When pregnant, a woman’s body goes through several changes, one of them being swollen feet due to the change in her blood circulation. Some women even have to change the size of their shoes while waiting to give birth. 

A comfortable pair of shoes that not only helps relieve the strain but helps support an expectant mother’s feet is an ideal solution, but how can you tell which shoes for pregnancy are the ones you are looking for on the market?

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of our 10 Best Shoes for Pregnancy in 2020 to give you some ideas of the options out there. We hope with our recommendations, we can make the shopping process a bit easier for you.

The Best Shoes For Pregnancy

How To Choose Shoes For Pregnancy – Buying Guide

Pregnancy shoes vary depending on the material, style, and for which occasions they will be used. With several options on the market, we set certain criteria to narrow down the options to help you choose the right maternity shoes.

Ease of use

Struggling with straps, latches or buckles is not something an expectant mom wants to deal with especially during the later months of her pregnancy. Having shoes that are simple to put on makes things a lot easier for women to leave when the time to leave the house comes.


As a woman gets closer to giving birth, her feet start to feel the impacts of expecting a baby even more. Having a pair of shoes that can support not only your feet but also your legs can help reduce the aches and pains you are experiencing while pregnant.

Wiggle Room

Tight shoes are the worst thing that a pregnant mom-to-be can have. As the pregnancy progresses, feet swell even more. Having a pair of shoes with a little extra wiggle room can make an expectant mother’s feet all the more comfortable.


Some expectant mothers continue to work even until the last week and having a comfortable shoe to wear to work is very crucial. Shoes should fit perfectly for daily usage as well to allow women to run errands like shopping, taking other children from daycare, or jogging. 


Every woman wants to look fabulous, but a pregnant one wants to feel even more fabulous when it comes to style. Being limited in options already, the style of the shoes play an important role in women’s overall mood. Pregnant or not, who doesn’t want to complete her looks with a stylish pair of shoes?

Types of Shoes Every Pregnant Mom Needs

For an expectant mother, one type of shoe isn’t going to help keep her feet comfortable. Between that and the different types of weather that they could encounter, a mom definitely needs to own different pairs of shoes for every occasion. 


Typically, a casual style shoe will be the one worn most of the time. A casual shoe can provide the best comfort and support for those times when you may be out shopping or getting things done around the house. A good casual shoe will be a go-to for an expectant mother.


With a lot of women choosing to work while expecting, finding comfortable shoes is very important, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Strong feet are the key to strong legs and strong legs help you do your job more easily and comfortably. 


More and more women are choosing to be more active while carrying their child. They go to the gym, do jogging, or attend yoga or Pilates classes. Finding a shoe that can support your joints that carry extra weight during pregnancy, can help you to enjoy these activities even more.


Babies aren’t only born during the summer months, sorry! If your baby is due on one of the months in winter, the weather may not exactly cooperate with you walking around with your little one growing inside your tummy. When picking a boot, make sure that it provides good heel support with either a wide calf or one that has a little bit of stretch so you can wear them if you’re swelling a little bit. A good non-slippery footplate is also an absolute necessity. 


Due to swollen feet, women will forgo the traditional footwear for a comfortable pair of sandals and feel a nice breeze blowing around their feet. This is a great option as long as you can find a comfortable pair of sandals that will support your feet.


Q: How should you wear shoes while pregnant?

A: Choosing the correct and comfortable shoes for pregnancy is vital. 

As your feet become hot during pregnancy, any shoes with lightweight fabric are a must. The shoes must allow your feet to breathe. Also, support is important as you want your shoes to move with you. The innersole should be comfortable. Maternity shoes for swollen feet with arch support are great especially towards the end of the pregnancy. You also want to look stylish, but during this important time for your life, comfort and support should always come first. 

Q: Should I buy shoes while pregnant?

A: Sure, you will need to buy a pair of pregnancy shoes while carrying your bundle of joy. 

As your foot size might change, don’t splurge on an expensive pair of shoes as you may find that they might be too big after birth. 

You can find plenty of low-price comfortable shoes in pregnancy on the market that still looks good. As you get closer to your due date, comfort is the key! You may also find out that your feet size might change even after birth. 

Q: What are the best shoes for swollen feet?

A: Pregnancy shoes with breathable fabric are the best option for swollen feet. 

On the other hand, the best shoes for pregnancy summer is a pair of comfortable flip-flops. During the summer months, sandals that give good support are great as your feet are out in the open.  If the sandal offers arch support as well, you may find that your feet although swollen won’t feel as tired.

Pregnant women need shoes that will support their feet and all women who have been pregnant will tell you that your feet will not be in the same size after a long day at work. During the winter months, on the other hand, find shoes that have breathable fabric and that can expand with your feet. 

Q: Can a pregnant woman wear high heel shoes?

A: You can wear high heel shoes even if you are pregnant. 

Remember you are carrying extra weight and your feet are the bearer of this weight. Your body is changing shape and your center of gravity is changing, so that can make you less steady on your feet than normal. Most physicians won’t recommend wearing high heels during pregnancy, especially in the later months. If you feel you can’t live without the height, try kitten heels or wedges, which can balance out the height or shoes with maternity heels.

Q: Do you go up a shoe size when pregnant?

A: Yes, it is normal for your shoe size to change during pregnancy and this sometimes stays the same even after the baby has been born.  

The more weight you put on during pregnancy the greatest chance of your shoe size changing. Greater weight adds greater pressure to top your feet, so you will notice them becoming wider to create a better sense of gravity. This way it is important to make sure you are always wearing comfortable shoes. And remember your feet can swell during the day, especially if the weather is hot. 

Q: Can you wear flip-flops while pregnant?

A: Yes, flip-flops are the perfect choice in the summer as they are easy to wear and let your hot feet breathe. 

But many flip-flops don’t give your feet the support you need.  As a result, you may develop plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel and bottom of the foot) if you wear flip-flops during pregnancy. Sandals are one of the best supportive shoes for pregnancy because they provide greater support to your ankles and at the same time can support the arches of your feet. 

Q: Can I wear wedges during pregnancy?

A: Of course, you can wear wedges! 

In fact, the shorter the better. A thinner and higher heel is definitely much more painful for your back and legs. Wedges or kitten heels will give you more balance and flexibility, while still complementing your body. 

Go for a peep-toe wedge for casual wear or kitten heel pumps for a smarter look, it all depends on your outfit. But as your pregnancy moves on any kind of high should be ditched for smart shoes with a minimal heel. This also includes wedges as you can lose your sense of balance as your baby gets bigger. So for your own safety and the unborn baby take the heels down during the last stages of pregnancy. 

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Pregnancy is a blessing for a woman and with all the changes her body going through, it is the utmost importance to provide her all the extra comfort she needs. With our list of the 10 Best Shoes for Pregnancy in 2020, we did our best to give you options on material, style, and occasion. We hope with our recommendations, you will be able to find your shoes more easily and enjoy your day more comfortably. 

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