10 Best Nursery Gliders in 2017

What Are The Best Nursery Gliders? – Let’s Review!

When you have a baby, there are a lot of moments where you will be holding your baby in your arms. Whether you are nursing, burping or rocking your baby back to sleep, the majority of your new baby’s time with you will end up being in your arms.

Unless you’re Superman, your arms will eventually get tired. Having a nursery glider is a great option to have when that happens. But as you start shopping around for a nursery glider, you will notice that there are a lot of different options out there on the market. This can get a bit confusing and you may start to ask what the best nursery glider out there is?

To help, we took a look at all of the options out there for you to choose from and wanted to make this as easy and pain free as possible for you to do.

With our list of the 10 Best Nursery Gliders in 2017, we hope that we can help you find the best baby glider for you and your little one.

Ready? Let’s Get Started.

Here Is the Chart for the 10 Best Nursery Gliders

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1Windsor Glider and Ottoman by Angel Line

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As our top rated baby glider on the market, the Windsor Glider and Ottoman from Angel Line has everything that you as a new parent would want from a nursery glider. With its padded seating made from 100% polyester that can easily be removed to be spot cleaned in a pinch to its side pockets for easy storage, this glider would be a welcome addition to any nursery.

With the glider being mostly pre-assembled right from the package, this means that you and your baby can be gliding in comfort in little to no time at all. With its solid wood frame, the Windsor Glider and Ottoman are built to last. An included ottoman helps you raise your feet off the floor to help with blood flow to your legs.

If there is one feature missing from this glider, it would be that the glider doesn’t have a reclining option. While this may not be a feature to keep you from buying this glider, for those parents who might have back issues, it may be an important omission.

Why we love it – The Windsor Glider and Ottoman by Angel Line is our top rated baby glider for a reason. Everything offered by the glider is done extremely well. From the cushions to the construction, you cannot go wrong with this glider.

2Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner by Baby Relax

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If you’re looking for a glider that will look good in your baby’s nursery or your living room, the Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner from Baby Relax may be the baby glider to suit your needs.

When first seeing the glider, the first thing that stands out is the look that this presents, not only to you, but to others as well. Wrapped in an easy to clean fabric, the glider also has an added benefit not offered by many other products on the market. An enclosed ball bearing mechanism allows to chair not only to glide, but also swivel giving you a full range of convenience and movement.

The Gliding Recliner, with an easy to reach, and easy to pull latch can help you put the glider into multiple degrees of reclining, from the foot rest being propped up, to a full recline position.

Why we love it -The Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner is an amazing choice if you are looking for a nursery glider that can look right at home in your baby’s nursery or in your living room as a piece of accent furniture. With its swivel capability, this puts this glider ahead of similar models for it access and movement capabilities.

3The Mackenzie Microfiber Plush Nursery Rocker Chair by Baby Relax

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With its thick, padded seat, back and armrests, the Mackenzie Microfiber Plush Nursery Rocker Chair is built with comfort in mind for you and your child. While the comfort that the glider offers can be a big benefit, the assembled height of the chair is only 3 feet, and a seat depth of 2 feet could be a problem if you happen to be a taller person and would like to rest your head on the head rest while nursing your baby.

With its rocker, made from solid wood, offers a smooth motion regardless of how you use it. Normally sold on its own, Baby Relax also offers an ottoman to complete the package for your nursery.

While the exclusion of this can be a detractor to some, the comfort that the Mackenzie Microfiber glider offers can make this a perfect addition to your nursery.

Why We Love It – Between the thick padding that makes activities from nursing to reading bedtime stories very comfortable for you to do with your child, to the solid construction of the rocker, the Mackenzie Microfiber Plush Nursery Rocker Chair from Baby Relax is one of our top rated glider rockers on the market today.

4Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set by Stork Craft

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A lot of parents will picture something similar to the Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set from Stork Craft when they start shopping for a nursery glider. With an available 4 color variations, choosing a color option to fit the décor of your baby’s nursery is easy as can be.

