When you and your partner decide that you want to start a family, it isn’t always as easy to get pregnant right away. For many parents, planning becomes a big part of trying to conceive a child. One way to do this is to use an ovulation test to determine when you may be ovulating, but how can you know what the best ovulation test for you is?

To help, we did some shopping for you and compiled a list of our 10 Best Ovulation Tests in 2020 to help narrow down all of the options that are out on the market today

With our recommendations, we hope that we can make choosing an ovulation test easier so you can start your family sooner.

Ready? Let’s get started.


How To Choose An Ovulation Test – Buying Guide

Choosing the best ovulation kit to help you plan the start of a new family isn’t always as easy as buying the first one you see on the shelf at the drugstore. When we set out to make a list of the 10 Best Ovulation Tests in 2020, we wanted to make sure that each one met a certain set of criteria so that you can be assured that these tests measure up to our standards. That criteria included:

Ease of Use

Struggling to use an ovulation test that is too complicated to figure out how to use can make using an ovulation test feel like it’s a waste of time. The best ovulation tests are easy to use and understand so you can take the test quickly, easily and get your result as soon as possible.


A quality ovulation test can make you feel more confident when taking the test. A lower quality test can result in inaccurate results or worse yet, a feeling that it may fall apart in your hands. A good test is made from sturdy materials that won’t fall apart when being used.

Number of Test Strips

If you have ever gone through trying to get pregnant, you know that you might go through a lot of ovulation test strips. Many kits come with a numerous amount of test strips so you’re ready when you need to be and not running off to the drug store.


For the most part, all ovulation tests are the same. The only real difference between one test and another is the features that are offered by the manufacturer. Depending on the features, it can affect the price as well. Just remember, that even though some bigger name brands may have features that may make taking the test easier, the basic overall test is the same no matter which brand you buy.

Expiration Dates

When you choose the right ovulation test for you, make sure to check the expiration date on the package. Don’t assume that the test will be accurate. Some stores may not be vigilant about rotating expired stock out and you may find an expired test or two every once in awhile.

Benefits of an Ovulation Test

For a lot of women, the benefits of using an ovulation test can outweigh trying to get pregnant without a plan. When we started to decide on which tests appeared on our list, we wanted to focus on the benefits as well as the criteria. Those benefits include:


Taking an ovulation test at home can offer any woman the benefit of convenience when compared to the alternative of having to see a doctor. With a lot of at home ovulation tests, they can be easy to take with you in case you need to take a test wherever you may happen to be.


A big benefit when it comes to take home ovulation test is the cost. Typically inexpensive, depending on the different features that are put into the test by the manufacturer, you may pay a little more. Despite this, all ovulation tests work in the same manner regardless of the added features.


Going to a doctor’s office can make some women feel very uncomfortable with the over sterilization and the loneliness that some women may feel sitting in a gown in a room. A take home ovulation test lets you take a test in the comfort of your own home, comfortably in whatever you want to wear. And unlike a clinical test, which can take some time to get the results, an ovulation test at home can give you results in minutes.


One of the biggest benefits of a home ovulation test is that it gives hopeful parents a way to plan when the best times to try and conceive a child. Being able to plan ahead days or weeks at a time can help result in a successful conception and pregnancy.

Different types of Ovulation Test

While many women will be most familiar with the kind of ovulation test that involves dipping a test strip into a sample, we wanted to point out some other types of test that you can use if you’re looking for options.

Fertility Monitor

A fertility monitor does what the name implies. To help women keep an eye out for signs of fertility and ovulation, a fertility monitor checks whether you are ovulating by testing a sample for LH and estrogen hormone levels. This can give you a six day window to try and conceive. Many other tests only provide you with 24 to 36 hours of advance prediction

Ovulation Predictor Kits

These types of test are the ones you are most likely familiar with. Typically used by either collecting a sample and dipping a test strip into a cup or midstream. While these are typically the more often used tests, sometimes the price can keep people from buying some of the ones with more features, but there are ones that can be much more affordable.

Saliva Tests

A saliva test helps to predict when you’re ovulating by measuring the level of estrogen in your system. To do this, first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth, you will put a little bit of saliva on the lens of the test. Once dry, you can view the result with an eyepiece that comes with the test. A positive result will resemble frost on a window pane.

My Babies Planet Overview

Deciding to have a family can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. When you start being able to plan ahead and know when the best times to try and conceive a child can be a big help. A ovulation test can help you plan ahead and plan your growing family. While there are many different options out there that you can choose from, the one you ultimately choose will come down to your personal preference over anything else

With our list of the 10 Best Ovulation Tests in 2020, we hope that our selections can make it easier for you to choose the best option in the planning of your new family.

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