As your toddler grows older, they will become ready to start potty training. While mastering the skill of using a toilet will take some time for your child to get, they are finally at the point where they can be independent. The best pull-up diapers are designed so your child can be independent in pulling their pants up and down when rushing to the bathroom.

When entering this stage, it is important to have the best pull-ups for your toddler. This will help make the learning period easier and mess-free. We have found the ten best diapers to use to help your toddler master this art in no time. Our list offers a range of the different top-quality pull-up diapers available on the market and highlights the benefits of each.

Check out our list of 10 best pull-up baby diapers to find the best ones for your child.


How To Choose A Pull-Up Diaper – Buying Guide 

When choosing which pull-up diapers to purchase there are certain factors that you may want to take into consideration before making your choice. These include factors such as how absorbent the diapers are, whether they are reusable or not and more. To make the process of selecting the appropriate pull-up diapers for your child we have listed the different factors we took into consideration while gathering our list of the best pull-up diapers. These factors are listed below. 

Stretchy Garter

Pull-up diapers with a stretchy garter can provide greater comfort and movement to your child. The stretchiness of the garter can allow the diaper to fit snugly without creating any pressure, while the correct fit will allow your baby to move around freely and comfortably.

Comfortable Leg Holes

A comfortable leg hole is a key element to take into consideration as a leg hole that is too tight may cause chafing and diaper rash, while a leg hole that is too wide can lead to leaks. For this reason, we recommend pull-ups that have stretchy leg whole that will hug your child’s leg snuggly, while leaving enough stretch for them to move around.


Different pull-up diapers will have different levels of absorbency. When selecting which pull-up diapers to purchase it is important to choose the ones that provide the level of absorbency your child may need. If, for example, your child is in the early stages of potty training you may want to opt for pull-up diapers with a greater level of absorbency, whereas if they have been potty training for a while your child will do fine with diapers that have a lower absorbency level. Night-time pull-up diapers are usually made to have a greater absorbency to provide greater protection for your child at night.

Usage Label

Often pull-up diapers will indicate what the product is best used for. While pull-up diapers are overall used to help provide protection and comfort for your child while they are potty training, different diapers offer different levels of support and are appropriate for different uses. The most common distinction is pull-up diapers that are suitable for daytime or Night-time use. Most pull-up diapers will clearly indicate on their label if they are intended for Night-time or day time use. Some diapers even provide enough comfort and protection that they can be used both at night and during the day time. We recommend you read the label properly before purchasing a set of pull-up diapers, so you can determine if they are the right diapers for your child. 

Tear Away Sides

Some pull-up diapers come with tear-away sides that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the fit of the diapers or even change the diapers without having to remove all your child’s clothes. Tear-away sides are a great addition to pull-up diapers if your little one is still in the early stages of potty training and may require more frequent diaper changes. 

Ease of Use

Pull-up diapers are typically designed to be easy to use. Similarly to normal underwear, they can be pulled up and down, so it is easy to take them off and put them on when your child goes potty. Some diapers will include tear-away sides so you can quickly change them or adjust the fit when needed. 


Pull-up diapers are sized according to an American diaper sizing scale that functions based on your child’s leg size and waist size. When selecting pull-up diapers for your little one, make sure to check the sizing chart so you can purchase the correct size for your child. 


When purchasing pull-up diapers, comfort is a priority for most parents since they want their toddler to be comfortable while they run around in their pull-ups. When choosing a comfortable set of pull-ups, you want to look for ones that have extra stretch, so they aren’t too tight around your child’s belly or legs. Some diapers are made of soft cotton which will be particularly comfortable against your child’s skin. 


Reusable diapers are becoming more and more popular with parents because they are economically more viable, and they are friendlier to the environment. When selecting reusable pull-up diapers, it is important to make sure the diapers are machine washable as this will make your life that much easier and allow you to keep your child’s diapers fresh and clean. We recommend you read the product information carefully before purchasing reusable diapers to make sure they can be machine washed. 

