Potty training is considered to be one of the most important milestones of a child. It not only teaches them their bodily autonomy both also installs pride in their actions. Therefore, it is a lifechanging developmental milestone both for the toddler and for the parents.

In order to be successful in this period, having a comfortable potty seat or chair for your little one can make all the difference. But how do you know which potty toilet or seat is the best one on the market?

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of our 10 Best Potty Chairs and Seats in 2020 to make your shopping experience less troublesome. We hope, your child goes through fun and comfortable potty education with our recommendations.


How To Choose A Potty Chair And Seat – Buying Guide

The quest of looking for the best potty is not as easy. With so many options on the market when it comes to potties and seats, there are certain criteria we set before recommending you the toilet seat for toddlers in our 10 Best Potty Training Seats in 2020 list. 

Storage Space

A potty chair or seat can be a cumbersome object to have in your bathroom. For easy storage, try to choose a small one in order to store it easily when not in use. You want to make sure though that even though you may be making it easier to store, you’re not reducing the stability so that your child doesn’t feel secure while using it. Best potties are durable and sturdy.

Fit & Size 

You want to make sure that the potty education seats that your child uses are the proper fit and size for your toddler’s little body. You don’t want her to be draping over the seat that might make her feel uncomfortable. If she feels uncomfortable, she can become anxious about using the kid toilet seat and won’t help her learn. You will want to find one that will allow her to rest her bottom comfortably and solidly while being able to keep her feet firmly on the floor or stool.

Easy Clean-Up

Children are messy and going through toilet practice is no different. With boys, you will want to look for chairs and seats that have a splash guard. An inner potties for boy also prevents spills and cleaning up is much easier. If you buy a kid toilet with a handle, you will easily empty and clean the potty.


With a lot of newer potties and seats, giving your child something to interact with can be a big part of the potty education. Features such as toilet flushing sound and congratulatory messages from their favorite cartoon characters can help them build confidence and be more comfortable using a traditional toilet. The best toddler toilet seat has even keep the interactivity going when you move the training potty seat from the potty to your traditional toilet.


As your child learns using toilet seats for toddlers and their potty seat sits on a regular toilet, companies have started to offer a secondary use for the training potty. With a closing lid, the potty can convert into a step stool to help them wash their hands learning about hygiene simultaneously.

Potty Seat vs. Potty Chair

Manufacturers have come up with different solutions for children in order for parents to use during potty practice. A toilet can be intimidating for some kids. A smaller potty chair, on the other hand, can look cute. If your child is fine with using your toilet, then you will need to buy a potty seat.

A potty chair can be used independently and a standalone product. A potty training seat, on the other hand, is just an addition to your existing toilet and stationary. It grows as your child grows.

Chairs are generally lightweight, can move with your child, come in fun shapes and sizes, and have musical features to make the whole process a little more attractive for your child. Toddlers use more effectively with the help of visual signs at this age, therefore a potty chair motivates them visually.

Another advantage of a potty chair is that toddlers can put their feet on the ground and feel more secure and in control, which is very important for them at this age. As their toilet is separate, it also promotes independence. They can test their boundaries and don’t have to ask for assistance.


Q: Is a potty chair or seat better?

A: Toilet training seats and potty chairs both have their pros as well as cons.

Potty education a baby involves a lot of dedication and planning. Apart from buying the traditional underwear for your baby, you’ll need to figure out whether to purchase a potty chair or a toilet training device. The usage of toilet training seat prompts toddlers to get accustomed to toilets quickly; thus, it comes in handy. As far as its drawback is considered, some toddlers are intimidated by the height of a toilet seat; therefore, it discourages them from using the toilet seat. 

Potty seats are small in size and thus are more practical for toddlers. A major con associated with them is the fact that every time your baby uses the potty chair, you’ll have to dump it out and clean it regularly. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a toilet seat as this would provide your baby with the essential potty-training tools and would prepare him for the near future.

Q: When should I buy a potty? 

A: You should purchase a potty chair when your little one is 12 to 18 months old.

Many children transition from a potty chair to a potty seat after about a year of use. Potty seats are small, made of plastic, and user-friendly for a baby. Some feature cartoon characters that encourage children to use them. It is necessary that you put the chair in the bathroom so that your baby becomes familiar with the routine as well as the place.

Q: Should I use potty or toilet? 

A: As long as we are comparing the two, it is recommended to use a toilet rather than a potty. 

Using a toilet involves less cleaning and prepares the baby as he has to make use of the toilet in the future. Using the toilet would also prompt the baby to create a routine and following it consistently, as the toilet would be in the same place. 

Usage of the toilet would further encourage the baby to do the necessary chores after doing the business; flush the toilet and washing the hands. Thus, keeping in mind the points mentioned above, a toilet seat is much more practical than a potty chair.

Q: What age do boys potty train? 

A: Experts showcase that children; and boys in particular, who are not 18-month-old yet have little to no control over their bowel movements. Thus, potty training them before this time might not prove to be so fruitful. According to the experts, most boys start working this skill when they are 18 months old and are fully potty trained until they are three years old. Therefore, the average age to potty train your boy is approximately 27 months.

Q: When should we stop potty training? 

A: It is essential to judge when the need arises to stop potty training your child. Most children are potty trained when they are 3 and a half years old. Although some exceptions may be noticed from time to time, the average age to put a halt to potty training is around 3 and a half years.

Q: How do I choose the right potty? 

A: Here are some tips to buy the best potty chair for your baby:

  • Purchase a potty who’s height suits that of your child
  • The best toilet training seat is sturdy and is not wobbly
  • Make sure that getting on and off the potty chair is easy for your little one
  • Purchase a product that is simple to maintain
  • If it has additional accessories, make sure that these parts are effortless to put together

Q: What are the benefits of a potty?

A: A toilet seat for toddler has many benefits both for you and your child.

  • Bonding: When your little one starts to learn how to use the potty seat for toilet, it becomes easier to bond with them. Due to the fact that you are constantly keeping an eye on your little one for cues that they are ready to eliminate, you start to become more in tune with their needs.
  • Comfort: Wearing a diaper all day might be uncomfortable for your child causing them to cry and fuss. Learning to use the potty training toilets is a more comfortable experience and causes less diaper rash when they use only the toilet going forward.
  • Independence: Each milestone is your baby’s little sign of independence in the world. She will want to do things her way, not yours. Encouraging your child to “use the big boy potty” can be a lot more enticing than trying to struggle with them to learn to use the potty training toil and it helps them learn to be more effective.
  • Waste Reduction: Studies have shown that diapers can last for a very, very long time once they end up in landfills. Considering the number of diapers they have used since birth, traditional potties for toddlers are not only better for the environment but also for your wallet.
  • Normalcy: Learning to use a regular toilet is a normal part of the growing up process for all of us. When you start training, you’ll pick up on cues and signals from your little one that it’s time to go. When they get used to a routine and the ease and comfort of using the potty training toilet and feeling like they’ve achieved something, it will become a normal part of their life going forward.

My Babies Planet Overview

When shopping for a potty chair or seat, choosing one that is the combination of comfort for your child and easy clean-up for you is essential. With a lot of different options on the market, choosing the best potty seat for you and your child will always come down to the features and preferences you are looking for in a seat. We hope that our list of the 10 Best Potty Seats in 2020 has given you good insight before purchasing one.

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