With high quality wood construction, metal ball bearings are enclosed to give you and your baby a smooth gliding experience. This attention to quality and comfort will keep this glider a favorite of yours for years to come.

The Glider and Ottoman Set comes out of the box almost completely set up and requires a minimal amount of time needed to assemble the glider so you can start using this as soon as possible. With their spot clean cushions, cleaning any messes that may happen while nursing your little one will be easy to clean to keep this glider looking new for years to come.

Why We Love It – For a nursery glider that, once out of the box is ready in minutes for you to use with your baby, you can’t get much better that the Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set from Stork Craft. And with its quality construction, this could be the glider you pass down through your family for generations.

5Monterey Glider & Ottoman by Angel Line

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With a back cushion that reaches the top edge of the glider to allow you a comfortable headrest, the Monterey Glider & Ottoman from Angel Line offers you more comfort than other similarly priced options on the market.

With a seating area of 28 inches, and boasting cushions made from a soft 100% polyester fabric, sitting in this glider with your child while nursing, you can rest assured that sitting in the glider won’t cause discomfort as can be common with some other nursery gliders. Gliding is something the Monterey does extremely well, with its mechanics composed of metal bearings that have been developed well to ensure that there are no issues relating to any unwanted noise or loose feeling parts.

If the glider has a downside, it is a minor one at that. The absence of pockets on the sides of the rocker is missed, especially when there are other gliders on the market that have them.

Why We Love It – The Monterey Glider and Ottoman is a quality option for you to choose for your baby’s nursery. With its exquisite comfort and included ottoman, we are comfortable making this one of our best glider and ottoman choices for your nursery choices on this list.

6Abbington Soothing System Glider by Graco

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For some parents, the purchase of a manual rocking glider may not suit their needs. Whether it is price or space in their home, there are mechanical options on the market, such as the Abbington Soothing System Glider from Graco.

A 4 in 1 machine, combining the options of a gliding swing, a gliding bassinet, bouncer and bassinet into one machine, the Soothing System Glider can replace many different pieces of nursery furniture in your home. With 6 different gliding options and 2 vibration settings, this glider gives you many different options to find the best way to soothe and rock your little one off the dreamland.

By offering two different methods to power the glider, by battery, which are not included or by ac adapter, Graco has made it easy for you to take the glider outside the home and still use the glider to comfort your child.

Why We Love It – While there may be some parents that view using an electronic glider, such as the Abbington Soothing System Glider from Graco as being lazy or inattentive, others may see it as a practical option to soothe their baby to sleep. No matter how you feel, this glider has the features and the portability that make it a smart choice any parent.
Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set by Naomi Home
From the moment you first look at the Brisbane Glider, one of the first words that could come to mind would be comfort. From the glider cushions made of 100% polyester, to the cushion that covers the back rest of the glider in full, back pain from sitting long periods or deciding to rest your head while nursing are able to be done without any issues. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, sitting with your child comfortable should not be an issue.

7Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set by Naomi Home

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From the moment you first look at the Brisbane Glider, one of the first words that could come to mind would be comfort. From the glider cushions made of 100% polyester, to the cushion that covers the back rest of the glider in full, back pain from sitting long periods or deciding to rest your head while nursing are able to be done without any issues. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, sitting with your child comfortable should not be an issue.

With large pockets on the outsides of each armrest, storing items like story books or blankets is handled with ease. If there is detraction for the glider, is that it doesn’t include a locking option, which would keep it stationary if you’re not looking to glide while using the chair.

Why We Love It – The Brisbane Glider exudes comfort. If you’re looking for a comfortable glider for your baby’s nursery, you cannot go wrong with this glider set. With an included ottoman and easy to clean material, choosing the Brisbane Glider, to us is a no brainer.

8Zuba Glider Lite LX Gliding Swing by Graco

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A self-contained swing from Graco, the Zuba Glider is a perfect option for you if you are looking for a quality swing that doesn’t take up a lot of room. While its only function is as a gentle swing for your child, compared to others on the market that may offer more options, the features that the swing does offer puts it above others out there.

