When your child starts to learn how to walk, your home becomes an amusement park to them. Everything that was previously unreachable, is suddenly at arm’s length. While this is a good thing for him or her developmentally, it is also a threat to your child’s safety. 

As they get closer to the walking stage, you might consider buying a retractable baby gate to help you monitor your child more easily. Being light and easy to attach, these devices keep babies safe and under control, especially in large houses, allowing parents to take care of other things as their children play without any danger.

The problem is that there can easily be way too many options for you to choose from. With this in mind, we went shopping and built a list of the 10 Best Retractable Baby Gates in 2020 as well as a Buying Guide and FAQ to help you out with your decision.


How To Choose A Retractable Baby Gate – Buying Guide 

With our list of the 10 Best Retractable Baby Gates in 2020, we wanted to give you all the information we felt you may need when it came to what to look for. Our hope is that you may pick one of the recommendations that we put onto our list. 


The size is a crucial factor to consider before shopping. It is very important to measure the width of the opening where you will install the gate. If it’s at the staircase then measure both the bottom and top of the stairs. Here are some tips;

  • The height of the gate should be at least 22 inches and the thickness of the door should be more than 3 cm so it makes harder to climb
  • It is better to consider a gate with a two-way opening
  • The middle grill of the gate should not be horizontal otherwise it will give way out to climb through it
  • The gate’s guardrail must not be wide because the baby can stick out her head, arm, legs or hands, therefore you should check the slat distance before buying


Durability doesn’t come easy especially in baby’s products. You need to spend wisely and fairly to get it. Durable baby gates are something to think about seriously because if you are depending on a product for safety then it should pass all the required tests. Here are the few durability measures you should consider;

  • The grills of the gate should be made with metal so there won’t be any chance of breakage and won’t be stretchable at all
  • The swing door should be able to open from both directions
  • The highly adjustable gate with no extensions required. Babies grow up very fast and soon they can be tall enough to reach the height of the gate
  • It should be strong and durable enough to take the pressure, especially on the stairs. 

Ease of Use 

Install the gates on the top and bottom of your stairs, kitchen, and bedroom or near your pet as soon as your baby turns 5 months. A crawling baby is no less than a little soldier but as a parent, you should be careful towards your child. You can start using a baby gate from 5 months until 24 months of birth. You can install near the kitchen or the places of the house with risks of injury and accidents.


Once your child learns how to open a gate or to crawl over it then it’s no longer a safety device. The right type of safety gate at each location of your house is important. There are two kinds of basic baby gates;

  • Hardware mounted baby gates: These are strong, reliable and mostly hazard-free. They are wall-mounted and perfect for the top and bottom of stairs. This type of doors may leave a mark on a wall because it requires drilling but it is the safest kind of gate. 
  • Pressure mounted baby gates: These do not need much work for installation and easy to use anywhere. But they are not suitable for the staircase because they don’t drill into the wall and fall off with little pressure. This type of gate is portable and you can use it anywhere to provide maximum safety. You can take this at your relative or a friend’s house and install it for temporary use. 


Q: Are retractable gates safe? 

A: The right type of gate at the accurate place won’t do any harm.

We all have a place in our house where we don’t want our children to reach. A baby gate is an essential safety tool for parents. It is important to use one that meets safety standards and up to 24 months. 

Q: What age do you stop using baby gates?

A: You may stop using the baby gate according to personal needs and child growth. 

It is recommended to use a baby gate from 6 months to 2 years. If your baby becomes tall enough to reach the top of the gate then it’s a red flag.

Q: Do you really need a baby gate? 

A: A baby gate is essential for toddler’s safety at the several places in your house, where you don’t want your kiddos to reach. 

Even if you are with your child 24/7 within a blink of an eye small mishap happens, because you never know the next move of crawling or newly walking baby. 

Q:  Are pressure mounted baby gates safe for top of stairs? 

A: They are not. 

Pressure mounted gates don’t require drilling on doorframe or walls. They are just placed with the support of sticking devices by pressure. Pressure mounted gates are easier to dislodge and can cause any mishap. While it is not suitable for top stairs you can use them on the bottom of the stairs.

Q: Do you need baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs? 

A: It is recommended to have a gate both at the top and the bottom of the stairs. 

Most of the accidents likely to happen on stairs in the house, as an adult we can take care of this easily but for babies, you should consider these factors;

  • Do you frequently use the stairs throughout the day? 
  • Do you move objects or your child up and down to stairs? 
  • Is your baby super active and crawls everywhere? 

If the answers are yes to the above questions then you should look for a reliable baby gate that must be drilled to the wall instead of pressure mounted gates to provide the complete safety to your child.  

Q: How do I stop my toddler from opening a gate? 

A: The child gate should be taller than your child’s height so he won’t reach completely and it should be perfectly drilled. 

You should not choose pressure mounted gates because those are easy to dislodge. Moreover, you are responsible for the training of your toddler for the gate.

Kids are fun and they go through experimenting with everything around them. If you are thinking that sooner or later your toddler will climb the baby gate then you are right, so in that case, you should be one step ahead from your toddler. You can’t completely stop your child from something; all you need to be is to be extra smart.

Q: What are the benefits of using baby gates? 

A: Baby gates are mostly useful for the top and bottom of the stairs but you should choose strong drilling gates that don’t have any chance to lose balance or fall with pressure. 

The right baby gate is very useful in complicated areas of the house like the kitchen and balcony. Furthermore, you can also use the baby gate for separating your pet from your toddler.

As a parent, nothing is more important than the safety of your toddler so a gate is a smart solution to a big concern. There are many places in the house where a toddler shouldn’t reach either by crawling or walking and baby gates are installed there to protect your kid from any calamity. 

Q: What are some precautions I need to take care? 

A: Once your baby starts crawling now it’s your time to take in charge to use precautions concern safety and security. 

Decide what kind you need the most. There are two basic types of gates; hardware mounted and pressure mounted. Hardware gates are better than pressure-mounted gates because they are strong and have the least chances to lose the balance.

Pressure-mounted gates are only good for the places where you think less hazardous. You can also take them to the house of your relatives or friends to make the environment safer for your toddler. 

Before shopping, don’t forget to measure the height of your kid. The right gate should be taller from your kid. 

My Babies Planet Overview

Once your baby starts crawling then there are several precautions to take before they start speeding up. A baby gate is one of them and your responsibility doesn’t end when you buy one. You need to be extra attentive before buying because it should serve as a safety measure the way you expect it to be. Make sure that if you are investing in a baby gate, invest in the right one for a long period. 

Your child needs an environment to be playful fearlessly and durable things around them allow being themselves without facing any hazard. Thanks to our 10 Best Retractable Baby Gates in 2020 list, your children will be safe and joyful.

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