As you’re carrying your newborn, you may not be aware that holding your child can put a lot of strain on your muscles, especially in your upper back and shoulders. Even tiny, babies cause back pain when hold consistently by parents in a wrong position putting a lot of stress on moms’ backs. 

Used for generations, ring slings have been able to provide parents a safe and comfortable option while carrying their child around the house or while running errands outside. Ring slings are light, comfortable, give you hands-free time, and most importantly have a calming effect on the baby as she touches her mom or dad. 

With so many different options out on the market today, how can you decide what is the best ring sling for you?

In order to make your shopping experience easier, we decided to compile a list of the 10 Best Ring Slings in 2020 for you so that you can make a quicker decision. Ready to find the best ring sling for you?


How To Choose A Ring Sling – Buying Guide

When we started to build our list of the 10 Best Ring Slings in 2020, we looked for important criteria in the ring slings we have gathered for you. These important details will make all the difference once you have found the right product for you given the fact that you will be using it almost every day for months. Shall we start?

Shoulder style

When you use a slings baby, it is meant to be worn around your shoulder, providing your child support when they are in the sling. There are some ring slings that are available in a p-design. This means that they can only be worn on one shoulder. This can be troublesome for some parents who may have difficulty in using both of their shoulders effectively. To avoid any issues, it’s always a good idea to choose one that is versatile for either shoulder so that you can use the product as you please.


When it comes to buying baby slings, you will want to choose one that gives you an option. Choosing one that measures to be a bit longer and wider can do exactly that. With the extra fabric, you can wrap lightly as a cover-up during inclement weather to protect your child. If you’re nursing, you can use it for privacy or as shade while she is napping.

High-Quality Materials

A big benefit that comes with using a wrap baby is the level of comfort that it can provide your child each time she is carried on your chest. If you were going to be using baby slings, you would want your little one to be as comfortable as possible, right? Materials that are heavy, thick, or could be scratchy to their skin can keep them from being comfortable. Look for a lightly padded ring sling that uses soft, organic fabrics as well as cotton blends for the ultimate comfort and coziness for your little one. 


When you have a child, the amount of laundry that you have to do seems outrageous and the last thing you have is extra time to wash it by hand each time your ring sling gets dirty. One of the best recommendations we have for you is to choose a lightly padded ring sling that can be tossed into the washing machine on laundry days. Don’t forget, babies are messy!


When you become a parent, the cost is something that you have to take into consideration more carefully. While a quality ring sling shouldn’t cost you a ton of money, finding one that is moderately priced is your best bet. A high-quality item will withstand the wear and tear that will come with years of use.


You will likely use your ring sling every day with your child. For the utmost durability, make sure that you choose a ring sling made out of quality construction such as complete seams and sturdy stitching so that there is no risk of the sling tearing down when you are carrying your baby.


Q: What are the benefits a ring sling?

A: Ring slings have a lot of benefits such as convenience, hands-free movement, calming effect on both on the mother and the baby, interactivity, and bonding.

  • Convenience: Using ring slings to carry your baby around with you can be a convenient option, especially if you are still breastfeeding. By using a newborn hold and keeping your baby close to your chest, you can feed your baby much easier and also keep a closer eye on her. 
  • Hands-free movement: Between common household chores or doing some grocery shopping, being able to use both hands while carrying your child safely in a ring sling is a major benefit to have. Depending on the type of sling you buy, you will be able to keep her close all day while you have all the freedom to complete your daily tasks.
  • Calming effect: Babies are generally fussy especially soon after birth. This fussiness can get even worse if they have colic. Ring slings, on the other hand, are a great way to help treat your child’s colic. By wrapping him in a ring sling and keeping him close, you can calm your baby more easily.
  • Interactivity: Babies are naturally curious about the world around them. Parents have reported that while being held in a ring sling, their children seem much more interested in what’s going on around them. They are both close to their mothers and exploring the world. What a joy! Some parents have even reported their children are able to learn more quickly during babywearing.
  • Bonding: Bonding with his or her child is a very important step for every parent. However, not every parent can spend time with her child, especially if they have a busy work schedule. Ring slings can make it easier for you to bond with your child by keeping them close to your heart whenever you find the time. We are sure that both you and your baby will enjoy this precious time.

Q: Are ring slings safe for newborns?

A: Yes, they are safe as long as you follow important instructions.

