10 Best Postpartum Girdles in 2018


What Are The Best Postpartum Girdles For Pregnancy? – Let’s Review!

After having a child, a woman’s body has gone through a lot of physical changes that can take quite a while to return to the state that it was in before getting pregnant. A postpartum girdle can help a woman’s body recover from the stresses it was put under during and even after pregnancy. But how can you tell which postpartum girdle is the best option for you?

With that in mind, we decided to do some shopping for you and compile a list of our 10 Best Postpartum Girdles in 2018 to give you some ideas of the options out there for you and your little one.

We hope that with our recommendations, we can make the recovery process a bit easier for you so you can spend your time focusing on your new baby.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Postpartum Girdles Reviews


1. Women’s ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher Underwear by Squeem


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Whenever a woman decides to wear a postpartum girdle to help their midsection recover from pregnancy, one of the major things that they are looking for it discreteness. With the Women’s ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher Underwear from Squeem, discretion is of the utmost importance.

Made with Squeem’s Intelligent Fabric technology, the ‘Perfect Waist’ has a special design that not only smooths a mother’s midsection, but also helps to emphasize their natural curves, helping to give back that confidence that they may have lost after giving birth.

With its design roots in Brazilian fashion, the Cincher offers a new mom excellent back support while not having to be re-adjusted because of garment roll-up due to its internal flexible boning that other girdles may not have.

Why we love it – The Women’s ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher Underwear from Squeem offers new moms a great way to offer support while also helping to recover from giving birth and make it much easier to heal with its innovative design and features, this is one of our top rated after pregnancy girdles.

2. Summer Waist Trimmer Belt by Goege


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For some new moms, the idea of wearing a girdle that isn’t easy to put on or take off can be something that keeps them from purchasing the help that they many need to recover from the childbirth that they went through. The Summer Waist Trimmer Belt from Goege offers an easy to use option for those new moms who may be weary about wearing a girdle.

Made from a polyester and spandex fabric blend, the Waist Trimmer is made from a stretchable and adjustable fabric that allows for the user to be completely comfortable each time they put it on. With an adjustable velcro closure, finding the perfect fit for the belt to wrap around your body to be as comfortable as possible has never been easier.

Keeping the belt from rolling up or down while you move around during the day are the 4 flexible bones within the belt to help keep in place and help support your lower back and also help improve your posture.

Why we love it – For those new moms who are weary when it comes to wearing a girdle to help them recover from the toll pregnancy took on their body, Gorge offers a high quality option that can work for anyone with its Summer Waist Trimmer Belt

3. 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap by Chongfei

3-in-1-Postpartum-Support-Recovery-Belly-Wrap-by-Chongfei Check Price Now

When a woman goes through pregnancy, her body will go through all kinds of changes. Along with the baby growing in her tummy, her body needs to adjust to accommodate that growing baby. This can have a major effect on their abdominal area. The 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap from Chongfei can be a major benefit in helping a new mom recover.

Made from a breathable material that is not only strong but elastic, the 3 in 1 can be a great choice for a mom who has given birth traditionally or by cesarean section. With a velcro system that is easily adjustable and high quality construction, the 3 in 1 will last a long time.

Designed as an all-in-one option, the Support Recovery Belly Wrap offers moms 3 different support options. A belly belt to help your belly and abdominals get stronger and can be used the day after giving birth. The waist belt, which can help relieve back pain and help to redefine their waistline can start being used 1 to 6 weeks after birth. And finally, the pelvis belt which assists in speeding up the contraction of the pelvis and isn’t recommended to be used until at least 7 weeks after birth.

Why we love it – The 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap from Chongfei offers a new mom much more than a traditional girdle does that is offered on the market.With the amount of options that the girdle provides, this is one of the best girdles for after pregnancy on the market.

4. Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt by Trendyline

Women-Postpartum-Girdle-Corset-Recovery-Belly-Band-Wrap-Belt-by-Trendyline Check Price Now

For many women, the choice of which girdle to use can come down to which one will disappear best under their clothes when they go out. With the Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt from Trendyline, hiding the fact that you’re wearing a girdle has never been easier.