Wetness Indicator 

Most disposable pull-up diapers come with a wetness indicator on the diaper. This is a practical design feature as it will fade when the diaper is wet, thereby letting you know that it is time to change your child’s diaper. Opting for pull-up diapers that have a wetness indicator will make it easier to keep track of when your child id having mishaps and when their diaper needs changing. 

Chlorinated Absorbent filling 

Chlorinated absorbent filling is a kind of filling used in disposable diapers that allows them to absorb moisture and prevent leaks. However, some parents prefer to avoid products made with chlorine bleaches because they worried about it irritating their child’s skin. If you are looking for an option that hasn’t been made with chlorine there are several eco-friendly, hypoallergenic disposable pull-up diapers available on the market that won’t irritate your child’s skin. Alternatively, you can choose to use reusable diapers that won’t contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic materials that irritate your child’s sensitive skin. 


While some parents opt for pull-up diapers with dyes and perfume because they are more visually pleasing and will keep your child’s mishaps from creating a stink, other parents prefer diapers made without any synthetic dyes or perfume because they may irritate their child’s sensitive skin. Whichever type of pull-up diaper you prefer, there are several options available on the market for you so you can pick the ones that are best for your child.


Q. When to Use Pull-Ups? 

A. Pull-ups should be used once your child is ready to begin potty training. The design of pull-up diapers can help your child transition from regular diapers during this period while providing enough protection against leaks when mishaps happen. Usually, children won’t be physiologically ready for potty training until around two years of age, which is an appropriate time to begin using pull-ups.

Q. Why Look for the Best Pull-Up Diapers?

A. Finding the best pull-up diapers is crucial as your child will be using them at a time when they are learning to use the toilet on their own and good pull-up diapers can help boost their confidence and make this transition easier. The best pull-up diapers will mimic regular diapers in design and freedom of movement while providing protection against leaks or mishaps. This is crucial as it will keep your child dry and comfortable while they learn.

Q. Are Pull-Up Diapers a Necessary Step?

A. While many parents may think pull-up diapers aren’t necessary, they can actually be a significant step in your child’s potty training experience. Pull-up diapers are similar to regular diapers and they can help boost children’s confidence as they step out of regular diapers. At the same time, pull-up diapers provide safety and protection if your child should have a mishap by keeping them dry and avoid them getting upset over a mess. 

Q. How Absorbent Are Pull-Ups? 

A. While pull-ups aren’t as absorbent as regular diapers, they are much more absorbent than regular underwear. They are designed to absorb any accidents that may happen. Different pull-ups have different absorbency levels. Some are more suitable for Night-time use as they are more absorbent, while others are less absorbent and are therefore better suited to daytime use. 

Q. Is My Baby Ready for Pull-Up Diapers?

A. Most babies won’t be ready for pull-up diapers until they are around 2 years old or older. Children may begin exhibiting curiosity about using the toilet and start indicating when they have a wet diaper. Such signs are good indicators that your child is ready for potty training and therefore ready for pull-up diapers.

Q. What Should I Avoid in Pull-Up Diapers? 

A. It’s a good idea to avoid pull-up diapers that are made using harsh chemicals as these can cause irritation to your child’s skin. Most pull-up diapers are made to be gentle to your child’s sensitive skin. If your child is prone to allergies or has diaper rash, it is a good idea to opt for pull-up diapers that are hypoallergenic or made from natural based materials. 

Q. What Are the Best Ways to Use Pull-Ups? 

A. The best ways to use pull up diapers is as a transitionary option between regular diapers and underwear, while your child is potty training. During this time pull-up diapers can have the greatest effect and help your child by providing protection form leaks and absorbing any mishaps.

My Babies Planet Overview

When your baby starts to move, it is important to get a diaper that will move with them. Pull-up diapers are easy to slip on and off making potty training easier. Despite their expert functionality, these pull-ups have all the protection your little one requires. When selecting a set of pull-up diapers, we recommend you inform yourself about what options are available. For example, you can decide whether you prefer to get disposable or reusable diapers, ones that have higher absorbency or lower. Overall, we hope that our list of 10 best pull-up diapers makes choosing the right pair for your child that much easier.

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