Babies do not arrive with an instruction manual. Each baby is unique in her own way and as parents, it is our responsibility to understand and take care of them in the best way possible. Pregnancy books are specifically written for first-time parents who want to be prepared for this vague chapter of their lives more. They provide information such as developmental milestones, behavior types, breastfeeding techniques, birth techniques, games, and what not!

However, finding the right pregnancy book is to an easy hunt, because every parent is different in the way they want to raise their children. The information can be there, but what about the style? To help, we have picked the 10 Best Pregnancy Books in 2020 to find the book that will not bore you but rather guide you during this both stressful and joyful time. 


How To Choose A Pregnancy Book – Buying Guide

Picking the right books to read when pregnant is not an easy task considering the fact that there are hundreds of titles when you step into a bookstore. Well, It is a popular topic after all! When we started our search to define the 10 Best Pregnancy Books in 2020, we set up certain criteria before recommending them to you. 


Raising a baby is an unknown territory for you and there will be a lot of data you will need to learn while raising your child. From breastfeeding techniques to bottle feeding, from teething to developmental milestones, the information is limitless to digest. Therefore, the best pregnancy books for first time moms should definitely be informative. 

When choosing your pregnancy guide book, it is important to specify what kind of information you are looking for. Pregnancy and baby books vary among themselves in terms of content. Take a look at the index before choosing. Is it covering the data you need? 

As you can see in our list, expecting mothers books differ from one another in the topics they cover. While some concentrate on natural birth benefits, C-section, and postpartum others discuss advice for dads, vaccination, or what to buy for your child in the first year. There are a variety of topics out there and it is best to limit the information you seek to keep you concentrated more.


Best pregnancy books for first time mums should reflect valid, trustworthy sources and showcase real cases. It is true that every woman has different experiences when it comes to childbirth or raising their kids, however, non-medical suggestions might mislead some readers. 


Diagrams and illustrations can help an expectant mother know what may come on the horizon. By turning an abstract idea into a tangible one through visualization, diagrams make us understand unfamiliar topics more easily, in this case, medical science! 

Imagine a chart on how your baby changes his position in your womb as he continues to grow. You will reflect this information on your body, will understand why you are experiencing pain in certain areas of your body. OR think about a picture showing which teeth of your baby are coming out when. You can figure out the reason why your little one has been fussy all week long. These elements will most certainly save you time and effort while raising your bundle of joy. 

Tone of Voice

When it comes to parenting, everybody acts like an expert. The comments shared even by your closest family members can make you feel uncomfortable given your fragile situation as first-time parents. In these situations, the tone of voice plays significant importance. That’s why pregnancy baby books using a positive and motivating tone is always more helpful. A scary tone is definitely a red flag. Try to read a few pages in the bookstore or while shopping online before you hit the buy button. Reading other parents’ reviews also helps if you have second doubts about the book.


Q: What are the benefits of a pregnancy book?

A: There are several benefits of reading pregnancy planning books: 

Knowledge: Knowledge is power. Reading pregnancy books when you may be trying or are pregnant can give you an extreme amount of knowledge that can be beneficial as you get further and further along in your pregnancy. With this knowledge, you can be ready for whatever might come your way and know whether it’s a normal part of pregnancy or something to be more concerned with.

Relaxation: Part of acquiring that knowledge is its ability to help you relax. Now, we understand that you may never fully relax while pregnant, reading the information available from a book can help put your worries at ease, help you take a deep breath and enjoy the journey you, dad and your little bundle of joy are taking together.

Planning: Nine months give you a great deal of time to plan how things will go once you go into labor. Many moms will create a birthing plan with their doctor and decide which hospital they feel comfortable bringing their child into the world.

Preparedness: While planning is certainly a very important matter for any family, being prepared for what happens after your baby comes home is something a lot of parents turn to a book. When your little bundle of joy comes home, especially if it’s your first child, you will certainly have a lot of questions and the information found in some pregnancy books can help you be prepared for just about any situation that may come up.

Q: When can I start reading to my baby in the womb?

A: Reading to your baby in a womb is an efficient way to foster learning. New research points out to the fact that babies begin to learn patterns of language before their birth. It has been brought into light that about six months into the pregnancy, a baby becomes familiar with the sound of the womb. 

Research also proves that the sounds from outside the uterus can be heard by the baby around the mark of six months into pregnancy. It is never too early to start reading to your baby in the womb, and a six-month mark seems about right when you introduce your unborn child to all the good books out there.

Q: What books should I read before having a baby?

A: In order to choose the pregnancy baby book you are looking for, it is important to know what you would like to know about more. The books vary in topic and offer different perspectives for first-time parents. As you have already seen our list, week-by-week essentials, symptoms, the health of the baby, and how to modify the lifestyle in order to have a healthy pregnancy are one of the few topics covered.

My Babies Planet Overview 

While it seems fewer and fewer people like reading these days, finding the right books to read while pregnant might turn out to be a real page-turner for you as you wait for your little bundle of joy. As you see, there are a lot of options out there and the best books for expectant parents will give you the extra support you need and load you up with knowledge and knowledge means power! Hopefully, with our list of the 10 Best Pregnancy Books in 2020, we have been helpful to you in your unique journey.

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