15 Best Nursing Bras in 2018


What Are The Best Nursing Bras? – Let’s Review!

Breastfeeding, while beautiful, can be painful, uncomfortable and messy. Choosing the right bra to stay comfortable requires much more attention. Your baby requires feeding about nine times a day which means that you will need a bra that will provide easy access and not have to be removed every time.

The best nursing bras are ones that focus on comfort and support. You have likely increased in cup size and the constant feedings will cause you to feel a bit achy. Having the correct support in a seamless comfortable bra will ease the pain of your breasts. During and after pregnancy bra support is the most important feature. It is not uncommon to experience leaks when you are full of milk. The best pregnancy bras will have inserts to add to your bras that will soak this liquid up and not show through a shirt.

It is safe to say that shopping for bras changes quite a bit after you have had a baby. The features to look for are much different than you are likely used to. To help ease the transition we have compiled a list of the best bras for nursing on the market.

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Baby Nursing Bras

1. Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra by HOFISH


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This bra has features that make it comfortable and functional. It is made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex so you know it will be soft and stretchy. This Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra also has one hand access, adjustable shoulder straps, and easy drop cups all which make feeding as easy as possible. HOFISH has traded an uncomfortable underwire for a super comfortable elastic band. This is perfect for breastfeeding as it is easy to move around without struggling.

This package comes with 3 bras, 3 bras clips and 3 extenders. The extenders allow the bra to expand and contract to make sure it fits perfectly. It comes in sizes ranging from small to extra-large so you can rest assured this bra will fit you comfortably.

Why we love it – When you are nursing you need a bra that can offer support while being comfortable. This bra from HOFISH excels at both of these. The soft fabric won’t irritate your skin as it is soft and supportive which reduces uncomfort.

2. Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra by Bravado! Designs


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Having a nursing bra doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. This Bravado! Designs bra comes in 8 great colors so you can still feel sexy. It also has many features that make it more comfortable than other nursing bras. Removable foam inserts give you the extra padding you may need while the fabric stretches 4 ways to make every stage of pregnancy comfortable.

This bra is made of nylon and spandex material which makes it machine washable. It also trades an underwire for an elastic band. This makes it ideal to continue sports and even yoga as it is super flexible and will move and bend with your body.

Why we love it – This could be one of the top bras for pregnancy. It is flexible while still being supportive so you don’t have to slow down your life because of your bra. This is due to the elastic band instead of a rigid underwire. When combined with the soft, seamless design it makes this a great option for nursing women.

3. French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra by Kindred Bravely

French-Terry-Racerback-Nursing-Sleep-Bra-by-Kindred-Bravely Check Price Now

Kindred Bravely has a wide selection of sizes to ensure this bra fits perfectly. Instead of the normal small to extra large size options, Kindred Bravely offers many versions of this bra. For example, they offer a busty version of each size which has extra support through the chest. Oh, and sizes range from extra small to double extra large.

This bra has won the Mom’s Choice Award for its design. It features ultra-soft French Terry material that is known for its softness. You no longer have to struggle with clasps or hooks as this has a full back and stretchy band that moves with you. This is an excellent bra to wear while you sleep. It offers the perfect amount of support and doesn’t constrict your body in any way. The bra also has easy pull-aside breastfeeding access. You don’t have to struggle or take off your bra any longer.

Why we love it – There is a reason this bra won the Mom’s Choice Award. It has features that put it above the rest of the competition. You have nearly instant access to feed your hungry baby while being comfortable to wear during the day and even while you sleep. It also comes in 8 great colors and sizes ranging from extra small to double extra large with busty versions of each one.

4. Womens Seamless Nursing Bralette by iLoveSIA

Womens-Seamless-Nursing-Bralette-by-iLoveSIA Check Price Now

This 3 pack bra set comes with everything you need to be comfortable while you’re in the nursing phase. There is no pesky underwire and removable molded foam cups give you support. You have quick access to feed your baby. The cups fold down with only one hand. These bras have also been designed for fluctuating bust size.