Made from a  polyester and elastic fiber mix, the Wrap Belt is made from lightweight, breathable fabric that easily stretches to fit a waist size from 25 inches to 44 inches with its multitude of size options.With a velcro type closure, adjusting the Wrap Belt is easily adjustable to ensure a proper fit each and every time.

Designed to effectively tighten and flatten a new mom’s belly, the Wrap Belt can be a great option if you’ve had a cesarean section or if you’re suffering from back pain. The secure design can also be suitable for any weight reduction program or aerobic exercise that you may participate in.

Why we love it – Finding a belly support system that can not only help give you support but at the same time, can effectively hide underneath your clothes can be a difficult thing to find. The Women Postpartum Girdle Corset Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt from Trendyline offers new moms a great option and even better, at a very reasonable price.

5. Dual Closure Girdle / Double Corset by Bellefit

Dual-Closure-Girdle---Double-Corset-by-Bellefit Check Price Now

For many women, after giving birth, it can be very important for their bodies to return to the original size as quickly as possible to help give them confidence and self-esteem after the toll being pregnant has taken on their body. The Dual Closure Girdle / Double Corset from Bellefit offers new moms a high quality option to reach their goals.

Working to retract a news moms body by drawing in the stretched muscles that had been affected by being pregnant for 10 months. This can help provide a medical-grade compression to a mom’s abdominal area. While it’s best for new moms to start wearing the Double Corset right after giving birth, results can appear if they begin wearing the girdle any time during the first 6 months.

With an adjustable front hook and eye closures as well as side zippers to help ensure that a proper fit is achieved each and every time. With a reinforced abdominal panel, the Double Corset can help promote support and recovery time for any mom who may have had a C Section, while helping improving posture and relieve back pain.

Why we love it – With its secure but easily adjustable fit, the Dual Closure Girdle / Double Corset from Bellefit offers moms a high quality option that they can start to use the day after giving birth, which can be very beneficial to hep a mom’s body recover from giving birth

6. Original Postpartum Belly Wrap by Belly Bandit


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For a lot of moms, a major reason for not using a belly band or girdle is the complications with all the snaps and hooks can be more of a pain than they are worth. With the Original Postpartum Belly Wrap from Belly Bandit, moms can keep it simple and get the same support and benefits as any other belly wrap on the market.

Using their exclusive PowerCompress Core, the Belly Wrap is designed to work with your natural hormone, Relaxin, to help the healing process accelerate and help a new mom get back to her pre-pregnancy size or even smaller. Relaxin allows your pelvis and ligaments to soften during pregnancy and childbirth and remains in your body for a limited time after you give birth.

Made from polyester and lycra, the Belly Wrap was designed specifically for a new mom’s post-pregnancy body and help their belly, waist and hips shrink and tighten post-pregnancy. For any mom who may have allergies to certain materials, can rest assured that the Belly Wrap is 100% latex-free and won’t rub or cause irritations like other wraps.

Why we love it – For any new mom looking for a high quality support option but at the same time, easy to use, the Original Postpartum Belly Wrap from Belly Bandit offers a discreet postpartum belly wrap option to help return their bodies to their pre-pregnancy size.

7. 2 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Girdle by DICOOL


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Depending on the method used to give birth to their child, a lot of moms may need to wait an adequate amount of healing time before using a girdle to help them return to their pre-pregnancy body, especially if they had a cesarean section performed. The 2 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Girdle from DICOOL offers mom a staggered system to help them heal and work on returning to their pre-pregnancy figure.

Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, the 2 in 1 girdle fulfills all the needs a new mom would require throughout their postpartum healing process. While wearing, the 2 in 1 can also help correct your posture and the materials help keep the girdle from rolling up when you sit down. Overall, the material used is made to be very comfortable and breathable when wearing.

The two parts of the 2 in 1 give a new mom options to choose or decide that they want to wear the entire outfit, The Waist Belt, which can help with a mom’s hips, waist and stomach is generally suggested to be worn 1 to 7 days after birth or 1 to 6 weeks after a c-section, to allow for healing. The other part of the 2 in 1, the Pelvis Belt. helps to ease the transition of the uterus and help shrink it back to its normal size. This isn’t suggested to be used until at least 7 weeks after a regular birth or until the stitches have healed from a c-section.

