10 Best Potty Training Pants in 2018


What Are The Best Potty Training Pants? – Let’s Review!

One of the most important skills a youngster can learn is potty training. Gaining this independence will do wonders for your child’s self confidence, not to mention the relief it will give to new parents. There are many things that can help your toddler learn how to use the toilet.Potty training can be made much easier with the best underwear for toddlers on the market.

To help with the selection process we have made a list of the best potty training pants on the market. We included some disposable training pants that will help your little one get the motion of pulling up and down their own pants. We have also included some machine washable ones for when your toddler has almost got it.

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Baby Potty Training Pants Reviews

1. Little Girls’ 4 Pack Training Pant by Gerber


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This set of four Training Pants by Gerber is a great way to encourage your toddler to use the toilet. The pretty pink floral design is sure to be a hit with your toddler. While these training pants are made with cotton their double layered design is incredibly absorbable. They are designed to capture drips and accidents without fear of it running down the leg. The covered elastic waistband and stretchy design makes it incredibly comfortable for your toddler. It also encourages independence making it incredibly easy for your child to pull up and down when on the toilet alone.

Why we love it – These durable, heavy duty training pants are a great option for your growing child. Their bright and colorful design is sure to make them happily worn by your child while the double layered fabric will keep them protected. Being fully machine washable means that your child will be able to wear them again and again making them an even smarter buy. The easy to pull on and off style makes them great for your child’s growing independence.

2. Little Boys’ 4 Pack Training Pant by Gerber


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These cotton training underwear for toddlers by Gerber are the perfect underwear for your little boy. Designed specifically for boys in mind, these underpants contain a double layered panel that has an absorbent interlining in the front of the pants which helps them to catch any spills or accidents. This four pack comes in different designs all featuring bright colours that your child will love. The covered soft elastic waistband sits comfortably against your child’s skin.

Why we love it – Perfectly designed to handle all the drips and accidents of your toddler, these training pants will soon become a favourite in your household. Their machine washable design makes them last even longer allowing your child to wear them throughout their whole potty training phase. The comfortable covered waistband makes them easy for your child to pull up and down allowing them to master independence within their potty training phase. These durable training pants are built to last even the roughest days.

3. Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear For Girls by GoodNites

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The Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear by GoodNites is an excellent choice for toddler training pants. You will get 44 pairs of underwear that have been designed to manage overnight bed wetting. These underwear have 40% more protection than their competition. They are odor absorbing and thinner while still being ultra absorbent.

They come in three different sizes based on weight ranging from 28 lbs to over 125 lbs. These underwear have the Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell on them so your daughter will feel more comfortable wearing them. The fit of these underwear have been designed to be more discrete and prevent leaks.

Why we love it – These are discreet underwear that have been designed to fit comfortably while not leaking. Your child will have nothing to worry about while wearing these top rated potty training pants. Offering far more protection than leading brands means that your little one can now have sleepovers without worry.

4. Baby Girls’ Reusable 5 Pack Toilet Training Pant by Babyfriend

Baby-Girls’-Reusable-5-Pack-Toilet-Training-Pant-by-Babyfriend Check Price Now

The Baby Girls’ Training Pant from Babyfriend are some of the best pull up training pants. They are made with 4 layers including a 100% cotton exterior and a TUP waterproof lining. The best part about these is their durability. They are able to be thrown into the washing machine and reused.

These underwear come in sets of four. Each one has a different design on the exterior ranging from kitties to ducks to chicklets.

Why we love it – Babyfriend made these toilet trainers incredibly easy to clean making them a great option for busy parents. Coming in a pack of five means that you will have multiple pairs to cycle through. Their sweet and soft designs look just as good as they are sure to feel against your baby’s soft skin.

5. UnderJams Bedtime Underwear by Pampers

UnderJams-Bedtime-Underwear-by-Pampers Check Price Now

Pampers is a leading company when it comes to toddlers and young children’s apparel. These UnderJams Bedtime Underwear will be discrete while making nighttime not be such a big deal for your little one. They have been designed to not make noise when they walk so they don’t have to feel self conscious about wearing these underwear.

This set comes with technology that locks in wetness so your child can sleep the whole night without getting wet. They have been said to absorb 20% more than their competitors making these underwear a top choice. Being designed for children aged 5 to 8 means your little one can use these for as long as it takes.