The roomy seat wrapped in soft fabrics and offering a plush head cushion, wraps your baby in comfort, keeping them cozy while the glider’s 6 speeds allow you to choose the right pace at which to help your little one rest easy.

While you can plug the glider into any wall outlet, the option to use the glider’s features using 4 D batteries, makes this a great portable option. When powered, you can choose from 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds to help relax your little bundle of joy.

With a timer option included, you can use the glider when you need to, set the timer and let your child glide in comfort while you take care of other things around the house if you need to.

Why We Love It – The Zuba Glider from Graco is a perfect option for you if space is an option. Between the comfortable fabric used to comfort your little one and the melodies and nature sounds, your child will easily feel cozy and comfortable each time they are placed in this glider.

9Comet Doe Swivel Glider and Ottoman by Baby Relax

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Towards the top of the list in regards to the cost and quality of this set, the Comet Doe Swivel Glider and Ottoman is one of our favorite top rated baby gliders on our list. From first glance, you wouldn’t see this as a typical nursery glider that you may find in a baby’s nursery.

While the glider is wrapped in a very comfortable fabric and boasts some of the thickest padded cushions in a glider that we have seen, the included ottoman is what makes this set stand out.

While the top of the ottoman is cushioned, much like other gliders on the market, the difference here lies in the fact that Baby Relax wraps the ottoman in the same comfortable fabric as the glider, in effect hiding the mechanics of the gliding ottoman and giving it a standard look and feel.

Why We Love It – If you’re looking for a Glider and Ottoman set that offers all the comforts of a traditional glider but offers a look of traditional furniture, the Come Doe Swivel Glider and Ottoman by Baby Relax is an excellent option for your baby’s nursery. Though it does come in at a higher price point than some other options, your money will be well spent on the comfort this glider and ottoman set offers.

104-n-1 Rock ‘n Glide Soother by Fisher Price

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Made by Fisher Price, the 4-n-1 Rock ‘n Glide Soother combines some of the options and features found on some of the other electronic gliders on our list, and comes in at a lower price than those options.

One of our favorite options is the ability for you to choose either gliding head-to-toe or side-to-side to help you soothe your baby back to sleep or after nursing.

With three gliding speeds, up to 12 different tunes and 3 nature sound effects to choose from, the different variations that you have available in using this glider are almost limitless.

Why We Love It – Our biggest reason for putting the 4-n-1 Rock ‘n Glide on our list is the combination of price and function. With the glider combining options found on other gliders on our list for a cheaper price, but at no point, does the glider feel like it is a lesser quality than the other choices.

How We Chose the Top Nursery Gliders in Our List

When choosing our list of what is the best glider for a nursery, we wanted to present you with options to help you make the decision easier. With quality information to help you decide on the best glider for your nursery, you may be wondering how we were able to narrow all of the choices out there down to 10?  Here are the criteria we used to make our list:

Solid Construction

When you choose a glider for your nursery, you want to make sure that when you sit down holding your baby, there won’t be a risk that the chair will break from beneath you. Choosing a glider for your nursery that is made with quality construction will keep you from worrying. We wanted to showcase those that we felt lived up to that standard.

Comfortable Cushions

Have you ever sat on a hard wooden chair? It might be safe to say that it might have been an uncomfortable experience. That’s why we looked for nursery gliders that came with very comfortable cushions. Using a glider without any sort of comfort for you to sit on, can hinder how things may go with your baby. And for some, spending a lot of time in an un-cushioned chair can cause them to have all sorts of physical ailments.

Reclining Glider Back

Sitting straight up can hurt your lower back and can also hurt your baby when it comes time for nursing. At the wrong angle, a baby may not be able to breastfeed. Gliders for your nursery with a reclining back support feature is something we looked at when comparing gliders, to give you the best options out there.

