As you begin getting the hang of thing with your baby you will find your trusted go-to daytime diapers for them, ones that hold up to your child’s curiosity and on-the-go attitude. But unfortunately, these daytime diapers may not translate into overnight use as seamlessly. This can cause your child to wake up much more at night and cause you to do much more laundry.

Bed wetting is common in children who are potty training as well. While they are trying to learn to maintain bladder control, oftentimes kids won’t wake up to the urge of having to use the toilet. Having the best nighttime diapers will help keep your little one protected. This is important to keep your child’s confidence during the tricky potty training stage.

Having your child sleep through the night is important. To do this you will need to have the absorbency of the best overnight diapers. Below you will find a list of the highest quality overnight diapers. These not only have absorbent padding but also have built-in technology to protect against leaks.


How To Choose An Overnight Diaper – Buying Guide

Many aspects can affect your baby’s comfort and experience with diapers. These contributing factors can range from the type of diaper used (cloth vs. disposable) to features such as wetness indicators. Having extra leak protection and higher absorbency features will ensure your baby has a happy experience of sleeping through the night. While creating our list of top overnight diapers we took many of these factors into consideration, and to make it easier for you to choose the right diapers for your child and to know what to look for we have listed our criteria below.

Type of Diaper 

It can be hard to decide what the best option is for your family. Cloth diapers and disposable diapers both hold their own pros and cons. Cloth diapers are safer against your child’s skin, they prevent issues such as diaper rash and are free from any harmful chemicals. Not only this but they are not made from crude oil and latex found in disposable diapers. While they do require more cleaning up, it takes less water to wash these diapers than it does to flush a toilet.

Disposable diapers often irritate kids’ skin which is why they are linked to diaper rash. With a typical child needing to be changed between 6-8 times a day, disposable diapers make it easy to simply roll up and throw away. When dealing with nearly 60 diapers a week it is common for convenience to outweigh the side effects of using disposable diapers.

Many brands are placing an eco-friendly spin on your favorite disposable diapers which helps make them an enticing option. Better for the environment and safer for your child’s sensitive skin, these diapers perfectly blend the best of both worlds but often come with a higher price tag.

Wetness Indicator 

Being able to see if your baby needs to be changed without looking in their diaper will change your life. With a newborn peeing up to 20 times a day it can be hard for new parents to determine when it’s the right time to actually change their child’s diaper. Companies have developed an indicator that changes color when it comes in contact with liquids making it easy to see with a quick glance at your baby’s diaper from the outside. This helps distinguish a small amount of urine from a diaper that is getting full and needs to be changed.

Leak Control 

Different companies will have their own unique name of what they call their advanced leak protecting technology. Regardless of the name, it is important to ensure that the diaper you choose has enhanced technologies along the sides of your baby’s legs that help to trap liquid in the diaper and not allow it to escape. Typically, overnight diapers will have leak guards as well as more layers of absorbent padding than regular diapers which helps them last through the whole night.


Different diaper brands have unique sizes. Since babies grow at such a fast rate, diapers should have many different sizes. This will allow you to buy diapers that fit them perfectly. If a company only has 2 or 3 sizes the diaper may not fit snugly around their legs or hips which can lead to leaks. Look for diapers that have closer to 7 or 8 sizes. This will allow you to stick with the same brand for the entire time your child needs diapers.


Different materials can be used when making diapers, which can have different effects on your baby’s experience and skin health. As mentioned earlier, two of the main distinctions are between cloth diapers and disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are often preferred by parents who worry about their child’s delicate skin becoming irritated from disposable diapers.

However, disposable diapers are now being made with materials that are friendlier to your child’s skin and to the environment. Opting out of using latex, fragrances, lotions or chlorine bleaching, these hypoallergenic disposable diapers can be a better option for your child’s skin. While ultimately the safest choice is cloth diapers, these hypoallergenic disposable options can be a better choice for those parents looking for the convenience of disposable diapers and the safety of cloth ones.


