As temperatures rise, and the warm season approaches, you must ensure that your baby is comfortable at all times. During this time, light clothing and stroller fans are your baby’s best pals. Unlike adults, baby bodies are not developed enough to effectively regulate their temperature. Thus, if your baby is exposed to high temperatures, it is easy for their body to overheat and leave them at risk.

The best fan for strollers is built to tackle this problem. With their special design, stroller fans can easily be mounted on your baby’s stroller, crib, and even playpen to keep them cool at all times. These baby friendly fans are also designed to keep your curious baby engaged and entertained.

Plus, their versatility and portability mean that you can use them on multiple occasions; ranging from shopping with your baby to cooling your baby during sleep at night. So to ensure your baby is comfortable and healthy this year, pick an option from the 10 best stroller fans in 2020 listed below.


How To Choose A Stroller Fan – Buying Guide



The best fan for strollers must be portable. Remember that you are using the fan on your child’s stroller so you want it to be easy to handle and move around with. Additionally, if your stroller fan is portable, it becomes even more versatile allowing you to carry and use it anywhere. 

Typically, you want your fan to measure at least 5 inches so it maintains portability. You want it to be portable enough to be able to toss it into a backpack, diaper bag, or even stroller organizer. Yet, you don’t want it to be too portable and compact that it loses functionality.


The flexibility of your stroller fan also helps to enhance its functionality. When clipped on your baby’s stroller, playpen or crib, you still want to be able to adjust its position to ensure your child is effectively cooled. So when you are looking for the best fan for strollers, look for features such as a swivel base and a 360 degree vertical and horizontal rotation design. 

A swivel base can be clipped on to an object from any direction. A 360 degree horizontal and vertical design on the other end allows the fan to be repositioned so it can blow air from any angle. You may even come across stroller misting fans that blow mist and can be positioned from different angles to ensure your baby is cooled at all times. 

Attachment Method 

Most stroller fans come with a clip that can be fitted to them or one that is built-in.  This design makes it easier to attach the fan to any object. You will, however, also come across special designs such as the WiHoo stroller fan which bears a quadruple tripod leg stand instead; allowing you to clip it, wrap it or hold it on your hands. The legs even fold for easier storage. Although this fan attachment method is not a clip-on, it still proves to be quite effective.  

Other fans such as the BluBoon stroller fan even feature a 2-in-1 clip-on and freestanding design. When you are choosing the best stroller to purchase, examine the attachment by looking at how strong it is.  Ensure that the clip-on holds tightly to the object. Give the object a brisk shake to see whether the fan holds on securely or if it wobbles.

Battery Life

You also want your fan to have reasonable battery life. In general, many stroller fans boast a battery life of anywhere between 2 to 8 hours, depending on the running speed. However, you may come across some that can power up to 40 hours. The best fan for strollers to invest in should at least operate for a minimum of 4 hours, so it’s a good idea to invest a couple of extra bucks to get such an option. 

If you expect to experience significantly more time without power supply, invest in a stroller fan that operates on non-rechargeable batteries. Good quality non-rechargeable batteries can operate for more than 20,000 hours before they need replacement. These types of fans also come in handy during longer travel or outdoor activities such as camping or beach picnics. 

Charging Options

To ease the worry of battery life, many stroller fans are built with multiple charging options. For example, you can find a stroller fan that comes with a rechargeable battery that can be powered either through a wall outlet or a USB interface. So in case of power outages, you can still charge the fan using the USB cable connected to a laptop or power bank.

Whilst some fans use rechargeable batteries, others use replaceable ones. Other fan models use both rechargeable and replaceable batteries. On their own, some stroller fans can also function as charging ports themselves. So when your stroller fan is fully charged, it can then charge your phone, GPS,  music player, or your baby’s small electronic toys.


Similar to its portability, you want your fan to be lightweight as well. Remember, you will be attaching the stroller fan to objects such as crib frames, canopies, and handles. So you don’t want the stroller fan’s weight to be overbearing. Going for a lightweight stroller fan also allows you to easily carry it anywhere with you.


Your baby’s senses are also not developed enough to handle loud noises. Even as adults, we often find noises quite distracting and annoying during sleep. You don’t want the stroller fan to be noisy during operation. Most of the times you use the stroller, your baby will either be sleeping or napping, so you don’t want the noises from the fan to be distracting or startling. When you are choosing a fan, opt for one that is built with a brushless or quiet motor. In addition to a brushless motor, go for a fan that produces noise levels that are no more than 40db at high speed.



Q: Do I Need A Stroller Fan?

A: Yes. If you have a baby or toddler, a stroller fan is essential because they are unable to regulate their temperature. During warm weather, they are likely to overheat if their bodies are not cooled, thus, putting them in danger. Light baby clothing and stroller fans are your baby’s pal during warm weather.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Stroller Fan?

A: Apart from keeping your baby cool, stroller fans bring with them numerous benefits. Some of the common benefits include keeping bugs away, cooling enough to allow you to expose your child to some sunlight for Vitamin D, and keeping your child engaged and entertained. For more engagement, try to get your child stroller fans designed with their favorite characters such as Paw Patrol or Disney stroller fans.

Q: How Do I Know What Is The Right Size For My Stroller?

A: Many stroller fans are designed with a standard clipping width that fits the majority of strollers. Stroller fans that may have slightly different widths, whether narrower or wider, normally specify the actual size. To be sure, measure the width of the stroller handle and that of the fan’s clip-on. Or you can attach the fan and check whether it holds securely or not. 

My Babies Planet Overview 

Stroller fans form an integral part of your little one’s daily routine. The stroller fan reviews prove how these essential baby items go just beyond cooling your baby. One can even say they are a parent’s companion when they are on-the-go as they help to entertain and engage you otherwise growing and curious baby. Their portability and versatility also make them a great investment, whether you want to cool your baby when they are sleeping or sneak some time to work on your laptop with a cool breeze. So what’s left is to scan through the list of the 10 best stroller fans above to find the right unit for you and your little one.

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