You will love the adjustable shoulder straps and the full coverage cups. This bra has been made of a highly stretchy knitted material and supports you in the ways you need. There is an included bra expander which ensures you won’t need to purchase more than one size.

Why we love it – This iLoveSIA  Womens Seamless Nursing Bralette is a great option for nursing mothers. It has a seamless design that is built for comfort. This means that it has loads of support and uses only the softest material. You can also expect three different colors in the package. This makes it easy to match with any outfit.

5. Seamless Clip Down Deep V Neck Push Up Nursing Bra by HOFISH

Seamless-Clip-Down-Deep-V-Neck-Push-Up-Nursing-Bra-by-HOFISH Check Price Now

HOFISH uses a high quality mixture of nylon (92%) and spandex (8%) which makes a stretchy and comfortable maternity bra. In fact, this bra can stretch to 1.5 times its size. This allows for how your body will change over time. Unlike other bras, this Seamless Clip Down Push Up Nursing Bra plunges deep in the front while sitting higher in the back. This makes it able to be worn with clothes you feel sexy in while providing added support.

This company also offers replacement bra pads. If you find that yours are deformed or misshapen simply contact them and they will send a replacement. On top of this, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They know their product is going to fit you perfectly and be comfortable.

Why we love it – HOFISH has made a great bra. Instead of planning your outfit around your maternity bra this option lets you wear clothes you actually want to. Also, this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice support. This bra has a secret design that sits lower on your body so it is more comfortable.

6. Spandex Sleep Bra by Lamaze by Kitex

Spandex-Sleep-Bra-by-Lamaze-by-Kitex Check Price Now

This Lamaze bra comes in sizes ranging from small to double extra large and 5 awesome colors. Unlike other bras on our list, this is one specifically designed to be slept in. It has a simple twist design in the front which adds support where you need it most. There is no wire that will make this bra uncomfortable. The higher percentage of spandex material give this bra a more elastic fit that also adds to the comfort. You can use this bra while you are pregnant and continue to use it for nursing.

Why we love it – Lamaze has made an ultra comfortable sleep bra. There is no fancy strap or anything that needs to be adjusted, just pure comfort. It is made with a mixture of cotton and spandex materials that make a soft supportive bra you’ll love.

7. Maternity Shirt Sleep Bra by SUIEK

Maternity-Shirt-Sleep-Bra-by-SUIEK Check Price Now

If you are looking for maternity clothes this Maternity Shirt Sleep Bra by SUIEK should be near the top of your list. This is a full-length shirt with a built-in bra that can be used when feeding. The bottom part of this shirt is ultra stretchy and is perfect to wear while at any stage of pregnancy. The bra has loads of support that can be adjusted with the shoulder straps. It comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large meaning you will be able to find the right size for you.

If you are at the feeding stage you will be happy to know this has easy to use nursing clasps that only require one hand to open. The best part is that this doesn’t look like a maternity shirt. In fact, it looks like a regular shirt you’d wear to yoga. It even features a cute design on the back. The waistline is loose which is ideal for every stage of pregnancy – you don’t need to buy a shirt every few weeks.

Why we love it – Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to dress in baggy clothes. With this Maternity Shirt Sleep Bra from SUIEK you can still wear clothes that make you feel sexy, and still be comfortable. It has thoughtful designs like the racer back, that also helps the shoulder straps from falling off. You can wear this for any occasion while looking and feeling great.

8. Wireless Sleeping Maternity Bra by Suekaphin

Wireless-Sleeping-Maternity-Bra-by-Suekaphin Check Price Now

Suekaphin has created a package of 5 maternity bras for less than the cost of some single bras on the market and don’t think these are cheap. They are made of high-quality nylon and spandex material. In fact, their mixture differs from other manufacturers. They increase the amount of spandex which makes these bras more elastic feeling, increasing support.

This Wireless Maternity Bra has been made for pregnant and nursing mothers in mind. No longer do you need a different bra for each stage of pregnancy. They all have removable padding, a one step feeding clasp and a wide side band. All of these features have been made machine washable saving you valuable time in the cleaning department. Since this bra doesn’t have a rigid wire you don’t have to worry about it deforming or losing its shape. This makes these bras more rugged and able to stand up to real-world life.

