When you are traveling with your baby or simply heading to the park, you want them to enjoy the same comfort riding in their stroller as they do when they are in their crib. Whether it is during the warm summer or colder winter season, you should have the right clothing and supplies to keep them cozy. Baby stroller blankets do a great job of keeping your baby comfortable.

The best blanket for strollers is designed to keep your baby warm and cozy during the cold. And during warmer days, they protect them from the sun and bugs whilst provide ample air circulation. These essential baby blankets also integrate exceptional versatility allowing you to use them in multiple ways whether you want to swaddle your baby or carry them on your belly.

Compiled below for you is the list of the 10 best stroller blankets in 2020. Each unit combines style, and functionality to keep both you and your baby satisfied. And who says you can have both comfort and style even on a baby stroller.


How To Choose A Stroller Blanket – Buying Guide



You will come across a myriad of stroller blanket sizes and types when you are choosing the best blanket for strollers. So before you invest in a blanket, you must know which type you want. Generally, there are three types of stroller blankets. These include lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight blankets. 

Lightweight stroller blankets are ideally designed for the spring and summer season. They are normally lightweight and made from cotton or other similar natural fabric. These blankets also tend to be breathable, thus, enhancing air ventilation for your baby and preventing overheating. 

They are also larger in size and easily fold so you can cover your child however you want. Because of their lightweight and reasonable coverage, they can also be used during the colder seasons for layering.

Heavyweight blankets are used for the colder seasons. They are normally made from cotton or polyester in the form of knits, or flannels. The interior is normally lined with thermal material such as fleece to help enhance warmth and coziness for your baby.

Because they are designed to tackle the cold weather, they tend to be thicker and bulkier, so, it may not be easy to stuff them in diaper bags. Additionally, their bulkiness also makes them poor with breathability when compared to lightweight options. Yet, for outdoor activities such as jogging or walks during colder seasons, they are the best option. 

Middleweight blankets on the other end find themselves between lightweight and heavyweight blankets. They are normally used for all seasons either as blanket covers or layers. 


The best blanket for strollers is typically made from cotton or polyester. For lightweight blankets used in warmer weather, cotton is normally used. The cotton material makes the blanket highly breathable and lightweight, to ensure your baby is comfortable. Blankets used during the colder seasons are made from bulkier materials such as polyester.  

It is the properties of polyester that makes it a perfect material. This is because whilst it provides ample warmth, polyester also bears quick drying and moisture wicking properties to ensure your baby is not too hot, sweating and uncomfortable. 

Other strollers such as the JJ Cole Urban Bundleme Stroller Blanket feature added material such as the quilted nylon to enhance their functionality. The quilted nylon exterior, for example, helps to protect your child from the cold and wind. 


You will come across stroller blankets that are designed for the colder seasons, warmer seasons or all seasons. Typically, lightweight stroller blankets are designed for the summer and spring seasons. Heavyweight blankets are designed for use during fall and winter seasons. However, you may also find options such as the Skip Hop Stroll and Go Stroller Blanket. 

The Skip Hop and Go Stroller Blanket is designed to cater to the spring and fall seasons. However, it also comes with an extra snap-on layer that can be added to the blanket during the winter season. Additionally, you can also use some lightweight or middleweight stroller blankets as layers during the winter season.


Typically, stroller blankets are designed for use on any occasion. These blankets feature a neutral color making them ideal for both baby boys and girls. They also make a great gift idea because of this same design especially if you are gifting a mother-to-be without knowing the baby’s gender.


The best blanket for strollers should also be versatile. Such blankets are designed to be used elsewhere other than with a stroller. These blankets can be used in a nursery and a car. Blankets such as the Bebamour Universal Stroller Blanket, for example, allow you to carry the baby directly without needing a stroller.

Whilst other designs can be used either as stroller covers or used to swaddle your baby.  Other designs even bear snap-on or button-on layers for easier temperature control and usage in different seasons. It is always a good idea to go for versatile blankets as they allow multiple applications and work great for different seasons, thus, giving you more value for your money.



Q: What Is A Stroller Blanket Used For?

A: A stroller blanket is a special stroller cover designed to keep your baby warm and comfortable when they are on the stroller. They are especially useful when you are on-the-go because,  unlike the full sized crib blankets, they are small and function as a throw blanket to keep your baby warm.

Q: How Do You Keep Baby Warm In Stroller?

A: Dress your baby in warm clothing. Layer their clothing with a base layer, sweater, and jacket. Do the same for the bottom; add inner layering pants and heavier outer pants. Don’t forget socks and a hat. You should also use a blanket to tuck your baby when inside the stroller before you cover them with a stroller blanket.

Q: What Is The Best Fabric For Baby Blankets?

A: Natural fabrics are the best for baby blankets. Yet, the exact choice depends on the season.  Cotton, for example, is lighter and breathable making it ideal for warmer seasons; Wool and cashmere on the other end are highly thermal and plush, making them great for colder weather.

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Keeping your baby safe and comfortable is always a priority for any parent.  And the Stroller blanket reviews above prove this point. These stroller blankets are especially handy when you are on-the-go or during travel. With a myriad of baby stroller blankets available, the choice is entirely up to you. Whether you want a fashionable and trendy option or practical and versatile one. And before you invest in one, let the buying guide outlined above walk you through to choosing the best blanket for strollers. Plus, you don’t have to look further, because with the list of the 10 best stroller blankets above you will find the choice you need.

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