When your baby first comes home, it is very likely that you’re going to change a lot of diapers. Sometimes two at once. As your child gets older though, they will start the process of potty training.

Having a comfortable potty seat or chair for your little one can be one of the most important features when it comes to buying a seat. But how do you know which potty toilet or seat is the best one on the market?

To help, we went shopping for you and built a list of our top choices of the Best Potty Chairs and Seats in 2020 to make buying your child their training potty as easy as possible.

If you’re ready to see the changing tables that we recommend for you and your little one, let’s get started with our 10 Best Potty Chairs and Seats in 2020.


How To Choose A Potty Chair And Seat – Buying Guide

When you start looking around at all the different Potty Chairs and Seats on the market, it makes you wonder what makes certain ones stand out. For our list of the 10 Best Potty Chairs and Seats in 2020, we wanted to make sure that if it made our list, it adhered to a strict set of criteria. That criteria included:

Storage Space

A potty chair or seat can be a cumbersome object to have in your bathroom, especially if it’s small, so having one that can store easily is best when not in use. You want to make sure though that even though you may be making it easier to store, you’re not reducing the stability of the seat so your child doesn’t feel secure while using it.

Fit & Size

Like anything else you will have your child using, you want to make sure that the potty seat that they use is the proper fit and size for their little bodies. You don’t want them to be draping over the seat that might make them feel uncomfortable which can lead them to being anxious about using the potty and won’t help them learn. You will want to find one that will allow them to rest their bottom comfortably and solidly while being able to keep their feet firmly on the floor or stool.

Easy Clean Up

As any parent can attest to, children are messy. Going through potty training is no different. With boys, you will want to look for chairs and seats that have a splash guard to help keep the post-potty cleanup to a minimum. Having a potty that when your little one is all done is simple as removing the pot and emptying into the toilet and washing out will make each time they use it easier.


With a lot of newer potty chairs and seats, giving your child something to interact with can be a big part of the training potty process. Features such as toilet flushing sounds to congratulatory messages from their favorite cartoon characters can help them build confidence and be more comfortable using a traditional toilet. Some will even keep the interactivity going when you move the training potty seat from the potty to your traditional toilet.


As your child moves through learning to use a traditional toilet and their potty seat sits on a regular toilet, companies have started to offer a secondary use for the training potty. With a closing lid, the potty can convert into a step stool to help them wash their hands learning good hygiene at the same time.

Changing Table and Pad Benefits

When the time comes for your little one to begin potty training, a lot of parents will point to the fact that your child has reached a point where you don’t need to buy diapers anymore is the biggest benefit when it comes to potty training. However, choosing a potty chair or seats can have many benefits than just that.


When your little one starts to learn how to use the potty, it can become easy to form a bond with them, bringing them closer as they are trying to learn. Due to the fact that you are constantly keeping an eye on your little one for cues that they are ready to eliminate, you start to become more in tune with their needs.


Wearing a diaper all day can be uncomfortable for your child causing them to cry and fuss even when they are wearing a disposable diaper. Learning to use the potty can be a more comfortable experience and cause less diaper rash when they use only the toilet going forward.


As your little one starts to go, the milestones will come faster and faster. First words, first steps and so on. Each milestone is their little sign of independence in the world. They are going to want to do things their way, not yours. Encouraging them to “use the big boy potty” can be a lot more enticing that trying to struggle with them to learn to use the potty and it helps them learn to be more independent.

Waste Reduction

Studies have shown that diapers can last for a very, very long time once they end up in landfills. Considering the number of diapers you likely went through when your child was born, having them start to use a more traditional toilet can not only be better for the environment, but also on your wallet.


Learning to use a traditional toilet is a normal part of the growing up process for all of us. When you start potty training, you’ll pick up on cues and signals from your little one that it’s time to go. When they get used to a routine and the ease and comfort of using the potty and feeling like they’ve achieved something, it will become a normal part of their life going forward.

My Babies Planet Overview

When shopping for a potty chair or seat, choosing one that is the best combination of comfort for your child and easy clean-up can be essential to a successful potty training experience

With a lot of different options on the market, choosing the best potty seat  for you and your child will always come down to the features and preferences you are looking for in a seat. Knowing what options and safety features you are looking for will help make the buying process that much easier.

We hope that our list of the 10 Best Potty Chairs and Seats in 2020 was able to give you some options to consider when choosing a potty chair or seat. While there are a lot of choices out there, we’re confident that the list we’ve provided you with will help you.

Choosing the best potty chair or seat is an important decision. Not only are you picking what may be the best seat for them to sit on, but one that will help them transition towards using a traditional toilet going forward.

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