When your baby comes home, helping them relax and sleep is an important thing to do. Everything to them is brand new and having a safe, comfortable and secure place to sleep can help them relax at the end of a very busy day. This is where a quality swaddle blanket comes in, but how can you tell what the best swaddle blanket on the market is?

With that in mind, we decided to do some shopping for you and compile a list of our 10 Best Swaddle Blankets  in 2020 to give you some ideas of the options out there for you and your little one.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can spend your time focusing on your new baby and make their sleepytime much more enjoyable for them.

If you’re ready, we can get started.


How To Choose A Swaddle Blanket – Buying Guide

Choosing a swaddle blanket sounds like it would be an easy process. Go, get back, done. But hang on, with plenty of options of the market these days for swaddling blankets, picking the best one for your child and not always to first one you see can make a world of difference. Not every blanket is the same, so to help, we used a specific set of criteria to help make finding the best blankets easier for you. Our criteria included:


Whenever it comes to buying things for a baby, material is always going to be important. The material used in a swaddle blanket is even more important because of the closeness to your baby’s skin it will have. Blankets can come in a multitude of fabrics including flannel, muslin, polyester and knitted wool. However, the best blankets tend to be made from cotton which is soft, gentle and lightweight.

Type and Style

Swaddle blankets can come in many different types and styles. All of which can be used by your little one to help them rest peacefully at the end of another long day. Traditional blankets can be square in shape, letting you wrap and fold them around your little one while others may have fasteners which can make it much easier to wrap your baby.

Another variation is a wearable, where you only need to put your child inside and zip it shut. Any style of swaddle blanket will work, finding one that not only does the job but one that fits your style and budget is the trick.

Ease of Use

Parents have a lot to do with a new baby coming home. The last thing any parent wants is to struggle when swaddling their child to help them take a nice long nap. Finding a swaddling blanket that is not only easy to use but can also provide comfort and secure is very important. Messing with a swaddle blanket can cause a newborn to get very cranky.


The size of your newborn’s swaddle blanket can be one of, if not the most important things to consider. The size of the blanket will help to determine the comfort and usefulness of it. Buying on that is too big won’t wrap around your little one well and could be dangerous if any extra material covers their face, which can lead to suffocation. Buying one that is too small, can have the opposite effect. Wrapping your baby in this type of blanket could result in it being too tight, causing them to be uncomfortable at night and cry.


For new or even expectant parents, you want to buy your newborn child the best things money can buy. However, having a budget in place helps you not go broke while preparing for their arrival. While a swaddle blanket isn’t the most expensive thing that you’ll buy for your newborn baby, some variations on the market can have a higher cost to them. While these options, such as wearables and sleep sacks can be easier to use, choosing one that fits within your budget is fine as they do the same essential job.

Benefits of a Swaddle Blanket

For new parents who might not have spent a lot of time around newborns, the idea of a swaddle blanket, a simple piece of fabric being beneficial can be, at times, hard to believe. But to those who have used swaddle blankets before, will speak highly of their benefits when caring for a newborn. Those benefits include:


As any new parent will tell you, when your newborn baby sleeps, it’s like heaven on earth. Using a swaddling blanket can help decrease the startle reflex that all newborns have, which can cause him or her to wake up and cry. Its very important to remember that when you lay your little one down to sleep, to lay them on their backs and not their stomachs. Sleeping on their stomachs can increase the risk of SIDS.

Helps to Soothe

Babies cry. That is a fact. Newborns, cry a lot. Everything is new and bright and loud and can be a lot for their new little bodies to process. Using a swaddling blanket can give them a secure feeling, such as the one they had when in the womb. This feeling can lead to significantly lower levels of nervousness and anxiety and in turn, can help them cry less.

Body Positioning

Using a postpartum wrap can help keep a lot of the uncomfortable movement of your skin around your midsection. This movement won’t only make you feel uncomfortable, but can also cause stretch marks and do damage to the skin’s elasticity. Preventing this movement will help aid in the recovery and help to build an attractive post-baby bump midsection.

Reduce the Risk of SIDS

SIDS, otherwise know as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can cause a numerous amounts of newborns to die each year. Newborns should only be sleeping on their backs, as studies have shown that sleeping on their stomach can increase their SIDS risk. Using a swaddle blanket properly and laying them on their back will reduce this risk as well as reduce the likelihood that they will fidget and shirt while they sleep and end up on their stomach.

Prevents Injuries

When a newborn baby comes into the world, for the first time, they have a free range of motion to feel out their world. At the tips of these little fingers are their newly forming fingernails, which might not be sharp to you, but to their delicate skin, they can cut and scratch very easily. Properly swaddling your little one at night can help keeps those arms in a safe and secure position and help reduce the chances of them being injured.


Swaddling your baby can help to make breastfeeding an easier process as well. Your new baby likes to move, they have much more room to move about then they did for the last nine months. A swaddle blanket can help contain those movements, which can help them focus and latch-on. Even though skin to skin is best when first learning how to breastfeed, using a swaddle blanket to drape over mom and the baby can provide some extra warmth.

Tips for Using A Swaddle Blanket

If this is your first child, you have probably never seen or heard of a swaddling blanket. Which is fine. No one expects you to be an expert on Day 1. Because of this, we wanted to offer some tips for a new parent when it comes to using a swaddle blanket:

  • Be sure to use only one blanket at a time. Using two or more blankets to swaddle your little one can lead to overheating.
  • Make sure that the swaddle blanket has a good closure system and won’t unravel easily, this could be dangerous.
  • Focus on making the blanket comfortable for your little one, not tight. While you are restricting the movement of their arms and legs, the should still be able to move.
  • Once your baby can roll, stop using a swaddle blanket. That could spell disaster.
  • Make sure you choose a lightweight and breathable blanket material so that your little one can rest in maximum comfort.

My Babies Planet Overview

When it comes to choosing the best swaddle blanket to use for your child, the choice you make can come down to more than cost, material, features or any other superficial reason. At the end of the day, as with any product you will likely buy for your newborn, you will want what’s best for them.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Swaddle Blankets in 2020, we have shown you some options out there on the market that you may want to consider for your little bundle of joy.

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