can make the process a bit more bearable and hopefully, less filled with screaming and back to smiles and laughter that much sooner.

Dangers of Amber Teething Necklaces

When your child is teething, finding anything to help ease their pain fast is always on the top of your list. At the top of the list for many parents, these days are amber teething necklaces. These necklaces have a lot of myths about them regarding the help it can provide your child and can also be dangerous. What we wanted to do was shed a little light on the risks of using an amber teething necklace. We understand that while they are a part of our 10 Best Teething Necklaces in 2018 list, knowing the risks before buying is something every parent should know.

What is an Amber Teething Necklace?

An amber teething necklace is made from Baltic amber. The prevailing theory about their benefit is that when your little one wears is, the heat from their body will trigger the release of a tiny amount of oil which can contain a naturally-occurring substance in their body, succinic acid. This oil reportedly has an analgesic effect on your little one’s swollen and sore gums when it’s absorbed.

Using Amber Teething Necklaces Myths

While many people tout that the succinic acid found in the beads of amber can work as a natural painkiller, while they are made with natural ingredients and are drug free, medically speaking, there is no evidence to try and support to notion that the oil actually relieves any of the pain that they are going through.

Risks of Using an Amber Teething Necklace

Whether you believe that amber necklaces work and can provide your child with a natural, painkilling relief or not, the beads that are on an amber necklace can be a serious safety risk for your little one. Many pediatricians do not recommend using one because, even though they aren’t meant to be a chewed on, the risk is still very high that they could remove a bead while chewing on the necklace and choking.

Another reason is that they can pose a very serious strangulation risk for your little one. In fact, it’s a good idea to not allow anything to be put around your child’s neck. It’s important to remember that while any type of teething necklace, whether it’s made from amber, wood, rubber or another material, can pose a risk of choking. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants never wear jewelry at all.

Choosing what’s best for you

Choosing the best nursing necklace for your child to help them manage the pain that can come with teething, might not be as easy as you first thought. It’s very likely that you are going to have many different things to consider first. With our list of the 10 Best Teething Necklaces in 2018, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for and the benefits of a teething necklace before you left your house.

Our hope is that you may pick one of our recommendations that we put onto our list, but we understand that ultimately, the one you choose will come down to personal preference.

Do you have a Teething Necklaces on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 29th of January 2018

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