Make sure that your ring sling is about the perfect size for your newborn baby – you can test this by using your elbow as a tool to help you find the right adjustment for your ring sling. Of course, it is very important to make your ring sling is tied properly to make it baby proof.

Do not worry about the safety of your newborn using the ring sling carrying method – if you would like to ease your anxiety then roll a washcloth to snug underneath the nape of your baby’s neck for proper head support. The key is adjusting the cloth from the top part of the ring and slowly move your way to the last part of the ring for careful adjustment.

Regardless of using ring slings or a wrap, your baby must always be sitting in an “M” shape position – this position allows your baby’s legs to hang like an “M” shape with their knees hanging above their bottom. This proper safety rule of wearing any carrier is to avoid any discomfort for your baby’s hips. Placing your baby high enough for you to lean your head and reach them easily allows to you keep in check that their breathing would not be obstructed.

Q: Which is better ring sling or wrap?

A: It depends on the mothers’ choice as both options have pros and cons.

Using is breathable wrap cloth is quite comfortable for both you and your baby especially during hot seasons. However, one of the disadvantages of wearing the wrap is that it is a time-consuming process to wear it for you and your baby to get to a comfortable safe position – it also takes skill to learn and master this process. Having to frequently take out and take in your baby from the wrap becomes quite a tedious process to keep readjusting as well.

The most beneficial reason that makes the ring sling stand out from other wearing carrier forms is that it allows you to breastfeed your baby in a very comfortable manner. 

The ring sling works best while you are nursing your little one by loosening up the cloth in the ring and lowering your baby’s position towards your breast – another great advantage of this is to use the extra cloth as part of the sling can be used to cover yourself during nursing.

It is also comfortable enough for your baby to sit up in the sling, which gives a chance for your baby to get more support from the sling and less weight on you. Many sling clothes come in lovely soft and breathable fabrics that not only embrace both of you smoothly but also this carrier form looks quite aesthetically pleasing and feminine for the mom to be wearing.

Q: What is ring sling?

A: A ring sling is a form of a carrier to wear your baby with a piece of fabric wrap, which differs from a typical wrap by using an adjustable ring to conform to the pouched sling to your baby’s shape.

Q: Can a baby fall out of a ring sling?

A: Many worry about the chances of having your baby slip from the sling, but the chances of this happening are really unlikely. 

The ring sling allows the baby to sit low enough as a seat with the cloth covering their back to support the baby. The ring is quite supportive and does not require much adjusting as you would need from a simple wrap. This means that your sling can easily support your baby without using your hands all the time.

Q: How do you wear a newborn in a ring sling?

A: Firstly, decide which side of your body you would like to hold your baby from – the left or right side. Your ring sling must be readily wrapped to wear.

Assuming you would like to hold your baby from the right side of your body, proceed to hold the rings in your left hand with the tail pointing towards the left. Put your arm in and wear your ring sling to rest on your shoulder. If you would like to wear the ring sling on the left side of your body, the same technique should be done the other way around as well. You can hold the rings in your right hand with the tail pointing towards the right and continue to wrap it around your left shoulder. Ideally, your rings should be placed on your collarbone to ensure you are carrying your little one in a balanced manner.

Hold your newborn to your chest in order for your baby to naturally place their legs on the tube of the cloth. Your baby must have their knees above their bottom and placed high on your body as if you are ready to pat them for a burp. Once you have perfected this position, you can slowly spread the cloth and cover the rest of your baby from the nape of their neck. Keep wrapping, tightening the ring and adjusting around your baby’s bottom to scoop them into a proper seating hanging position.

Q: Do ring slings hurt back?

A: Wearing and carrying your baby with a ring sling for a long period of time can cause a strain and affect your neck, back, and shoulder. Make sure not to use it over long periods of time for the sake of your physical health!

Q: Are ring slings hands free?

A: Yes, these products are designed to give you the ultimate freedom while you carry your baby around safely. You can run errands or take care of your other child as much as you need to. 

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Sling rings have been proven to be a practical method of baby transportation that has been used by parents for thousands of years. While some parents may scoff at the idea of using a ring sling, knowing the benefits of using one is a game-changer for those who think the opposite.

We hope with our guide of the 10 Best Sling Rings in 2020, we have given you all the information you have been looking for before deciding to buy a sling ring.

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