10 Best Shoes For Pregnancy in 2018

The Best Shoes For Pregnancy

What Are The Best Shoes For Pregnancy? – Let’s Review!

When going through pregnancy, a woman’s feet can go through a lot to say the least. Having a comfortable pair of shoes that not only helps relieve the strain but helps support an expectant mother’s feet is ideal but how can you tell which are the best shoes for pregnancy on the market?

With that in mind, we decided to do some shopping for you and compile a list of our 10 Best Shoes for Pregnancy in 2018 to give you some ideas of the options out there for you and your little one.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the process a bit easier for you so you can spend your time focusing on your new little bundle of joy that’s on the way

Ready? Let’s get started.


Shoes For Pregnancy Reviews

1. Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe by Skechers


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The Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe from Skechers offers any expectant mom not only a comfortable shoe to wear with their patented Resalyte cushioning but one that is also very easy to put on and take off.

With its synthetic sole, every step taken in the Go Walk Slip-Ons is a supported one on any surface while a woman’s heels have the full support of the shoe, keeping tired feet from ruining their day

Why we love it – The Go Walk Slip-On from Skechers offers moms a lightweight and comfortable shoe that can be worn on a daily basis without causing extra foot pain to already achy feet.

2. Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat by Lucky Brand


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During the day, a woman’s foot can change and swell, which might make some shoes uncomfortable. Thankfully the Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat from Lucky Brand gives a woman an easy to pack option for those situations.

With its synthetic sole and memory foam inside, feet can feel comfortable every time. While these are easily slipped on and off, they do not have an arch to them and may cause more foot pain in some expectant mothers.

Why we love it – The Emmie Ballet Flat from Lucky Brand is a suitable backup shoe for any expectant mother whose feet ache during the day. While they may not be an all day shoe, they can be good as a go between to give your feet some relief.

3. Women’s Donna Hemp Flat by Sanuk

Women's-Donna-Hemp-Flat-by-Sanuk Check Price Now

Some expectant mother’s choice to be vegetarian can extend to the types of materials that they will wear, including their shoes. With the Women’s Donna Hemp Flat from Sanuk, the hemp material is vegan and vegetarian friendly

A slip-on shoe, the textile lining and molded EVA insole that features an antimicrobial additive to help reduce foot odors.

Why we love it – The Donna Hemp Flat from Sanuk offers expectant mothers a quality option for those that may be either vegan or vegetarian and not like the thought of wearing some other material on their feet.

4. Women’s Rock Sandal by Dr. Scholl’s

Women's-Rock-Sandal-by-Dr Check Price Now

Dr. Scholl’s, a very reputable name in foot care have manufactured a sandal, that with the Women’s Rock Sandal, can offer quality comfort to a pregnant woman’s feet at a very reasonable price point.

Lightweight, this manmade sandal can easily slipped on or stored in a bag for an extra pair of shoes on a nice day to help relieve foot pain.

Why we love it – The name Dr. Scholl’s has been synonymous with foot care since 1968. With the attention provided to giving women a comfortable shoe to help achy feet, this is easily one of our top rated pregnancy shoes on our list.

5. Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals by Orthaheel

Tide-Slide-In-Orthopedic-Sandals-by-Orthaheel Check Price Now

For many people, the words orthopedic and shoes do not really paint the picture of being a shoe that is comfortable to wear. However, the Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals from Orthaheel would beg to differ.

With its padded neoprene upper liner, every foot step is cushioned to help a pregnant woman’s feet feel comfortable and padded every time they wear them. The sandals’ lightweight and flexible construction absorbs shock helping reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees.

Why we love it – The Tide Slide Orthopedic Sandals from Orthaheel gives expectant moms and easy to put on sandal that is manufactured to comfort their feet and help relieve some of the stresses their feet go through.

6. Women’s Kadee Flat by Crocs

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Crocs, known for making comfortable, but maybe not always fashionable shoes for the entire family, has designed a shoe in the Women’s Kadee Flat that while retaining the comfort aspect, is a bit more fashionable, giving expectant moms a great out on the town shoe.

 With its synthetic sole, the Kadee has an airy and flattering low-cut vamp and cut-out details to help provide a stylish option whether around the house or out getting errands done.

Why we love it – The Kadee Flat from Crocs gives an expectant mom a comfortable shoe that at the same time can be very stylish. Choosing the right fit is important though as Crocs does not make a width with so choose accordingly.

7. Arizona Sandals by Birkenstock

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With a cork footbed that conforms to their foot, the Arizona Sandals from Birkenstock offer an expectant mom a classically designed sandal that has been imitated for years, but has never had the comfort and quality duplicated.

With its adjustable straps, getting a precise fit with the Arizona Sandals is easy. Once set, sliding your feet in and out of them makes wearing them much easier. Designed to evenly distribute body weight, which can reduce any strain put on feet, ankles or knees.

Why we love it – While they can be on the pricier side, the Arizona Sandals from Birkenstock offer a mom-to-be a very comfortable option in a sandal that will conform to their foot for years and years of comfort.

8. Kola II by Bearpaw

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Women don’t become pregnant only in the summer, so having a comfortable boot for the harsh winter weather. With the Kola II from Bearpaw, you not only get a comfortable boot, but one that will keep you looking fashionable, no matter the weather.

A synthetic material boot, the Kola II adds flair by using goat fur on the outside of the boot to give it a furry look that can not only help keep your feet warm but keep you stylish.

Why we love it – With it’s head turning design, if you’re in the market for a comfortable, supportive boot for your achy feet that is also completely fashionable, the Kola II from Bearpaw may be for you.