Why we love it – Not a log of people have heard of Suekaphin, but after these bras they are sure to be more known. This set of bras have the technology and features that rival bras that cost double or even triple what they do. Also, this package comes with 5 bras making it able to last nearly an entire week.

9. Hands Free Nursing Pumping Bra by Multitrust

Hands-Free-Nursing-Pumping-Bra-by-Multitrust Check Price Now

Multitust has made one of the best pumping bras on the market. Theirs is made from cotton and spandex which makes a breathable and comfortable design. No longer do you need to spend hours pumping milk for your baby. Now you can make this time work in your schedule since this system doesn’t need you to monitor it every second. This hands free pumping bra gives you the flexibility to do other tasks while making sure your baby gets the food they need.

The sizes of this bra range from medium (34 A-D) to extra large (38 A-D). They feature wide shoulder straps along with the sides to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit. This bra also comes in 3 colors including pink, nude, and black

Why we love it – This is a great bra for Nursing Mothers. It allows you to nurse while continuing your day around the house. The no hands design doesn’t make pumping a chore anymore.

10. Nursing Maternity Bra by Fiery Youth

Nursing-Maternity-Bra-by-Fiery-Youth Check Price Now

Fiery Youth has put together quite a package. It includes 3 breastfeeding bras, 3 bra extenders, 3 bra strap clips, and 4 detachable pads. Each piece of this package makes this bra more useful. The extenders allow for natural fluctuations, the strap clips give extra support and the pads make the bra more comfortable.

This Nursing, Maternity, and Breastfeeding Bra is made from nylon and spandex. But unlike other bras this has 10% spandex making it super elastic. In fact, it can stretch to 1.5x its size. This is perfect for when you’re nursing as you can increase up to 2-3 cup sizes. You can even get a size bigger and use the extra padding when you need to. These pads can also be removed when you’re feeding or when you throw this bra into the washing.

Why we love it – This is a package that will have you well equipped for nursing. It comes with loads of extras that will help you stay comfortable including extra pads and clips. The material is not only stretchy but also super comfortable. It is easy to feed with this bra and only takes one hand to remove the cup.

11. D Lite Hands Free Pumping Bra by Simple Wishes

D-Lite-Hands-Free-Pumping-Bra-by-Simple-Wishes Check Price Now

This is one of the top-rated breastfeeding bras. It is made from a cotton and spandex material and has the highest amount of spandex on our list. This makes is ideal as it will expand and contract as you are lactating. Simple Wishes actually guarantee a perfect fit. They have a system that can be adjusted up to 10 inches by simply undoing a Velcro strap along the rib cage. This company also guarantee that this will last well through over 1000 pumping sessions.

There are four layers of fabric that create the perfect seal for bottles while allowing you to stay covered. The layers also make any breast pump into a hands free one by gripping the pump so securely. This bra is so well designed that it can even be worn without straps – something unheard of when it comes to nursing bras.

Why we love it – No longer do you have to struggle to pump milk for your baby. It doesn’t need to take both hands and use up hours of your time. With this bra from Simple Wishes, you can use the pump you have and turn it into a hands free device. This bra can also have different strap configurations. It can be worn as a racerback (crossed straps), a standard look, or even strapless.

12. Seamless Push Up Comfort Sleep Bralette by CooShco

Seamless-Push-Up-Comfort-Sleep-Bralette-by-CooShco Check Price Now

This seamless Push Up Bralette from CooShco is a great bra for women looking for a push up bra that they can feed from. This is a comfortable bra that is virtually invisible under any type of clothing. It has adjustable shoulder straps that can offer added support while the adjustable fastener gives you the room you need.

Even though it doesn’t have an underwire this bra is still supportive. This is due to the perfected combination of nylon and spandex material. These bras are designed to fit busts from size 30C to 40D with each size, from small to extra large, being able to fit many cup sizes. For example, a medium fits a size 32DD to a 36B. This means that these bras will be able to fit even when you fluctuate size while lactating.