Comfortable Arm Rests

Gliders with comfortable arm rests are a must have for parents who will definitely spend a long time nursing, soothing and cradling their children for long periods of time. Your baby can get heavy over time when you hold them. With a good pair of comfortable arm rests, you can conserve your strength and focus more on taking care of your little bundle of joy.

Chair Design

All the creature comforts that can be found on a glider for your nursery, don’t amount to much if overall the glider is uncomfortable and won’t allow you to take care of your child in the way you would like to. In a lot of gliders, a high back can help you relax much easier by giving you a place to rest your head while your baby is nursing or being burped. Nursery gliders with a wide seat give you the option to use a nursing pillow comfortably so that you and your little one can nurse effectively.


While a typical wood glider is at its core the same, with the advent of electronic gliders, there are features that these may have that might warrant consideration from you when buying a glider. For these, we wanted to take these into account to give you our thoughts on the best options out there so you could make the best decision for your growing family.

Nursery Glider Benefits

Owning a nursery glider can have many benefits for you and your baby. Beyond being a comfortable chair for you to relax in while holding your baby close to you, choosing the best glider and ottoman for your nursery can have the following benefits:

Conserving Strength

As you go through your pregnancy, simple exercises can keep your circulation moving. From some mothers to be, even simple walks can be tiresome or even painful. With a nursery glider, the rocking motion can be a simple exercise you can use to keep your muscles active while at the same time conserving your strength for the delivery of your little bundle of joy.

Comfort after delivery

When you deliver your baby, if you have to do so by cesarean section, commonly known as a C-section, afterwards, you will want to have the comfort that a nursery glider can offer. With a glider, it may offer you the comfort that a comfy couch or sofa can’t offer after going through the procedure.

Between the angle and the cushions, as well as the rocking motion, using a nursery glider while you feed your baby can help them feel relaxed and very comfortable in your arms.

Reduce Muscle Strain

While holding your baby in your arms can be one of the greatest moments of your life as a new parent, your arms can get tired holding your child for extended periods of time. Having a nursery glider with a comfortable set of armrests can help ease your muscles while holding your baby. Between breastfeeding, bottle feeding or rocking your little one back to sleep, using the arm rests will be something that you will learn to love.

Back Relief

Back pain is a very common issue that afflicts women who are expecting and those who may have just given birth. For those gliders that come with an ottoman, between the cushioned back support and the option to raise your feet off the ground slightly, using a nursery glider can help ease any back pain away.

Having these features will help your back immensely when you need to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby.

Health and Exercise

When you’re rocking in a nursery glider, the rocking action moves your body weight in different directions, helping you exert energy and help you lower your blood pressure as a result.

Using the nursery glider assists in exercising your body, mind and spirit and can help keep you in a good frame of mind. The release of endorphins from using the glider can help you fight the effects of depression and sadness in your life while you rock your baby cradled in your arms.

As a great option for parents who are sedentary, using a nursery glider offers a very low impact form of exercise for new mothers feeding their child. After birth, a new mom, who will very likely have their time occupied with late night feedings, may not want to exercise right away. Using a glider keeps them moving without a lot of stress on their body.

Varicose Veins

With its benefits that can help your cardiovascular system, there are many pregnancy related sites that highly recommend women at any age using a nursery glider to help prevent varicose veins

Choosing what’s best for you

When it comes to the comfort of both you and your child, choosing the best option to provide the best experience is one of the best things you can do.

While there are a lot of different options on the market, choosing the best nursery glider for you and your little one comes down to preference and the options you are looking for. Having an idea of what you are looking for from a glider before you buy it can make the experience a quick and easy one.

We hope that our list of the 10 Best Nursery Gliders in 2017 was able to give you some options to consider when deciding on a glider. While there are a lot of choices out there, we’re confident that the list we’ve provided you with will help you.

Choosing the best baby glider is an important decision for you as a new parent. You’re going to be holding your baby a lot. Whether it is during nursing or comforting them while sleeping, the right choice can make your moments together a much more memorable one.

Do you have a Nursery Gliders on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

Last Update on the 13th of March 2017

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