After having a child, a woman’s body goes through a lot of physical changes that can take quite a while to return to its original state. A postpartum girdle can help your body recover from the stresses it was put under during and even after pregnancy. But how can you tell which postpartum girdle is the best for you?

On that note, we did some shopping on your behalf and listed the ten best postpartum girdles in 2020. Hopefully, the recommendations below can make the recovery process a bit easier for you so that you can focus on your bundle of joy entirely.


How To Choose A Postpartum Girdle – Buying Guide

Wearing a girdle is recommended to help restore the areas affected by pregnancy or at least keep things from getting worse. That said, you need to choose the best options on the market using the following guide:


Since a belly wrap is something that you will likely wear for a reasonable amount of time, you want to make sure that it’s comfortable. An extremely constricting one can cause you to adjust it constantly. If the material rubs against your skin, it may cause rashes to appear or even cut your skin if the irritation to strong enough.


Choosing the best postpartum girdle that is easy to put on and take off can make hours of moving around more relaxed than ever. It should also be able to stay in place since some wraps can slip down if you are very active during the day.


The best postpartum belly band can be worn under whatever outfit you choose to wear. Picking a girdle that gives the impression that you’re not wearing one at all will help boost your confidence when people say that you look great. Although there’s no shame in wearing a belly wrap, no one needs to know that you have a girdle around your abdomen.

Quality & Effectiveness

Girdles and belly wraps do not come in a single size that fits all. Before buying a product, therefore, you need to conduct proper research about it to ensure that it will fit you comfortably and adequately. Reading reviews from other moms can help you find one that may match your other physical requirements, too.


Shopping for postpartum girdles can be a time-consuming process, but it should not also be budget-consuming. Luckily, a lot of the choices on our list above do not break the bank.

Self-Esteem Booster

Baby weight can take some time to come off after giving birth, so many women at this time tend to feel flabby as their skin and muscles try to return to their normal state. A postpartum belly wrap can boost a woman’s self-esteem as it conceals the love handles while working on making the abdominal muscles firm again.

Muscle Recovery

Once a mother gives birth, her abdominal muscles weaken and deflate naturally. It can take some time for those muscles to regain their strength, so you need a girdle that can hold muscles in the right position throughout the recovery process.

Body Positioning

Using the best postpartum belly wrap can help keep a lot of the uncomfortable movement of your skin around your midsection. This movement won’t only make you uncomfortable but can also cause stretch marks and damage to the skin’s elasticity. Preventing this with a belly wrap will help aid in the recovery and help build an attractive post-baby belly.

C-Section Recovery

The use of a girdle can help relieve the swelling of the incision wound after going through a C-section. It can also reduce the risk of stitches coming undone if a new mom laughs, coughs, or gets out of bed, thus helping you heal much faster.

Clothing Fit

During pregnancy, many women hate the fact that their favorite clothes don’t fit anymore and await the day they can wear their favorite jeans or dress again. However, an ideal girdle postpartum can help them get back in those outfits at top speed without showing through the fabric.

Back Support

During pregnancy, a lot of strain can be put on an expectant mother’s back as their tummy grows to make room for their bundle of joy. This can lead to a lot of issues such as scoliosis, the curvature of the spine, and radiculitis, all of which can become worse after pregnancy. Wearing a girdle can help improve a mom’s posture and correct any back-related issue post-childbirth.


Zipper Style

As the name suggests, this type of girdle has a zipper on either front or side, so it is easy to get in and out of. The zipper style can be beneficial for those moms who have had a C-section.

Corset Style

Corset-like girdles have a snap or hook and eye enclosure and are typically made out of medical-grade materials. Apart from being reminiscent corsets that women used to wear in the Victorian era, such belly wraps have been designed to offer the maximum support for postpartum recovery.

Pull-Up Style

A pull-up girdle is much like a piece of underwear with a high waist. With this style, a mom may have to wait up to two weeks after childbirth or more before wearing it. It is not always recommended for women who have had a C-section either as it may cause interference with their abdominal recovery.

Wrap Style

A wrap girdle can be described precisely as its name implies. It has a frontal flap that wraps around a woman’s midsection and fastens in the back.


Q: How soon can you wear a girdle after giving birth?

A: The answer depends on the type of girdle you buy. Some corsets can be worn as soon as you reach your hospital room post-childbirth. Others (the pull-up ones) require you to be on the mend for at least a couple of weeks before wearing them.

Q: Does wearing a girdle help flatten your stomach after pregnancy?

A: The primary purpose of wearing a postpartum girdle is to restore the firmness of your abdominal muscles and lower back pain. However, it is technically not a slimming product that can flatten your stomach post-pregnancy. You will need to exercise to help things along.

Q: Should I wear a postpartum girdle?

A: Yes, you should wear a belly band during postpartum recovery not only for vanity’s sake but also for health reasons. Aside from holding your muscles and skin in place, it also keeps your organs from sagging.

Q: How long does it take for the stomach to shrink after pregnancy?

A: Women need to wait for six to eight weeks for their stomach to shrink post-childbirth. Technically, though, it is the uterus—not the stomach—that shrinks once a mother experiences hormonal changes after delivering the baby.

Q: How many hours a day should you wear a postpartum girdle?

A: Medical-grade girdles can be worn 24/7 for as short as seven days. Some doctors recommend to wear it longer than that, depending on the mother’s situation. If the product is not specified as medical-grade, though, you should only wear it for a few hours every day.

Q: Do hospitals give postpartum girdle?

A: Some hospitals provide girdles, but not all of them do. You can always ask the nurses if they give such items to their patients.

Q: Can I sleep in my waist trainer?

A: You can wear a girdle day and night, but it is not advisable if you have a non-medical-grade one. A waist trainer is only meant to be worn for a few hours every day, especially if it has steel bones that may be painful against your ribs.

My Babies Planet Overview

Choosing the right postpartum girdle is not only an important decision for your comfort. You need it as well to help your body recover from giving birth.

Nevertheless, the right choice won’t always come down to price, features, or other options. It will depend on what makes you feel comfortable the most when you are wearing it.

With our list of the ten best postpartum girdles in 2020, we hope that you have gotten an idea of what to look for when going through your recovery process.

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