Why we love it – Being discrete while still functioning in the way they are supposed to are the biggest things we look for in the best potty training underwear. Pampers has made a great set that gives your toddler the ability to sleep through the night while they potty train.

6. Little Movers Slip On Diapers Pants by HUGGIES


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Huggies is one of the best companies for children’s needs. These slip on diaper pants have been designed for babies 16 to 28 pounds. With these you don’t have to worry about making sure the sides stay connected. Simply slip these on and your baby is ready to take on the world.

The Little Movers Slip On Diapers have been designed so that you can change your baby in any position: standing or lying. The elastic waist and stretchy material allow your child the freedom to crawl or run all day without restriction. These diapers do all of this while locking in leaks for up to 12 hours.

Why we love it – Huggies have designed a world class diaper. It gives your child the freedom to move without feeling restricted while locking in leaks for up to 12 hours. Not only do they have great material and technology but also include disney characters to make your toddler happy to wear these diapers.

7.  Learning Designs Training Pant by Pull-Ups


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Pull-Ups have spent years creating, designing and producing great products. These Pull-Ups are no exception and are an excellent diaper option. They offer your baby protection against leaks while features like easy open sides make them great for you. These diapers are stretchy while being comfortable. In fact they have been designed similar to adult underwear to get your toddler comfortable putting on and taking off their own clothes.

The sizes available range from 2T (18 to 35 lbs) to 5T (50 lbs). This allows you to keep your children on the same style of underwear for the entire time they are learning how to potty train.

Why we love it – Not only do these potty training pants have the technology to keep your kids dry but also comfortable. They have been designed more like adult underwear making your toddler feel like a grown up. That is not to say that these underwear don’t have the ability of keeping your child dry. In fact they have been said to absorb more than the leading diaper. On top of that, these Pull-Ups come with famous Disney characters to get your children excited to wear them.

8. Bambo Nature Toilet Training Pull Up Pants by BAMDE


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These Pull Up Pants made by Bamde are different from typical training underwear. They feature a technology that has been dermatologically tested to prevent irritation and allergic reactions. This means they do not contain any chemicals or scents that can irritate your child. In fact these underwear have been tested by many different standards and have passed them all, including the FSC-certificate.

The underwear also have a breathable cotton back sheet that makes them feel like regular underwear. They have also been designed to be soft and flexible giving your toddler the ability to go and play anywhere they want.

Why we love it – These disposable training pull up pants are one of the best options for your children. No longer do you need to guess and hope that underwear will work. These have been tested and been proven to not only do what you expect but also not irritate their skin. They also have a stretch to them so they will fit snuggly without being too tight.

9. Eco Pull On Pants by Naty By Nature Babycare


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The option from Nature Babycare is perfect for people who are environmentally conscious who want to get the best for their children. This company prides himself on making potty training pants that do not have an oil base. These also don’t contain chlorine like some of the other diaper companies.

No matter how energetic your toddler is these pull on pants will keep up. They have been specially designed to be super absorbent while being good for the environment. Nature Babycare have actually designed these diapers with a corn starch film to make their diapers even more absorbent.

Why we love it – If you are concerned with the environment and want the best for your son or daughter these Eco Pull On Pants are the ones you should get. Nature Babycare has designed these diapers to protect your child from leaks. They do not make their products with any harmful chemicals or fragrances that could irritate their skin. In fact, they have included natural products that have been proven to be just as good as man made solutions.

10. Easy Ups Disposable Training Underwear by Pampers


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Pampers is another top leader in potty training pants. They have years of experience that they use in every pair of diapers. This Easy Ups Disposable Training Underwear have a stretchy waistband that gives your child the freedom to crawl while still being protected. This also makes them easier for them to pull them up and get used to going to the bathroom.

These diapers also include technology that make them extra absorbent. They do this by having channels that increase the surface area of the diaper. Easy tear sides make them easy for you to change them without struggle.

Why we love it – Pampers is one of the best brands when it comes to diapers. They have the years of experience it requires to get the right fit and absorbency. Pampers hits this diaper out of the park.

Choosing what’s best for you

Accidents happen. That is especially true when going through the potty training stage with your little one. You are bound to experience everything from small drips from eager bladders right down to missed potty breaks that end up in soaked underwear. Having the best and most absorbent training pants will help your toddler to feel more secure. With this potty training pants reviews you will be able to find the perfect pair for your little one.

Do you have a Potty Training Pants on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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