Why we love it –.The 2 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Girdle from DICOOL gives new moms a high quality option to help them heal from the major ordeal that their bodies have gone through. By offering a staggered healing method, moms can return to the pre-pregnancy bodies much easier than before.

8. Women’s Slimming Braless Body Shaper by Leonisa


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Many women, after giving birth can suffer from postpartum depression. A major reason for this is that the effect that giving birth affects them not only emotionally, but physically as well. Using a girdle can help a new mom’s body return to their pre-pregnancy shape much faster. The Women’s Slimming Braless Body Shaper from Leonisa can help that process by giving a new mom’s body a way to slim down while healing.

Made from a nylon/spandex/cotton blend, the imported Body Shaper uses an Ultraflat zipper closure design and three hooks to help fit better and provide more comfort than other girdles on the market. The provided comfort will help a new moms waistline, tummy and hip reductions while they recover from giving birth to their new bundle of joy.

Why we love it – The Women’s Slimming Braless Body Shaper from Leonisa can help boost the self esteem of a new mom by offering not only a high quality girdle that offers a great amount of support and helps a new mom feel better by helping accentuate their natural curves.

9. Maternity Women’s Forgive Bodyshaper Shapewear Seamless Hi-Waist Brief by Amon Maternity


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Many moms, as they move forward with their recovery from giving birth to their little one may not need a full girdle or belly wrap to help their bodies recover from the toll childbirth has taken on their body.  The Maternity Women’s Forgive Bodyshaper Shapewear Seamless Hi-Waist Brief from Amon Maternity offers a different choice to help provide support at those times.

With its tummy firming support system, the Bodyshaper can offer a new mom added support and comfort with its high-waist body shaper made from a breathable microfiber that can help support a new mom whether it’s been weeks since giving birth or just a few days.

Why we love it –The Maternity Women’s Forgive Bodyshaper Shapewear Seamless Hi-Waist Brief from Amon Maternity gives new moms a great option to wear when they may be further along the road to recovery. With its support system that firms and a breathable material, the Bodyshaper is easily one of the best body shapers on the market.

10. Postpartum Body Shaping Girdle by Gabrialla

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A new mom goes through nine months of helping their new little bundle of joy grow and get stronger before coming out into the world. During this time however, a mom’s body can be put through a lot of strain. Once they give birth, returning to their pre-pregnancy body is something most moms hope to do. With the Postpartum Body Shaping Girdle from Gabrialla, new moms can get the help they need.

Recommended by doctors for moms that have had a c-section, the Girdle provides additional support at the abdomen and lower back to help reduce pain. The cotton lining can help increase the level of comfort and also helps to prevent any allergic skin reactions.

Why we love it  –  The Postpartum Body Shaping Girdle from Gabrialla offers new moms a very comfortable option to use when healing from the stresses that have been put on the body after giving birth to their little one. With its comfortable liner and back support feature, this is a highly recommended option for any new mom.

How We Chose the Top Postpartum Girdles For Pregnancy in Our List

After a baby is born, a woman’s body has just experienced one of the most strenuous things that a person can go through. Afterward, their body has gone through major physical changes as well and it can be hard to cope with these changes, which can lead to postpartum depression. A girdle can help the areas affected by pregnancy return to their original size. Choosing the best options on the market meant that we wanted to use strict criteria to ensure that we selected the best of the best. That criteria included:


For something that you will likely be wearing all the time for a good amount of time, you want to make sure that it’s comfortable. A girdle that isn’t comfortable can cause you to constantly adjust it, or if there is a piece of material that rubs, it could cause a rash to occur or even cut your skin if the irritation to strong enough.


Choosing a postpartum girdle that can be easy to put on and take off can make a long day of moving around much easier at the end of the day. Finding one that is not only easy to remove but stays in place is important as some wraps can slip down if you are very active during the day.


The belly wrap you choose is going to be worn under whatever you choose to wear for the day. Picking a girdle that gives the impression that you’re not wearing one at all will help boost your confidence when people say you look great and won’t see anything that would give anyone the impression that you’re wearing a girdle.