Why we love it – This is the best bra for a night on the town. You still need to feel like you look good and this bra makes that happen. It will fit under any of your favorite clothing without showing lines or bulk. It does all this while still being able to nurse and pump.

13. Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra by Elomi

Smoothing-Underwire-Molded-Nursing-Bra-by-Elomi Check Price Now

Support is what you can count on with this comfortable full-coverage nursing bra. With your standard hook and eye closure, this bra is easy to put on. The low cut leotard style design back helps this bra to work with a number of different shirts. The flexible wired design allows this bra to offer superior support while not compromising on comfort. This also helps to add desirable shape found in everyday bras.

The polyester-nylon-elastane blend offers a seamless cup design that prevents chafing and instead fits comfortably against your skin. Giving a smooth outer appearance this bra hides easily under your shirt looking like an everyday bra. This bra features thicker straps that have a no-slip design that helps them to be supportive. They are also adjustable which will help you to get a personalized fit.

The drop cup offers a full circle sling allowing access and support to be achieved at the same time. This helps to make feedings easy and comfortable. Firm molded cups help to provide the support and shape you desire in a bra.

Why we love it – Elomi made this quality molded nursing bra to combine comfort with the look you are hoping for. This bra is most known for the firmly molded cups that help give you a smooth rounded shape. The discreet design camouflages effortlessly under your shirts. The soft seamless design helps to avoid chafing and discomfort in between feeds while the flexible underwire works to make this your go-to comfort bra.

14. Wirefree Maternity Bralette Pack by Lataly

Wirefree-Maternity-Bralette-Pack-by-Lataly Check Price Now

Coming in at quite a value, you will love the affordable price tag on this quality 5 pack. Coming in an assortment of neutral colors, you will be able to match a bra color to virtually any outfit. Made from a nylon-spandex blend this bra feels more like a supportive extension of your t-shirt.

Having no underwire means that your breasts will sit comfortably and allow this bralette to be comfortably worn even during the night. The no wire design is much healthier as well. A traditional back clasp keeps this bra simple. The adjustable shoulder straps help to give you a perfect fit.

The breathable ribbed gore material stretches and contracts to accommodate for the normal fluctuation of breast size while nursing. The nursing clips featured on the front of this bra are easily accessible by one hand making nighttime nursing even easier. The drop cups make feedings easier and more convenient.

With a glance, this breastfeeding bra looks just like your regular bras. With the same look but so much more function it is no wonder why this bra is loved by so many. The nursing clips hide discreetly along the strap which allows this bra to look like an everyday bra. The clips fold down to provide quick and easy access for your baby. Once your baby is done feeding the seamless design and soft fabric make this bra incredibly comfortable.

Why we love it – This is a quality bra for breastfeeding mothers who don’t want to compromise style for comfort. With Lataly’s design, these bras have the same look as a regular bra helping them to hide discreetly under clothing. With many added benefits you are looking for in a nursing bra such as nursing clips, a comfortable seamless design and no underwire this will quickly become your go-to bra. It is a good thing these come in a pack of 5!

15. Wireless Seamless Nursing Bra by Gratlin

Wireless-Seamless-Nursing-Bra-by-Gratlin Check Price Now

Gratlin makes great bras for early pregnancy. This is mainly done by the material they use. A mixture of polyamide and spandex create a soft, supportive cup that can expand and contract with your body. When coupled with removable cups this becomes a great nursing bra. This Wireless Seamless Nursing Bra uses a ribbed side panel that increases the support and comfort of this bra.

This bra comes in sizes from extra small (32 A) to extra large (42 D). It also comes in three colors including black, beige, and ivory making this a versatile bra that can be used with any color top. Removing the cup for feeding is a simple one handed task that is not difficult at all. This means you can be carrying your baby and still be able to easily undo the opening.

Why we love it – This is a nursing bra that can be used every single day. You don’t have to wear baggy or concealing clothes with this bra as it doesn’t show lines and hugs your body like a normal bra would. This is due to the special polyamide and spandex material used for this bra.