9. Women’s Malia Poplar A Boot by Clarks

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Clarks, one of the best known names in footwear, has created a calf height boot with the Malia Poplar A Boot that not only provides a stylish option for an expectant mother, but can also be the perfect boot to support and care for their feet.

With a zipper closure, the leather boot features a rubber sole, making each step a comfortable one, while its Ortholite footbed helps to cushion your feet inside the boot.

Why we love it – With its comfortable features that will help to support a pregnant mother’s feet, without creating more strain, the Women’s Malia Poplar A Boot from Clarks provides a stylish option for any expectant mom.

10. Performance Women’s Go Walk Move Snow Boot by Skechers


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As with their Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe, the Go Walk Move Snow Boot from Skechers offers expectant mothers and extremely comfortable option to wear for those times when the weather may be less than ideal for a traditional sneaker.

With is Resalyte midsole cushioning and water-resistant design, whether you’re walking through a slushy mess or on a newly shoveled sidewalk, the Go Walk Move Snow Boot provide optimum comfort.

Why we love it  – With their V-Stride technology to help promote fluid stride transitions, the Go Walk Move Snow Boot from Skechers offers a very suitable follow up to their walking shoe option. An expectant mom couldn’t ask for more in terms of quality and comfort.

How We Chose the Top Shoes For Pregnancy in Our List

Choosing the best shoes to wear when you’re pregnant shouldn’t be one of the hardest decisions that you may have to make. Expectant moms already have enough on their plate. Because of this, we wanted to use a particular criteria to make sure that the products on our lists met the criteria and expectant mom would have. These include:

Ease of use

Struggling with putting shoes on with straps and latches or buckles is not very likely something an expectant mom wants to deal with during the later months of their pregnancy. Having shoes that are simple to put on makes things a lot easier for expectant moms to get ready to leave when the time comes.


As a mom gets further and further into their pregnancy, their feet can go through a lot of changes. Having a pair of shoes that can support their feet can help reduce the aches and pains that come with walking around while being pregnant.

Wiggle Room

Tight shoes are the worst thing that a pregnant mom-to-be can have. As their pregnancy progresses, it can affect a woman’s feet and cause them to swell. Having a pair of shoes with a little extra wiggle room can make an expectant mother’s feet all the more comfortable.


Comfort is one of, if not the most important piece of criteria for us to look at. An expectant mother has feet that at the end of a day walking around, are going to hurt. Having a pair of shoes that are completely comfortable can make their feet feel better even if it’s the tiniest bit better.

Benefits of a pregnancy shoes

Shoes for a woman who is pregnant can have a lot of benefits. Most of all, the benefits that the shoes an expectant mom wears have to help them on a day to day basis with the aches and pains that can come from pregnancy. Some of the benefits that can come with pregnancy shoes include:


While having comfortable shoes is a piece of criteria we look for, the benefit of comfortable shoes cannot be understated. Having a comfortable pair of shoes can reduce the wear and tear on a mom’s feet. With the aches and pains that an expectant moms feet go through, comfortable shoes are a must.

Reducing Back Pain

Having the right combination of comfort and fit can help reduce one of the major areas of pain that a mom-to-be can go through, back pain. The right shoes can help reduce the lower back pain that a mom goes through while carrying their little one to term.


A lot of things can happen during the day. Just because you leave the house in one pair of shoes, doesn’t mean that by the end of the day, they won’t be bothering your feet. A benefit of a lot of shoes for pregnancy is their portability by being able to fit easily into a shoulder bag so changing shoes during the day can be an easy process.


When a family is expecting, their budget can take a major hit, preparing for their new little bundle of joy. With a lot of shoes for pregnancy, the cost can be well within budget to help keep mom’s feet happy and not keep mom and dad from purchasing the necessities that they will need for their child.

Types of Shoes Every Pregnant Mom Needs

For an expectant mother, one type of shoe isn’t going to help keep their feet comfortable. Between that and the different types of weather that they could encounter, a mom definitely needs to own different pairs of shoes for every occasion. Some of these include:


Typically, a casual shoe will be the one worn most of the time. A casual shoe can provide the best comfort and support for those times when you may be out shopping or getting things done around the house. A good casual shoe will be a go-to for an expectant mother.


With a lot of women choosing to work during their pregnancy, that doesn’t stop their feet from hurting and finding a comfortable shoe is very important, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Getting sore feet from wearing uncomfortable shoes at work can sap your strength at work.


More and more, women are choosing to be active and exercise during their pregnancy, which can have benefits not only for them, but for their child in the womb as well. Finding a shoe that can support your joints, as during pregnancy, the weight gained can put extra stress on your joints.


Babies aren’t only born during the summer months. Sorry. When your baby is born during the harsh winter months, the weather may not exactly cooperate with you walking around with your little one growing inside your tummy.

When picking a boot, make sure that it provides good heel support with either a wide calf or one that has a little bit of stretch so you can wear them if you’re swelling a little bit.


Pregnant women are known to have swollen feet while they’re carrying their little one to team. To help, a lot of women will forgo the traditional foot wear for a comfortable pair of sandals and feel a nice breeze blowing around their feet.

This is a great option as long as you can find a comfortable pair of shoes that help support your feet that doesn’t cause any additional pain while you walk.

Choosing what’s best for you

Choosing the right shoe for you will always come down to which one you feel is the best shoe for your pregnancy. Trying shoes on to determine which one has the best fit and offers you the best amount of comfort will help make searching much easier

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Shoes for Pregnancy in 2018, our recommendations have given you some ideas of what to look for when choosing a comfortable pair of shoes.

Do you have a Shoes on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 15th of June 2017

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