Nothing can take an expectant mom’s mind off her pregnancy like a good movie. In recent years, studios have started to focus some release towards the moms to be crowd, realizing movies that have been very successful at the box office. But when you’re sitting down to a movie, how do you know which ones are good and which ones stink?

To help, we decided to watch some movies for you and make a list of our 10 Best Pregnancy Movies In 2020 to give you some ideas of the options out there for mom and dad to watch and enjoy.

We hope that with our picks, we can make movie night a much more relaxing affair.

Ready? Let’s get some popcorn!


How To Choose The Best Pregnancy Movie – Buying Guide

Choosing the best pregnancy movies isn’t as simple as you may think it is. There can be a lot of different things to consider when movie time comes. Our criteria included:


Even the most popular movie can be a waste of time if the story isn’t engaging. A good movie grabs you from the first few minutes and doesn’t let go til the end. Now, we’re not talking about horror films here but if you’re bored while watching a movie, it’s likely because the story isn’t that great.


How many times have you and your friends said that you wanted to go see the new Channing Tatum movie? It’s not because you’re dying to see 29 Jump Street or something like that, unless maybe you are. But it’s more likely that you’re going to see the actor and studios realize this. Which is why they put the biggest stars in the biggest movies.


In any movie, there can always be some breaks with reality. Whether it be a man flying or aliens, movies can take some liberties. With pregnancy movies however, they can be a reflection on real life and in some cases mirror your own circumstance which can make it more relatable.


Going through pregnancy can be a painful process. Watching a movie about pregnancy should make you laugh. Part of watching a funny movie is to help distract you from real life and a movie with a lot of humor can help.

Benefits of a pregnancy movie

Watching a movie can offer viewers many benefits outside of enjoyment of the movie. For a pregnant mom to be, these can be very beneficial for their bodies and what they’re going through. These benefits include


Laughter can have many benefits and not just for a pregnant mom to be. Laughing can lower your blood pressure, release endorphins, and improve heart health. These are all wonderful benefits for a pregnant mom as laughter can also help produce a general sense of well-being.

Stress reduction

All that laughing that you’re doing can be a major stress reliever. The stresses of the day can slip away at least for a little while so you can sit back, laugh and enjoy the movie and at the same time help both you and your baby.


All this laughter and stress relief can only lead to one thing that many doctors prescribed or expectant moms. Relaxation. Enjoying a movie can help you relax, breathe easier and feel more comfortable.

My Babies Planet Overview

Movie night can be a sacred thing in a lot of houses and choosing the best pregnancy movie to watch can take a lot of time and effort to make sure that both dad and especially, mom to be enjoy every minute of it.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Pregnancy Movies in 2020, our recommendations will easily help you choose a movie to watch.

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