Absorbency can be a key factor in choosing the right overnight diapers for your child. Since the key feature you want from an overnight diaper is for them to keep your child sleeping through the night you want to find diapers that have a greater absorbency than daytime diapers and greater leak protection as your little one will be wearing them for a longer period of time.

We recommend looking for options that clearly state they have a higher absorbency, multi-layer design, and leak-proof guards so you can be sure your child won’t be woken up feeling uncomfortable due to a dirty diaper.

Fit and Comfort

Selecting the proper fit of a diaper can be a key factor in making sure your baby will be comfortable sleeping in them. Most overnight diapers are designed for comfort with stretchy waistbands and greater softness so your baby can get the protection they need without feeling constricted or uncomfortable while sleeping.

Buying the right size is important to make sure your baby feels comfortable. We recommend reading the size guide when purchasing overnight diapers so you can buy the right diapers for your child. Certain diapers will also come with easy to open and resealable sides which will allow you to adjust the fit around your child’s middle so the diaper can fit snuggly. 


Purchasing eco-friendly options is a factor of growing importance for a lot of parents as they search for options that are not just good for their child but also for the environment. While the eco-friendliest option is cloth diapers, many parents find it a more demanding job to have to deal with cleaning and washing cloth diapers regularly.

Many companies are looking to create eco-friendly disposable diapers which are often made from sustainable materials that will make them a better option than regular diapers. These eco-friendly diapers also tend to be hypoallergenic and better for children’s delicate skin as they rely on more natural materials to offer the absorbency and leak protection your child needs. 


A lot of parents opt for scented diapers as it can help ward off the odors of a dirty diaper, especially first thing in the morning. However, certain parents find that the scented diapers can irritate their child’s delicate skin due to the fragrances used in the making of a scented diaper. For these parents, opting for an unscented or fragrance-free diaper is a safer option as it will eliminate a possible cause of their child’s skin irritation.


Q. What Is an Overnight Diaper?

A. An overnight diaper is a diaper that is specifically designed and intended to be used for your baby at nighttime as they have extra features that will allow your baby to sleep through the night without being woken up by a wet diaper. Overnight diapers usually have greater absorbency, leak guards and quick dryness features that all serve to make sure that when your child’s diaper does get full or dirty at night it won’t necessarily wake them or make them feel uncomfortable. Using overnight diapers can be a huge benefit to both your child’s and your sleeping routine as it will allow both of you to get the much-needed sleep you need without getting woken due to a wet diaper. 

Q. What Is the Difference Between a Regular and Overnight Diaper?

A. The main differences between a regular diaper and an overnight diaper are their absorbency levels and leak protection. While daytime diapers are also absorbent and leak-proof, they focus on other features as well such as creating thinner diapers, or ones that are softer and more suited to running around. However, overnight diapers primarily focus on a high level of absorbency and greater leak protection so your child can sleep through the night without waking up because their diaper is wet and they feel uncomfortable. 

Q. What About Overnight Diapers for Heavy Wetters?

A. For children who are heavy wetters, it is important to find overnight diapers with the highest level of absorbency. We recommend opting for diapers that have multi-layered cores that are highly absorbent as this will mean the diaper can absorb greater quantities of liquid. Another feature to look for is extra leak protections as this will make sure that the mess stays inside the diaper and your child stays happily asleep. 

My Babies Planet Overview

When looking for the best diapers for overnight use with your little one, it is important to make sure that they are designed to be used overnight. Overnight diapers differ from regular diapers as they are typically bulkier and able to hold quite a bit more moisture. They are all equipped with moisture-locking systems that help keep your baby feeling dry all night without leaking.

More than just a tool to help you do less laundry, the best nighttime diapers are designed to pull moisture away from your baby helping them feel dry and encourage sleeping through the night. The diapers on our list have been tried and tested by many parents and are the best options on the market.

We hope you will choose an option from our list, however, we know it will ultimately come down to your preference. With our list of 7 Best Overnight Diapers and our choosing guide, we hope to make the process of selecting the right overnight diapers for your child a little bit easier.

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