Let’s be honest, breastfeeding, while beautiful, can sometimes be painful, tiresome, and a bit messy. Considering the fact that you’ll breastfeeding about nine times a day for months to come, you need a bra that you’ll be comfortable with wearing almost all day while providing easy access for your little one.

The most crucial feature of a bra is the support it gives you while you’re looking after your newborn. It is not uncommon to experience leaks when your breasts are full of milk, too. The best bras in pregnancy have inserts to add to your bras that will soak the excessive milk up and not show through a shirt.

The best nursing bra is the one that focuses on comfort and support in terms of design, too. You have likely increased in cup size, and the constant feedings will cause you to feel a bit achy. Having the correct help in a seamless, comfortable bra will ease the pain of your breasts and your back, too.

To help you out during this precious time, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Nursing Bras in 2020. Hopefully, one of our recommendations is the one you’re looking for.


How To Choose A Nursing Bra – Buying Guide

With countless options the market offers, finding the best nursing bra for your needs is not an easy task. You have to consider certain criteria before making a decision so that you can get the comfort and the support you need while breastfeeding. Here they are:


Nursing bras are special bras that are made with flexible materials that move with your body. Lactating takes a toll on you and causes your body to expand and contract. In order to support the changes you’re going through; the material should be elastic to give you comfort.

Spandex which is a flexible elastic-like material is one of the most common fabrics that nursing bras are manufactured from. Depending on the percentage of Spandex used, they expand up to 1.5x its size, making nursing hassle-free.

On the other hand, the Spandex should be mixed with a soft material like polyester or cotton in order to make the bra soft against your skin.


Adjustable straps support your breasts and allow you to wear them in different ways to increase your comfort. You can also add a strap clip, a little clip that connects the two straps of the bra, to increase the support if you need more.

Because your body is not in a constant size, bras with an underwire will not work. An underband, a tightly knitted or elastic band that allows your bra to flex and bend with your body, on the other hand, will support you more easily. When coupled with a ribbed or knitted side panel, nursing bras can be more supportive than regular bras.


In order to increase or decrease the amount of space inside the bra cup, nursing bras need an extra space for padding. This feature will come very handy if you leak in an unexpected situation.


The bra cups need to be easily removable to feed your little one. The bra should have a one-handed access point so that you can undo the cup with one hand while holding your baby.


Some bras can accommodate a breast pump and they are called pumping bras. A bra that can accommodate a breast pump have layers of fabric to support the pumping system. You can attach the pump to the bra and you will be able to use your hands freely. 


Most bras come with a wide variety of sizes ranging from extra small to double extra-large. The cup sizes usually are listed next to the actual size. Consider getting sized professionally before buying your nursing bra, as your size has probably changed during pregnancy. It’s important that your bra fits you perfectly not to put pressure on your back and cause pain.

Bra Extender

A bra extender is a piece of fabric with extra hooks on it, which is designed to increase the size of your bra. Once you give birth, your size can fluctuate up to three or four sizes. A bra extender will allow you to keep the same bra and don’t have to buy a new one.


Nursing bras vary in style and designed to provide different needs of breastfeeding mothers.

Dedicated nursing bras can be on the bulkier side; however they provide a spot to hold pumps so that you can do the task with no hands. Also, since they don’t have an underwire, they use a thicker material to give added support.

Bras that are designed for nights out are made of a material that hugs your body while not being bulky or show lines. The drawback of these bras is that they may not be the most functional by sacrificing a pump spot for a slimmer, streamlined look. If you are looking to have nights out on the town, it may be best to invest in a separate bra.


Q: Do you really need a nursing bra?

A: Definitely! 

The best nursing bras are designed to expand with your fluctuation breast size and give you the comfort you need while breastfeeding. It’s much easier to open and close your breast to feed your little one while wearing a nursing bra. 

Some of the best maternity bras are multi-functional in the sense that they even offer you the ability to attach a breast pump giving you a hands-free movement.  

Q: When should you buy nursing bras?

A: If you want to purchase a bra before you deliver, the best time is to wait until you are 8 months pregnant so that you have an idea about the size of your breasts after giving birth.

Between 4-8 weeks after delivery, your breast will return to the size that they were when you were eight months pregnant. At this point in time, your body adjusted to the milk supply and how much milk you need to produce. Therefore, this’s also a good time to go shopping for a nursing bra.

Q: What size nursing bra should I get?

A: We recommend you buy one cup bigger than your pre-pregnancy size bra.

In general, guidelines show that your bra size will increase with one or two cup sizes and one or two band sizes during pregnancy. After your baby is born, you usually grow another cup size to accommodate for the milk production, as well.

Choosing a perfect sized nursing bra could be a bit difficult, therefore you can also get help from a professional to get the right fit. 

Also keep in mind that, during the first 8 weeks after delivery, your bra size will decrease slowly until about one cup size bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. 

Q: Can you wear a normal bra when breastfeeding?

A: While the answer is yes, it’s not fair to say that you’ll be comfortable in it.

The reason why a maternity bra is suggested while breastfeeding is that your regular bra usually has underwire and are meant to be firm and keep a constant shape of your breasts. 

A maternity bra, in contrast, has no underwire and changes with the shape of your body, giving you flexibility and area for movement. Therefore, you can breastfeed much more comfortably while wearing it.

Q: How many bra sizes do you go up when breastfeeding?

A: It is different for every woman, but it usually changes between one and four cup sizes. 

At around eight weeks after birth, your bra size should have slowly decreased back to one size bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. The reason is that your body will by then have figured out how much milk to produce to sustain your little one. In the first eight weeks, it is possible for your body to over or undersupply the milk.

My Babies Planet Overview

Breastfeeding is a big sacrifice on mothers’ end and they deserve to be 100% comfortable while nursing their beloved children. The perfect nursing bras have figured out the right design with material, padding, fit, extenders, and other important factors during manufacture. Therefore, they provide the support moms need in this unique chapter of their lives, which can be stressful at times.

Hopefully, with our list of the 10 best nursing bras in 2020, we’ve been able to help you with your choice when it comes to getting the best maternity bra for yourself.

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