The arrival of a new baby into a household can fill a home, as well as the new parents with love, hope, excitement and to be honest, sometimes they can feel a lot of back pain too. If you’re new to holding a baby you may not be aware that holding your newborn child can put a lot of strain on your muscles, especially in your upper back and shoulders.

Used for generations, slings have been able to provide parents a safe and comfortable option to use when carrying their child around the house or when they are out for the day. However, there can be a lot of different options out on the market today, so how can you know what is the best ring sling not only for your benefit but for your child’s as well.

When you go online to buy a ring sling, you want to make sure that you have all the information you need beforehand. Which is why we decided to go shopping for you and figure out what the 10 Best Ring Slings in 2020 are so you know what to look for.

With our ring sling reviews below, we hope that we can help you make a great decision for both you and your little one.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.


How To Choose A Ring Sling – Buying Guide

When you start looking to buy a ring sling to help you hold your child and keep them close, there can be certain things that you may want to look for, which can make choosing one much harder than it should be. When we started to build our list of the 10 Best Ring Slings in 2020, we wanted to make sure that when we recommended one to you, that it met all of our criteria so that you would know that we were recommending the best products available. Our criteria included:

Shoulder style

When you use a ring sling, it is meant to be worn around your shoulder, providing your child support when they are in the sling. There are some ring slings that are available in a p-design. This means that they can only be worn on one shoulder. This can be troublesome for parents who may not have strong use of both shoulders. To avoid any issues, it’s always a good idea to choose one that is versatile for either shoulder so you’re not limited in any way.


When it comes to buying a ring sling for your child, you will generally want to choose one that gives you options. Choosing one that measures to be a bit longer and wider can do exactly that. With the extra fabric, you can use it as a cover-up during inclement weather to protect your child from the elements. If you’re nursing, you can use the extra fabric for privacy or as a shade while they are napping,

High-Quality Materials

A big benefit that can come with using a ring sling is the level of comfort that it can provide your child each time they are using it. If you are going to be using a sling, you would want your little one to be as comfortable as possible, right? Materials that are heavy, thick, or could be scratchy to their skin can keep them from being comfortable. Look for ring slings that use soft, organic fabrics as well as cotton blends.


When you have a young child, the amount of laundry that you have to do seem outrageous, the last thing that you have is extra time to waste hand-washing a ring sling that has gotten dirty. The best suggestion we can make is to look for one that can be wiped down for easy cleaning or even tossed into the washer on laundry days.


When you become a parent, the cost is something that you look at when it comes to buying anything for your child. While a quality ring sling shouldn’t cost you a ton of money, finding one that is moderately priced is your best bet so that you can ensure that you are getting a high-quality item that can withstand the wear and tear that can come with years of use.


You will likely use your ring sling every day with your child. This can lead to a lot of wear and tear on the material the sling is made of. This could lead to the sling tearing, making it unsafe for your child. To ensure that it remains safe, look for a sling that shows signs of quality construction such as complete seams and sturdy stitching.

Benefits of a Ring Sling

When you decide to use a ring sling to help carry your child, there can be a lot of benefits to using a method of baby transportation that has been used by parents for thousands of years. While some parents may scoff at the idea of using a ring sling, knowing the benefits of using one before you go shopping can make it one of the smartest purchases you’ll make. These benefits include:


Using a ring sling to carry your baby around with you can be a much more convenient option, especially if you are still breastfeeding. By using a newborn hold, you can feed your baby much easier and also keep a closer eye on what they are doing at all times by being able to keep your baby close to your chest.

Hands Free

Between common household chores or doing some grocery shopping, being able to use both hands while holding your child in a ring sling is a major benefit to have. Depending on the type of sling you’re using, you may be able to safely and comfortably carry your child in a sling all day and still have your hands free to get other tasks done.

 Calming Effect

Babies generally very fussy when they at first and if they have colic, that fussiness can be at an extreme level. A ring sling can be a great way to help treat your child’s colic. By wrapping them in a ring sling and keeping them close, they can start to calm down much more easily than if they were just being held or laid in their crib.


Babies are naturally curious about the world around them. Parents have reported that while being held in a ring sling, their children seem much more interested in what’s going on around them and seem to be more entertained while being held in a ring sling. Some have even reported that their child was able to learn more quickly due to baby wearing.


Bonding with your child is a very important step for every parent. However, not every parent can spend all of their time with their child, especially if they have a busy work schedule. A ring sling can make it easier for you to bond with your child by keeping them close to your heart to help the two of you bond. Both you and your baby will enjoy it.

My Babies Planet Overview

Using a sling ring can be beneficial for both you and your child, but finding the right one that suits both of your needs can be a challenge. Between what to look for in a sling ring and making sure that your baby is comfortable, it may not be as easy as you may have first thought. What we hope is that with our guide of the 10 Best Sling Rings in 2020 that we can help make the process of choosing one much easier.

While we know that at the end of the day, the one you choose will ultimately come down to personal preference, if we can provide you with some helpful insights into buying a sling ring, then we are glad we can help.

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