Quality & Effectiveness

Girdles and belly wraps are not one size fits all in the least bit. Before choosing a wrap or girdle, doing the proper research to ensure a proper and comfortable fit is essential. Reading reviews from other moms can help you choose a girdle that fits not only your needs, but also within your budget.


Shopping for a girdle can be a time consuming process, it shouldn’t also be budget consuming. Finding a quality girdle without a price that is outside your budget is not tough to do. A lot of the choices on our list can fit within anyone’s budget.

Benefits of a Postpartum Girdle

Postpartum girdles are worn by women after giving birth to help their body recover from the strenuous activity that they just went through. A lot of people may not be aware that a postpartum girdle can offer many other benefits alongside its perceived benefits. Those benefits include:

Self-esteem Boost

Baby weight can take some time to come off after giving birth, so it can be understandable that many women at this time to feel flabby as your skin and muscles to return to their normal state. A postpartum girdle can help give a woman a boost to their self-esteem as it can help give them confidence as their body gets back to the shape it once was.

Muscle Recovery

Once a mother gives birth, her abdominals are greatly weakened and deflated. It can take some time for those muscles to get their strength back and the skin to get back to the flexibility it had prior to pregnancy. A girdle can help hold the skin and muscles in the right position and help someone’s posture stay in the right position.

Body Positioning

Using a postpartum wrap can help keep a lot of the uncomfortable movement of your skin around your midsection. This movement won’t only make you feel uncomfortable, but can also cause stretch marks and do damage to the skin’s elasticity. Preventing this movement will help aid in the recovery and help to build an attractive post-baby bump midsection.

C-Section Recovery

A C-Section is a major surgical procedure and can cause a woman’s abdomen area to swell after everything is done. The use of a girdle can help relieve this swelling and also reduce the risk that if a new mom laughs, coughs or gets up out of bed, that their stitches will come undone as the girdle will hold both the stitches and incision in place, helping mom heal much faster.

Clothing Fit

During pregnancy, a lot of women hate that a lot of their favorite clothes don’t fit anymore and await the day they can wear their favorite jeans or dress again. While it may take some time to get back into their pre-pregnancy shape, a postpartum girdle can help them get there faster and can also be worn under their pre-pregnancy clothes

Back Support

During pregnancy, a lot of strain can be put on an expectant mother’s back as their tummy grows to help their growing little bundle of joy grow as well. This can lead to a lot of issues such as scoliosis, curvature of the spine and radiculitis, all of which can become worse after pregnancy. Wearing a postpartum girdle can help improve a mom’s posture and help correct any issue that may occur.

Different types of Postpartum Girdles

On the market, there are more than one designs when it comes to buying a postpartum girdle. Each of these can offer a mom support in certain ways and each can have their own benefits. These types include:

Zipper Style

Like its name, a zipper style girdle will have a zipper on either the front or the side of the girdle. This can make it much easier to wear and take off. This can be very helpful for those mom’s who have had a C-section.

Corset Style

Corset style girdles will have a snap or boning enclosure and are typically made of medical grade materials. This style of girdle is reminiscent of the ones worn in the Victorian era. They are designed to offer the maximum amount of support necessary for post pregnancy recovery.

Pull-up Style

A pull-up style girdle is much like a piece of underwear with a high waist to it. With this style, a mom may have to wait up to two weeks after childbirth and with the opinion of your doctor. These typically aren’t recommended for women who have had a cesarean section as it may cause interference with their abdominal recovery.

Wrap Style

A wrap style girdle is exactly like it’s name implies. The girdle has a frontal flap that wraps around a woman’s midsection and fastens in the back.


Choosing what’s best for you

Choosing the right postpartum girdle is not only an important decision for your comfort, but one that will help your body recover from giving birth to your little bundle of joy after nine months of your body carrying them while they grew inside your tummy.

The right one for you, won’t always come down to price, features or other options. It will likely come down the one that makes you feel the most comfortable when you are wearing it.

Our hope is that with our list of the 10 Best Postpartum Girdles in 2018, our recommendations have given you an idea of what to look for when going through your recovery process.

Do you have a Postpartum Girdles on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 19th of June 2017

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