How We Chose the Top Nursing Bras in Our List

Finding the right bra for nursing doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are many options and companies to choose from which can make this decision difficult. Bra for pregnancy reviews agree that there are certain features that your bra should have.


When choosing a nursing bra you should be aware of the material use to make it. These are special bras that have to be flexible enough to move with your body. Lactating takes a toll on your body and makes it expand and contract. Your bra should be able to do that as well.

This is done by incorporating a spandex material into the bra. This is an elastic-like material that is flexible. Depending on the percentage used in the bra it can even expand up to 1.5x its size. This will make your nursing more comfortable.

The spandex should be mixed with a soft material like polyester or cotton. This will make the bra soft against your skin and not irritate it. Nursing can take a toll and your bra should be soft enough to handle it.


A bra is nothing without support. Sure the spandex material helps but can only go so far. Adjustable straps like those on a regular bra can help add support. Most of the bras on our list have straps that can be worn in many different ways. Strap clips can also add extra support. These are little clips that connect the two straps of the bra. Not only does this increase the amount of support but also stops the straps from falling off your shoulders.

Another way nursing bras get support is through the underband. Since your body is not at a constant size, bras cannot use an underwire like normal bras. Instead, a tightly knitted or elastic underband is used. This allows your bra to flex and bend with your body. When coupled with a ribbed or knitted side panel nursing bras can actually be even more supportive than regular ones.


Nursing bras need a space for padding. This can increase or decrease the amount of space inside the cup. For example, when you are sleeping you may want to take out the padding which can make it more comfortable. But while you are grocery shopping, for example, you may want to add more padding for extra support and comfort. Many of the bras on our list come with either two or four pads that you can use for making your bra perfectly comfortable.


These special bras also need to be good at what they were designed for: feeding your baby. If you can’t easily remove the cup you will struggle to feed your baby. All of the bras on our list have one handed access points. This means that you can undo the cup with one hand so you can be holding your baby with the other if you need to. Not struggling to open your bra can add a lot to your day and speed up feeding your baby.


It is important that your bra be able to pump milk for your baby. Having milk is crucial for your baby’s health. The bra you choose should be able to accommodate a breast pump. An ideal setup would be one that you don’t have to monitor with your hands. Being able to continue with your day is an important aspect of a top quality nursing bra. Some bras do this by having layers of fabric that supports the pumping system. This is a good solution that gives you the freedom to continue your day.


When looking for the best bras during pregnancy reviews can be extremely helpful. Most bras come with a wide variety of sizes ranging from extra small to double extra large. This can make it intimidating when it comes to buying a nursing bra. Look at the cup size listed beside the actual size. It will have a list of cup sizes that will fit into the bra. It is important that you get professionally sized before buying a bra. Even if you know your size you have more than likely changed since getting pregnant. You can get sized at your local mall or intimates store. This will help you when sizing your nursing bra.

The fit is the most important part of your nursing bra. If you get a wrong size it can put pressure on your back and can cause you pain. It is strongly recommended that you get sized by a professional before you buy any bra.

Bra Extender

You may not have used one of these before you were pregnant, but you will now. A bra extender is a piece of fabric that has extra hooks on it. It is designed to increase the size of your bra. Once you give birth your bra size can fluctuate up to three or four sizes. A bra extender can combat this. It will allow you to keep the same bra and not have to buy a new one. If you find an amazing bra and it doesn’t have one included you can pick one of these up for cheap at your local mall. It shouldn’t make or break your bra buying decision.


There are many styles of nursing bras. Dedicated nursing bras can be on the bulkier side. They need to be able to have a spot to hold pumps so that you can do this task with no hands. Also, since they will not have an underwire they may use a thicker material to give added support.

Some are designed for nights out. These bras will be made of material that hugs your body while not being bulky or show lines. The drawback of these bras is that they may not be the most functional. For example, they may sacrifice a pump spot for a slimmer, streamlined look. If you are looking to have nights out on the town, as you should, it may be best to invest in a separate bra suited for that time.

Do you have a Nursing Bras on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 16th of December 2017

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